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again. Something to look forward to. That is all from the


A world first ` surgeons in Birmingham develop


a pioneering method of reviving a dying liver for transplant.


The transplant coordinators explained to me beforehand the


risks which were involved, but I had no choice.


We find out exactly how a lhver that would have been unusable


was kept healthy and given to a patient.


but it's still tough going for businesses across Staffordshire


You are giving your time and skills to set something up. But finance is


virtually impossible. Last chance academy taking pupils


who've been shown the door ` Salivating Salopians as Shrdwsbury


fans drool over their stunnhng win at Premier League Leicester


in the League Cup. And when


an ex`hurricane comes calling, it's usually a signal to batten


down the hatches but not thhs time ` better news all around this week


but not without some minor hurdles. Surgeons in Birmingham


have achieved a world first ` transplanting a liver


they'd have previously rejected They used


a new technique to revive the organ, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is


one of the busiest in the country, performing 173 liver transplants


last year. have had their lives


transformed with a new liver. that's three times the level when


the operation was first performed. Walsall businessman Satpal Lahal


was very sick, weak, exhausted ` But, three weeks ago, surgeons


at the Queen Elizabeth Hosphtal in Birmingham gave him a new one


and a second chance. I feel like I have a new life now,


thanks to this transplant. Ht has been very successful.


Satpal's new liver came frol a patient 200 miles away `


transplant organs arrive in an icebox


Normally once removed from the donor,


surgeons would have a four`hour window


to transplant the liver into a patient before it becomes unusable.


In this case, it took seven hours to get it to Birmingham


and a further seven hours to revive the liver,


assess its suitability and ready the patient for a nine`hour operation.


So the liver has arrived at the hospital, it is placed in a


reservoir on this machine which applies blood `` which supplies


blood. There is a pub down below, all of which the little working


again. `` there is a pump. `` which gets the liver working again.


We will have more utility in transplants, to enable more


transplant is to take place. Pretty percent of people waiting for a


transplant die while waiting. `` 20%.


Thanks for joining us this dvening here on Midlands Today.


How ditching traditional floral beds in favour of wildflowers


is saving council tax payers thousands of pounds.


New figures have thrown doubt on the resilience of the recovery


Many small companies have overstretched themselves,


It's affecting business confidence in Stoke on Trent,


where almost half of small and medium sized companies


report what's been described as "significant financial distress .


Here's our Staffordshire reporter, Liz Copper.


Testing a new recipe at his home near Stafford.


Amarpal Harrar set up his Indian cooking business ten months ago


It's doing well, but starting out wasn't easx.


It was very tough. No one w`nts to take a chance. You're giving your


time and to set something up. But the finance is virtually impossible.


and they're optimistic about the long`term prospects,


despite the difficulties of launching a new venture.


Long hours, longer than you think. Very tiring, very stressful.


Exhausting. But lots of fun at the same time.


But not every business has enjoyed success.


This firm of financial experts


has surveyed small and meditm sized businesses ` or SMES `


and has found a rise in those facing debt problels.


Because the banks are not gdared up now to lend to small businesses


there is this lack of finance and what companies are doing is they are


stretching in the days before they pay their suppliers and this is


causing distress in the system. Although the wider UK


economy's seeing a recovery, what more would this family firm


like to see from government? We don't want grants, I am not


looking for a hand`out. I'm looking for support in terms of raising


capital so we can employ soleone, so we could grow as we would lhke to.


This small business has enjoyed early success,


but the next challenge will be to build on that


and find the ingredients for longer`term growth.


and businesses struggling to export more


came under the spotlight in Warwickshire today.


Outlining Labour's business strategy, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls


accused the Government of missing its own export t`rgets.


And he told our political editor, Patrick Btrns


that there'd be more support for business


From the floor of the House to the shopfloor.


Nuneaton Precisions, an engineering firm


supplying the oil and nucle`r industries, employing 24 people


Accompanied by Labour's candidate for Nuneaton, Vicky Fowler,


Ed Balls came not just to celebrate Midlands successes,


but also to warn the Governlent were failing on exports.


It is a two prong message from the Shadow Chancellor,


first of all that business would be safe in Labour's h`nds


It is part of a charm offensive but, of course, with eight months to go


to the general election, politics is never far away.


So, in the Midlands' fourth most marginal Conservative seat,


Mr Balls was aiming to engineer a new strategy for local industry,


for more local firms to close the gap with our star performers.


Here in the West Midlands, Jaguar, JCB,


the West Midlands has bucked the trend.


But, across the whole of thd UK our export performance


You have criticised, of course, the decision by the present govdrnment


to scrap the Regional Development Agencies but, if you talk to the


Local Enterprise Partnerships, they say, "Look, we're working as teams


"across regions and we are getting the investment going,


"the results are here to be seen in the West Midlands."


Enterprise Partnerships, we will back and support if we win the


election next year but, frankly they don't have the resourcds or the


power or the clout to reallx do the job.


I am not saying go back to the RDAs, I am saying let's really go back


and give more devolution, give more power to businessds


around apprenticeships, transport, innovation.


The number of young apprenthces under 25 has fallen since 2010.


The Government say their economic plan is working,


and they'll continue to monitor export performance


in line with their policies to build on the recovery.


Three men have appeared in court charged with two counts


of attempted murder and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.


It follows a disturbance between groups of men in Sp`rkbrook


A 28`year`old man died after being stabbed.


34`year`old Fazal Khan, Pierzada Khan, who's 32,


will appear at Birmingham Crown Court next month.


They call it the "Last`Chance Academy" `


the school which aims to turn around the most unruly of ptpils.


Baverstock School refuses to exclude disruptive children,


instead trying to get them through their GCSEs.


The Birmingham school is fe`tured on BBC Panorama tonight


and our reporter, Ben Godfrdy, is there now.


Some said they were completdly unteachable. The children in


Birmingham that kept getting excluded from lots of schools. We


are at Baverstock School. This sofa features heavily tonight, for all of


the disputes and arguments between teachers and pupils. But thdy


promise those peoples they could get five passing grades at GCSE and turn


their lives. Let us speak to one boy who got his results from his


teacher. Do you want to know your results? You got two Cs. Business


studies, two Cs. That is six higher passes you have. You got an E in


English, and F in maths. Ard you pleased? Yes. Good. I think it will


sink in for him. This room has around 30 pupils, some who have been


excluded from pupils and others who have been destructive in thhs


school. Letters find out from the headteacher what is going on. How


are you different? The studdnts that come in here are educated whthin the


mainstream setting, so they come into this area, I have spechalist


teachers and we find out about the student, so we personalise ht and


make it individual to them. The students know they can go b`ck into


the mainstream when it is rhght and be taught by the specialist teachers


in English and maths and so on. Let us hear some of the personal


stories. I spoke to Lauren `nd George. I have the proper stpport


now because all of the teachers help me. They ask if I need help. I ended


up getting seven GCSEs. I would not have got those if I had been kicked


out. How are you able to do this when a lot of mainstream schools say


they cannot do it? I had thd choice, I could either let these chhldren


disrupt the education of others or exclude them. That was not ` choice.


Are the children alienated here Or are they showing good behavhour The


rest of the school, the restlts have gone up year`on`year. The students


here know that the focus is on learning so that when you w`tch


tonight on Panorama, you sed that learning. Just one result that


Panorama than today, 146,000 peoples across the UK are getting excluded


every yet and that will not happen here at the school. `` everx year.


And you can see that Panorala Special, The Last Chance Ac`demy,


A world first ` surgeons in Birmingham develop


a pioneering method of reviving a dying liver for transplant.


Your detailed weather forec`st to come shortly from Shefali.


After Shrewsbury Town's heroics we find out if West but now `` West


Bromwich Albion can manage the same. celebrate 40 years


of Coventry's ring road. Employers are being urged to give


prisoners a second chance The new Prisons Minister,


Andrew Selous, praised companies who are


providing training inside j`ils Sarah Falkland


has been speaking to him and some of the inmates


at Onley Prison near Rugby. I'm from Coventry and I'm in


for three and half years One of the key drivers in changing


people's behaviour is work. And when Mandeep Gill's reldased


next summer, he'll take with him a forklhft


licence and an IT qualification We are all being tarnished with the


same brush. As soon as you see the criminal record, they won't want to


know. But some employers do have faith


that lives can be turned around This bike repair training unit at


Onley is the first of its khnd. It's been set up in conjunction


with high street giant Halfords Prisoners are often grateful to be


given a second chance. Employers say that some of their ex`offender staff


are the most loyal. They pldased with the prisoners they havd taken


on. We have how `` we have several employers coming along to provide


these jobs, which is in everyone's interest.


Of 100,000 prisoners released last year,


At Onley, that figure is one in three.


You are contributing to the economy and not just relying on bendfits


when you get out. Getting ott with employment is a big thing.


to get work with companies offering training


but at least the others have new skills.


Whether they take it is their choice.


Cutbacks are rarely popular but one money`saving


idea tried out this summer in Shropshire has proved a hit.


Telford and Wrekin Council slashed the money spent on formal floral


displays by planting tens of thousands of wildflowers instead.


And whether in a park or on a roundabout,


At Dale End Park in Ironbridge Gorge,


the latest wildflower displ`y in summer glory.


These flowers are far easier to maintain, especially when


compared to traditional beds which need constant attention.


Once you have planted them, they look after themselves. They have


come through well this year. It is a good time for them, with showers and


sunshine. Telford and Wrekin council


pioneered wildflower displaxs and now advise


other local authorities. Ten of the area's roundabouts


have been seeded, as well as village gateways


and open spaces. It is roughly about a 20th of the


cost. That enables us to do very big areas. We currently have about


14,000 square metres throughout Telford. Here, next UI and bridge,


their poppies `` Ironbridge, there are poppies to help the


commemorations of the First World War. Beautiful, absolutely


beautiful. Natural flowers, lovely. And the wildflowers can be sown


with different seeds This variety at Mere Bank Roundabout


is called the honey mix It is acting as a refuelling station


for a number of insect speches that can then connect to other local


major areas in the borough. `` other nature areas.


In an age of ongoing cuts to council budgets,


it's a way of saving money with little to lose and much to gain


Onto football now and a stunning result


for League Two Shrewsbury Town last night.


They beat Premier League Lehcester City 1`0 away in the League Cup


and they'll find out in just a few hours' time


who they'll be playing in the next round.


Meanwhile, Ian Winter is at the home of Burton Albion,


who are also in League Cup `ction against top flight opposition.


Why ever not? Burton Albion have made a flying start to life in


league two. QPR made a slow start. First, forget Manchester Unhted


there was only one shock result for the four fans to celebrate. `` for


Shrewsbury Town fans to celdbrate. I was a sling to the radio `nd I


heard my dad get very excitdd. His dad has just clocked up his 100


tree game for Shrewsbury Town. `` for Luton town.


He scores! The cup upset cotld be on. To bring a a league two club and


beat a Premier League team, that is amazing. The result was somdthing


amazing. A night to remember. 1 00 the Lee Biddle fans `` Shrewsbury


Town fans went home celebrating That strike made it 1`1 agahnst


Cardiff City. Walsall's dre`ms of defeating a Premier League team were


cut short. Burton Albion, followed that. Let us


talk to the chairman. Confident Certainly. We have done well in this


competition. Last year, we came close to beating for them. `` to


beating Fulham. You will have noted the dodgy defending at the weekend.


Can you capitalise? We hope so. There is a gulf between the


premiership and League Two. But we will see. You must be rubbing your


hands into light `` in delight about the live TV coverage. We ard hoping


to improve on last year's attendance. We hope they cole and


support us. The hats some of the Derby supporters `` perhaps some of


the Derby supporters who were disappointed, they could cole and


support us. The first two ydars as a manager, he got to the semifinals


last year and just missed ott. It is a strong squad of players hd has put


together. Good luck indeed to Burton Albion. You can catch all of the


goals on BBC One on the league cup show at 11:05pm tonight.


There was a touch of the X Factor in Coventry today,


as people queued to take part in a video celebrating something


It's all to do with the 40th anniversary of the city's rhng road.


And, appropriately, a cover version of Let's Go Round Again featuring


Coventry band The Specials hs being released to mark the occasion.


Recording an ode to a very special road.


This is BBC Coventry Warwickshire's supergroup in action.


Horace Panther and Neville Staples of The Specials


and Breakfast presenter Shane O'Connor with


their version of the Averagd White Band's Let's Go Round Again.


It has been difficult, it h`s been demanding. It has been tiring, it


has been really interesting to see what these guys do. Fantasthc. It


has been a real experience! listeners got to hear it


for the first time. Shortly afterwards, members of the


public headed into the city centre It was fantastic. I have an affinity


with both the ring road and The Specials and it was an opportunity


to make a fool of myself. The song was catchy! It was fun. I would


never normally do something like this.


The ring road took 14 years to build and was completed in 0974


These cabbies have got plenty of stories.


What will happen usually is someone will pull up behind us with a look


of fear, I cannot find their way out of town because they panic when they


get to the junction. We tell them how to do it, which junction, where


to head for and ten minutes later, they are back, having missed the


junction. So let's go round


and see for ourselves ` It is still a little scary sometimes


but you get used to it. It should take us around fotr


minutes to get round the whole city, But it's getting on and off again,


criss`crossing between lanes, that makes lots of drivers `


including me ` hold their breath! Love it or loathe it,


these Coventrians, at least, plan on giving their ring road


a birthday to remember. It's been looking a bit dark


overhead round here this afternoon. Yes, the cloud has been building all


day. But generally the weather is looking


more promising. We have somd rain overnight during the week, leaving


the daytime drive. It will be breezy but slightly warmer than recently.


We are sucking up this warm air around us and it is a questhon of


the shade of yellow we get. Darker yellow means warmer air. It is this


system towards the North later tomorrow that will bring us close


irritations in the form of rain and showers. It is an area of low


pressure. The isobars tightdned bringing in wheezy conditions. Once


that clears, we have an ex`hurricane affecting us over the weekend, which


is not as ominous as it sounds. Things will settle down bags to the


high pressure it brings in. `` thanks to the high pressure. Plenty


of good weather to play for in the days ahead. Overnight, we h`ve this


frontal system moving in from the south`west. That is why the cloud


thickens up through the day. This will be fragmenting as it goes,


moving north eastwards. Most of the rain will be light, just a view


pulses of heavy rain from thme to time. We have all of this cloud and


because of the warm air above us, you can see from those tempdratures,


between 14 and 15 Celsius, ht is noticeably warmer. Tomorrow morning,


the rain clears away from the north`eastern corner. We have some


sunshine initially and then the cloud thickens a little bit in the


afternoon is another frontal system which is in but it will onlx have a


view showers along it. Most of those will be across the western half of


the region. Plenty of dry wdather through the day. Temperaturds in


spite of the cloud reaching 19 or 20 Celsius, but slightly breezx from


the South. This pattern of showers will continue for the next few days


that they'll be fewer and ftrther between so we will get some dry


weather and warmer conditions, especially through the weekdnd.


After the shock of the scald of the child abuse revealed in Rotherham,


calls for those in charge to be held to account


A report claims the current baby boom's creating so much dem`nd


for school places that it's forcing councils to cut budgets elsdwhere.


A world first ` surgeons in Birmingham develop


a pioneering method of reviving a dying liver for transplant.


but it's still tough going for many businesses.


I'll be back at 10pm with your latest update


and results from the Capital One Cup.


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