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The former chair of governors at Birmingham's only Islamic school


that he intimidated staff and trespassed on the site.


Waseem Yaqub and the rest of the governing body


were sacked from Al`Hijrah school following a damning Ofsted report.


He's now facing legal action by the city council.


In May, Ofsted placed Al`Hijrah School in special measures,


criticising its teaching and management.


Waseem Yaqub was head of thd board of governors which was then sacked


by Birmingham City Council following the damning report.


In June, an injunction was hssued against Mr Yaqub


for allegedly harassing and intimidating staff,


for damages of between ?50,000 and ?100,000.


The whole of this case and all of the stuff


that they put in the applic`tion, right, is bogus.


And the more that some people in Birmingham City Council do this,


the more it demonstrates to the public


that they are the ones who `re harassing and intimidating


not just me but all other chtizens not to dare to question, right,


the abuse of power and the waste of taxpayers' money


that they are doing by bringing this case.


of any particular institution in the city,


particularly when it belongs to the people,


and we must cater, at the end of the day,


for the best interest of those children in those schools,


and it's incumbent on the local authority


The new academic year starts in a week's time,


and it's likely the new board of governors will have its work cut out


trying to turn the school around and pull it out of special leasures.


it's unable to comment on ongoing legal proceedings.


Amy Cole, BBC Midlands Todax, Birmingham.


A charity that helps women with postnatal depression s`ys


demand for its service is so high it needs to recruit 50 new voltnteers.


Acacia Family Support says more women are coming forward


to get help for the condition, which affects one in ten new mothdrs.


The arrival of tiny feet is meant to bring joy and h`ppiness,


but for Christina Peak, a ndw baby brought only darkness and ddspair.


The worst moment, James was crying upstairs in his Moses basket,


and my partner Steve... physically pushing me,


trying to push me up the st`irs to go and feed him,


and I was...crying, just saying I couldn't do it.


She was helped by a charity that was set up


in Sutton Coldfield ten years ago by a group of mums


who themselves had battled postnatal depression.


It's now expanding into south and central Birmingham and


needs around 50 volunteers to train as what they call befrienders.


They have an understanding of the illness, they also h`ve


a compassionate heart and the ability to be able to lhsten.


But being listened to isn't the only answer.


Sophia Cooper put on five stone during her postnatal depression


She found part of the answer was exercise.


She eventually left her job as a bank manager


and now runs special fitness classes for mums and their babies.


Actually doing 30 minutes of good exercise is going to


help build endorphins in thd body, which will lift the mood.


But the beauty of a group lhke this is that you've got support `s well.


GPs are now offering free 12`week referrals.


Although postnatal depression affects one in ten mums,


happily, most of them come through it.


Sarah Falkland, BBC Midlands Today, in Sutton Coldfield.


More than 300 years of racing history


has come to an end at Warwick Racecourse this `fternoon


with the staging of its last`ever flat race leeting.


Managers have decided the ftture lies exclusively in jump racing


with the course now planning to host 18 National Hunt meetings a year.


Flat racing was suspended at Warwick for two months earlier this year


A piece of Coventry's history was brought back to life this afternoon


with the re`enactment of a women's football match


The Coventry City Ladies took on the roles of two factory teams


that competed at the city's Butts Park Arena back in 1907.


of the Midlands' first female footballers,


Coventry City Ladies braved the weather


to recreate a Cup Final match played on this pitch 97 years ago,


and it was kicked off by another pioneering woman,


the city's first female council leader.


Tens of thousands of women came to Coventry from all over the country,


to come down and work in the munitions factories.


It was long hours, very dangerous work and in difficult conditions.


And they found time on a Saturday afternoon


are representing the Rudge`Whitworth team,


who worked at the munitions factory just over in the city centrd.


This photo was studied carefully to recreate the strips.


and they were particularly long and baggy,


because it was unseemly for ladies to show their thhghs


And it was a very special d`y for one woman.


Anne's mother was in the sqtad on the subs bench.


To her surprise, she found Katie there today,


I was really shocked and really confused,


cos she goes, you're my mother! I was like confused!


I'm even more proud now, because I didn't realise


she was playing this early, you know, before women had the vote,


before...you know, it was incredible, really.


Back in 1917, Humber Ladies beat Rudge`Whitworth,


and history repeated itself again today.


Sian Grzeszczyk, BBC Midlands Today, Coventry.


with AFC Telford drawing 3`3 with Southport.


And a 2`2 draw for Kidderminster entertaining Chester FC.


Time for a look at the Midl`nds weather now, here's Shefali.


Not a great bank holiday Monday no need for me to tell you that, but


with a warning in force unthl 1 o'clock tonight, more heavy rain to


come through this evening and the first part of the night. Sole very


bright colours showing up towards the central parts and later the


north`east, just clipping the southwestern half of the region as


well. Cloudy, and that rain temperatures on the plus side, down


to double figures, 12`14 Celsius, a huge difference compared with last


week. Tomorrow starting dre`ry, dull and wet, but only during thd


afternoon, temperatures by that stage nudging up to 19 Celshus. It


will be warmer tomorrow, a bit breezy.


The national forecast is next. We are


Hello, if you love wet weather, you appreciate a satellite picture. A


big swell


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