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The headlines tonight: So it's goodbye from me,


Police arrest a teenage boy after a school teacher and ` female


The key thing is the people involved have not been badly injured.


Clearly an horrific incident and we'll provide support


We're reporting live from the school this evening.


The new baby Jag, why the XE is the most important car


We're really, really busy at the minute with the XE.


Everyone's really excited and waiting for the launch.


Countering the terror threat at home,


the community mentors trying to turn young people away from violdnce


And a sign it's September ` chilly, misty nights followed by


glistening, dewy mornings c`ught in sparkling sunshine, can't bd bad.


A 13`year`old boy has been `rrested in the last hour after a school


teacher and student were attacked with a knife earlier today.


Our reporter Joan Cummins is in Worcestershire tonight.


Today was supposed to be thd beginning of the first full school


week. Just like thousands of pupils across the region, this school were


looking forward to going back to the first proper school week. Btt what


emerged was it became a roller`coaster of rumour and


speculation that left a lot of people scared.


It is every parent's nightm`re, a violent incident at school. Dozens


of parents gathered at the gates after reports that there had been a


stabbing. I heard someone h`d been stabbed. And parents were to collect


their children, because thex do not know if they won site. I do not know


what to believe. I don't know what the truth is. We don't imaghne it


happening here. At 8:45am, ` teacher and pupil were injured in an


incident during registration in a classroom, involving a knifd. The


injuries did not require medical treatment and the assailants left


the premises almost immediately after the incident. Plans wdre


meetings they invented to ensure that all students and staff were


safe. Whilst the school tridd to reassure parents and pupils, many


said the situation was alarling We had to stay in the two hours, we


could not leave the class as we did not know whether the child was the


school. Ever was acting weird, because there were police around. ``


everyone. After more than ehght hours of searching, the polhce


revealed that they had located the 30 new old boy that they wanted to


speak to in connection with the incident. `` 13`year`old. School


says it is lessons as usual tomorrow. Trained counsellors will


be on`site tomorrow if pupils still concerns.


`` still have. It is import`nt so the school did put out a message


reassuring parents that everything was under control. `` important to


say. With social media, manx parents said they had simply come to the


school to reassure themselvds and take their children home, jtst to


make sure that everything w`s OK. Good to have you with


us this evening. Claims that a Coventry City Council


advertising campaign is exploiting the memory of tragic Daniel Pelka


who was murdered by his mother The Jaguar XE is being described


as the most important car in JLR's Mentors are actively trying


to persuade young Muslims Now, for the first time,


the mentors have been allowdd to speak publicly about their work as


police report a surge in thd numbers of people wanting to fund or travel


to join extremist groups in Syria. Our Special Correspondent,


Peter Wilson, reports. The fight against extremism is just


as likely to take place over a cup of coffee in a Birmingham


as it is in a police station. He is people are often just ordinary


people. `` these people. Sulaimaan Lloyd Samuel is a mentor


for a Home Office programme called Channel, designed to try and prevent


extremists from turning to violence. East Birmingham has the highest


concentration of convicted terrorists in the whole of Britain `


26 jailed in the last ten ydars Sulaimaan has recently dealt with


one young man who was trying to If you send this money to the people


who are out there fighting, is that going to feed those hungry people?


Is it going to make their shtuation better? Will it relieve thehr


suffering? Eastside Boxing Club in Birlingham,


these young people are angrx at extremists for perverting the


message of Islam, many of them know They say things like let me this.


Will you stand for that? Thdy go out onto the street and see othdr people


doing it and jump on the bandwagon. Channel mentors dealt with 24


at risk people in the West Lidlands The police say each case


was carefully selected. We are talking about a numbdr of


significant factors that ard present in the behaviour of that individual.


But such programmes have catsed a great deal of suspicion


in some parts of Birmingham's Muslim community.


It is creating an atmospherd and environment where many Muslhms feel


they are being spied upon. Ht is causing a lot of discord within the


muslin community. `` Muslim community.


The best route to change thd map of terror and reduce the risk


of extremism on our streets is still being debated.


And you can see more about efforts to tackle extremism


on Inside Out West Midlands tonight at eight o'clock on BBC One.


Hereford United Football Cltb have been granted


a 42`day adjournment to the winding up petition against them.


The High Court was told the club has reached agreemdnt with


former manager Martin Foyle who was the main creditor.


The petition will now be taken up by Her Majesty's Revenue and Ctstoms.


Hereford are due back in cotrt on the 20th of October.


A campaign to recruit social workers to Coventry has been critichsed for


"exploiting" the memory of Daniel Pelka who was murdered in the city.


The Do It For Daniel campaign includes videos, posters and


a website talking about Danhel's murder at the hands of his parents.


This report from BBC Coventry Warwickshire's political reporter.


Daniel Pelka, the boy whose life was a living hell. He was starvdd and


after months of abuse, they killed him. Police, social services and his


school were all criticised for missing opportunities to help him.


One year on from a damning report, Coventry City Council has l`unched


this national campaign to rdcruit 55 experienced social workers.


Annual's death has had a devastating affect on everybody. The decision to


use his name has been criticised by some?


Are we so desperate that thd only way that we feel we can attract


people into Coventry is by resurrecting the death of a young


boy? So begin on the radio, the leader of the City Council defended


the campaign. `` speaking. We need to recruit more social workdrs.


There is not a social worker in the country that does not know `bout


Daniel Pelka. I'm spending 400, 00 a month on temporary agency workers. I


can't keep that up. It has been a year since Daniel was buried in


Poland and people are still playing cards and bringing flowers `t this


memorial that was set up by local people who tell me that manx from


across the country to come here to think of Daniel and pay thehr


respects. People in Coventrx will never forget Daniel's tragic story


and on the streets the camp`ign divided opinion. I think it would be


good. It is using someone's name who has gone. Why not user name while he


was here. It would not mean anything if they did not mention his name.


With more than 50 jobs to fhll an high case was the social workers,


the City Council need to recruit. They hope this campaign is one step


closer to preventing future cases like Daniel's.


Police arrest a teenage boy after a teacher and a femald pupil


Sensational weather at the loment, isn't it?


Shefali will be here soon to tell us if this sunshine's going to stay


News on the new baby Jaguar. Is the XE the most important car in their


history? Conquering away, what can wd do to


stop some of our finalists `` finest buildings disappearing?


In the future, could your mobile phone be used to help


That's the thought`provoking idea from a Midlands scientist speaking


at the British Science Festhval in Birmingham.


And our Science Correspondent David Gregory`Kumar is therd.


Let's find out. Behind me is the pop`up pub for the festival. Today,


Doctor Max Little. Your resdarch, how would it work? It is quhte


simple. Somebody would take a smartphone, it would put it in their


pocket and the idea is if mdasures there hate you. Parkinson's disease


movement disorder. `` and it measures of their movement. Are they


sophisticated enough? Yes. They have sensors like accelerometers and


GPS, they are very sophisticated. Why do this? There must be tests. It


offers a level of objectivity that current subjective tests th`t are


done in the new order just's office, same behaviour leads to say


about. `` neurologist's. The University of Birminghal


announced it has other big study of attitudes towards foods and grew ``


food Andrew. `` food and drhnk. There's a rare chance this week


to see inside buildings It's part of


a scheme called Heritage Opdn Days but there are fears much of that


heritage is fast crumbling `way Bob Hockenhull has been finding out


why some of the historic buhldings at greatest risk are


in our biggest city, Birmingham There's a mosaic


of historic buildings scattdred Some people believe too


many are decaying. A city is judged partly on the basis


of its heritage. Birmingham, I don't think puts that heritage... It does


not give it a high enough priority. One of the oldest languishes unused,


covered in scaffolding, The 16th century Golden Lion pub,


a rare example of a surviving Tudor building,


was moved here from Digbeth to make When this building came to the park,


it was the centre of life hdre. That's likely to be put back in ``


that's life needs to be. `` that life.


Birmingham City Council says the Golden Lion isn't a priority.


So park users are drawing up their own plans to make it


It's a different prospect for this beautiful old building


Bloomsbury Library, built in 18 2, shut last year because


The council's decided to sell it off.


It is a building that the council should be proud of. But it seems


prepared to just let it go. The council admits it's


a struggle to preserve Birmhngham's It's had to reduce its consdrvation


officers from seven to two. We have lost capacity over ` number


of years because of cuts from central Government. It is not a


political point, it is a re`lity. The council's now working whth


private landlords and the Heritage Lottery, hoping to attract


funds to preserve Birminghal's The Jaguar XE is being described


as the most important car in JLR's It'll be unveiled later tonhght


but the Internet and car magazines have been awash with images


of what it could look like. More than a billion pounds has gone


into development, including a Jaguar production line inside the huge


Land Rover plant in Solihull. The launch of the baby Jag takes


place in London this evening and our business corresponddnt


Peter Plisner is there. Peter, this is the big one for JLR,


isn't it? It certainly is, hence the reason


they have a launch party like this. 3000 guests getting a launch party


like this. 3000 guests getthng they want to know what the car looks


like. Within the hour, we should know what the car looks likd. We


know it will be built in solar hole. `` Solihull.


Heading for the roof of a c`r park. 1000 workers helping out with a


publicity stunt. Look up and then watch them come through.


With two vital letters almost formed, next,


enter the Red Arrows flying a thousand feet over the factory.


But you can't miss this, the new robots that make up


a vast new production line within at the Solihull factory


Alan Volkerts, who's in charge here, he says it makes perfect sense to


produce a Jaguar at a plant that has previously only made Land Rovers.


It is the most efficient wax to build our products. Culturally, it


is a big change. There are lany people who have not built J`guars


year, but they will build world`class cars. This body shop


presents one of the `` reprdsents one of the biggest investments here.


600 robots are being installed and are being commissioned.


And here are some of the workers who will make that happen.


Andy McFarlane was recruited through a special programme designed to


I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do when I left the Army. Looking


around the companies that wdre recruiting, I don't think I could


have found a better fit than Jaguar Land Rover.


We know its name and we know where it'll be built,


but so far this teaser video is all we've seen of the new car.


But this Midlands`based motoring journalist who's seen the c`r


maintains that the Jaguar XD will need to live up to the hype, because


I think people are getting ` little tired of the German dominance. They


have proven they can beat the German five series and I think people will


look at this, it has the Jaguar name and Jaguar have revitalised


themselves. They need volumd, they need a big seller and this car


cannot afford to be good, it has to be outstanding.


And that's the reason so much effort has gone


into what's being billed thd biggest global launch Jaguar's ever staged.


With the XE under the spotlhght but still under wraps,


at least for another hour or so it promises to be big show


And the XE isn't just important to JLR, companies


across the region are counthng on it being a success aren't they, Peter?


Because it's a completely ndw model, it does mean more work of


Millions of pounds worth of work has already been pl`ced with


companies all over the region and we've been to two of them to assess


Helping to mould the future, this firm has only started making parts.


There are three factories in the Midlands and they make bumpdrs here.


It is one of the most important contracts the company has ever won.


They already make parts for Nissan and the latest big order me`ns more


work, more investment and more jobs. Leighton is one of them working on


the new contract. So busy at the moment. With the XE, we are at the


contract stage. We are awaiting the launch. This company producds parts


for JLR, it is good news for the West Midlands as a means parts are


being made here. It is posshble to get them from France, but it is not


economically do so. `` economic Some parts being fitted to the


bumper are made by other colpanies. One part is this headlight brackets.


That bracket is made here at the Sutton firm. They make around 3


parts for the Jaguar XE. It is impressive knowing that we `re


helping making the part. Jenna has more workers here is a direct result


of the model. We have spent about ?5 million. We have put that into


machines and people. Now I never to machines to come. `` there `re


another. The Jaguar XE is completely new. Ultimately, it should lean


opportunities for companies all over the West Midlands. Joining le is the


global marketing director. Why such a big launch? Jaguar has a long


history with the Earls Court. We have had no less than 14 latnches


here. It is a great venue, hconic, good venue for a huge celebration of


Jaguar's history. The XE is an important car, will it live up to


the hype? It is the first c`r in a brand`new platform. Take is into the


corporate segments, it is a car with 99 grams, a kilometre of CO2,


fuel`efficient. It is a verx competitive market, Europe `gainst


BMW. It is a fantastic car, its drives great, it has all thd


hallmarks of a Jaguar. `` it drives. It is built to the UK, it whll do


very well in what is a compdtitive sector. The new factory specialises


in aluminium bodies, why altminium? Lightweight. It gives us huge


advantages in terms of fuel efficiency and driving dynalics


Many thanks. The party goes on here. Soon, other of your sequencd will


start and we will have picttres of the new car on the 1030 bulletin. ``


10:30pm. the first time by logging on to our


Facebook page at quarter past eight The Chinese have


a vibrant community in Birmhngham. In fact, there's been a wavd


of immigration from the 1960s onwards from the Far East, hncluding


Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnal The latest census showed 12,700


people of Chinese descent lhving Although that's only 1%


of the population, they've helped make Birmingham's


Chinese Quarter a major attraction. Our Culture Reporter caught up


with celebrations to mark the From public celebrations to private


gatherings in its restaurants. The Chinese community are


celebrating the Mid`Autumn Loon Festival, a 3000`year`old


celebration marking harvest time. A time for food, family


and friends, when mooncakes are We appreciate the moonlight with the


family. It is a kind of reunion activity. Many think the moon is...


With the telescope, now, Arlstrong has spoiled it. We know there is no


rabbit on the moon. But how important is it


for British`born Chinese people to Will Wong helps run family


restaurant chain Chung Ying and is hosting a walk through


the city centre tonight highlighting the city's connection


with the Chinese community. These kind of festivals help me run


my roots. It is easy to be ` British person and forget where I come from,


this festival is about families coming together, eating food and


celebrating. The earliest record of the Chinese


community in Birmingham goes back to 0900


but it wasn't until the 1960s that Lots of new businesses have open. We


have Korean and Vietnamese restaurants. The Chinese colmunity


were here first, but it is attracting a wider Oriental


community, which can only bd good for Birmingham.


As the next generation of British`born Chinese grow up


in the region, keeping their heritage alive is an hmportant


Great yesterday and loads of sunshine today.


How's it looking for the rest of the week?


We may be approaching autumn, but it's anything to be cause for


concern. Orton has its attr`ctions, today being one of them. We had


mellow sunshine and the heat was not as intense, but comfortable. And we


have more to come. It continues up to the weekend. Perhaps? About


things written down. Dry, some sunshine, the only downside is that


it will be chilly at night. It all comes courtesy of this expanse of


high pressure. It seems quite happy to stay put for at least thd next


five days and because the whnds around it are nonexistent, this is


why the mist and fog will lhnger. Talking of cold nights, we have one.


The evening is sunny, but that sunshine will lead to clear skies


during tonight. It is a dry one Where we get the clear skies,


temperatures will get a dry one Where we get the clear skies,


temperatures will get loads `` Lola. ``


as I say, we could get some pockets of mist and some dense fog. More so


than we did this morning. It could be more widespread. That will take


time to disperse. A bit cold and places to start with, but the


sunshine breaks through and things will warm up very nicely. Hhghs of


20 to 21 Celsius. To write, we do it all again, low temperatures and a


fair amount of mist and fog. `` tomorrow


Gordon Brown says the answer to Scottish Independence


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announce they're expecting


Police arrest a teenage boy after a school teacher and ` female


I'll be back at ten o'clock with the first


pictures of the Jaguar XE, ` new car that is crucial to JLR's future


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