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sunshine but the risk of a shower later this weekend. Thank you. That


is However good the unit is, they


cannot resuscitate a dead m`n. The plans would mean just one


accident and emergency unit 15 years to clear his name,


the lorry driver who was arrested in Italy for having illegal


immigrants in his truck. I knew I was innocent,


that's what it was in here. A coroner rules a seven`year`old


girl's death was preventabld, Not wanted at Manchester Unhted


Tom Cleverley hopes And it was half and half today,


with the best of the sunshine Those boundaries may be shifting


for the remainder of the wedk. Find out how it'll effect you


in the forecast later. Good evening.


Campaigners fighting against plans to reorganise healthcare


across Shropshire are holding NHS bosses want to have just one


accident and emergency unit Elsewhere in the Midlands,


Stafford's A unit is only open between eight


in the morning till ten at night. In Redditch, there's concern over


plans to downgrade services at the Alexandra hospital


and move them to Worcester. And in Sutton Coldfield, general,


trauma and orthopaedic surgdry could Making jam. This man arrived in


hospital with blood so seven it would not clock. I'm now Ikd came


very close to dying. I would not have made it if I had to go to


Telford. This, believe plachng and A industries very is obvious. If


they have got to do the extra 2 minutes, it is going to put a lot of


strain on, I would have thotght A children and maternity unit has just


opened at princes Royal, and normally, commissions would have


want this worker would have wanted an emergency surgery alongshde.


Patients often have a Ashok wrote some patients from Wales have to


travel 70 miles `` some pathents from Wales have to travel 70 miles.


The only decision made so f`r with the blessing of doctors is that


there should be just one A We have to go through a process of


drawing up options, and those will include the possibility of


Shrewsbury to remain a centre. With the County Public Hospital running a


?15 million deficit, somethhng must be done, but this bubble believes it


could be a matter of life and death. A coroner has ruled that thdre were


"missed opportunities" treating a seven`year`old girl who died


after contracting croup . seven`year`old girl who died


after contracting croup. Evelyn Smith's parents sought


medical help on three occashons The coroner has said


the death was preventable. As Joan Cummins reports, Evdlyn s


parents now want assurances that the She was very full of life. She loved


performing and she loved ballet She always wanted everyone to join in


the fund. On the 13th of September last year, this seven`year`old girl


died after contracting a respiratory infection brought on by. Shd went to


bed, but at two o'clock in the morning, I was woken by her bursting


into the bedroom saying, I cannot read. Over the next 36 hours, her


father sought `` family sought medical attention on three separate


occasions, it including a A department and GP surgery. H thought


I had the medication that she needed. I brought her home, went to


get the prescription, and then an hour later she died. NHS England


issued a statement on behalf of the GP surgery, where they offered their


sympathies to the family and said that staff here did the best to


treat the girl but acknowledged that opportunities had been missdd. They


say that now GPs in the are` will be reminded of the potential d`ngers of


croup. So in the statement from the south Warwickshire NHS Trust it says


that she died from a very r`re condition that affects one hn a


million people, which was m`sked by common symptoms that were


appropriately treated by doctors in A When you hear that statement,


how does it make you feel? H just feel that that is an incredhble


statement in view of what the coroner said. Although nothhng will


make up for the loss of thehr daughter, the Smith family hope by


speaking to the BBC, other parents will be more aware of the d`ngers of


won. `` of a croup. Changes to the level of service at any possible ``


hospital is unpopular of cotrse but what are the reasons? The fhrst one


is finances, running two hospitals is always expensive, and we are in


a. Of severe financial rushdr. `` we are in a time of severe fin`ncial


pressure. There is a feeling that if you concentrate people together in


one site you can produce better care. I am joined by Jill Gdorge,


who started this campaign to maintain services in Shropshire No


decision has been made. You are scaremongering, aren't you? No. We


are very clear that the dechsion has been taken and it has been taken


behind closed doors. The NHS bosses tell us that no decision has been


taken and I think they are being economical with the truth, `nd what


they are proposing is in thd small print of their own documents, when


you read these things careftlly it is about closing the A in


Shropshire, and that is thehr decision. I hear what you are


saying, that you are an inddpendent organisation, but there seels to be


a lot of union involvement hn this. We are very proud to have unions as


part of the campaign. Why wouldn't we be? We are aiming to build a rod


`based campaign to defend the NHS and we are very clear that dveryone


needs the NHS, unless you are super rich. We will bring you the events


that will happen later on at the leaders.


We'll be talking to Jordannd Whiley after winning all four major tennis


The Italian authorities havd dropped their case against a Staffordshire


lorry driver, 15 years after he was arrested for having illegal


Michael Mullen has spent his life savings trying to clear


his name, after four Kosovans were found concealed in the vehicle.


It comes as authorities across Europe are warning


the number of migrants taking risks to hide themselves is on thd rise.


War and poverty is driving incrdasing


And it is lorry drivers who face prosecution when they do.


In 1999, Michael Mullen spent 1 days in an Italian jail bec`use


despite making regular checks, four refugees were found in his truck


I open the truck every mornhng and checked the truck and drive on. I


hundred percent I had done nothing wrong. That is what kept me going.


`` I knew 100%. At this training centre in Fradley,


they try to educate drivers They can be found in very compact


spaces. There are lots of places lower down where they can try and


be, aren't they? Yes. As we move back along the vehicle, we have the


space here between the rails. There are gaps and spaces that thd person


can squeeze in between. If xou were on something like that, that is


incredibly dangerous, isn't it? They would either tie themselves into


position so they do not follow, or they would try and hang on for a


short time. Under current legislation, ht is


drivers who are responsible if people are found on their vdhicles,


but under here you can see just how many places there are to hide


and why that job is so diffhcult. People great initiative and hiding


under the vehicles, so the driver has got to do the best he c`n. This


dangerous game of cat and mouse seems set to continue.


A 13`year`old boy is appeardd in court charged with murdering


47`year`old Glynis Bensley died from a head injury after shd was


The teenager, who can't be named for legal reasons, appeared


He was remanded in custody to appear at


The government is to spend over ?14 million on road improvements


in Walsall as part of efforts to create new jobs.


The aim is to improve access to sites in the Darlaston area


which could be developed to provide future employment.


The full cost of the project is put at almost ?26 million.


Work is due to start this month and carry on until 2016.


We're joined by Grand Slam tennis champion Jordanne Whhley


I'll be chatting to her in a minute but first, let's take


Jordanne first picked up a tennis racket at the age of three.


Born with brittle bone dise`se, she's broken her legs


At the age of 14, she won the British national women's


title before going on to claim a Paralympic bronze


But this year has been her most successful.


Along with her doubles partner, Yui Kamiji, she achieved


a calendar Grand Slam by winning the Australian Open in Janu`ry, the


French Open in June, Wimbledon in July and the US Open last wdekend.


Congratulations, the first British player to complete


It means the world to me. I cannot believe that I would have m`de


history. It is still sinking in When we spoke after you'd won


your Wimbledon title, you were hesitant about whether


you'd complete the Grand Sl`m. It is a lot of pressure for any


athletes to hold on their shoulders. I knew going into the match that


this is possibly the biggest match of my career. It is hard not to


think about the win, but yot have to think about the journey to the wind


instead, which is hard, trust me, but we managed to do it and I am so


pleased. I have spoken to other athletes who say that you h`ve to


take it point by point. You really have to, because you can lose focus.


I hope it will raise the profile of wheelchair tennis because it is not


on the map and it should be. We compete at just such a high level. I


am hoping that my success whll make me a face for the sport and people


can recognise me and come and support me and the other athletes.


Why'd you think it is not on the map? I think the media focuses


little bit more on other sports I am not sure why. Tennis is such a


big sport in Britain, so whx should wheelchair tennis I be out there?


You think about the love for tennis in this country, particularly


Wimbledon, and I was there this year, and seeing the crowds around


the courts when you were pl`ying, they were fantastic, but it is a


shame that that does not happen the rest of the year. My social media


sites are going crazy. They want to see tennis `` wheelchair tennis and


they want to see me in action. What about the financial side? When we


think of people who play sports for a living, people think it is


terribly glamourous and rew`rding financially, but there is a big gap


between the tennis tour and/or prize money. Yes, that is due to the media


and wheelchair tennis is not featured anywhere apart frol the red


button, which affects our prize money. I am hoping we can ptt


wheelchair tennis on the map because it can be an expensive sport. I am


lucky to have a few sponsors, because without them, I would not be


anywhere. What is next? Your account down to Rio and the Olympics? Yes,


that is the big goal. Everything I do from now on will be or Rho. It is


great to see you. Many congratulations. I that your family


is very proud. Thank you. `` Ibex. `` I bet your family is verx proud.


Claims from campaigners fighting changes to the NHS in Shropshire.


Your detailed weather forecast to come shortly.


How a resurgence in the poptlarity of real ale is propping up our pubs.


The target to raise ?2.75 mhllion to save the Wedgewood collection.


If you've ever been to the Herefordshire market town


of Ledbury, you'll know that it s not short on historic buildhngs


Six of them, said to be facing an uncert`in


future, have been chosen as part of a pilot project to securd ?2


The idea is that they're preserved and given new purpose


A market town on the sunny side of the Malverns.


There's Tudor heritage at every turn.


Its timber frames, not always in fashion,


lend the town a charm and antiquity that draws visitors from af`r.


Many of these buildings havd been lying empty for decades and they


need a whole lot more than ` lick of paint.


That was the library which is mock Tudor.


The building which houses the heritage centre is


most definitely the real thhng and is in danger of splitting into two.


Something needs to be done and urgently.


A swanky architect's fly through is part of the bid to get fundhng


for six public buildings including the town's famous market hotse.


It is important to keep these buildings in community use `nd


community ownership and there is a danger that there won't be the


funding in the future to sustain these very expensive buildings and


they will be lost. As with many lottery bids,


to succeed, the Ledbury project will have to prove all the buildings


are as accessible as possible. Which raises a contentious hssue for


this building in particular, the market house. There is even talk of


a glass elevator. I think, for this building, it would actually ruin


this beautiful building. Thdre are not many of these in the UK. It


would just destroy the whold concept of the building. It is a sm`ll


section of a modernization hn a very old building. I think it wotld be a


good idea because there are quite a lot of elderly people about.


The town will know in January if it's won the ?2 million.


I cannot see that national government would want us to fail at


the first hurdle. I hope th`t is the case, anyway.


There's currently a 7,000 strong petition in Ledbury against


the proposed lift in the market house, with some residents `lso


concerned about changing thd use of some of the historic buildings.


Aston Villa's new signing Tom Cleverley has been speaking to the


media for the first time since his move from Manchester United today.


The midfielder, who's played for England 13 times, has rdceived


a lot of criticism from football fans over the last few months.


As Ben Sidwell reports, he's hoping to prove many people wrong.


Tom Cleverley knows what it's like to score at Villa Park.


In fact his one league goal last season came against his new team.


I have played at the park m`ny times and they enjoy it. Great pitch,


great fans, a good and exciting team.


Told he was surplus to requhrements at Manchester United,


Cleverley officially joined Villa on loan 16 hours


Although the deal almost fell through with rumours of


That is not the case. My agdnt got a big a stick of me and the m`nager.


He is a top player. If he does what `` bit of


He is a top player. If he does what he does that I will be happx. ``


Despite being an England international,


Cleverley has recently becole the target for abuse from football


As long as Manchester United are out winning trophies, players whll get


criticised. I am fully award of that, but I still have a le`gue


title, and you don't not pl`yed because someone says somethhng to


you. debut in a Villa shirt on S`turday


at Liverpool. The Art Fund says its campahgn to


save the Wedgwood Museum has got The collection must be sold because


of a pension fund debt, which arose A public appeal was launched last


week and a quarter of donathons Here's our Staffordshire


reporter Liz Copper. ordinary craftsmen, from thd area,


and that is why you do the job. It is our legacy for the futurd. This


woman has worked at Wedgwood 43 years and is equally passionate


about the need say the colldction for the nation. It is where we came


from. Things have changed over the years. That


Thank you very much. `` brighter for the weekend. A leading Birmhngham


doctor has gone on trial for sexually abusing ten women while


pretending to treat them. Hd denies 14 counts of sexual assault. A trial


is expected to last up to fhve weeks.


A sculpture which could be worth millions was removed by new owners


of a centre in June. The issue was raised in the Commons earlidr by a


Wolverhampton MP. The leader of the house said it would be posshble to


protect the sculpture. It is possible for protection to be


offered to such sculptures, and he might seek a debate on the wider


issues of protecting our cultural landmarks, but I am sure th`t my


ministerial colleagues would also be pleased to meet him to disctss what


can be done to help his campaign to save this particular sculpttre for


the future enjoyment of his constituents and many visitors to


Wolverhampton. The Tour of Britain is about to have brought more than


half ?1 million of revenue to worse to share. The fourth stage of the


tour was held in the county yesterday. Tens of thousands of


people turned out to watch the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins race.


New warnings over the potential price of independence,


but Alex Salmond accuses the Westminster government


A sobbing Oscar Pistorius is told by the judge he is not guilty


of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, but he'll return to court


for the final verdicts tomorrow and could still face years hn jail.


Claims from campaigners fighting changes to A in Shropshird.


And 15 years to clear his n`me, the lorry driver who was arrested


in Italy for having illegal immigrants in his truck.


I'll be back at ten o'clock with the outcome of that public leeting.


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