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but it'll be turning quite breezy. Thank you very much. That's it.


They have to realise the consequences


of what they have done to mx family and to other families out there


We hear from Samaritans about what help's available


The Midlands farms that could be cut in two ` by the High Speed rail line


It's just like having your heart ripped out, and ruined


A ?1.5 million boost for Ludlow as the twentieth annual


And another a weekend to get outdoors `


still warm and settled for the next few days and sunny spells too.


I'll have your full weekend forecast later on.


A mother from Stoke`on`Trent is campaigning to make bullying


Amanda Stewart's son Dylan was 2 when he hanged himself last April.


He'd been physically and verbally abused


She now says she's "gone past the stage when I hate", but she s


released a picture of Dylan in hospital on a life support lachine,


That photo is included in Matthew Bone's report `


Dylan took his own life just months after starting a new school.


His family say he was tormented by bullies.


But even up to his final molents he tried to protect his fragild mother.


Because of the stroke and the cardiac arrest I had Dylan


kept a lot to himself because he was afraid he was going to make me ill.


And so he did not say anythhng up until a few weeks


before he passed away when he was beaten up coming in from school


Dylan had not been at his ndw school in Telford for very long


His mother says more should have been done to help them.


The school's governors have spoken about their sadness but thex have


insisted the school did everything it could to support him.


They pointed to a recent Ofsted report that said


the school offered a excelldnt level of support for students.


Amanda wants bullying to become a criminal offence.


She also took the difficult decision to release pictures of Dylan in


hospital to show his tormentors at the consequences of their actions.


I have gone past that stage where I hate.


But they have to realise the consequences


of what they have done to mx family and to other families out there


He was so clever, and bright, laughing as well.


He started assembling it and he never got to finish ht so we


thought it would be nice if we could finish it off for him and wd put it


Amanda hopes a change in the law will mean fewer families


like hers left only with the memories of a child whose life


I'm joined now by Andrew Lockley from the Samaritans in the Lidlands.


How big a problem is bullying? People contact us about all sorts of


things and bullying is one of the subjects that comes up not only from


young people back from adults as well. It is something we take


seriously because it does h`ve quite a profound effect on people 's


lives. This is bullying in the workplace as well? It is solething


that we do the wrath from thme to time. Dylan's mother has sahd that


it should be a criminal offdnce what is your view? It is solething


we needed to deal with and we need to do something about it. It is


quite a problem. I could not say what the best way to deal whth it is


but it is something we definitely need to do something about. It has


to be taken seriously? How often do you feel it is or isn't? It varies


from place to place or time to time but it is something that is very


difficult for people to expdrience. We heard that Stephen did not feel


he could talk about it. That is something `` Dylan. An organisation


like Samaritans is there to give people someone to talk to. His


mother said he did not want to trouble her and quite often people


do not want to trouble their friends and families but they can t`lk to


Samaritans any time of the day or night. Thank you very much hndeed.


The latest on the arrest of gunmen in Pakistan suspected of shooting


Malala Yousufzai, the schoolgirl who's made Birmingham her home.


Two events took place in thd region today, on either side of thd debate


about the planned High Speed rail link between London and Birlingham.


In Warwickshire, farmers, who'll be petitioning the government `bout


the impact the project will have on their businesses, were ldarning


how best to present their c`ses to MPs, while Birmingham was hosting a


national conference about the transport and economic benefits


Half the farm will be on either side of it.


James and his father Bill are now preparing to tell a committde of Mps


in Westminster just how HS2 will blight their lives.


Earlier they were given a bht of coaching at a special conference


How confident are you about facing a committee of MPs wallowing the


conference? I think an enemx went to understand it becomes less taunting.


`` following the conference. We have been explained the differences. ``


it becomes less daunting. It is just like having your heart rippdd out


and flew into the land that you revere and love you just don't know


what to do. But over in Birmingham `


where the main rail hub will be based ` a conference explorhng how


best to maximise the economhc It offers so much to the nation But


it has got to be led by the local communities.


But while the minister is positive, the NFU is not and has lodgdd it


own petition with MPs ` addressing issues such as compensation.


If people are being taxed on compensation that is grosslx unfair.


These are some of the issues that we're going to be taking forward to


a petition on behalf other lembers. Next month farmers will comd face to


face with MPs to voice their concerns.


Police have arrested a third person on suspicion


The body of Glynis Bensley, who was 47, was found in Chdshire


The latest arrest is of a 20 year`old man from the area.


A mother and her two sons have been charged


after three women were injured in a dog attack in Herefordshire.


It happened in Bridge Street in Leominster at the end of May


One of the victims is still recdiving


Davina Stutchbery, who's 51, and her 23 and 22 year`old sons


Kenneth and Andrew are due before magistrates next month.


After a week in which the Scottish Saltire has been flown over


council buildings in Sandwell, Stoke and Wolverhampton in support


of a 'No Vote' in Scotland, there a growing demands for England


A Midlands MEP has told the BBC s Sunday Politics that Westminster


Perhaps we could look at an arrangement where am issues that


only affect England are votdd on in Westminster by English MPs but I


think it would be a big mistake to create another layer of burdaucracy


and the cost on complication. And our political editor


Patrick Burns returns with Sunday Politics this weekend,


at its usual time of 11:00al, The father of Malala Yousafzai `


the Pakistani teenager who was shot in the head by the Taliban `


has welcomed the news that ten men, believed to be involved


in the attack, have been arrested. The 17`year`old, who now lives with


her family in Birmingham was targetted by the Taliban in Pakistan


two years ago for speaking out The BBC's Pakistan Editor, Haroon


Rashid, was at a press confdrence A short while ago,


I asked him what was said: This is the first official


confirmation that the peopld involved in that attack on Lalala in


October 2012 have been arrested The military spokesmen told journalists


today that a gang of ten people were involved in it and that thex were


taking directions from the Pakistani Taliban leader and they werd being


directed to carry out this `ttack on this girl education activist. What


sort of impact have these arrests had in Pakistan on a story which has


gone around the world? Malala is news in Pakistan. People want to


know who was behind the att`ck and what their motives well but it is


not a big news story at the moment. Malala was an activist in P`kistan,


has what she strove for continued? She was as Unitarian starting to


write an anonymous blog for the BBC Urdu service in Pakistan on the


plight that female students were facing when the Taliban took


control. She is a big force ever since then when she was att`cked


even now they are spending some money on a development of fdmale


education in that area. An lesson she is herself here in Pakistan ``


unless she takes leadership of this project it still has to makd a mark


in Pakistan I think. Thank xou. The mother of twelve`year old


Dylan Stewart from Stoke`on`Trent, who hanged himself, has called for


bullying to be a criminal offence. Your detailed weather forec`st to


come shortly with Rebecca ` Also in Rehearsing and remembering ` The new


work commemorating World War One. I'm trying to get this match ball


out, from shooting practice. And the Manager of Coleshill Town


clearly has much on his hands ahead The twentieth annual Ludlow Food


Festival got underway today. It attracts 20,000 visitors a year,


more than doubling the local population and generating


?1.5 million for the local dconomy. Tourists travel in from


as far away as Japan and thd United States, as it's conshstently


named as one of the top ten food So, with such


an established reputation, what s In the medieval castle grounds, a


21st`century feast. The Ludlow food Festival is a 21st`century feast.


The Ludlow food Festival is the peak for the eyes started 20 years ago as


a backlash against plans for an out`of`town supermarket. So they


decided to run what was then the first ever farmer's market hn the UK


and it has grown to this. 20,00 people 20 years on. We have three


supermarkets in town but many independent shops. 180 Artisan


producers are here, all within 0 miles of Ludlow. Among them a former


nurse who now makes chocolate from her home in true is great. H was


really poorly and I had cancer. I think the positive thing th`t has


come out of something bad lhke that and this is the most amazing thing


that I have done. Luxury coffee in banks. This business is not even two


years old but now supplies ` line that the likes of Harvey Nichols. ``


luxury coffee in bags. I wotld like something equally as good as what is


available on a cavity. It attracts people from around the world. We are


eating a lot and we enjoy this day. After all that lovely food xou might


want to exercise your limbs and climbed the 100 or so steps to the


top of this castle because ht is up here that you get the most fantastic


views. The whole town gets behind this event, these hotels ard booked


up a year in advance. Makes me hungry.


When it was built 60 years `go it was considered 'an ideal hole'.


And today a flat`roofed bungalow in Coventry is being used to stage


a play, in celebration of 'Post War' style.


The house was part of an " an environmental experiment" in the


Our reporter Lindsay Doyle hs at one of them and joins us now


I think it is the quirkiness. It was as London 1958 as part of an


international architectural exhibition which was running a


competition to design the low cost has the future. There was a lot of


glass, a fitted kitchen and it cost ?4000 which is a snip now btt then


it was more expensive than lost other houses in Coventry. The


current owners have secured a grant from the arts Council and the


Heritage lottery fund to produce a play about the house in the house.


Before I start the talk I w`s just going to say, to ask, that of any of


you do experience any symptoms of anxiety, dread or panic while you


are viewing the house today if you could just raise your right hand as


a signal. I am with the current owner. And you have done so much


work on this place? We found out that 17,000 people came to view this


house in 1960 and that was just a challenge to us. How many pdople


could we find that have viewed this has? At the same time we went to the


bitter Tory and Albert Musetm and found a box of correspondence ``


Victoria and Albert Museum. It was talking about the bravery of the


builder who built this housd and we were interested to find out why they


did not buy it. What did people think about it? People were


perturbed or excited by the amount of glass. Some people thought it


would be like being a fish hn a fishbowl and other people thought it


would be quite Californian `nd luxurious. Not everyone lovdd it as


I found out earlier when I spoke to a lady who visited here in 0960 when


it was a show home. We also came and saw what people had written in the


visitor's book. It was actu`lly very interesting. Some were for the idea


and some were negative. I think one was a bit brutal because it said,


very good as a filling stathon. A little bit cheeky. Not sure what the


architect would think about. The play will run on Saturday and Sunday


and we are looking forward to it. It is open this weekend as part of the


Heritage open days scheme. And the experimental house hs open


this weekend as part of the Lots of other places,


including a number you wouldn't normally be able to see,


are also opening their doors. You can find out more


about what's going on via A new choral work commemorating


the centenary of World War H is going to be performed in Birmingham


this weekend. "Unfinished Remembering" was


inspired by the crowds who turned out to pay their respects to


soldiers killed in Afghanistan, as their funeral corteges wdre


driven through the town of Birmingham Bach Choir rehearse


for a new choral symphony. Dedicated to those who died


in the "Great War" ` and in subsequent conflicts, the m`n behind


the words says it's an epic piece. It's a work


of commemoration honouring the It's a work of celebration of our


diverse society that we havd built, but it's also a work of questioning


saying we still have to work hard to build the kind of justice and peace


that those soldiers fought for. The work was inspired


by the powerful images from Tait moved to the town in 2008 and


was amongst the hundreds of people The day I moved in there was a


repatriation and these four hearses going up the hill and I was so


profoundly moved that I wanted to write a work of comemoration and I


wanted to write something that asked our society what we were buhlding


what we were doing and I wanted also to celebr`te human


life and to celebrate Acclaimed composer Paul Spicer was


commissioned to write the sxmphony. It's dramatic on all sorts


of levels. There's a lot of noise,


there's an orchestra and of course there are two soloists `


there's professional semi chorus and then there's the Birmingham Bach


Choir which makes a big sound and And it's a chance for some of the


choir to remember loved ones lost This is for my dad. My dedication is


to my great`grandfather, Prhvate Charles. Posted with the roxal air


force to Africa. Unfinished Remembering will premier


this Saturday at Symphony H`ll. A wonderful way to reflect `nd


remember. And we're taking another stdp


along the road to Wembley . The FA Cup has reached


the first qualifying round. So Ian Winter is live at Coleshill


in Warwickshire. Is this the most cosy dresshng


room in the FA Cup this weekend There's barely enough room


for the shirts let alone But they'll all squeeze in tomorrow,


hoping to beat Barwell who `re two divisions above them


in the non`league pyramid. 24 hours before kick`off and the


manager of Coleshill Town is poking At last night's training session


the match ball got lost I think we need to practice more.


The boulder stuck in the trde. The balls we were using last night where


brand`new. Most of them went in the net, not all of them though. So far


in the cup they have been scoring goals for fun. Three having to a


beat their opponent in the last round. Three to they beat their


opponents. Gary was only 16 when Aston Villa spotted him and the rest


is history. The transfer fed back in 1977 was a set of tracksuits and


Gary went on to win the First Division followed by the European


cup. Sadly he never got to play at Wembley. The chairman is yotr old


pal, you went to school togdther, what will it mean to him? Hd's got a


real interest anyway and he may well be in the dressing room tomorrow. He


is as keen as mustard and rdally looking forward to it. Could Gary be


your lucky and moral? I hopd so We have also excited for tolorrow.


There is a real buzz about the place and we cannot wait to displ`y


against them and show them what we can do, really. Let's have ` look at


the goal you scored in the previous round. The last minute of extra


time. He must have been chuffed to bits? A lot of relief to be fair, it


was a long game. Our captain loves that celebration. I had to put us in


there. What a celebration. They must have been at least ten playdrs on


top of you? It was all right at the start by Dustin is the biggdr lads


got on there I can certainlx say it has a bit `` at the start btt as


soon as the bigger lads got on there. We just want to show what we


can do really. FA Cup is on show and good luck to all the teams `t the


cup tomorrow. Congratulations to Worcestershire


county cricket club. They clinched promotion to


the first division of the county championship today with a dramatic


victory over Surrey at New Road They will return to the top flight


next season for the first thme So what does


the weekend weather have in store? Here's Rebecca Wood with


a promise of great weather, I hope. Well Michael ` as the weathdr goes,


very little has changed this week already ` and as we head through the


weekend it's staying settled too. Now we've had a bit of a split with


our temperatures today ` sthll lovely and warm ` but furthdr north


where the cloud has been totgher to clear they're a little lower. Still


cloud in the forecast for the next few days ` there will be sole sunny


spells and pleasant brightndss, and our winds start to pick up through


Sunday. The blanket of cloud sitting over us for much of the morning has


started to thin and break dtring the afternoon ` and further south and


east it's been brighter ` overnight the cloud will continue to break up


and with those clear spells temperatures will fall away to give


us a chilly night for some places, and with light winds, in shdltered


spots that could lead to sole mist and fog patches developing. Those


are the values in the towns and cities ` in rural spots it will be


cooler. So that mist and fog clearing during the morning and we


will get some pleasant breaks in the cloud though Saturday morning `


which will help to lift those temperatures ` highs of 21 celcius


tomorrow ` a nice day. Then very little changes ` another sililar


night to tonight. Although for eastern parts there will be a little


more cloud. And that could be thick enough to squeeze out a few spots of


drizzle ` combined with somd slightly stronger winds that will


help to keep temperatures up and stop any mist or fog patches


developing. Lows of 10 celchus. Sunday ` another similar dax to come


` again there will be plentx of cloud about ` although it whll break


up to give us some good spells of sunshine. The best of those in the


west ` further east that cloud could squeeze out some drizzle. Whnds are


little stronger ` but we should still see our temperatures getting


up to 20 celcius. It stays rather cloudy. Not so bad


at all. The firebrand of hardline unionism


in Northern Ireland ` Tributes have been paid frol


across the religious Oscar Pistorius is found guhlty


of killing his girlfriend Rdeva A mother from Stoke`on`Trent is


campaigning to make bullying a criminal offence after her 12


year`old son hanged himself. more than


400 international competitors. No strangers to battle,


all have served their country. Prince Harry has challenged them -


now they will challenge each other, pushing their bodies to the limit


in the quest for glory.


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