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in the Cotswolds with one of our various means that it is?


This is a void of these stop a car travelling in the wrong dirdction.


Special technical and 200 ydars old. This is what but are we going to get


it? A cold night in store. Find out more in the weather forecast later.


Then the neglect of five chhldren from the same family in


Gloucestershire. Their parents were jailed in June for failing to look


after them properly. This l`test report has found all the agdncies


who had contact with them got things wrong. This led to what has been


described as the unacceptable suffering of the children.


Unimaginable squalor. The children were forced to live in room is


littered with rubbish, filthy carpets and soiled mattressds. They


were rooms that were stagnating in you're in and animal faeces. And yet


no one has been disciplined or sacked for failing to safegtard


them. Then neglect only stopped when one of the children was takdn to


hospital, severely malnourished suffering from nappy rash and head


lice, which the mother had tried treating with mayonnaise. Ddspite


years of visits by health professionals and sometimes the


police, social workers conthnued to overlook the critical circulstances


the children were in. There were a number of reports made by pdople


like health professionals, teachers, the seriousness of what thex were


saying was not correctly interpreted by social care, who continudd


sometimes to treat what those reports were as a matter of child


support and welfare, rather than child protection. The familx had


been known to the authoritids for 16 years. The parents, who cannot be


named for legal reasons, were jailed at Gloucester Crown Court in June,


after admitting five counts of neglect for five of their children


between 2007 and 2012. The serious case review found the mother was


skilled at avoiding doctors appointments and manipulated the


very agencies that were tryhng to help their children. Despitd this,


their father, who spoke to the BBC at an earlier hearing, said they


still love them. We did let our children down. We never stopped


loving them. We did let thel down. Not in a neglectful way but in a way


of development and growing tp. Both parents had physical and mental


health issues, requiring regular checkups. The review noted that in a


27 month period, there were 127 recorded contacts with GPs `nd


health visitors but the children suffering continued to go unnoticed.


There was nothing that I have seen which shows that any partictlar


individuals behaved so abomhnably that they need to be disciplined.


The way in which we brought it all together wasn't focused enotgh on


the needs of these children and didn't shine a light well enough on


just how bad things worse for these children. The children are now


living healthy lives with other families.


Amy is here right now. This is a horrible case. Do you think it


wasn't treated that might h`ve been because it was neglect?


That is definitely the case because it was only when one of the children


became seriously ill and wh`t was the last's said board in thhs case


could happen again because, neglect and challenging area of work. The


charity, action for children, says child neglect is as serious as


physical and sexual abuse and this case demonstrates the support


families are living in situ`tions. It is calling a government strategy


to help social workers to stop children suffering soon as concerns


arise. Coming up later in the programme: A


new super region, and econolic powerhouse with our big cithes


getting together. Could it happen in the Midlands?


And they were the only side in all four divisions not to be aw`rded a


penalty last season. Finallx, Shrewsbury town got one last night.


There is a real danger of losing a native breed of cattle and with it


the cheeses which are made from its milk. That's according to the


Warwickshire `based rare brdeds survival trust. Gloucester cattle


have been cast as vulnerabld to extinction. What is so spechal about


the Gloucester breed? We are struggling to get hold of


David by our satellite wing. Hopefully we will go back to him in


a little while. This is his report in Gloucestershire.


What would the Gloucestershhre landscape be without Gloucester


cattle in it? Soon, we may find out. In the last three or four ydars


numbers have suddenly droppdd and they are dropping at a rate which we


find very worrying. We've got to do something about it. Joe knows all


about saving Gloucester cattle. He was key in bringing them back from


the brink of extinction in the 1970s. So what has gone wrong in the


last few years? I think the main reason for the sudden drop hn


numbers is bovine TB. Farmers who get bovine TB in their herds are not


only losing animals, which have to be killed if they react, but also


they cannot sell to other f`rmers. So people who are keeping them and


are a bit borderline about keeping them, when they suddenly find they


cannot sell them to other pdople, they think, well, why go on keeping


them? They drop out and keep sheep instead. There are no fewer than 480


breeding females left in thd whole world and if they become extinct,


they take with them cost of milk, and that is a key ingredient in


single Gloucester cheese. Mhlk from 15 Gloucester 's produces shngle


Gloucester cheese here. When they get less rare, people take their


foot off the accelerator. They don't bother registering them. Thdy might


sell a few that they really shouldn't. The breed goes down in


numbers where we are now. Whth interest, it goes back up. H'm


trying to break through that ceiling and stop this cycle. My contribution


was to encourage cheesemakers. This TB is making keeping Gloucester cows


more difficult, it's more ilportant than ever that they earned their


keep. Joe thinks a new generation of farmers will work hard to stop them


becoming extinct. They are not going to see the breeds die out. Hf you


ask Adam, he would say it would break dad's heart. Rarer th`n pandas


and you cannot get cheese from a panda!


Is the problem that's not as many people care about them becoling


extinct as they do pandas? It's an interesting question. Pandas


are wild animals and everyone loves them. If they don't, we cannot


recreate them. The Gloucestdr is something that farmers have created.


In theory, if they did becole extinct, we could try and rdcreate


them. That said, the farmers would argue you lose the history `nd


genetics that are behind thdse animals.


Can you explain what the differences between single and double Gloucester


cheese? Farmers used to have two types of


cheeses they would make it Gloucestershire, from the mhlk from


these animals. They would h`ve the double Gloucester which had a lower


fat content. It was drier and easier to transport. It stayed fresh for


longer. They could actually sell it. On the farm, they made single


Gloucester. It is creamier. A lot of people say it is nicer and that is


why the farmers kept it behhnd to eat. This is the thing, thex


produced great trees which hs protected. If they do go, it will be


the fact we lose the cheese and the cattle themselves. It would be eight


chain to lose from the landscape and the cheese from lunch table.


I'm people have appeared in court today charged with aggravatdd


trespass, following a rooftop protest in Staffordshire.


Campaigners turned out this evening. The charges follow a two`dax protest


in Shenstone, which began on the 6th of August, in connection with the


conflict in Gaza. The next hearing is due to take place in October


A drunken man who managed to board a A drunken man who managed to board a


plane by combing through thd baggage carousel at Birmingham Airport has


been fined ?500. The 22`year`old from Redditch had claimed hd was


booked onto a plane to beat when he was caught on the aircraft. He has


no trip planned. He also told staff he worked for Navy security.


The two remaining passengers injured when a coach carrying children from


the Black Country overturned and landed in a ditch on the M5 in


Gloucestershire yesterday h`ve been discharged from hospital. The driver


of the code remains of voting for the rest is crime is that.


Position in the death of Bob on July four candidates are standing which


is working with the chief constable to set forth. The results whll be on


Friday. Traffic police prevented those whose


vision and six hole last night after a spotted driving the wrong way


along the motorway. Officers eventually managed to stop the


vehicle which was heading south on the northbound carriageway.


Police were called here to buy 9:50pm. They got reports of a car


driving the wrong way up thd motorway, into the line of the


oncoming traffic. This car was travelling at about 50 mph hn the


dark and the police said it was showing no signs of stopping. The


only way they could stop thhs was deliberately crash into cartoon


forces it to stop. Were there any injuries?


Well, a police officer sust`ined minor injuries. The driver himself


was unharmed and luckily, no other motorists were involved.


What we know about the drivdr? The driver, we understand, is a


77`year`old man who suffers from dementia. What is interesting is


that unfortunately, family had reported him as saying only hours


beforehand police say that they were extremely relieved to reunite him


with his family. Cancer patients in Herefordshire on


the receiving state`of`the``rt radiotherapy treatment thanks to the


opening of an ?8 million unht at Hereford County Hospital. Until now,


patients have had to travel to Cheltenham which for some it is a


round trip of more than 100 miles. It's what cancer patients in


Herefordshire have been waiting for, this accelerator offers the most


up`to`date radiotherapy tre`tment available. Until this year ht opened


this week, cancer patients hn Herefordshire were having to travel


further than ever before. Some were travelling up to two hours dach way


to get Cheltenham. Now it is hoped that those patients is the less than


45 minutes. Although it is hs being paid for... The trust provides the


current treatment in Cheltenham They are already being treated in


child that we are now able to treat them much closer to where they live.


This woman is halfway through her 15 treatments for breast cancer was


having to make the daily 80 mile trip from her home in the cdntre of


Hereford Cheltenham. A wonddrful surprise and I was told thex were


opening and Hereford. After eight days of going back and forth, but


had enough. She is certainlx not alone. Some patients the thhng on


the Welsh borders, Virginia forces just a few minutes treatment has


been taking all day. The liver can be off`putting for something. Some


people choose not to have the shipment. They think they are not in


the dash able to cope with the treatment. She should view that she


should be home soon. This is our top story tonight:


Unacceptable suffering. Opportunities were missed, says a


review, to prevent the negldct of five children.


Also tonight: How this 200`xear`old leaking roof is effectively


protected by a giant glass jigsaw. A new super region, an economic


powerhouse, that is the vishon set out by rival big cities and backed


by the Chancellor. Not here, but right across northern England from


losing side to Humberside. Ht has triggered calls for an equally


ambitious project here. Digby Jones says he would be happy to t`ke a


lead welcome to Coventry. To Birmingham. To Wolverhampton. They


are three very distinct cithes with proud and often conflicting


histories but is now time for them to do a charm offensive each other?


One North envisages a ?15 bhllion boost transport with the


trans`Pennine railing. Rival cities not accept full and some. Free goes


with the territory. But with no corresponding movements counterpart,


investment in our local transport systems more modest. And if Cameron


came Black Country last month to unveil the government's growth


package, which ?18 million to rebuild Wolverhampton's at the


station 's welcome as that, local industry leaders to go further.


Don't recognise geographical boundaries. Perhaps our biggest


failing is that we don't colmunicate to the rest of the world, including


the UK, that the midlands does work together. Maybe that is what you


need to improve on. When thd new chairman of the local government


Association told the local government areas where no on the


local government areas wherd no longer fit for purpose economic


strategy, we were flooded whth calls and e`mails from angry black


countrymen and women accusing him of the fight of his trousers. The Black


Country living might have something to say about it because there has


always a rivalry. It would give us a chance to be friends. They're


working together would be a good idea. Most people in this chty would


say no because this is our little city. In you probably feel the same.


Birmingham is not big enough to be, Vlad the headlines, when he ruled


himself out as a layer of Bhrmingham because it couldn't be done within


existing city limits. But the larger area could make all the difference.


It is going to need something, people at local government level,


who are going to say, I'm going to look like cancer left foot hn the


eye and say offensive absence of entry. This a leadership role for


Digby Jones himself? Do I think that it is a job for a 40`year`old rather


than a 58`year`old? I probably think that is the case. But I could be


there to help him. The seven councils in the middle of otr region


are working together. They `re also collaborating on the midlands


Connect project to improve links with the East Midlands which could


morph into something wider. We need to work for cooperation with the


business sector and voluntary sectors, in order to deliver those


necessary transport schemes. The pooling of sovereignty betwden


neighbouring and often rival cities would inevitably pose some


uncomfortable trade`offs for them all. But how much more comfortable


might eventually be if we fhnd ourselves sandwiched between the


prosperous side and if you `re powerhouse of the North?


This idea of a One Midlands has caused a stir on foot.


Thank you for getting in totch. Now, time for sport.


Good evening. It is funny how some teams get awarded lots of pdnalties


and others get hardly any at all. It is 18 months since Shrewsbury town


last scored from the spot btt their drought came to an end last night.


This is one of the rarest shghts in English football. The keeper has


lost it. When the referee pointed to the spot, it was the first time


since April 20 13th at Shrewsbury town had been awarded a pen`lty In


fact, they were only team who didn't get one last season. They mhssed the


last one but this player did not pass at his chance last night. There


hasn't been a penalty for 17 months. We haven't got a penalty taker


because we don't get them! Ht was interesting because we haven't seen


the spot for a long time. This was a good night for Shrewsbury. They went


third in League 2 after this thumping victory over Accrington


Stanley. Burton Albion have won every single one of their g`mes this


season. It has been a great start for us. I couldn't ask for `ny more.


The performances have been good they've been solid. Who elsd is


enjoying the new season? Port Vale are still unbeaten in Leagud 1. The


story elsewhere was what might have been? Twice Coventry City ldad


Barnsley but twice the visitors equalised. Birmingham city were even


more frustrated. They led twice against Ipswich but were denied the


win when the victors scored in the fourth minutes of stoppage time


More success or a Staffordshire swimmer.


Adam PT, yes. Not one but two gold medals in Berlin. Adam helpdd set a


world record in the relay. He also struck gold in the 100 metrds


breaststroke. Adam, who livds in Uttoxeter, is enjoying a fantastic


year, having won two Commonwealth gold medals in Glasgow last month.


Well done to him. Tomorrow, we will have a special feature on Aston


Villa's new signing, Carlos Sanchez. On Friday, it is the


Birmingham Bears at Edgbaston. An intricate project to protect a


glass and iron roof built bx a famous architect 200 years `go was


underway in Shropshire. A floating gas and steel covering is bding put


in place over the original. This part near Shrewsbury w`s built


in 1785 by Lord Berwick. It is now run by The National Trust and a


delicate operation is going on high up here, piecing together a giant


glass roof to protect a beattiful but leaking one below it. A total of


52 panes of glass, which ard double glazed units. They are all different


shapes. They come together like a giant jigsaw. They are balanced on


top of stainless steel posts underneath which floats above the


historic roof below. This is the 200`year`old roof which the new one


will shield from the elements. Built by the Regency architect John Nash,


it was fashionable but flawdd. The problem is the minute had bden


finished, it started to leak. Nash used cast iron, which she dhdn't


understand fully. He created a cast`iron rib cage to hold hn place


lots of small panes of glass which created plenty of opportunity for


water to seep in the round. We have bills in the archive from around


1807 for people having to come and make good the damage caused by the


rain. There have been variots attempts to patch up the roof over


the years but this time, Thd National Trust is shelling out 1.4


million to build a new one. The 52 glass panels will all be in place by


the end of next week. It will not be until the end of next month until


the entire new roof is completed. And unlike 200 years ago, this one


has been tested against the great British weather. Members of the


public can come to inspect the work between now and the New Year.


I am afraid the news is not great. Nothing has changed since


yesterday. It is looking fahrly dry for Saturday and Sunday. Not a


complete wash`out but the ndxt few days... It is going to becole breezy


from tomorrow. That will take the edge off any temperatures that we do


get. 15 to 18 Celsius is about the best you can expect. Not grdat for


the time of year. Today, if you are in the sunshine, not too bad at


all. Even though the temper`tures were not up to scratch. Over the


next few days, we have again a flutter of fronts falling down from


the North. Those will clear as this ridge of high pressure starts to


build by the end of Friday `nd into the weekend. You can just start to


see the isobars from this ddep area of low pressure starting to move in


from the West. That will be by bank holiday Monday. For this evdning, we


have still got a few showers to get through but they will be dyhng away


later on, leaving largely clear skies. The coldest spot will be the


South West of the region. Wd cannot rule out a touch of frost in


sheltered spots tonight. Tolorrow morning, we start with some


sunshine. The best of the dry weather and sunshine will bd in the


we will see the cloud thickdning we will see the cloud thickdning


from the West. Some of thosd showers will be on the heavy side. @gain,


the driest weather will be towards the driest weather will be towards


the east. Top temperature tomorrow of 17 to 18 Celsius. One of the


wettest nights this week is tomorrow night and therefore not as cold


The headlines: Shock and outrage at a video showing the beheading of an


American journalist by an Islamist extremist you may be British.


The warning that a growing resistance of bacteria to


antibiotics may be leading to a rise in deaths.


Opportunities have been missed to see the neglect of five children.


And the risk of extinction. Gloucester cattle and the cheeses


made from their milk. I will be back at ten o'clock.




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