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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me,


A UK first ` a university tdacher training school offering secondary


It has been described as gold for over 300 people registering further


jobs at the school which we haven't even advertise yet.


Growing demand for secondary school places means


Put the pounds into preventhon rather than patching up the


potholes ` criticism for cotncils playing catch up on road repairs.


Here is Francis. Turning in the glitch on nicely. Leach, wow! What


about that! Birmingham City legend,


Trevor Francis, joins the list of luminaries


on Broad Streets Walk of St`rs. who donated her fortune.


of a remarkable Warwickshird woman weekend, you never know,


you might be pleasantly surprised. will have full time trainee teachers


in all its classrooms, alongside Bizz`macro this is how it looks now


and this is how it will look in September. When the school opens it


will be the first of its kind, a place pupils to learn and trainee


teachers to learn the trade. classrooms will be bigger bdcause


they will be designed to have visitors and


outcomes they can. There ard appointments around regional


school's commissioners. Thex will have a real responsibility `round


free schools and academies. Donations on a plate `


the funds needed to save the Wedgewood Collections is less


than ?500,000 short of its target. Millions of pounds being spdnt


on road repairs could be saved by preventing damage


in the first place. That's the view of the


Commons' Public Accounts Colmittee, who want the Government to


concentrate on prevention r`ther But following the recent wet winter,


extra funding was made available to local councils to repair dalage


caused to the roads. Walsall Council has been investing


the money on a new techniqud which halves the time it takes to


fill in potholes. On this stretch of road in Walsall's


busy town centre, deep potholes But this is latest offensivd


against them, a revolutionary bit of The Velocity Patcher,


as it's called, Then, a blend of bitumen


and chippings are pumped in at high It's quick,


efficient and less expensivd. In the first month alone we did 1500


pairs with this piece of eqtipment. It is very quick, we have over 00


miles of highway network in this borough and it was a very wdt winter


which has caused a great de`l of damage. There are a lot of potholes


and we are trying to work otr way around the network.


In March, the Government gave all local authorities in England


and Wales a one off emergency payment for road repairs.


In June, the government said it was making much more money available to


fund road repairs and counchls could bid. Walsall was allocated `lmost


?450,000 which it spent on this It sounds like a lot of money, but do


you need more? We will alwaxs need more when it comes to repairing


roads. It sounds like a lot of money but it does not go a long w`y. We


are trying to get the best value for the taxpayer in terms of ushng this


system. The council is hiring the epuipment,


but local resident Tracey W`shbrook The mess that they have left, that


is coming over the drive ended your house is atrocious. Don't you like


this that they are doing solething about it? I want it done properly,


not just patched up. The council says it plans to patch


as many potholes as it can by The acid test is how resilidnt


the technique proves to be. A major security operation hs


underway in the centre of Birmingham, ahead


of the Conservative Party Conference A number of the main roads `round


the ICC will be closed and dxtra Bob Hockenhall is at Centen`ry Plaza


this evening. Well, a team of 1000 police officers


and security staff are responsible for protecting the public and the


Conservatives here. This afternoon we witnessed police teams sdarching


bins, bushes and drains and they have been inside the ICC,


particularly the Symphony H`ll, checking for anything suspicious.


Earlier I asked the man in charge how he felt having the UK tdrrorism


threat raised to severe might affect as operation. It poses a new


challenge, undeniably. However, this is not specific to the confdrence,


it is a UK threat. The dangdr here is moderate, therefore what we have


to have contingencies, yes, the police operation will feel like it


has done in the past. Will the public notice much disruption? A


fence has been erected behind me but pedestrians will largely be able to


move around this area. It mhght be different traffic and there might be


some disruption. Which a fence has been erected behind me but


pedestrians will largely be able to move around this area. It mhght be


different traffic and there might be some disruption. Bridges street will


be closed Old Street. Some people were concerned about this. H think


it will cause absolute chaos on the road and stop people coming up


here. They won't be going into the pubs, will they? They have two have


a conference somewhere, so ht will disrupt where ever it is. The


manager of Lord street has said that one or two businesses have dxpressed


some concerns `` broad stredt. Most are happy because when the


Conservatives have been herd before because they saw their takings


garrotte, double awkward Drtpal Meanwhile UKIP is preparing


for its conference in Doncaster Our reporter, Elizabeth Glinka,


caught up with the party's leader, Nigel Farage,


and asked him whether he backed the The first thing we have to do is


make sure we have an English parliament that sits in Westminster,


where Scottish MPs are not voting on English legislation. It is


outrageous that our youngstdrs pay tuition fees because of Scottish


vote in Westminster ten years ago. Let's sort it out in England Wales


and Northern Ireland and Scotland first, and then we will talk about


devolution. Specifically for the voters of the West Midlands, did you


know what it will mean for them There is an argument that the County


Council could have a bigger say over their own lives. Before the mid`80s,


local authorities that business rates. How you voted, Labour or


Tory, whatever it was, fund`mentally affected the business rate paid How


was like that could be returned to County Council level.


And you can hear the full interview on Sunday Politics at 11am on


The travel company Tui is to close its call centre in Coventry,


The firm, which operates holiday brands Thomson and First Choice


says its office at Westwood Business Park will shut by December 2015


It's now consulting with staff over redundancies.


The last operational Vulcan bomber flew over the former RAF Gaxdon base


in Warwickshire this afternoon in salute to the heroes of the


The site was one of ten RAF bases, where Great Britain's nucle`r


The aircraft was the twelfth bomber to be built and first flew hn 1 60.


The campaign to save the Wedgwood Musuem is ?500,000 away


It comes as the Staffordshire digger maker JCB's pledged to give


?100,000, which has been matched by a private charitable trust.


Our Staffordshire reporter, Liz Copper, has the latest


on the appeal, which has now reached more than ?2.3 million.


They are both world`famous `nd both made in Staffordshire. The Wedgwood


Museum is now being helped by JCB. The chairman is page ?100,000 to the


appeal to save the collection. It `` is pledging. Wedgwood was a


fascinating man, he started the Industrial Revolution in Brhtain.


Much started in this part of the world. The museum's collecthon must


be sold to repay some of thd debt after it went into administration in


2009. This is one of the world's most important archives. Thd


national fund is spearheading a campaign to save it. Just under half


?1 million is now needed. Although it is one of the largest donation


dead in made so far, it is the many smaller contributions to helping the


campaign towards its target. The smaller donations are so valuable.


If you have a spare ?10,000 or 10 we do want to hear from you. We hope


we will get there, but only if people will make small donations.


Those nations, hopefully, whll be match funded. If you donate ?10


that could turn into ?20 very quickly and that will make the


difference. Those nations are needed by the end of November, the deadline


for raising the money `` those donations.


Also into night was 's programme, the bag is pulling back. Two goals


did West Brom a victory in the League Cup. And the forgottdn


benefactor, the Warwickshird woman who lavish a fortune on public


buildings, parks and institttions. They started university is ` huge


event in many teenager's lives. Many thousand have been arriving across


the Midlands for freshers wdek. Birmingham has five univershties and


more students than anywhere outside London. We have been to meet some of


the new arrivals. It is a moment filled with excitement, joy and huge


apprehension. At Birmingham City University, many students move the


contents of their whole livds into this space of a small room hn halls


of residence. Hi, how are you? I'm Jack. I'm Bethany. For many


students, starting university is a huge trip into the unknown. I am


excited but slightly nervous. I am looking forward to meeting ly


flatmates. Not everyone was as confident about meeting new


friends. I'm still meeting new people over and over again. I am


happy, sad, scared, petrifidd, all the emotions. This boy is at the


University to study sound engineering. Right now, I c`n't go


mum, can you help me? I need money! I don't want to do that. Thhs is my


time to be independent. An pattern settling in, Bethany has brought


just a few memories of home with her to university. I feel like ht


doesn't feel like I am stayhng here. It feels like I am here for a week


too. It click in eventually. For parents, saying goodbye is past But


with friendships are ready`lade it is time for these universitx


students to spend for themsdlves away from the comfort of hole. We


will hear more from the students on tomorrow's programme as thex begin


their education. And, we will find out which one has already dropped


out. The Midlands has three teams left


in the League Cup and following the draw last night,


Shrewsbury Town will host premier league Chelsea ` quite an exciting


prospect I would think, Dan. The Shrewsbury manager, Micky


Mellon, says he relishes thd chance to go head to head with the Chelsea


boss, Jose Mourinho, next month Mourinho calls himself the


Special One and he's got the achievements to back it up with


two Champions League victorhes. Micky Mellon's major managerial


successes were at non`leagud level This summer Mourinho spent lore


than ?92 million on new plaxers Micky Mellon signed 17


but only one of them cost money But there's one area where


the Shrewsbury boss definitdly has Mourinho never made it as


a professional player while Mellon won three promotions includhng one


with West Bromwich Albion. The Baggies will join Shrewsbury in


the last 16 along with Stokd City But Burton Albion missed out,


as Nick Clitheroe reports. Having beaten them in the l`st


round, the fan is incensed `nd upbeat. Within minutes, the


championship side was in front and their grip never loosened. @ solo


efforts to double Brighton's lead was scored. When the third was


taking, the game was up. We can t complain. Second in the league, we


beat QPR and Wigan. We are still an elite club. We lost the last two


games and last night, but now we can get back to the league games. What


about West Bromwich Albion? They were


looking for a good cup run of their own. Their mood got even better when


the new signer scored his fhrst goal. Unfortunately, he injtred


himself in the process and was carried off. The nights to good turn


for the worse when there were scores either side of half term. They were


condemned to more League Cup misery. 60 seconds later, he scored the


winner. That is only the second time they have got by the hind `` beyond


the second round in nine ye`rs. I felt we deserved the win ovdr all.


It wasn't looking like we wdre going to get that. Not long to go. I'll be


in's were awarded a trip to Bournemouth in the next round. ``


reward is a The former Birmingham City star


Trevor Francis is to be indtcted into Birmingham's walk of stars


on Broad Street. Francis broke into the first team


at St Andrew's as a teenager He left as


the first million pound transfer. He was arguably


the club's greatest ever pl`yer My report contains some


flash photography. lit up St Andrew's as a plaxer.


Today he was back ` and with a big smile on his face. The annotncement


was made by comedian Jasper Carrott. I wasn't born here, but a l`rge part


of my life has been associated with Birmingham city football. The


announcement was made by Jasper carrot, he was also part of the


selection process. He was a magnificent ambassador to the city.


He is still on television doing his commentary. The people in Bhrmingham


love him to bits. This is not his first award. He was voted the top


Midlands football manager in the 1970s. To be the best of anxthing,


or of what you have seen, you have to be very special. Get your hands


out of your pocket! My many congratulations. He played the blues


aged 16 and went over to make over 300 appearances in the next ten


years. He scored over 133 goals People used to say can be bx him. He


would cost you 1 million. Gtess what, it happened. He left for


Nottingham Forest in 1978 as the first million pounds player in the


world. He will be giving his star in November. The demand for autographs


and photos today showed that at the age of 60, Trevor Francis rdmained a


star attraction. Long beford the welfare state was formed, the people


of Warwickshire and Birmingham relied on the generosity of one


woman, Louisa and Ryland. She lavished the equivalent of thousands


of pounds on many buildings. But, her name was not the stowed on any


of them. Now, Sarah Falkland has been looking back on her life. She


was his second cousin, once removed of my great`grandfather. A beautiful


heiress, she was burning in's most generous benefactor. Louisa and was


an only child. This house is paid for out of the fortune that she left


behind. Her life, particularly her early life, with painted with


heartbreak. She was forbidddn to marry the man he loved. `` she


loved. She decided to devotd her life to good causes. It is tragic


when you can't follow your heart or be with the man you want to be with.


They were wealthy but not aristocratic and there are probably


lots of rules about who you could or could not spend time with or marry.


By the time she was married `` middle aged, she was a recltsive no


children of our own. She had, in effect, adopted the entire


population Birmingham. This city could have been named after her It


was her idea that she would help shape it. She built a hospital and


the church and gave thousands of the city's art school. Art and the


natural world were her passhons Louisa loved nature. We havd a bird


catching a moth. She commissioned the creator St Pancras stathon in


London to create this church. Seven stone mission to Italy were employed


to carve the intricate design. It is listed as a great two stylistic


building meaning that it is just a shade below the Tower of London in


Chatsworth house. Living by her buildings and thanks to her modesty,


her name is almost forgotten. She once said, if good is done, it is


good enough for one to have the privilege of doing it. A relarkable


woman. A drama about a Staffordshire man


who's been a fixture at Keele University for more than 0


years is being broadcast tonight. He also worked as a kit man`ger for


Stoke city. Would you sign this before you go? A Babel are xou sure?


Slightly irregular. `` Bibld. Not the front, that is the bishops and


archbishops. There is space at the back for regular clergy. Right. So


there is. You can watch Marvellous tonight. At the beginning of the


programme we were if you have been left slightly close


`` cold and underwhelmed, you will be pleased to hear that this weekend


things are picking up. It is largely dry with spells of sunshine and it


will be warming up, a touch. High pressure comes and goes but will


always retain a background presence. It will dominate over the wdekend.


These frontal systems pushing but the air will be warm on Sattrday. It


is warmer behind the warm front That is why tempters will phck up


slightly. Even those winds will now calm down. They won't be th`t


strong. This evening and ovdrnight, we are looking at a bit of rain


across the extremities of the region, mainly towards the north and


the West where this frontal system is pushing down. It will introduce


cloud. Even if you start off with Sun, there will be some clotd. Most


values are`a night, ranging between 13 and 15 Celsius. There max also be


some mist and fog patches. We start the day tomorrow on a cloudx note,


some mist that will lift. The odd spot of rain, even towards the north


and west of the region throtgh the afternoon. For the rest of ts, the


cloud breaks up nicely to ghve us an spells of sunshine, lengthily, which


will send temperatures up to 17`19dC. The air becomes Waldner ``


warmer. In the evening, things dry up and there will be clearer


spells. It will be warm into the weekend.


David Cameron says the UK is ready to play its part


in the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq.


Radical cleric, Anjem Choud`ry, is one of nine men arrested


in London on suspicion of stpporting a banned terrorist group.


A UK first ` a university tdacher training school offering secondary


On my sofa this week, hot new singer/songwriter George Ezra,


# If you want it done, then ask a busy woman! #


..Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington...


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