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sledgehammers, at the end of last month ` but the store's owndr says


he's had little support frol the police. Louisa Currie reports. With


their faces masked, they were in and out in just 48 seconds, but for


jewellery store owner John Davis it felt like a lifetime:


Within two minutes it was chaos They were ruining my life in that


short time. Sometimes I still do not believe it.


The four men escaped with an estimated ?30,000 worth of stock `


but it would have been far lore had this customer not intervened.


I cannot explain why I did ht. As the last person left the shop I


lunged at home. to be the most valuable, containing


an estimated ?50,000 worth of stock ` including this ?8,500 dialond


ring. John says he's only released


the CCTV in the hope the gang can be Good to have you with us thhs


here on Midlands Today. On the 30th anniversary


of the groundbreaking discovery of DNA, experts on the vergd


of another stunning developlent Hundreds of people lined


the streets of Worcester today to see the fourth stage of the Tour


of Britain cycle race. The dvent, which includes the former Tour de


France winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins, is thought to have been worth at


least half a million pounds to the local economy. The riders sdt off


from Worcester at 11 o'clock, travelling through Evesham `nd


Broadway before entering Gloucestershire, and finishhng in


Bristol. Here's our Sports reporter Ian Winter. Team Sky is the hottest


team on two wheels. Their attographs were much in demand. Their star


rider is one of the most falous faces in world cycling. And this


morning, Sir Bradley Wiggins was guaranteed the warmest of wdlcomes


in Worcester. How much would it mean to do what he


did last year? That Jura Brhtain is very important. `` the two of


Britain. It is a fantastic place to have a bike race. They were all


desperate for a glimpse of the latest gear and the fastest bikes.


They get to catch up with all the other people. Attracting less


attention. This team are colpeting in their first two of Britahn. What


is the most enjoyable part of this stage? The last 200 metres. The city


waves farewell to the Raiders. Destination Bristol. In the blink of


an eye all 170 cyclists havd famished. `` all 170 cyclists have


gone. Really has the High Street witnessed such a sporting fdast


Fantastic. I did not expect it to be so busy. The atmosphere was some.


Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish Give us a win if you would like to


see this event return soon. couldn't really have gone any


better, Ian? Bradley Wiggins finds himself 2


seconds behind the leader. This has been a huge success. It has been a


fantastic day for Worcestershire. The Tour de France received rave


reviews in Yorkshire. How does this compare? The crowds on the hill


climbs have matched the two advance. People have turned out in


their tens of thousands. Yot always had the confidence to back this


event. Does it raise awarendss of the county? It raises awareness It


is estimated to have raised half ?1 million. We have waited six years


products to come to this region do we have to meet another six years? I


am confident we can celebrate again in three years time. It sounds like


a resounding success. A 13 year old boy has been ordered


to appear before Worcester Crown court to face charges connected to a


knife attack at a school in Malvern. Two people were slightly injured,


including a teacher at Chase School, during an inchdent


on Monday morning. The teenager, who can't be named for


legal reasons, has been rem`nded into a local authority children s


unit until the 18th of Septdmber. The Scottish flag's being flown


by a number of councils across the region in the run up to


the referendum over independence The Saltire can be seen


above the council houses in Stoke, Campaigning stepped up


a gear today as the leaders of all the main parties


in Westminster cleared their diaries And the Leader of Sandwell Council


said he felt it was important to add I want to send a message to the


people of Scotland. We want them to stay in the United Kingdom.


All the latest polling suggdsts the vote will be very tight, but what


impact could the result havd on people here in the Midlands? One


whisky distributor says he's concerned about what a yes vote will


mean for consumers. He spokd to Joanne Writtle, as she gaugdd


reaction from those for and against an independent Scotland.


Scotland is famous for its whisky. It's distributed all over the world,


some of it ending up here, hn Leamington Spa, in the hands of


whisky consultant Matt Swift. As the referendum on Scottish independence


looms, he fears a yes vote could lead to an increase in dutids. Matt


My concerns are the tax and duty implications.


supplies restaurants and bars with top shelf whiskies. But if he's


right about price rises, both he and licensees like Helen Wild mhght


start looking elsewhere for their supplies.


figures there are about 750,000 people born in Scotland livhng south


of the border. That's more than the population of Edinburgh or Glasgow.


And here in picturesque Henley in Arden there's a Scotsman who's keen


to see his homeland go it alone Brian Reilly moved away frol the


west of Scotland 14 years ago. But he's passionate about his roots He


wants independence, and it's a strong talking point among his large


The author generation Arleigh Burke people. The younger generathon are


looking to the future. `` the older generation are Labour peopld. Is it


frustrating that you do not have a vote? Slightly frustrating hn that I


am very interested in the vote. I think it is fair that peopld in


Scotland get the vote. campaigning goes on. And cole


September 18th, voters will decide. But whatever happens Scotland's most


famous export is still likely to be this businessman's favouritd choice.


And there's more about the hmpact the referendum could have in the


Midlands from our Political Editor Hundreds line the streets as Tour


of Britain cyclists speed through As the late summer sunshine


continues, we'll have your detailed Hi, I'm Bob,


join me later on Midlands Today to find out how me and the rest


of my robot friends could one day I will be at the premier of a new


film which features the amazing life of a man from Newcastle.


Forensic scientists at West Midlands Police say they're working on ways


of cutting the time it takes to give officers information taken from DNA


evidence from five days to `round an hour. Today's an important


anniversary ` it's exactly 30 years since DNA profiling was devdloped


here in the Midlands. Our special correspondent Peter Wilson has been


finding out more. At the forensic labs in Birlingham


the West Midlands police te`ms are examining evidence found at dozens


of cime scenes. Looking for finger prints. CCTV. DNA. 30 years on from


the discovery of the crimefhghting tool, advances are still behng made.


We have gone from obtaining a DNA profile from a stain the size of a


Hundreds of high profile murders have been cleared over the last 30


years thanks to DNA profiling. On New Years Eve 1996 17`year`old


Nicola Dixon was murdered in Sutton Coldfield.


Banks to DNA the family werd given justice. `` because of DNA.


to convict Colin Waite ` his DNA profile meant there was 1 in a


billion chance that someone else had carried out the murder. DNA


identifies variations in each human retrieved from hair, saliva and


blood that makes each one of us unique. But the police teams here


The impact would be to bring offenders to justice more swiftly.


DNA has proved people innocent as wdll as


guilty. Giving detectives DNA hits almost from the crime scene could


mean some criminals being arrested red handed.


Work is underway to repair what some historians have described as one of


the finest buildings in the Midlands. Beauchamp Chapel hn


Warwick dates back to the 14th century. It was built to honour a


man who was the richest in the country at the time. In the latest


in our series on crumbling buildings, Bob Hockenhull rdports on


the mission to save an archhtectural masterpiece.


St Mary's Church in Warwick. Within its walls lies one of the greatest


medieval chapels in Europe. When the richest man in the country Richard


Beauchamp died in 1439, he wanted his fortune to be spent on creating


this finery. But now it's all under threat.


300 halls of beheading if I do. `` 300 halls have been identifhed.


badly eroded too. ?1 million has been raised for these repairs. But


another ?1 million is needed to restore the chapel completely. The


problem's been compounded bx shoddy repairs in the past. So where


is the other ?1 million needed for the restoration coming from? Nobody


knows yet. But the town's MP, who worships here, believes it would be


disastrous if Beauchamp Chapel was allowed to crumble.


This Church symbolises the history of Warwick. The battles and the


intrigues. In a sense it represents vanity


Richard Beauchamp donated hhs vast buy his way into heaven. In doing so


he's left the church with both a The best artists of the timd puts


their work into the chapel. to preserve all this beauty is


available. Now all that's ndeded is Not many of us can claim to


have had a life that's exciting But Neil Baldwin


from Newcastle`under`Lyme c`n ` and the premiere of Marvellous,


based on his life, is taking place You might know him better


as "Nello". He's 68


and he's been a familiar figure Our reporter Elizabeth Glinka is


at the red carpet launch Yes they have. Tonight 's event is


about the film Marvellous, which will be broadcast on BBC Two later


in the year. He has been a fixture on this university campus for many


years. But he has never been a student here. He counts celdbrities


amongst his friends. Prince Edward, Prince Charles. As a shy tednager he


began visiting the campus. If he says he knows somebodx, he


more than likely has. Assessed as having special needs as a child his


story reached the national press in 2010. Marvellous recounts m`ny of


the surprising events in his life. How do you do it? How do yot stay


positive? I always wanted to be happy, so I decided to be. He also


has a passion for music. Frhends from the local choir also fdature in


the film. I felt that I had achieved something. I am very excited. I


joined by the star of the fhlm and also by the director. What did you


make of the script when you first read it? I could believe it. I could


not believe it was set in and around the Stoke City. I have been a


lifelong Stoke City supportdr. The script works because it is


quintessentially revealed. The events that happened are marvellous,


but they are not incredible. What was it like being watched bx Henman?


`` by him. He was like a Gu`rdian angel to the set. Is there ` message


to this film? It is an optilistic message. You can make things happen.


If you expect people to say yes they generally do. The premher will


get under way shortly. The rest of us can see it on September the 5th.


There's been a big focus on robots today ` however wdird `


at the 175th British Sciencd Festival in Birmingham.


The festival first visited the city way back in 1839 and everyone from


Charles Darwin to Professor Brian Cox has taken part over the years.


All the talk today has been on ways robots might one dax make


their way into our workplacd and even the classroom.


Here's our Science Correspondent David Gregory`Kumar.


But are they ready to gradu`te from the lab and enter the workplace


Robots on a production line are often inside a safety cage.


Researchers now based on having them interact with us.


Stevie the geography teaching robot will be on trial in Mhdlands


Children enjoy robots. Robots are an additional tool. An additional tool


Bob the security robot has `lready been spotted patrolling


And even if you won't see the robots themselves


in an office or school near you you may well find the technologx they


A car has been launched that recognises road signs. For ` moment


your car is becoming autonolous There are lots of little thhngs in


There's more good news for fans of Coventry City football club.


Just days after their return to the Ricoh Arena the club has


announced that manager Stevdn Pressley has signed a new contract.


The Scot has agreed a four year deal.


Pressley had been linked with a number


Another manager staying in the Midlands is


He's turned down an approach by Championship side Blackpool.


It is the West that will be the best for the sunshine and the East less


so. We are seeing pleasant sunshine even in the East of the reghon. The


sunshine is turning easy through the day. With high pressure across the


rest of the week it will be dry More of this very pleasant dry


weather to come. Clear skies being taken over by Chloe dear onds. ``


being taken over by cloudy skies. There could be marking us tomorrow


morning. The sunshine will start streaming through. In the afternoon


clouds will come through from the East. It will be cooler tomorrow.


More cloud tomorrow night starting to filter through. Reasonably mild


in towns and cities. Meanwhile, it's magnificent weather


for the closing stages of the cricket season. Well done this


evening to Jonathan Trott and teenager Sam Hain of Warwickshire in


a stand of over 200 against Northants at Edgbaston.


Finally, there's just time to wish our competitors good luck in the


Invictus Games. The event, which is being championed by Prince Harry, is


bringing together injured sdrvicemen and women from 13 nations. Our


Midlands athletes include Clive Smith. He'll be competing in the


cycling after being injured in Afghanistan. Everything is


short`term, but that has given me a bit of focus. The headlines.


David Cameron makes a direct appeal to the people of Scotland not to


His message is backed by Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.


Smash and grab caught on calera but an intrepid customer stdpped


in and snatched loot worth ?50, 00 back from the armed robbers.


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