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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Mercedes boss, who described the crash as "absolutely unacceptable".


-- booing. There is a heightened state


of awareness at hospitals in the Midlands as concern grows


at the spread of Ebola. As a Briton, who has tested positive


for the virus, is flown back to the UK from Sierra Leone for trdatment,


health experts say the risk to the public here of contracthng


the infection is extremely low. Thousands and thousands


of bottles of hand sanitiser. This factory in Stratford`on`Avon


has brought in extra staff to cope with the explosion in orders it is


receiving from West Africa. The orders started off saying that


they wanted one shipping container, but now they are saying to send


them as much as we possibly can There are some hand sanitisdrs that


do not contain alcohol, but alcohol and ethanol based sanitisers are


effective against viruses. They are not going to kill Dbola,


obviously it is a deadly disease, but they will help to reducd


the virus. Heartlands Hospital in Birmhngham


has one of the biggest and busiest infectious dise`se units


in the country. They are being asked to check out


more patients ` a situation fuelled more by fear


of the disease, it seems, We are seeing more people who are


suspected of this, but over`ll we are not seeing many cases who are


even high possibility, and we have Public Health England is providing


support to the affected countries in West Africa where Ebola has


claimed almost 1,500 lives. Medical experts say the risk


to people here remains low. We are very well rehearsed


in managing outbreaks of infectious We have got good systems in place,


good infection control policies and procedures, and people `re made


aware regularly. Although we may get a case,


chances of it spreading to But awareness is now heightdned with


hospitals and GPs in the Midlands being issued with guidance `bout


what to do in the event thex have to The family of


a nine`year`old boy who died after falling into a weir in Staffordshire


have paid tribute to him. Nine`year`old Kai Lambe,


from Hatton, died after falling into the River Dove near


Tutbury Castle on Friday evdning. He was pulled from the water


but died at Queen's Hospital His family have described hhm as a


vibrant, happy, bubbly little man. His death is not being treated


as suspicious. It is 25 years since Metro`Cammell,


the Birmingham`based bus and train And to mark


the anniversary bus enthusi`sts in the region are getting the chance


to take a ride down memory lane Sian Grzeszczyk has spent the day


on the buses at They don't make them


like this anymore. That is why hundreds of famhlies


like Chris and her granddaughter Evie have come to Wythall Transport


Museum for a very special trip out. I always wanted to sit upst`irs


when I was little. Sitting upstairs again now,


it is just a lovely memory. My parents would take up


on day`trips, especially bank holidays, and we would nearly always


end up at Dudley Zoo. The assistant conductor is Sue's


11`year`old nephew Reuben. He has been doing this for the last


12 months, after he was givdn an old What do you want to do


when you grow up? Be a bus driver or a conductor


for this museum. This bus was built in 1975


and it has taken thousands The bodywork was built here


in Birmingham by Metro`Cammdll and it is one of a fleet


of buses on display today. How much fun that was at? Shze. ``


five Mac. Metro`Cammell was a very


important employer in Birmingham. They built thousands and thousands


of buses, trains and underground Hundreds more are expected to turn


up tomorrow for the bank holiday. If you are planning on going,


watch out for Reuben. If you want to know anything


about buses, he is your man. Sian Grzeszczyk, BBC Midlands Today,


Wythall Transport Museum. Warwickshire cricket fans h`ve been


celebrating after the club became the T20 Blast


champions for the first timd. The Birmingham Bears lifted


the silverware under the floodlights in front of a capacity crowd


of over 23,000 at Edgbaston late last night, after beating L`ncashire


by just four runs in the final. Bears' coach Dougie Brown s`id the


success was just reward for three Football, and Stoke City picked up


their first point of the se`son After going behind in the fhrst


half, Stoke salvaged a draw with a late equaliser when captahn Ryan


Shawcross bundled home his first goal for 12 months ` his effort


confirmed by goal`line technology. It looks like we are in


for a wet Bank Holiday Mond`y, It would not be a bank holiday if we


did not see some rain and that is A few showers in the early dvening,


then we will see signs of this weather front moving in


from the southwest. It will be a mild night,


with temperatures reaching Then the rain will start to work its


way northwards and it will lerge with another weather front, which


will produce heavy rainfall in the It will be quite windy


in the south`easterly wind, with a I will be back with our latd


bulletin just after 10:15PM In the meantime,


have a good evening. After that cold start this morning,


it has been quite a nice day for most of us. We have seen cloud


amounts increasing but it is this cloud that is coming in from the


Atlantic which is going to bring change in weather. Not too much rain


from it, further patchy rain across Northern Ireland overnight, some


rain at times across Wales and the south-west, shovelling further


east. Far north of England and particularly Scotland, saying drive.


Clearer skies, still quite cold


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