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degrees. Thursday, more of the same. Is that is all from us. Now


There are people who are coling together to try


We'll ask what impact the fallout from the Trojan Horse


plot is likely to have on pupils returning to school.


Treating blood poisoning must be a priority ` the message to all


hospitals following the death of a fit 37`year`old man.


For people who can make things happen in health care,


it's stamps down that sepsis is a clinical priority for the NHS


Offering practical support to ex`military `


the Royal British Legion opdns a new centre in Birmingham.


A great day out at Edgbaston ` for Indian cricket fans at least,


as they wrap up the one`day series against Dngland.


And as we saw this afternoon, a little sunshine this week is all


that's needed to boost the temperatures to the sorts


MPs have been told how a violent, extremist film promoting jihad was


shown to pupils at a Birmingham state school.


The Commons Education Committee today heard evidence about `n


alleged plot to promote a h`rdline Islamic agenda in city schools.


The allegations first came to light back in March through


the anonymous letter ` the so`called Trojan Horse Plot


Then, in June, Ofsted revealed it had carried out inspections at 1


Now, this week, six of those schools start the new


In front of MPs today, two key figures in the Troj`n Horse


Peter Clarke led the government investigation, Ian


It was a chance for the polhticians to pick through the details and one


Violent extremism. Let us bd clear, it was shown in one classroom at one


moment. It should be stopped. They also wanted to know why MPs have


been slow to act when the Trojan Horse allegations had been known


about for some time. One MP suggested it was a fear of losing


Muslim votes, but a senior councillor said they have to act


sensitively. When you are operating in an environment such as Bhrmingham


with many communities living side`by`side, you have to bd aware


of things that may cause cohesion issues. We are a city that has had


social tensions before, we had race riots in the not too recent past. We


must be aware of how these things play out.


There were also questions about the appointment of Peter Cl`rke to


author the report ` at the time the Chief Constable of West Midlands


Police Chris Simms criticisdd the decision with Clarke being ` former


head of counter`terrorism and perhaps sending out


But today Mr Clarke defended his appointment.


Much of my police career me`nt working in diverse communithes in


senior positions in the inndr city. In acne, in Tower Hamlets, hn


Wandsworth. And I was the dhvisional commander at Brixton. Inevitably, I


also works with schools. Be likely to be more voluntary questions, but


for now, those at the centrd of the investigation are getting rdady for


a new school year. Parkview Academy is one of the 21 schools


investigated. The teachers `re back today ahead of a full return


tomorrow. Nobody wanted to speak on camera but I did speak to a member


of the school's governing trust and she said they were very opthmistic


about the future and looking forward to the start of the new terl.


Joining me now is Dr Chris @llen, who's a lecturer in social policy


Staff, pupils and parents whll be keen to put Trojan Horse behind


I think it is unfortunate that the education select committee was on


the Thursday school. I think that has thrown the lens of scrutiny back


on them and that is unfortunate One thing we must be concerned `bout is


that there is this kind of whiff of there is no smoke without fhre. The


perspective of today is that we know there is no plot... Was no plot


there has been very little hn terms of evidence of extremism in schools.


It is good news in one part, but very difficult for the parents, the


staff and students to read themselves


them, that will stick with them People may say to them were you not


at an extremist school and that could have a detrimental impact


What about the impact on the wider Muslim community `


When we look at Birmingham, it is hugely diverse and really vhbrant in


terms of its diversity. One of the problems we have is that colmunities


will increase a live feel lhke they suspect and constantly lookdd at


through these frames of extremism and radicalisation. This coles hot


on the heels of the city. This can send out a tdrrible


message to young people particularly,


fantastic, he would have bedn over the moon. So I was there with my son


and it was absolutely wonderful and I did have a little cry.


The death of a fit 37`year`old father of two not only had


The Government will pay half the cost of long`term vaccination


projects but some are warning the badger vaccine hasn't bden


All of the vaccinated badgers that were subsequently challenged, in


other words, infected with TB, eventually all went down with


disease. So that the only thing that that's right but that the


vaccination can possibly do is slow down the rate of infection hn


barges. The Royal British Legion has opened


a new centre in Birmingham, offering practical support to former


military personnel. It's one of 16 across


the country and represents the biggest change to the work done by


the charity in its 93`year history. Amy Cole has been to meet


an ex`soldier who lost both his legs in Afghanistan, who's been


receiving help from the leghon. Thousands of British troops have


suffered life`changing injuries Rebuilding their lives can be


a battle in itself. Clive Smith from Birmingham lost


both his legs after stepping on an improvised explosive device


back in October 2010. it went off and I did not think any


more of it, I was on the radio and I was saying who has been injtred


What happened? And the dust settled and I went to stand up and walk away


and they instantly fell over and thought, well, a bit strangd. I must


have done something to like hearing or my balance.


His recovery is an ongoing process, one that's aided by Britain's


The loyal British region saxs most people associate the charitx with


the annual Poppy Appeal. But it is much more than that, they s`y. It is


undergoing a major shake`up, coming out of the shadows and onto the


British high street so that people can access these services more


easily and veterans can get the help that they need.


This centre in Birmingham Hhgh Street is one of 16 that ard to


Do you think that a passing veteran who sees this place will be more


inclined to go in because it is on the high street? absolutely. Before


we opened we have people knocking on the door asking us when we were


going to open as her husband was about to be discharged and had


nowhere to go for help. We can take people in or sign those than to the


right services. At the launch today, Clive tells me


how much the Legion has helped him. They have been brilliant. I have


used their current centre a few times for the sporting side and that


has helped me over, the challengers that I have faced so far.


While Clive continues his rdcovery, yesterday the names


of 17 armed forces personnel who died while on active duty l`st year


were added to the National Lemorial in Staffordshire.


The charity says it's the new generation war veterans


and their families that it's also keen to reach out to.


The renowned fertility expert and broadcaster


Professor Robert Winston received an honorary degree from Birlingham


In the early 1990s, he improved IVF techniques.


At today's ceremony he met a graduating student` who is one


of the first people born in the West Midlands as a rdsult


Our Science Correspondent D`vid Gregory`Kumar was there.


His report contains flash photography.


And everywhere lots of stories to tell.


The man getting an honorary degree from BCU is


a key pioneer in IVF that hdlped this young law graduate's p`rents


It is a strange sensation. Ht is quite a nice feeling to be `ble to


say thank you, really. It is important for young people to


understand that people like me are not famous for any real reason, we


are only lucky and works in collaboration with others.


And after her graduation, perhaps eventually a legal career


It is important that people deserve access to those services should get


it. And I would love to be hnvolved in participation for IVF.


Because even today, Professor Winston says today there ard still


It is a terrible situation. I'm embarrassed by the fact that last


year there was around 45,000 people treated by IVF who needed it, that


is properly ten times that number in Britain who would really benefit


from it. That wacko there are probably. One day perhaps one of


these young people may achidve something amazing and return here to


be recognised with a own honorary degree.


Including of course, the young generation born


as a result of Professor Winston's ground breaking IVF research.


MPs hear how a violent extrdmist film promoting Jihad was shown to


Your detailed weather forecast to come shortly.


The final is nine months aw`y, but Bromsgrove Sporting start


And seven decades of artwork ` the photographs documenting changes


Indian cricket fans have packed out Edgbaston today, as their shde


wrapped up the one`day serids with a resounding victory over England.


Our reporter Dan Pallett is there right now ` Dan a great occ`sion,


the bulk of the crowd have long since gone home because the real


India meet the real that I could beat the real England by nine


wickets. For officials here, they were just pleased to see a full


house. Are we going to have an Indhan


summer? Fans


of India's cricket team filled the And they were bullish they could


continue to dominate England Because we are not so great


in the test. Mentally,


we're well`prepared for the 20` 0, We are better at one`dayers `


England are better at Test latches. This is our time to shine,


simple as that. The Indian players were also


jubilant before the game. Unlike Warwickshire's Ian Bdll, who


was withdrawn with a fractured toe. And the England batsmen who did make


it to the crease didn't hang They were soon 23 for three


and facing another humiliathon. He showed attacking intent


from the start. And in no time he was heading


for his 50. But this was a rare bright spot


for England. Warwickshire's Chris Woakes was


run out soon after and Engl`nd Shikar Darwan went left,


then right and flicked the ball away He finished the innings with


a six as India won by nine wickets And there's no end in sight


for followers of England. India are back at Edgbaston


on Sunday for a T20 game. Who would bet against Warwickshire's


home ground being home to ftrther Plenty more to injure or enjoy,


depending on your viewpoint. Believe it or not, the FA Ctp


is already up and running. And this evening, several of the


Midlands' smallest non`leagte clubs are taking their first tent`tive


steps along the road to Wembley Ian winter has been to visit one


of them in Worcestershire. Blue skies over


Bromsgrove this morning. The FA Cup final may be next May,


but it's here at the Victoria Ground that


the world's oldest cup compdtition The old club, Bromsgrove Rovers


was formed in 1885. And that's when a new club,


Bromsgrove Sporting, rose from the ashes,


thanks to countless hours of hard graft and fundraising by dedicated


supporters like John Prescott. It costs ?8,000 a month to rent


the ground of Bromsgrove Cotncil. And that's why


a money spinning run in the FA Cup we need the revenue. Who knows,


tonight is the biggest game in the's history full that wacko so


far. It will be our biggest game. Weeks. It is a long road for


others, wonder we enjoyed. Hf you're winning games, the revenue hs


important and we hope to take another step this evening. we will


have a few hundred people hdre tonight. It is absolutely f`ntastic,


and we will get behind Bromsgrove. Today he came down the Bromsgrove


Tunnel Carrington I's kits. All the players gets no more than ?00 in


petrol expenses. The fabulots wealth of the Premier League seems even


further away than the FA Cup final itself. You mentioned the bhg books


there in the Premier League different story in the transfer


window which closed at 11pm last night. Some very late movers and


Shakers those? Extremely late for Aston Villa. There'll still wasn't


was fought on Cleveleys. Thdre was was fought on Cleveleys. Thdre was


talk of whether Villa would buy him permanently, but they have taken him


on loan for the season with an option for him to go back to Man


United in January. They havd aimed for the time being. Stoke Chty, they


have been busy late last night. Their scorers scored five thmes in


25 appearances and they havd paid ?1 million to get him from Livdrpool.


But as you said, ?1 million to borrow one player for a season,


Bromsgrove Sporting a ?10 pdtrol expenses!


The work of a Birmingham photographer,


whose art spans seven decadds is to be the focus of a new exhibhtion.


Artist Vanley Burke has been documenting African Caribbe`n


His work will be on show at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham next xear


Nicola Beckford went to his flat to find out more.


A photograph, ascent, these ornaments. Items representing


Afro`Caribbean life from thd 19 0s until the present. Birmingh`m


photographer Vanley Burke h`s exhibited widely from the T`te


Gallery to New York City and Mali. Now the plans to relocate hhs vast


collection from his flat here to an art gallery in the city. Thhs is one


of many which started in thd front room of my Jamaican family. Born in


Jamaica in 1951, Vanley Burke is an avid collector. His work document


the UK's evolving cultural landscape. I quite and saw this man


preaching in the street. I took a few photos of him. On this side we


have a member of steel pulsd, the burning reggae band. the entire


contents of his flat will bd emptied and taken to the Ikon Gallery, so


everything you see here everything in the kitchen, from the kettles of


the pots and pans, will havd to go. It is significant exhibition. Vanley


Burke is an important artist. He has been shown many times in Birmingham.


I've been impressed by his flat it is a cabinet of curiosities. It


always struck me as something really exciting going on behind thd scenes.


And wouldn't it be a good idea to let other people have a chance to


see what it was that Vanley Burke had at home. The gallery hopes to


raise ?70,000 to fund the exhibition through crowd funding. In rdturn for


donations, supporters will receive gifts such as limited`edition


artwork or we were designed by the artist. At home with Vanley Burke,


will take place next summer. Can we squeeze a few more drops


of sun out of the late summdr? Thank you Mary. Today was jtst an


example of what is achievable if the sun breaks through. Temperatures


only reached highs of 20 across most of the region but it was not quite


as warm as it will be tomorrow. It is a combination of that and the


amount of some week that will influence the values. So if it is


cloudy we will manage high teens but if the sun breaks through, then the


temperatures will shoot up to 2 Celsius. As far as anything else,


high pressure is dominating at the moment and what that is doing is


drawing the winds from an e`sterly direction and we have some cloud


across the North Sea and th`t is also responsible for bringing that


cloud into eastern parts of the region and the country. Howdver the


threat of rain will come on Sunday if at all as the area of low


pressure moves from the south`west drinking and accompanying a weather


system. Other than that, it keeps dry. For the time being we `re


looking a pleasant evening sunshine to round off the day. Gradu`lly the


cloud is starting to drift hn from the east along those light winds.


That will start to dig into other parts of the region and with that


cloud right across us, tempdratures tonight will drop down to slightly


higher values than last night to around 14 Celsius, that macro quite


warm. Mr Ness and Merck to wake up to tomorrow and quite cloudx


initially. But today, the stnshine will burn through for the afternoon


so you will see the cloud breaking up and some decent spells of


sunshine through the middle part of the day and the latter part of the


day and that should take temperatures, hopefully, to around


20 or 23 Celsius across the south`west of the region. That is


coupled with some gentle sotth easterly breezes. Into the night


tomorrow, again, we will sed the cloud filling in from the e`st and I


will keep the temperatures hn double figures of around 12 or 13 Celsius


tomorrow night. It is dry, too. If the cloud is thick enough, ht could


set off the odd spot of rain however. This is the next fdw days,


we are grappling with a bit of cloud, but there is a chancd of that


sunshine. If it does, the temperatures will shoot up.


Tonight's headlines. The parents of a seriously ill child are sdt to be


freed from prison in Spain `fter the case against them is dropped. MPs


here have found extremist fhlm that was shown to pupils at a Birmingham


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