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on settling down and turning warmer. That is all from the BBC News at


Six. Hello and welcome to Midlands Today.


The headlines tonight: A strain on the service,


as West Midlands Ambulance reveals there were hundreds of 999 calls


from just one address last xear A lot of these are genuine patients


who need an ambience and thdy are tied to one.


We'll be asking how so many calls on the ambulance service


Police across three counties to map out


where controversial stop and search take place.


We are now able to track more accurately west and search powers


are used so we can map thosd across to where


Pilot culling of badgers to tackle TB in cattle


gets the go`ahead for a second year in Gloucestershire.


Why Tigers' hopes are burning bright,


as they hurtle headlong tow`rds the new ice hockey season.


if we're lucky, the rain will be restricted to the nights,


but there's a deep area of low pressure heading our way


An investigation by BBC Midlands Today has discovered


that one home in Birmingham made hundreds of 999 calls


to West Midlands Ambulance Service last year


but the caller was taken to hospital just a handful of times.


A total of 661 emergency calls were made


from a single residential address in the B34 area of the city.


Nicola Beckford has this exclusive report.


I will put someone is in thdre for you. An elderly patient with severe


breathing difficulties. Par`medics are at the scene within minttes You


would expect an ambulance to arrive when you call but what if that


request comes from someone who has made hundreds of calls prevhously?


The Ambulance Service. Is the patient breathing? 999 calls come


into this operation centre. Operators decide whether or not to


dispatch an ambience crew. Ht is made on a case`by`case basis. Some


people have complex needs that generally require us. The sdcond


have complex need but they do not necessarily need the ambulance.


Category three that chases calls. These are people `` categorx three


of vexatious callers. We have discovered that one home in


the B 34 area of Birmingham dialled 999 for an ambulance 661 tiles last


year. Only 12 of those calls resulted in a hospital visit. The


top ten frequent callers in our region made more than 2500 calls


last year. One home`made more than 390 calls. One caller made 255


calls. One household in the... DY eight area was taken to hospital


five times. Some abuse the service and can cause


problems for people who gentinely need their help. Lee Biddle has


severe epilepsy and could collapse up to seven times a day. At his


worst, his family. There is a big black population


here. But that perception is very much at odds with the offichal


statistics. In 2012 there wdre nearly 50,000 searches and 60% `` 6%


arrest rate. The arrest ratd is likely to double. Section 60, for


the past 18 months, has onlx been sanctioned by assistant chidf


constables. If you were Afrhcan Caribbean you were more likdly to be


stopped than a white person. They say now it is 2.6, but they say


three times more likely to be stopped. We are moving in the right


direction. This man is on book scrutiny panel and thinks the


current move will make a big difference. The officer was only


able to write the first ten, 15 words of a sentence, which could not


give you much information. Ht would often appear there were gap. The


officer in charge of stop and search in the West Midlands said it was an


essential power and being used in a proportionate manner to protect the


public from criminals. Earlier I the west Mercia Chief


Constable. I asked him Earlier I the west Mercia Chief


Constable. I asked about thd pilot scheme to map where stop and search


powers we used. It is a poshtive range of measures. Used by the Home


Secretary, to make it more transparent and help improvd


confidence communities have in the police around how we use thd powers.


We have been at the vanguard of this work and we are able to track more


accurately where stop and sdarch powers are used, so we can lap them


across to where offences and criminality are taking placd. That


way we can be more certain we are using the powers transparently and


did the right places and give the communities we are serving


confidence we are using powdrs properly. These new restrictions on


stop and search, is that an implied criticism of the way it has been


done before. I think they are useful checks and balances about how the


powers have been used, rathdr than restrictions. In some places, there


are concerns about whether we use the powers in the right way. The


officers I lead have to makd difficult decisions about how they


use the powers and in the m`jority of occasions they get it right.


Sometimes we get it wrong. Theresa May said... If I could finish. These


new measures are to make sure we use them at the right time to protect


the public, and also so that people who have done nothing wrong have no


fear about how who have done nothing wrong have no


fear about we use the powers. Welcome this approach. The reason we


are in the vanguard and wanted to be a pilot force was to demonstrate we


want to embrace these new mdasures. If I can come back to the qtestion,


to Reza Mays said the current use of stop and search was an unacceptable


affront to justice. Do you see that in your force? No, I do not. I agree


the evidence she must have before her to make decisions is undquivocal


and she is right to make those statements where she has sedn it. I


do not see it in my force. Hf I did, it would be stamped out. We do a lot


to monitor where the powers are used. We do not get negativd


feedback. A man from the West Midlands has died after attdnding


the cream feels dance festival in Cheshire. Paramedics were c`lled to


a hotel away from the site on Sunday morning. `` cream fields. Officers


are investigating whether it was drug`related. A college in


Birmingham is to open a centre of excellence in India. The centre will


train local people in technhcal education and health care. Ht is


hoped to strengthen links bdtween the Midlands and India. Overnight


closures across the M6 throtgh Staffordshire begin tonight. The


next 15 days, the southbound route will be shot after 10pm between


junction 13 and ten A. The work is part of a smart motorway scheme that


aims to cut congestion. A p`ving stone has been unveiled to honour a


Worcester soldier who was ghven the Victoria Cross in the First World


War. George Wyatt saved colleagues on the front line in France while


under fire. It is one of ten cities honouring soldiers awarded the


Victoria Cross. It has been confirmed this afternoon a second


badger cull has been given the go`ahead in Gloucestershire and


Somerset. The controversial project sets a target for the number of


badgers shot inside the zond. It is part of a scheme to see if the


culling reduced the number of cases of bovine TB within the specified


areas. What were the results of last year's culling? There were divided


opinions about this. That is in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Many


voices came together at the ending condemnation about how effective it


was, because the aim was to Cole 70% of the badger population. In


Gloucestershire, `` cull. It was not a great start but they are trying


again. Natural England say there will be a six`week window coming up.


No location will be known about They will have a minimum lilit of


650 badgers being killed by a combination of trapping and


shooting. Farmers and the government say it is necessary because of the


spread of bovine TB, which `ffected 26,000 cattle, being slaughtered


because of the effect of it. Protesters have been vociferous


They say it is ineffective `nd inhumane.


I gather Gloucestershire police are looking into allegations about Mark


's men surrounding last years. They are investigating a Marx man


who allegedly crossed a golf course carrying a loaded weapon whhle


stalking the badger, with claims he put public safety at risk. @nd other


allegations of Marx meant using illegal night sites to track


badgers. The cost of policing the operations last year amountdd to


almost ?2 million. It has bden confirmed that the young mother of a


schoolgirl who suffered frol cancer will face prosecution. It is for


keeping her daughter off school It was hoped that talks between Kerry


Capper and Birmingham City Council would avert the need.


Seven`year`old Libby was di`gnosed with an aggressive tumour on her


keep it. She had surgery whhch ended up with the organ needing rdmoval.


She has recovered but is sthll under the care of Birmingham Children s


Hospital. Her mother, 26`ye`r`old Kerry, is in trouble with the


authorities after keeping hdr daughter off school when shd


complained of stomach pains. Today, she was told the case will go to


court. I am dreading it. I have never been to court. I'm concerned


about having a criminal record if convicted. I want to be a c`rer and


if I do not have a good record I will not be able to.


The school that she attends wasn't given the proper documentathon


and unauthorised absences are against the law.


short of money and short of credit on her phone at times. That can be


embarrassing for a young mother to explain to a headteacher or


assistant headteacher or person in authority at the school. Kerry has


explained her lack of communication, as have we in a


letter to the council. Kerry Capper was hoping


to avoid prosecution with a meeting with


a local councillor. But, all along, the city cotncil


has said that she needs proof that her daughter was


definitely ill on the seven days Birmingham City Council has


confirmed that she will havd to appear here at the magistrates court


on the 5th of September. Wh`tever the rights and wrongs of thd case,


both sides agree that if fotnd guilty, she will not face a


custodial sentence but rathdr a fine. But she will have to `ppear


before the magistrates and dxplain herself.


West Midlands Ambulance revdals there were hundreds of 999 calls


Shefali's coming along with the weather forecast


I at one small West Midlands rugby club with a waiting to greet some of


the greatest players in the world. The Tigers burning bright


as they hurtle headlong Specialist teams have spent


the past few weeks making their way across Cannock Chase, sprayhng the


bracken to keep it under control. The spray is not harmful to


the wildlife, such as the dder, which help attract thousands


of visitors to the area each year. But it is vital in protecting some


of the unique qualities of the area. It is an ancient heathland `nd


classed as an area of outst`nding natural beauty. But caring for it


also involves controlling the landscape. That is why teams are out


spraying bracken, which thrdatens to crowd out other wildlife. In the


last 30 or 40 years, it has become very invasive. We want to gdt it


under control to allow the other wildlife to thrive. Treating the


bracken is part of a 10`year programme that has been approved by


conservation experts. The spray being used only destroyed the


bracken, it is harmless to other wildlife and there are no d`ngers to


the thousands of summer vishtors here. What the visitors might not


know is that this has historic importance. This area was where


during World War I, trenches were dug to allow the Army to pr`ctice.


What we have here is one of the trenches. If I get into it, it is


about three feet deep. The reason it has survived so well is bec`use


there has been such a good covering of bilberry here. The brackdn root


system would have destroyed it. The bilberry and the removal of the


bracken has reserved. It is vital work to protect and preservd this


precious countryside. It really is a magnificent part of


the world. Schools, universities and clubs


across the Midlands have bedn chosen as bases for teams competing


in next year's Rugby World Cup. The tournament's taking place


in England and Wales and there are 20 teams


in need of training facilithes is at Sutton Coldfield Rugbx Club


this evening. Which teams are going to


be training there, Ben? It will be Samoa and Romani` who are


coming here to train and be based in September and October next xear


They are not the only ones. There are five other locations in the West


Midlands where they will host teams. The University of Birminghal will be


the base for South Africa, the double world champions. St George's


Park will host Ireland and Argentina. Argentina will also have


a second base at Cheltenham rugby club. Japan will be based at Warwick


School. One man is delighted by today's announcement. The chairman.


What does this mean? It is lassive for the club. For a club like us to


attract to international te`ms is massive. You were saying thhs is


like Kidderminster or Nuneaton getting into the football World Cup.


It issued for the town. It hs a whole town bid. We brought hn the


College and the gym on site as well as the legislator. It will be `` as


well as the leisure centre. We will be having a new floodlit pitch laid


and we're looking at an invdstment of ?250,000. That speak the club


captain. For you, having thd players of the standard of Samoa and


Romania, what does it mean for you? It is fantastic for guys at our


level. We are looking forward to the scrum for tickets, let alond the


matches. It is going to be fantastic to get up close and personal. We


have had our fair share of excitement. We had Barbados here


over the summer and that has been great but comparatively, we're not


in the same league as some hour `` as some Samoa. The club will not get


any money for this but hopefully, it will build a club's reputathon.


Football and it's the second round of the Capital One Cup tonight.


Shrewsbury Town, Portvale, West Bromwich Albion


Walsall, in fact, could be giant killers


as they host troubled Premidr League side Crystal Palace.


And you can follow how they all get on this evening,


with updates and commentary on your local BBC radio station


The new ice hockey season's just a couple of weeks away.


And there's a fresh wave of optimism at the Telford Tigers.


The club's been taken over by new owners


and they've invested heavilx in a strong squad,


who are aiming to win the Premier League.


From Shropshire, Ian Winter reports.


Look around the locker room and what do you see?


Caged Tigers ` around two dozen of them `


and launch an attack on the Premier League,


because the new season is fast approaching.


It is 26 years since Telford last won the league and the Tigers


believe they can win it agahn. because head coach Tom Watkhns


has been given the green light to strengthen his squad


by the club's new owners. And that's why he's signed


12 top`quality players, one of several full`time


professionals in the Tigers squad. Everybody is upbeat. Some gtys have


been here for a few years, dveryone is looking forward to the sdason.


You want to close the gap and eliminate them.


American coach Tim Branham normally works with the Utah Grizzlids,


to pass on some of his expertise to the Tigdrs.


Last season, they finished 6th and made the play`offs.


But, this time round, expectations are much higher


Give us your view of the st`ndard you have seen here. It is great


There are a lot of good plaxers from goal is to defence, the forwards are


very skilled, so it has been a really good experience. So what


impact have a new owners made? Massive. The dressing room hs


completely different, the ever structure around the club itself is


improving massively. The te`m on the ice is going to be completely


different from what it was previously. We will be a totgh team


to beat. The collective noun


for a group of these big cats No wonder the English Premidr


League will beware of Telford. They're hotly tipped to win a clean


sweep of silverware this se`son because, once they get


their heads down on the ice, Having been to the wettest barbecue


in world history yesterday, I do hope things are going to dry up


a bit this week. I think we need a lie down `nd


another holiday to get over it yesterday's terrible weather. We're


not looking at anything so bad this week. It will be fairly unsdttled.


It is becoming breezy and could be a touch warmer at times. It whll be


this system that is the prelude to that. Because it is a warm


formation, the temperatures will rise. It is bringing rain in for


tomorrow evening and also for the start of Thursday. You can see it is


attached to this deep area of low pressure centred over Scotl`nd by


that time so the isobars around it will be fairly tightly packdd. That


is what is leading to the breezy weather. For this evening and


overnight, we are in the cldar. It is drying out and we're looking at


the cloud breaking up nicelx. Tempted between nine and 10


Celsius, and they could be so mist and fog developing as we go towards


dawn. That will clear nicelx through tomorrow. Not a lot of sunshine to


be had but gradually through the day the cloud will be thickening up from


the South West ahead of this system I was talking about. Prior to that,


temperatures will rise to 18`20dC, nudging up to those 20s. It is a


warm day and it is going to be competing with those condithons from


the south`east. Into tomorrow night, the rain moving in will be


fragmenting. We cannot rule out the odd heavy burst. Underneath all of


this, temperatures are down to between 14`15dC, it will be a warm


night. That clears into Thursday. Friday is looking showery.


The appalling sexual abuse suffered by nearly 1,500 children


The UN calls for e`cigarettds to be banned in indoor public spaces


A strain on the service, as West Midlands Ambulance reveals


there were hundreds of 999 calls from just one address last xear


And police across three counties to map out


where controversial stop and search take place.


I'll be back at 10pm with your latest update


and tonight's Capital One Cup results.


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