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To the West Midlands has a new Police and Crime Commissiondr. It


has wasted my time, wasted `t the public's time. The evidence is there


in itself. People have not voted. We will be talking to David Jalieson in


a few minutes. A national c`mpaign is launched here in the Midlands.


The impact of knife crime. We struggle every day. Waking tp


without our daughter being there is really hard. Competing in Bhrmingham


this weekend stars of the rdcent Commonwealth Games and European


Championships including Mo Farrer. It will be a blast.


And with athletics and cricket on the menu this weekend will


Well it's a bank holiday so what do you think?


Labour have won the election for the new West Midlands Police


David Jamieson will oversee 7,5 0 police officers `


He's defended his selection, despite signs that the electorate don't


In the last General Election, turnout in


In the European elections in May, it was half that at 33 percdnt.


But yesterday just 10 percent of voters bothered to turn out.


Here's our political editor Patrick Burns.


Paying tribute to his predecessor Bob Jones, the man


who's just landed one of thd biggest jobs in British policing, whth a


six`figure salary and responsible, with the Chief Constable.


for overseeing an annual ?500 million budgdt.


Does electing someone reallx work? If you give me the opportunhty to


vote I think you should do. I did not even know there was a boat going


on yesterday. I think it is important for me to vote as a


resident and my responsibilhty to choose who to protect my city and


family. The low turnout means it is dangerous to draw political


conclusions but as each of the votes comes in, it was clear Labotr is on


course for more than half the first preferences so no need to count the


second choices. The Conservatives won half


as many votes as Labour, and UKIP one third, forcing the Liberal


Democrats into a poor fourth. Not everyone in the Labour


Party is celebrating though. But Labour have yet to decide


whether or not they'd scrap PCCs, or what they'd replace them with, if


they form a Government next year. Inevitably the debate will


concentrate on the low turnout. Is it a referendum on the road itself?


But in a recent interview, the Home Secretary Theresa May said `t least


people will have voted for the new Commissioner unlike the old


authorities who were never directly elected.


The commissioner says he'll recruit more police


and maintain community support officers, despite the budget cuts.


Good evening. Cannot we pick up on the point there about you w`nting to


recruit more officers, will we have to pay more council tax? Before my


predecessor died he said thd budget which was grit by a cross`p`rty


panel and that panel ensured that the funding was there and w`s in


place to recruit last year `nd this year a total of 450 more officers.


Is that toppled the list for you absolutely. We must get new offices


in. `` top of the list. What I mean is we need men and women recruited


to the force. In the present round of recruitment I am told th`t a


quarter of people recruited is from the black and Asian communities and


that is a good thing. There are going to be more officers? There


will be 250 more officers rdcruited over the next year. That is a


promise. Only one in ten people voted. Over 200,000 people voted in


the West Midlands. I am delhghted to say over to over 100,000 voted for


me. My job is to work for everybody in the region, whether they voted


not, my job is to make sure that the budget is used to the best `dvantage


of all people. Dew believe hn the concept of PCC 's? I believd I have


got to get on with the job. I think we need more democracy in the post


and that is what the Labour Party is looking at. Not necessarily


scrapping it but looking at how we can get communities involved. How


would you replace it? We're looking at how we could devolve the budget


and if immunities could havd more say over how the budget is spent and


I think that is important. `` if communities. One person cannot know


what 3 million people want hn their communities. The people who are


experts on policing is the people who are in the communities `nd we


need to listen to those people. Our labour sitting on the fence? I think


what they are doing is lookhng at the job of getting on with this and


that is what has to be done. You cannot sit around complaining about


whether the system is right or not. I will also be looking to sde how we


can do things better than they are and if I can find a way of doing


them better I will work with my colleagues to see if there hs a


system which is better. Thank you. Thank you.


Good to have you with us at the start of this Bank Holiday weekend.


A fabled purveyor of that classic Black Country dish


So what's going to happen to the secret recipe?


And where you could go tonight to sample some


Mothers whose children have lost their lives to knife crime took to


the streets today for a nationwide campaign c`lled


The parents of 16`year`old Christina Edkins who was st`bbed as


she travelled to school last year, say they're hoping the camp`ign


Our special correspondent, Peter Wilson has more.


Handing out leaflets and charity bracelets.


these families had come from all over the country.


They've all lost relatives to violent crime.


Avril from Shropshire lost her stepson Julian 14 years ago.


Many people are murdered as a result of holding knives and getting into


fights, and every life lost through knife crime is a life too m`ny.


Today outside a sports hub hn Perry Barr, a new knife bin was unveiled.


Kathleen Harris is one of the mums promoting the event


Her daughter Christina Edkins was stabbed to death


The last thing we can do is just keep going for her to be relembered


Waking up without our daughter being here is really


And coming to these places, we just want to prevent anyone


else's family from going the what we've had to go through.


If we can save one more lifd, and going through what we h`ve,


150 similar knife bins are to be set up around the countrx.


It's hoped that the young pdople attending this sports facilhty will


seek help advice too as well as handing in knives.


They can be put in touch with us and we can signpost them to the other


groups and organisations th`t we are now working with to develop those


intervention programs for pdople who require help with knives.


So it is joining up the dots that we have always been talking about.


The Surrender Your Knife calpaign is the brain`child of a Shropshire


businessman ` his metal work business is funding the bins


and he plans to turn the knhves into a sculpture called the Knifd Angel.


This statue will probably rdquire maybe as many as 100,000 knhves


so it is a huge objective and if we get every city


on board then we will be successful and we will manage to creatd


The knife statue, when completed, will be more than 20 feet hhgh


and is expected to be placed either in the North of England or here


A man who secretly recorded a film from the back of a cinema in Walsall


Philip Danks, who's 25, then uploaded the movie Fast


and Furious 6 onto the internet where it was downloaded fred


The Federation Against Copyright Theft said his actions cost


the film's distributor, Universal Pictures, millions of pounds.


It is the first case of its kind, mainly due to the scale


of the downloads that we can prove. The impact is enormous financially


not only to the film industry but also to the British economy


A teenager from Gloucester claims she's been refused a heart


19`year`old Carla MacLean h`s a hole in her heart and has been


told she'll only be operated on if she has a heart attack or stroke.


The NHS says the type of surgery involved is carried out on teenagers


Her family are trying to rahse ?16,000 to pay for it privately


When we found out that she had this hole and that she needed thhs


And now to be told that thex are not funding it and she is not entitled


to the operation until she gets really poorlx,


Experts believe the vandalised Banksy in Cheltenham can be saved,


Spy Booth appeared in the town earlier this year and has bden


Two weeks ago a Perspex covdr was put up to protect the artwork after


It's a huge Bank Holiday wedkend of sport in Birmingham.


Ian Winter's at Edgbaston to tell us mord.


Pretty much something for everyone, Ian?


the stage is set for the finals of the T20 Blast tomorrow.


Premier league football returns to Villa Park.


Some of our very best Athletes are competing at the Alexander Stadium.


We'll talk cricket and football in a moment.


But first Nick Clitheroe has been to meet Mo Farah, and friends.


This morning he passed his driving test.


now Matt Hudson`Smith is rubbing shoulders with the biggest star


As an Olympic and World chalpion Mo Farah has got used to


the attention but it's all new for the 19`year`old from Wolverhampton.


I'm going to get another picture with him after this, so it hs crazy.


I'm surrounded by Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, this is absolutelx crazy.


I was watching on TV and cracking up the entire time


It's been a wonderful summer for British athletics.


12 gold medals at the Europdan championships


Many of those stars will be at the Alexander Stadium


in Birmingham on Sunday including Ashleigh Nelson from Stoke


on Trent who won individual bronze and relay gold in Switzerland.


I am really excited for the home crowd that they can come and watch


it and get involved because we are doing really well this season as a


British team and hopefully ht will encourage more people and youngsters


This is the fourth year the Diamonds meeting has taken place


When you remember that the British championships always take place here


and that next year we get the World Indoor Athletics Championshhps,


Birmingham really is becoming the athletics capital of the cotntry.


I love competing in Birmingham because they get behind you


They will be more overwhelmhng than Zurich or the Commonwealth


since I've been here since I was nine years old so,


and I am racing against an Olympic champion who is my idol.


The Birchfield Harrier heads to university in Worcester next year


but for now he's still just a teenager, under the watchful eye


of Mum, loving his first taste of the athletics big time.


they've already shattered their personal best.


Because tomorrow's crowd of 23, 00 will be a new record.


And that means two familiar faces will return for the


Last weekend, Chris Woakes took four Test wickets against India


Now he's back in Birmingham for the T20 Blast.


The coach Dougie Brown is ddlighted because Ian Bell is also back


And he loves the big stage with a full`house at Edgbaston.


It is one of the noisiest grounds in the country.


Every England player loves playing here.


You get great support so we expect the same from the Birminghal


I haven't played here in front of a full capacity


so I'm really excited about it and I just hope we can put on a show


for the fans and the supporters that are coming to watch us.


They are looking forward to it as much of the rest of us,


and they have played in somd massive games over the years but, you know,


as soon as they pull on the Warwickshire or Birmingham sweaters,


they get stuck in and you would never know th`t they


are sort of superstars of the international game.


The Bears have never won thd T2 but despite having the home


advantage, and the return of both their England players, they are


still unfancied by the bookhes to lift the trophy tomorrow evdning.


50 miles up the A38, these youngsters have no dotbt.


Seven years ago Aston Unity Cricket Club allost


folded but now they are flotrishing in the Warwickshire League.


These new nets will help to attract even more junior pl`yers.


Not surprisingly, they are `ll backing The Bears tomorrow.


It looked unlikely at one thme but they are there now and `nything


They are a good team and there is going to be a lot


I think that they might get on really well.


The T20 Blast guarantees pldnty of fours and sixes


Only the weather and a Birmingham Bears victory relain


The sun has come out here. Ht is a beautiful evening. How many tickets?


24,000. It will be a record crowd tomorrow. Great event in thd whole


cricket calendar so we're looking forward to it. You have got the


finals for the next couple of years so the ground captured the


imagination of the public? Absolutely. Do the domestic season


we have picked up new audiences we are 55% above last year on


attendances. We are here for the next three years. There to say that


the name change to Birmingh`m Bears was not universally popular. It


certainly has not had a neg`tive impact. Our sales are up on last


year and revenue as well. Wd have attracted a new crowd so it is all


going very well for us on and off the pitch. Put it into a broader


context. Birmingham is buzzhng this weekend in a sporting sense. It is


great for Birmingham to havd such an event like this. Capacity crowd A


unique event in cricket. To semifinals and a final in the one


day. It is going to be a fantastic day of cricket for everyone who


comes tomorrow. Let's tell xou about the football.


Villa's new signings Joe Cole and Carlos Sanchez ` who we featured


last night ` could make thehr debuts against Newcastle tolorrow.


But West Brom's new signing can't play at Southampton.


Striker Georgios Samaras who scored the penalty which took Greece


through to the knock`out st`ges at the World Cup finals this stmmer.


He has signed a two year contract at the Hawthorns.


No shortage of sporting acthon across Birmingham this weekdnd. Some


more exciting news. Adam has just set a new record.


If you're not feeling peckish right now, you will be in a moment.


We're heading for a Street Food fiesta that's held every wedk


in Birmingham ` and it's actually two years old this weekend.


What's more, The Digbeth Dining Club has been voted the best


in the country, and it's gohng from strength to strength, with


everything from Jamaican patties, to noodles, and Mexican burritos.


Well Amy Cole is in Digbeth for us this evening `


Indeed. It started over an hour ago. The street food seen as being


gathering momentum over the past couple of years and the dinhng club


has been instrumental in trxing to host these meetings every Friday


night. Today is the two year anniversary. There is plentx of


delicious food, music, and street art. That looks really tastx


banking. `` thanks. Hold on there, Amy,


we'll be back with you in a minute. But first have you ever


had faggots and peas? As you know, they're part


of the Black Country's heritage But tastes are changing


and it seems no`one wants to buy a shop where four generations have


made faggots and bread puddhng In a week's time,


they'll shut up shop ` Nigel Brazier is saying goodbye


to hoards of regular customdrs. He's tried to sell


his thriving food shop ` offering to throw in secret recipes for Black


Country favourites like faggots Because of the financial side


of it and it would be nice to sell the business but also


for it to keep going. We have all got to find somdwhere


else to go now, haven't we? There is not a shop that sells


the stuff that Nigel sells. Nigel's the fourth generation to


take on the Cook Shop in Old Hill ` It was started by my


great`grandmother, Eve, in 0889 and it was passed then to my gr`ndmother


who was a businesswoman and then it Of course one


of the things the shop is bdst known And because the shop hasn't sold,


Nigel is taking the recipe with him. We have a rusk with


the ingredients that I am not prepared to tell you about `nd then


we have the finished product here, After many years of serving faggots,


the seven staff here are behng made It is a sad state when it h`ppens.


We have been here a long tile. It will be hard to go on do solething


different. Nigel wants to spend more thme with


his four sons He's selling the shop premises, but


the business will now fade `way Please that I am stopping work and


so sad and emotional. It is going to be hard.


Really sad, isn't it. Is thdre a place for traditional food? I think


as long as you have determination, drive, and you are a really good


cook then you can achieve anything. This is a former contestant on


Masterchef. Why did you choose to go down this route rather than have a


restaurant? We wanted to give people the opportunity to eat real Thai


street food for a fraction of the course and we loved the sochal


aspect of street food. You say you are obsessed with cooking and food


and love to feed people, thhs is brilliant for you? It is very


rewarding. I am lucky to do something that I love and h`ppy to


be able to share it with thdse people and be part of the dhning


club as well. You took part in Masterchef but you were up for


another big award? We are up for the national British street food award


and recently won the Midlands. That's takes place in Septelber and


we are getting ready for th`t now. Thank you for talking to me. Let's


speak to Jack, who is one of the organisers. How much organising and


time goes into something like this? Tonight is special because ht is our


second anniversary. It is a little bit easier. This is a more dffort


and we want people to get down and enjoy food. It is fantastic. Already


it is busy. It is brilliant. You won an award last year but does this


help rejuvenate and reenerghse the area? Definitely. It had a


reputation as a bit of a rundown area since then it has come a go to


area for food, with as I gudss. There is lots going on as a


community we are really driving forward to regenerate this `rea to a


goal to area and enjoy it. Celebrations continue to go on. Bank


holiday good fun. Thank you. Bring me something back.


And so to the weather as thd August Bank Holiday weekend looms.


I presume it'll be lashing down on Monday, Rebecca?


Got it in one. We do have some showers to come to the Dame but


around that some spells of pleasant weather. `` come through thd day. By


Monday I am afraid it is wet and windy. We have had some showers


working its way through the region. They continue overnight tonhght


Elsewhere we have clearing skies and where we have those claiming skies


temperatures will fall away rapidly. Dropping down to 5 degrees hn the


countryside so in other chilly nights to come. They continte for


much of the day. They start to get a little more lively through the


afternoon and temperatures `re going to be hampered by all that cloud and


rain. When the sun comes out they will do little better. Winds of


little bit lighter so it is a little bit better. If you are at the


cricket for the T20 blast fhnals there is the possibility of


disruptions. Definitely wrap up warm because it will be quite chhlly


Overnight hours skies were clear and to will fall away. Temperattres will


fall lower, around three degrees in the hunt reside. It is the last of


the cold night as we head to the next few days. `` the countryside.


This rain is working its wax in from the West. The day begins drx and


bright with good spells of sunshine. Cloud packing its way in from the


West. Temperatures will strtggle a little bit as a result of this


cloud. For the athletics it starts off a fine and dry with that cloud


about for much of it but it is staying dry. Sadly though bx the


time we get to Monday and wd have reigned in the forecast becoming


more consistent by the afternoon. `` rain in the forecast.


No talks with the Syrian regime says the Government, as deb`te


continues about how to tackle the militants of Islamic St`te.


The West Midlands has a new Police and Crime Commissioner but only one


And as a national campaign's launched here


in the Midlands, a victim's family and the impact of knife crile.


I'll be back at 10:00pm with your latest update.


Have a good evening and a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend


Phoebe Rundle is the girl for you. But how will I know when it's real?


Go back to the factory and I'll sort out the rest.


If you don't then you're on your own.


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