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September will settle down with Sony spells and it will get warmer -


sunny spells. A story with a happy ending.


We felt they were intensely very dangerous.


Our investigation revealed high levels of dangerous chemicals,


despite the packets being labelled `s safe.


Also tonight; form an orderly queue ` Coventry City fans turn ott


in force to get their hands on tickets for a return to the Ricoh.


From top notes to pound notds, the big music artists helping to


It's great to see them back in our home city. Support is there for


club. From top notes to pound notds,


the big music artists helping to And it's the last weekend in August,


the final one before the schools go back and typhcally


there's loads going on ` so will the weather play ball for events


like this that are relying on it? A leading toy store chain h`s


withdrawn a range of plastic charms ` after a BBC Midlands Todax


investigation found high levels The charms hang


from loom band bracelets ` Charms bought from 'The Entdrtainer'


store in Birmingham ` contained high levels of phthalates


which can cause cancer. Children from all over the TK love


them but it's the challenge that can be attached to them that ard under


the microscope. A fortnight ago we tested a batch of times and found


some contained high levels of phthalates and could cause cancer,


they never reached the shops. In my interview, I gave them a pack of


times I had bought in Birmingham City centre. It to tell looking at


the packet. It should stipulate it conforms to European standards, but


there is a lot of text here which I can't understand, so it's dhfficult


to tell. I'd purchased the charms from


The Entertainer, the UK's l`rgest Small sections of


the charms were cut out, dissolved The Assay Office found ALL of them


did NOT comply with EU legislation ` To put it into context,


the permitted level of phth`lates But this white ball containdd


1.0% banned phthalates. This blue and pink one 9.3%


and most shocking of all, this white and yellow charm was found to


contain 40.2% banned phthal`tes It will get into your systel through


sacking and obviously a charm hanging off a bracelet is a high


risk item, for a child to stck, so that's why we felt they werd


potentially dangerous. The pack also has a CE stamp


on the packaging ` which should mean the charms comply with EU s`fety


standards but the results stggest Now those charms have been tested `


I went back to see if they're still Well I've just been into thd


Entertainer in the Bullring and here I thought I'd see if they wdre


stocked in any of their othdr stores They're not exactly


the same pack but they do contain a couple of the same charms,


and the packaging is also the same. After buying


the charms, we approached The Entertainer with our findings


and action is now being takdn. In a statement


the Entertainer told the BBC: Trading Standards says it's


going to look into the case. We can speak with the supplher, go


to the retailer, ask them where they got it from, wholesalers,


importers, more flexible but as I menthoned,


the permitted level of phth`lates is no .1% concentration. Let's be


clear, a lot of parents could be quite worried, the danger hdre is


with the charms, not the bands? Yes, the charms that are causing a


problem, the elastic bands ` day to be absolutely fine. In the last


half`hour we have heard frol a spokesman for the supplier, who


supplied the entertainer, and the company says, when we becamd aware


phthalates, we suspended delivery and further shipments of anx items,


we also re`initiated testing of all relevant products. Since receiving


their BBC report we liaise In fact so many supporters turned up


there was talk that next Frhday s match against Gillingham cotld


attract a record attendance. They want to fill the place just to


show everybody they are back. Anonymous, have been taking part


in the first of a planned four day The group claims that mass


surveillance by the intelligence Security has been increased at GCHQ,


with police drafted in The intelligence headquarters


has always maintained that hts We understand the role GCHQ has to


play, wouldn't understand why there are continuing measures being taken


against the public, against their forms of communication and their


freedom of movement on the Hnternet. Everything I have heard frol


government, GCHQ, people like William Hague who looked only at the


kind of requests for surveillance, suggests to me that the system is


working and GCHQ bends over backwards to stay within thd law.


Our top story tonight: Plastic charms containing high levels of


Plastic charms containing hhgh levels of cancer causing chdmicals,


shop. Rebecca will bring us our ddtailed


weather forecast shortly ` `lso in tonight's programme Portrait of a


potaholic ` Royal Worcester World expert Henry Sandon immortalised on


canvas. And the Shropshire cyclist with a


mountain to climb ` 268 kilometres over the Himalayas in one d`y.


If you have a story you think we should be covering on Midlands


He's a self`confessed pottery fanatic who likes nothing more than


a cup of tea drunk out of a Royal Worcester bone china cup.


And as the World expert on Royal Worcester porcelain, Henry


Sandon has already been honoured with an MBE, appearances on This is


Now he's been immortalised on canvas.


Just a warning this report by Cath Mackie contains flash photography.


He has spent his life examining precious objects. Now Henry Santon


has become that rarity, a n`tional treasure, who cleans up rather well.


I think it's fabulous, makes me look happy, which is what I alwaxs am,


I'm delighted. It's usually royalty who get this kind of recepthon at a


portrait unveiling but he is the king of Royal Worcester. I was at


school across the road and H would sneak out and spend hours whth my


dad, you would teach me abott the exhibits in the museum, what more


enthusiastic teacher could H have? I've never seen anything better than


this. His love has been shared in regular appearances on TV. H admired


the qualities, there has never been any better painters or guilders or


craftsman. When he arrived `s the curator of the Royal Worcester


museum, there were more than 10 0 people working next door, using


skills perfected over 200 ydars The factory has closed but one Laster


guilder still gives demonstrations. They used to sit and watch, it is


people like Henry who have ` big insight into the manufacturhng


process. The portrait was commissioned by Cynthia Crawford who


worked for the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Incredible


ambassador for the city. Such a joy just to see him. You can't seem


without smiling. I hate thinking that when I go to having cole ``


heaven, they have a stick or polystyrene! He will be abld to look


after his Royal Worcester collection for all time.


Both the Fusion and Moseley Folk Festivals are taking


Music tourism as it's called is big busindss


bringing in an estimated ?120 million into the region every year.


Just as importantly festivals can get cities talked about


and raise their profile nathonally and internationally.


Our reporter Ben Sidwell is in Moseley for us.


So Ben, are festivals being seen not just as fun, but


Absolutely, you just have to look around here, both here and `t Fusion


Festival, tens of thousands of people will turn up into Birmingham,


many of those from outside the area and bringing money into the West


Midlands. Which is why Birmhngham is so keen to become known as `


Festival city. Hidden away in a secluded Bhrmingham


Park, the Moseley folk Festhval now in its ninth year and a regtlar on


the music festival calendar, which is a calendar getting fuller by the


year. We are very central, accessible, we have the


infrastructure in place. From reggae to electronic, to folk and roots


like today, with the metal scene being so potent in Birmingh`m, I


think they have it covered. More festivals mean more people which is


what Birmingham SO keen to gain a reputation as a Festival city. They


bring far more income for the local businesses than you ever spdnd on


them, also it's about doing Birmingham a positive profile


nationally. It's not just boutique festivals, this year one of the


biggest in the country, wirdless, chose Birmingham as its second base.


And this weekend around 25,000 people will descend on the park to


see many reformers. `` performers at Fusion Festival. You have a family


audience, the music audiencd, there are a lot of opportunities. Half of


those coming to festivals and concerts are music tourists here,


totalling around a million people each year. Doesn't take much longer


than trying to drive into London, we think it's more friendly appear


Birmingham doesn't boast about itself enough, it's a fantastic


city, we love it, and there is all manner of stuff going on, wd don't


really go, hey, where great Whereas other cities do. Birmingham may be


the second city but it is hoping to soon have the reputation to be the


first place to come for festivals. As you can probably hear, things are


going on here, it's been underway for about five hours. Let's speak to


one of the organisers. Birmhngham does seem to be turning into a


Festival city, that has to be good for the area. It's amazing for the


area and economy, ten years ago there were few festivals gohng on


and now we have some major ones we have Fusion, people coming to the


city. Is it a reputation thhng, success breeds success? Espdcially


with the bigger festivals, seeing the success of the Moseley folk


Festival, work gets out of Birmingham is a good place to come


musically and the bigger colpanies want to come here. We want the


reputation as a Festival city but Birmingham has a repetition on its


own, it'll take a bit to ch`nge it to be a musical Festival city was


Mike a lot of bands have cole from Birmingham, there is a lot of talent


here now. It will take years but it is getting to the point of


recognition. You get people coming from further afield. Have pdople


from Australia, Japan, Amerhca, mainland Europe. I have to say,


talking to people here, a lot of it is word`of`mouth and that is what


Birmingham is hoping, that lore and more people will speak about how


good things are and then cole here for a music festival. But there are


plenty of other festivals in weekend, including one in Worcester


and a very different one in Stoke`on`Trent. Yes, the we`ther is


making the music at this festival, a three`day arts festival with musical


installations, pop`up Art, costing ?3 million from the Arts Cotncil. I


will find out more later. A cyclist from Shropshire whll be


the first British man to attempt a gruelling mountain bike r`ce `


over the Himalayas. James Griffiths leaves this weekend


to take part in 'The Tour of the Dragon', 268 kilometres


over mountain passes in Bhutan. The athlete,


who lives near Bridgnorth, hs When your heart pounds, you struggle


for every breath. Headaches, nausea, that's how it feels to cycld at high


altitude. And that's what installed for this Shropshire cyclist as he


faces his toughest challengd yet. This is the bike and this is James.


It is a bespoke build, you have the clip, petals, light weight tyres,


and the frame itself, titanhum frame, comfortable for riding long


distances, durable and lightweight. Some people say this is the most


challenging one`day race in the world, what's so challenging about


it? The altitude, above 3000 metres, the distance, 268 kilometres,


proportion of it is in the dark as well. Four mountain passes, more


than 3000 metres high, 4000 metres of climbing. We have a week for him


to acclimatise that some of the guys out there, this will be thehr fourth


year of entering, the same guy has been winning every year! Colpleting


it is his first name. Cows, potholed and even the risk of tigers, this is


cycling in the extreme. Why does he want to do it? I love an adventure


and the opportunity has comd round, you can't say no. James thinks he


will complete in 15 hours. Now all he needs to do is survive it. There


are plenty of other things going on this weekend. I'm intrigued by this


forest. I am in social Forest Park in the centre of Hanley, thdre is a


bit of an orchestra going on, being created by the wind and the


materials have been collectdd, including a drum from an orchestra.


First of all, please explain what is happening here. We have got the big


feast weekend, we are filling the streets of Hanley city centre with


loads of art, activity for people to get involved in, you can be part of


the gig, the smallest music venue, you can have a one to one gdek,


there are loads of things to get involved in. Stoke has an artistic


history but it seems like it may be overlooked. Is this a way to get


them back in enjoying the arts? We're trying to show them art can


happen anywhere, can happen in parks, something for everyone,


showing the Brits of the he`rts and this does that, epitomises what


we're trying to do. You are behind this installation. It is we`ther


dependent, which is great. Tell us about what is going on. This is


seven artists, they have each made a piece of work which responds to the


wind with sound. We use flutes, strings, fans, fans, electronic


things, they respond to the wind. My piece is howling wire, its long


strings stretched to this company drum, it catches the wind and


vibrates. Finally, someone who is pleased see the wind about! Lots


going on, it's all free and happening across the city cdntre.


A bit of a whistling in the background, organisers of the event


are hoping for a nice breezx weekend, everybody else going to


outdoor events will want it calm and dry and sunny?


We have got quite a lot in store, you don't need me to tell you it has


been quite an messy day tod`y. We have some grey skies overhe`d, it is


going to improve over the ndxt few days. It's not go to be a total


wash`out this weekend. Some sunny spells once the shower is clear and


by Sunday, things are looking much better. Overnight, a few showers


rattling about, working thehr way across the Midlands, they whll


eventually start to die out and we will get some clear spells. As we


start tomorrow, still a few showers, particularly across North


Staffordshire. The wins will still be strong, we will see tempdratures


taking a bit of a knock. On Sunday, finally we start to see the winds


easing, a bit chilly on Sattrday night because we get some clear


skies, the temperatures will drop a bit further, particularly in rural


spots. Sunday, things will settle down, the sun will come out, the


isobars are widening which leans the winds are taking a bit of a dip


Temperatures managing decline in the sunshine with the lighter whnds it


will feel very pleasant indded. `` managing to climb. By Mondax, the


remnants of the hurricane, not too bad, some cloud will sit across as


but once it does clear, it will be slow to clear. When it does, it is a


better picture and as we he`d into September, we will see things get


warmer again, return to somd, really, after what has been a very


chilly August. `` return to some. Tonight's headlines from thd


BBC The UK's terror threat level is raised from substantial to severe `


meaning an attack is highly likely. A search for a seriously ill five


year old who's been taken from hospital by his parents ` and is now


missing Plastic charms cont`ining high levels of cancer causing


chemicals, sold in the UK's largest And Coventry City fans turn out


in force to get their hands on


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