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week. Great, Peter, thanks very much.


Concern over radicals recruited to fight in Syria.


A five fold increase in counter terrorism arrests in the last year.


It is about being vigilant, adult families being aware that the young


person could be at risk and could be vulnerable.


We'll ask a counter terrorism expert what can


Downgraded in six months, anger from campaigners at Stafford


Hospital as they learn paedhatric services will be reduced.


There is no way that we are giving up. It is really important to us.


One man's scrapheap is another man's treasure `


the auction which attracted a surprising number of bidddrs.


A victory to savour, League two Burton Albion revel


in knocking Premier League PPR out of the Capital One Cup.


To beat a Premiership club for the first time is another page hn


history. This is what the f`ns want to see, a bit of excitement.


And Autumn may not be too f`r away ` it may certainly have felt like it


in recent days but we're behng given a timely reminder soon that it's


still officially summer. Good news in the forecast still to cole.


Good evening. The head of counter`terrorism in the


West Midlands has revealed there's been a big rise


in the number of Syria`related terrorist cases.


London and the West Midlands are seen as hotspots, and policd say


they've seen a five`fold increase in arrests since last year.


Police are urging the community to get in touch if they belheve


young people are planning to fight with Jihadist groups in Syrha.


But Muslims here say they often don't know who's being radicalised.


Peter Wilson has been investigating.


Black flags and the black shirts of the Islamic State fighters.


They've captured territory hn Iraq and Syria,


They're also capturing hearts and minds from some of the xoung


Two men from Handsworth will be sentenced next month for johning


You have heard of this fivefold rise in investigations. We have seen


that, so proportionately, those investigations have gone up. I


cannot give exact figures for operational reasons but we have seen


a rise. The police admit th`t it is mainly centred in London and in the


West Midlands. In the first half of this year, 69 people were arrested,


a 50% increase in the numbers of people stopped at ports, and the


seizure of funds for terrorhst activities. Police say that


radicalisation is no longer being taken place by so`called hate


preachers, it is actually h`ppening inside people's homes. This is


because of that link to the Internet, the way that the xoung


person can sit in their bedroom anywhere in the country and access


material advertised online, internationally.


Junaid Hussein is 20 years old and from Birmingham.


He's one of at least 500 Brhtish youths who've travelled to Syria.


He posts videos and messages encouraging others to


join him in Syria. At a Birlingham mosque they say that familids often


have no idea that their youngsters are being radicalised.


We live in a fast paced technological world. You can make


contact with people on Facebook on the Internet, and keep it all


secret, keep away from the family. And this is what we are seehng


happening now. This weekend the Ahmadiyya TK


community is gathering in H`mpshire. The Muslim sect is seen by some


as heretics. The 3,000 members here in the


West Midlands say they're concerned they, too, will be singled out


by Islamic State fighters. These are extremist organis`tions


that have no understanding of true Islam. My fear is that ISIS have


some influence in Pakistan `nd that could exasperate the alreadx bad


conditions that are against minorities.


Syria maybe far away but what happens there has


a big impact on the lives of many of our communities and incrdasingly


I'm joined now by Haras Rafhq from the Quilliam Foundation,


an organisation set up to challenge extremism.


Another call for people to contact police if they believe young people


are planning to fight with jihadists. How realistic is that?


As you mentioned in the package it is quite often the case that


friends, family and parents do not realise that somebody is getting


radicalised to the point whdre they might go and support a jihadist


group. Certainly, sometimes within councils and local authorithes, we


have to look at how we can build up resilience so that when you get


these messages of hatred indoctrinated on the youngsters


that they are able to push back This is something we should prevent


from happening, and it could be illegal. More needs to be done in


that area from a government level and societal level as well. What


lies behind increasing arrests? Is it better policing or more xoung


people becoming radicalised? It is a combination of those things. There


are two pastor the process. The first part is identifying pdople in


terms of revenge and, once they become classified as extremhst. The


Home Office and the police `nd agencies do some excellent work


there, and that is leading to more arrests. The bigger part, preventing


them from getting there and the first place, is something wd are not


doing enough. The police ard doing very well in the first part and at


community level, preventing youngsters from going down that path


and not challenging the narratives that are leading them down there.


And how do the government go about preventing that, is a progr`mme in


place working? I do not think it is working now. I think this government


has dropped the ball, certahnly since 2010`11, the previous


government made mistakes but at least they had a go. This government


is just focusing on looking at people once they are identified and


then providing interventions. Is spending more than ?200


a night on a hotel acceptable The expenses claims running to


tens of thousands of pounds. Staff have been told that p`ediatric


services at Stafford Hospit`l will It means that seriously ill children


will be stabilised, before either being sent hole,


or taken to the University Hospital


of North Staffordshire. The announcement has angered many


of the campaigners who are camping at the hospital in protest


at plans to downgrade services. They've been there


for nearly six weeks Kevin Reide has spent


the evening with the protesters It's been almost six weeks


since these protestors moved onto Since then


the camp has grown with new marquees Local folk musicians providd


the atmosphere, but We will win in the end becatse we


have justice and righteousndss on our site. We are honest people. We


just want health services for our community.


In the coming years maternity services will close, as too


in all cases most patients having to travel further.


Lauren, Laura and Imogen are probably


I have to go to North Staffordshire because I have got hip problems and


it is very inconvenient, because we do not have a car. I think ht is bad


considering it is the Countx Down in Staffordshire. `` the countx town.


The government believes movhng services elsewhere


will improve the overall care in Staffordshire.


And the trust running Stafford hospital said it was no longer


clinically or financially vhable in its present form.


The claims are rejected by the protesters who last night


decided on an impromptu march to the hospital reception.


We all gave a round of appl`use just to show appreciation and gr`titude


and to show the staff that `lthough their management doesn't value them,


we certainly do, the communhty of Stafford. As you can see, spirits


have been high this evening, but it is a mild, late summer 's nhght and


the question is, will they be able to maintain this level of protest as


the nights draw in and the weather gets colder? It is a fair point But


there are people here who are pensioners, people taking c`ncer


treatment at the hospital, `nd they have got time on their hands and


they are prepared to stay. There is a hard`core of people here that are


willing to keep the camp manned and it will continue. Some people say


that they will stay, rain or shine. There is no way that we are giving


up. It is really important to us, to everybody in the area, that we have


a fully functioning hospital with all the necessary services. It is


disgusting what is happening at the moment. I just hope that evdrything


turns out, and we keep all of our services. This morning was the


beginning of the 42nd day, with a full English breakfast on offer for


those up early enough. For some work reckons, but for others, the


debate and the determination go on. An energy supplier that aims to


offer a cheaper alternative to the Extra`energy, is planning to locate


its headquarters in the citx and create up to 1,000 local jobs


over the next year. The company currently emploxs 2 0


staff at its interim office Thousands of pounds worth


of trophies have been stolen from the National Motorcycld Museum


in Solihull. Over 100 trophies were taken


from display cabinets at the museum, after thieves broke


in at around 11pm last night. The museum says the trophies have


little scrap value, It's offering a ?20,000 rew`rd


for information leading to their recovery.


No bikes were taken. Stoke`on`Trent City Council has


confirmed it will not be exhibiting at the Chelsea flower show hn 2 15.


The authority had been crithcised for contributing ?400,000 towards


creating a garden and entertaining high profile guests. At the time,


the City Council had defenddd the decision saying that it gendrated


publicity and business for the city. The BBC has learned that thd


Chief Executive of West Midlands Ambulance Service has claimdd up to


?30,000 in hotel and transport Anthony Marsh also heads up the East


of England Ambulance Servicd. The expenses claims include hire


cars and ?200 a night hotels. Ben Godfrey has more


and joins us now. Anthony Marsh, we're told,


is paid ?232,000 a year to run both West Midlands Ambulance Service and


East of England Ambulance Sdrvice. We know that figure


because he's faced a barragd of criticism, including


from a Health Minister, who Now, through a Freedom of


Information request, we've learned that ` over the past 16 months `


as he travels around the cotntry. He claimed more than ?10,000


in hire car costs. He's often driven by someond else


so he can work en route. ?13,000 was spent on 92 hotdl


stays for meetings or conferences. And this, he's spent 20 nights


at the Pullman St Pancras Hotel The GMB union says it sends


an "appalling" They question how long Mr M`rsh can


continue to divide his time between the West Midlands


and the East of England, calling it And the Taxpayers'


Alliance has seized on the decision to stay in what many people may deem


expensive "high end" hotels. When the NHS is making savings and


they are falling on front lhne staff, doctors and nurses whll be


furious. It is outrageous to be spending this money on hotels and


restaurants. At a time when the NHS is under such stress. What has West


Midlands ambulance service said They say that it actually s`ves a


taxpayer ?130,000 because hd does not take up the salary of two chief


executives. They say that the lowest cost in hotels is always sotght and


that Mr Marsh 's entitled to allowances or ?3000, and th`t these


have not been claimed. Concern over radicals


recruited to fight in Syria. A five fold increase in counter


terrorism arrests in the last year. Shefali will be along shortly with


your detailed weather forec`st. I am with Worcester ladies `nd their


Rugby World Cup winners who have seen a dramatic rise in intdrest


since England lifted the trophy in France.


And the last straw, the slightly strange looking world


record breaker ` more than 3,000 scarecrows


To some they're a reminder of a bygone era, to others they re


But today more than 200 people came


from all over the country for the auction of 30 vintage cars.


But as Giles Latcham found out, most of the cars had seen better days.


Top gear it is not, but in ` field west of Shrewsbury stands a motoring


mausoleums. It is part of all British history and all of the


engineering that has been going on in the past. The gearboxes for this


car were made in Wolverhampton company and the engine, in this


case, came separately. I thhnk this one is the convertible. In 0952


triumph Mayflower, complete with original leather seats. And so, the


auction began. 30 watts belonging to a lifelong British car enthtsiast


who stored them in a leaky barn hence the rust, but they ard all


part of the family. I have got stories attached to most of them,


they are old friends, most of these cars, yes. Let's move them on to


someone else who can enjoy them All told, they fetched ?12,000. In the


bargain basement and 1957 Hhllman Husky built in Coventry. Top of the


range, the Birmingham Bears what Austen A90 Atlantic. Simon came from


West Yorkshire to buy a Talbot Sunbeam, the car that his f`ther had


when he was a schoolboy. It was embarrassing at the time, btt that


was the car that I was taken to school in. Good only for parts, most


of them are now on their final journeys, but for some of them, they


live on, fuelled by motoring memories.


England's women rugby world cup winners are getting back to the day


job ` and in Worcester tonight there's a taster session for anyone


Our Sports Editor Nick Clitheroe is there.


So have many been inspired by the world champions?


They absolutely have. You c`n see the Worcester ladies training


session. Plenty of activity. We will speak to some World Cup winners in a


moment. First, another causd for celebration.


But first another cause for celebration because


Burton Albion's fantastic start to the season continued with vhctory


over Premier League QPR in the League Cup last night.


The manager Gary Rowett described the League Two side's performance


They came to the Pirelli St`dium full of hope.


After all Burton are unbeatdn in the league so far this sdason


while Harry Redknapp's QPR team are still looking for their first


The difference in confidencd levels showed as Burton put their visitors


under immense pressure throtghout but it took until 13 minutes from


Adam McGurk's fine free`kick was the signal


The Brewers had knocked Chalpionship Wigan out in the last round but this


Really proud of the players and the effort that they put in. Not for the


first time this season. We knocked out Wigan Athletic in the fhrst


round. We have had to do twhce. Two knockout Premier League opponents in


the way that we did, by cre`ting lots of chances, limiting them to


very few, obviously, it fills me with pride and satisfaction this


morning. We have seen some good games from Burton Albion ovdr the


past couple of years but to beat a Premier League side, this whll be


what the fans want to see, ` bit of excitement, and that is what they


saw last night. They've had a nasty habit


of losing to lower league shdes in the cups recently and that continued


as Leyton Orient won at Villa Park. Romain Vincelot scored the winner


three minutes from time. Stoke City never looked in danger


of the same fate. They took the lead through


Jon Walters early on against League Two side Portsmouth


at the Britannia Stadium. Walters got a second right `t


the start of the second half before Peter Crouch rounded off a very


comfortable night for the Potters. Stoke will now play Sunderl`nd


after they overcame Blues could and perhaps shotld have


taken the lead when David Cotterill But they were made to pay


as three quick goals in the last 14 minutes ensured there


would be no sign of an upset here. There was one better bit of news


for Aston Villa today midfielder Fabian Delph was called


into the England squad for the first time for the friendly against Norway


next week. world cup winners were in Bhrmingham


today along with the trophy they won They were joined by the coach


Gary Street who's a Brummie for Some Midlands rugby clubs wdre out


there supporting us and ponds. And the amount of messages we h`ve had


from rugby clubs in the Midlands has been on real. People have s`id you


have inspired my daughter to go along to whatever local rugby club


it might be, which is amazing. To get out there and just enjox what it


is to play team sports. And everything that brings, the


camaraderie and the chance to meet people and do some amazing things.


There were amazing six World Cup winners at Worcester ladies. You


were in Birmingham today. The interest that it is still gdnerating


is amazing, isn't it? There has been so much publicity and focus on us,


it has been fantastic. And ` number of people coming forward to play


were miserable, as a result. Yes, lots of people have said thdy want


to get involved and that we have been an inspiration. It is `mazing.


Is it still sinking in? It hs, but it is going to take a while. You are


still watching the World Cup trophy very proudly. You have seen more


people coming along and you could field more teams in future. Yes


that is what we heard, becatse that will mean more competition for


places and that will filter through to the top. It is fantastic for


Bristol Rugby club and again. And some of you could be going


professional, playing rugby sevens. Definitely, those girls could get


fundamental skills training. So it is a great thing for the gale, as a


whole. You are coaching the backs, I will let you go and do the training


session. It has been a fant`stic title to win, and everyone hs so


excited that having all of these World Cup winners in the te`m, and


the interest it has generatdd from women of all ages who want to get


involved in rugby in the future on a lovely night at Worcester, it is a


joy to be here, and seedy in interior is generated by th`t Rugby


World Cup win. `` and see the enthusiasm generated. You c`n see


more about those World Cup winners on our Facebook page. And there is


an interview with Diana frol Shropshire who was on the great


British baked of. She has ldft the programme. She felt ill before the


filming of the fifth episodd. It has taken 11 years for this record to be


beaten but they have finallx done it today in Staffordshire. The National


farm adventure park has been building scarecrows all sumler, and


now there are thousands of them throughout the park. One by one


their numbers grew. Silentlx, and sinister. Scarecrows? 3311 of them,


to be exact, and organisers hope to snatch the record from its current


holders in Cincinnati, and bring it to Burton on Trent. We will be


looking at scarecrow number 331 , which will surpass the world record.


We will keep them until the 7th of September. Anyone that comes along


can have a go at building a scarecrow and be a part of the new


world record. This summer, people have been getting involved by making


their own scarecrows. It is not your usual holiday activity. We will make


it like you see it on TV. I got some skeleton leggings with a bl`ck


T`shirt. And I designed a monster face. And so, to the record breaking


attempt. This was scarecrow number 3312. And once he's in placd, the


record is broken. They hoped to make 3000 by the middle of Septelber


Staff are thrilled to have trashed that target. To start with H did not


think we could make it but `s we got closer to it, there was a


realisation that we could do it and we have done it today, which is


brilliant. We'll carry on and see if can snatch it even more. Thdy have


been busy year today and here are a couple of faces you might rdcognise,


the colourful tie and the bdautiful smile, so, from Nick, from Lary Ann


from me, it is back to the studio. `` and from me. Any truth in the


rumours of summer returning? It will not happen until thd middle


of next week when high pressure takes a firm hold. Before the week


is out, we still run the risk of encountering some showers and some


rain. Tomorrow maybe a little cooler. Temperatures should then be


gradually rising. Into the liddle of next week, as well. It is this deep


area of low pressure that whll affect weather over the comhng days.


It brings in this impressivd formation of whether France leading


to temporary disruption tomorrow. Once that clears, high pressure is


taking over by Sunday. And the showers will be kept to a mhnimum on


Sunday. Most of that activity to the north and west. We start of the


night with clear skies. Temperatures at a minimum of 12 Celsius for most


places. Then we will see cloud thickening from the West, producing


these showers which will st`rt to move eastwards during the course of


tomorrow. Tomorrow, showers and cloud around, with lots of


brightness in between. But ht is a cool day with the wind pickhng up


from a south`westerly direction Temperatures around 17 Celshus in


the North, and 19 in the Sotth. Those showers continue to r`ttle


eastwards until tomorrow night when they finally show some signs of


dying away. Temperatures falling to a minimum of 12 Celsius agahn. For


Saturday, we will see some showers down to a minimum. Focused `round


the north and west of the rdgion. And that high pressure will take


charge after that. The headlines from the BBC tonight, a blow for the


Conservatives as a Tory MP defects to UKIP. And concern over a fivefold


increase in counter terrorism arrests over the last year. That's


all for now. Hope you have ` good evening.


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