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Back in the classroom. The headteacher who claimed she was


forced out because parents and governors were imposing an Islamic


agenda. It mustn't be allowed to happen ever again. Unions are


looking at 28 cases where teachers looking at 28 cases where teachers


have left their positions. A coach carrying children on a day


trip to the sea size crashes on the motorway. Six are taken to hospital


started to shake and everyone started to shake and everyone


started screaming. The Herefordshire man who's


swallowed live fish as part of a drinking game.


Give us our Hepworth back. Campaigners in Wolverhampton demand


to know where this sculpture has gone and whether it will ever


return. And the way things are looking, the


weekend is our only hope of an improvement. Sunshine and showers


until then, and a cooler fealty 's things, not just in the day but in


the night. A head teacher who claimed she was


forced out because parents and governors were imposing an Islamic


agenda, has been reinstated. Bhupinder Kondal,


Principal at Oldknow Academy, says the pressures outlined in the Trojan


Horse letter are very real and The teacher's union, the NAHT is


looking at 28 cases where teachers have left their positions, to see


if any of them were due to pressure from hardline Muslims to impose


their views on schools Birmingham. Bhupinder Kondal at Oldknow Academy


today. She resigned


in January claiming she'd been undermined by hard line Islamists


on the school's governing body. But they themselves had to


resign when the government Now with a new board of trustees,


Kondal is happy to be back. I am happy to be able to focus on


the children and work with the new governors to welcome everyone for


the new term and put all of this behind us.


The so called Trojan Horse plot alleged hard line Islamic plans to


A government investigation found no evidence of such a plot,


but did find there were govenors who espoused extremist views.


Bhupinder Kondal said urinals had been removed


I felt I was drowning. It was only bad for me. I don't feel those


things now. So while Bhupinder Kondal may feel


satisfied today, some parents feel she abandoned a school which went


from outstanding to being in special She could have done a public meeting


with the children and parents, and said I've taken the decision to


resign. We wouldn't have felt deserted. For six months, we had


meetings at the school. We had to our...


There's a lot of work still to do both form Bhupinder Kondal


and the new Chairman of the Oldnow trustees Dr Barry Henry.


He was happy to pose for photographers today,


but didn't want to be interviewed saying it was time for the school to


Children return from their summer break in two weeks time. Ofsted will


be back in October. It is only then that we will know if the new


trustees and the returning principle have been able to turn this school


around. Rob Kelsall is from the teachers


Union the NAHT, and joins us now. How unusual was this case


involving Bhupinder Kondal? It's extremely unusual over the


years. Obviously, when we come to the allegations around the so`called


Trojan horse case, we found it was quite similar to other cases which


are being brought to our attention. You are reviewing 20 other cases?


Yes, 28 cases in all which we are reviewing. They are 28 cases which


have been concluded the last five years. That review is currently


believe are directly related? We believe are directly related? We


take a careful look at three of those cases. We think three cases


related. We have identified them early on. The teacher said this must


We are confident that with the report to the commission in the


autumn term, this affair can be put behind us.


You're watching Midlands Today, good to have you with us.


It is bringing jobs and It is bringing jobs


opportunities but also some challenges.


One child and five adults were taken to hospital following a coach crash


The youngsters from Dudley were on an outing to Weston`super`Mare


organised by the charity Action for Children.


The coach they were travelling in left the carriageway near


It should have been a happy day trip to Weston`super`Mare for more than


50 children and adults from the Black Country. Instead, the genie


ended with the bus going into a ditch. One child and five adults


were injured, none seriously. Police were injured, none seriously. Police


said seat belts helped avert what could have been a tragedy.


Stupid, irresponsible and ashamed, the words used to describe


a 33`year`old man from Herefordshire, who filmed him


self drinking a home made cocktail which included four live fish.


Paul Wooding from Ross on Wye was taken to court by the animal charity


the RSPCA, for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal as well


Two men from Wiltshire have been banned


from keeping goldfish after drinking them as part of a neck nomination.


29`year`old Terry Gallop from Dilton Marsh was filmed by


a friend drinking a pint containing larger, tomato ketchup, vinegar,


a range of sauces, Jack Daniels, Coke and two guppy type gold fish.


The video was recorded in february by 28 year old Jason Williams


Westbury for Gallop's birthday, then posted online, where someone saw it


The pair appeared before Salisbury magistrates' court, where Gallop


admitted not meeting the welfare needs of two guppy type fish.


While Williams admitted aiding and abetting Gallop,


He's about to do what's called a neknominate.


In the film posted on Facebook he adds what he calls his special


Then the 33`year`old binman from Ross on Wye in Herefordshire


A more sober looking Wooding arrived at Hereford Magistrates court having


already admitted two charges of animal cruelty.


He told RSPCA investigators he'd been nominated to drink by friends,


adding the fish to make it different.


Magistrates were shown the film of Wooding's neck nomination and


were told that prior to that he'd prior to that he'd already drunk


The fish had come from a friend's fish tank.


A subsequent vet's report said the fish had been caused pain.


Wooding's defence said his client was stupid, irresponsible


and ashamed but asked why he'd been prosecuted when cautions had been


The neknomate phenomenon is believed to have started


Two other men appeared in Wiltshire today on similar charges.


Social media commentators say the craze is fuelled by peer pressure.


These dares have become more extreme. People have become injured


and there have been deaths as well. and there have been deaths as well.


The problem really is that it is fuelled by a large alcohol intake.


Wooding walked free from court with an 18 month conditional discharge


He wasn't disqualified from keeping animals


as magistrates said it was unlikely to happen again, which means he gets


There's been a boom in planning applications for solar


Midlands Today has discovered plans for as many as 30 new farms have


been submitted, with Shropshire a particular hot spot.


And if they all get the go ahead, they would cover


an area equivalent to 630 football pitches, generating power


Well, our Environment Correspondent David Gregory`Kumar joins us now


from the Midlands' newest solar farm at Willersey near Evesham.


We have met an entrepreneur who is setting up the first solar panel


factory in the Midlands. He hopes it will become the biggest in the


world. This may be a familiar sight in the


giant factories of China but in the Black Country, the Midlands first


solar panel plant, from a manufacturing dynasty. My father


started the business of 45 years ago.


Sohal was looking to return to Britain and reinvest in


Black Country manufacturing But one of the biggest problems,


convincing the banks there's a big opportunity in a solar panel plant.


It is something that they cannot compare with anything else, so for


them to loan you money against something they have no experience of


is very difficult. There is no doubting the demand for the solar


panels being produced here and there is no doubting the ambition of the


company as well. Indi wants to beat the Chinese


and the Germans and Italians. He wants to create the biggest


solar panel plant in the world. And he argues there's plenty


of demand. Our annual production at this moment


in time is not enough for one week's worth of supply and


installation for residential in Great Britain. At present, we got


approximately 25 people. We are looking, going forward, to increase


that to three per day, seven days a week. That will hopefully happen


within the next two to three months. In five years' the aim is


a new factory. opposition in some areas. For


example, this is the campaign in Warwickshire. Campaigners have


stopped a local farm, although the company is appealing against that


decision. You've also been getting in touch. Richard e`mailed us to say


he supports solar panels over wind turbines but they shouldn't be used


on farmland. There's talk of a man from a company that constructed this


new solar farm. Todd, that is something people say a lot, why not


build on Brownfield sites? It is important to focus the mind. We have


a really big challenge. Of course we would like to build on Brownfield


sites. Unfortunately, they are few and far between. The other problem


we have with Brownfield sites is because it is easier to get planning


permission for buildings and other planned on Brownfield sites, it


makes the rents for such sites is expensive. What about this site? You


take on farmland out of production. take on farmland out of production.


What we have actually done is we have focused on the lowest possible


grade agricultural soil. That is one of the key criteria. The farmer had


tried unsuccessfully for several years to make a living out of this


crop. We picked up a field which was not being farmed. We spent a great


deal of time and attention pulling out lots of plastic from the field.


We now have a site which produces enough energy for over 1100 houses


over the course of the year for the next 25 years. Also, this company is


also creating a bond to drive to get local people to invest in this plant


and supported in its running. Reinstated, the head teacher who


claimed she was forced out because parents and governors were


enforcing an Islamic agenda. Shefali will be along shortly with


the weather forecast, also in tonight's programme: tunnel


vision, we go into the city centre underpasses to see how the


refurbishment work is progressing. And over 300 years of history comes


to an end at Warwick Race course, as Campaigners


in Wolverhampton are calling for a valuable piece of public art


to be returned to the shopping The Barbara Hepworth sculpture was


given to The Royal Bank of Scotland,


which now owns the centre, says it's to allow refurbishment


work to take place, but some local one of the few women ever to achieve


worldwide fame through art. She was one of the St Ives set


during World War II and it was this Cornish cove, Porthcurno,


that inspired her to create this. Rock Form was a still point


amid a tide of Wolverhampton So has anyone noticed


it's been missing since May? Have you noticed anything missing


recently? Half the shops. I've not noticed, sorry. Do you remember


that? Yes, it has gone. Not quite what


the dame would have hoped to hear, especially since she's said to have


sold it to the architect of Mander So what have the centre owners,


Royal Bank of Scotland, and a property management firm said


about its disappearance? They say they have taken it away for


safekeeping before the redevelopment. The problem is, even


their architect admits that work will not start for another seven


months. The centre is now on sale, minus the sculpture, after 50


years. That is what worries us. And cocnern's been fuelled


by rock form being apparently airbrushed out of the artists


impressions of the new look centre. I assumed it was therefore the


people and for visitors to admire Barbara Hepworth calls Mark work.


What would you say? Put it back so everybody can enjoy it.


What is the latest on this campaign? After months of silence, we finally


had a statement from The Royal Bank of Scotland, albeit a brief one.


They say they have not decided what to do with the bronze and they were


exploring other options, where it could be put on display for people


to enjoy. Are the campaigners reassured? It all sounds quite good


at first glance that we are not really reassured. We were hoping to


hear, and faith had plenty of chances to say this, that they're


not going to sell it, no, they've not got rid of it, it is safe and it


will be reinstalled. If we had a firm commitments like that, that


would be the one option that is worth exploring. The City Council


leader has gone as far as accusing them of assets crippling. He has got


a point. This is something that has been enjoyed by the people of


Wolverhampton for 40 years, that was provided expressly for their


enjoyment. It is the best single piece of artwork in the city. It is


a piece of quality and now it has gone. The fight goes on. They've


already got a couple of hundred signatures on a petition. Some of


the interest is quite thought`provoking. One woman has


written on their Facebook and said, it's like taking a well loved family


member away, not telling you where or why they've gone, nor whether you


can see them again. The A38 tunnels under the centre


of Birmingham are scheduled to re`open on time


after a six week summer closure. That was the promise made today by


contractors who've been carrying out the second phase of refurbishment


work on the 40`year`old tunnels. Our Transport Correspondent,


Peter Plisner was given access into the tunnels to see how


the work's progressing. Almost as busy as the streets


above the tunnels. This was the scene under Birmingham


today as work carries on ahead of One of the biggest changes drivers


will noticed will be the 25 new Jet They'll replacing a 40`year`old


ventilation system that just Kevan Lamb is the man in charge of


the tunnels refurbishment this year. The whole system used to push air


into this tunnel dash into the tunnels. The new ones encourage a


draft of air. Contractors have also installed these new doors to allow


escaping case of fire the tunnel and there are 48 new SOS telephones.


To further improve safety for drivers there'll also be 27


public address speakers to talk to driver, 21 new CCTV cameras


and 32 cameras which can detect vehicles that have stopped.


Above ground increased use of public transport has helped keep


traffic moving during the closure, but there are concerns


about traffic levels as people start returning from holidays.


From the middle of last week, we've seen an increase in the length of


cues. We are still appealing to people as they return from their


summer holidays to help us keep Birmingham moving.


Although the tunnels reopen on 1st September, they'll still be


a series of overnight closures until the beginning of October.


Cricket news, and the Warwickshire captain Jim Troughton has announced


his retirement from the game with immediate effect,


because of continuing problems with a back injury.


The 35`year`old led the Bears to the County Championship title


in 2012, and was also part of the title`winning team in 2004.


He played six times for England in One`Day games.


Over 300 years of racing history will come to


Managers at Warwick have been outlining their plans


as they prepare to end the tradition of flat`racing and change to jumps.


The final flat race meeting is due to be held this bank holiday Monday.


Our sports reporter Ian Winter's been finding out more.


1707, the birth of racing on the flat at Warwick but the finishing


post is in sight for the final time. The future lies exclusively in


National Hunt racing, over hurdles and fences. Will be missed? I think


they will be. There will be an element that we must. What I would


lose our history. What is exciting lose our history. What is exciting


is what is ahead of us. Three months ago, flat racing were suspended at


Warwick after a horse suffered a fatal injury. The jockeys said they


had lost confidence in the track. Remedial work was carried out. A


radical change of direction was already on the cards. And they are


off for the final time on Monday. 307 years of history comes to an


end. These stalls will be redundant because from now on, it is jump


racing only, here at Warwick. Only a handful of punters have complained


but not Dan Skelton. At his yard, he has 60 horses in training and they


are all jumpers, so he is delighted at the prospect of having 18


National Hunt meetings a year almost on his doorstep. Play to your


strengths. If the flat is not working as well as they had hoped,


the jumps will. It is a great track therefore jumpers. The five fences


down the back straight as good as anywhere. The ground well


maintained. What are the benefits? It means we are using all the ground


with God for the one code. We can give more fresh ground for the jumps


season. We can make better use of what we have. So, Monday's meeting


will mark the end of an era. Farewell, flat racing. It's strictly


jumpers only from now on. I heard the word frost mentioned


in a forecast today. It all depends upon where you are.


If you are in all sports, there could be a trust of ` touch of frost


tonight. We have clear skies as well. Generally speaking, it is


going to be cool throughout this week and over the weekend. Dryer on


Saturday and Sunday and whetted by Monday. It all depends upon an area


of rain that is coupled with a deep area of low pressure in the north


Atlantic which will be heading our way slowly. We have a ridge of high


pressure building which is likely to kill off the showers on Saturday and


Sunday. This evening and through the night, we've still got a few showers


across the region but it will dry up quite quickly, fairly soon and after


that we are looking at largely clear skies which would be the trigger for


those temperatures to topple. We are looking in rural sports at values


lower than the towns and cities. The towns and cities are around seven to


nine Celsius. Towards the end of the night, the crowd will thicken from


the West and that will bring in a few showers. For tomorrow, which was


originally going to be a dry day, it looks as though it would become


wetter. The warning is going to be largely dry with decent spells of


sunshine. Gradually, we will see the cloud filtering in from the west and


north`west. That will usher in a few showers. Decent spells of dry


weather and sunshine in between. Temperatures unfortunately only up


to 15 Celsius across parts of Staffordshire. The best we can hope


for is a team the best we can hope for is 18 to 17 Celsius around the


south`west. The winds will be on the light to moderate side. Again,


tomorrow night, see those showers starting to Peter Wright again to


leave us with clear skies. Again, a very cold night in prospect with


temperatures dropping to a minimum of seven to nine Celsius. For


Thursday, it looks as though we are looking at more showers, more in the


way of cloud and heavier spells of rain.


Rail fares on the rise, most season tickets


Back in the classroom, the head teacher who claimed she was forced


out because parents and governors were enforcing an Islamic agenda.


I'll be back at ten o'clock with your next news,


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