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The headlines tonight: at Westminster.


A coroner confirms failures in the treatment of three hdart


He could have been prevented from operating on any of thdm.


The inquest was told Ian Wilson failed to keep accurate records


The shocking reality of the dangers of driving on


the continent, but one local driver says a blockade is not the `nswer.


I don't believe they have the truckers' best interests at heart.


Celebrities from the worlds of sport, music and TV gather for the


Why this ordinary family scdne tells a special tale ahead of Worcester's


And the leaves on the trees are starting to change.


Tonight, it'll certainly fedl a little more autumnal too `


But the sunshine isn't going away just yet.


I'll have your full weekend forecast, later.


An inquest has found there were failures in the treatment


of three heart patients operated on by a surgeon in Birmingh`m.


In each case, Ian Wilson over`operated and took too long


He's since been sacked by the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital for


The coroner found that had he done so, he might never have been allowed


Here's our Health Correspondent Michele Paduano.


Ian Wilson is a respected strgeon who has been on the cardiac


Society's governing body. Hd has also contributed to the death of


three people. 72`year`old Pdter Brook was the first to die. His


family said he walks into hospital but never came out of a com`. They


had six bypasses were too m`ny and operation too long. we went in for


virtually a fortnight. We kdpt hoping for an improvement and he


just lay there the same on ` ventilator and they did havd to put


him on dialysis as well to get his blood pressure down. Alan Ltcas had


an extra graft and an unnecdssary valve repair. The 77 minutes between


giving him a protective hard drug was too long. This man had ` repair


to file which lengthened his operation by 25 minutes. Thd coroner


said wearers and failings in each case. She said the inabilitx to find


out earlier was due to inaccurate reporting by one person. Shd told


the families nothing can make up for your loss, but I hope you h`ve a


better understanding of what happened. Ian Wilson claimed about


all the surgery was approprhate and at his practice did not dam`ge


parts. Leaving court, the f`mily of Mr Trincomalee had this to say: it


was important for us to know what happened to our father. And what


events led to his untimely death. If Mr Wilson are not inputted


inaccurate data on the degrde of difficulty of the operations, his


death rate would have been picked up in 2010. Can I ask you Mr


Wilson,... no comments. I ask about underreporting is before 2000? no


comment. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is aware of another 12


deaths in recent times and 439 cases of misrepresented information dating


back to 20 03. For the family of Mr Brooks, more needs to be done. the


family are concerned that Mr Wilson is practising in Wolverhampton and


they are not clear what safdguards are in place. Or if they ard


sufficient. Mr Wilson is a bit investigation by the General medical


Council. He is currently employed by New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton


having completed his reskilling You're with Midlands Today,


good to have you with us. Find out how our Freshers are


getting on in their first wdek at University ` and why one of them has


dropped out after just four days. A lorry driver from Redditch says


he's opposing a planned blockade at the port of Dover this wdekend,


about the increasing problel of Tommy Harrison set up the UK


and European Lorry Driver's Safety Group,


but fears if direct action hs taken, it'll ruin lorry drivers' chances


of getting anything effective done. The scenes of migrants at C`lais


running for the Channel eagdr to reach the British ferries that cross


it revealed a sense But desperate too are the lorry


drivers bound for England, who have to fend them off or risk paxing huge


fines if they're caught with illegal Have you feel? Did you feel as if


you wanted to run away or commit violence? Is not panic, that


something in your body takes over and I did as they said to an extent.


I gave them paperwork and I knew they'd be satisfied with th`t


because it said Spain. Thankfully, they cleared off. If he had been


going to England it would h`ve been a different story. Tommy Harrison


said that he, like his colldagues, face of the constant threat of


immigrants trying to board his vehicle. This footage shows how


extreme things can get. Recdnt media coverage has the Government talking


and heightened public awareness Tommy says the last thing hd wants


is a blockade at Dover tomorrow which could ruin all that. Loney


started campaigning a lot of the public start realising this was


quite bad. So what public stpport, we got. The last thing we w`nt to do


is blockade them from their holidays and day trips. That opinion will be


changed back to what it was. Not only that, the group doing ht very


political. And I don't belidve that they have the chuckers' West


interests at heart. The Frehght Transport Association is also


condemning it. We do not finish the best way to make the voice of our


industry heard. We are talkhng to Central Government and not spoken to


the deputy mayor of Calais `nd we understand their concerns. We need


to get a joined up approach to solve this problem. Are scenes I've is


continuing Calais, police s`id it will take action in Dover if the


blockade prevents the ports from operating.


At a separate inquest, a coroner has ruled there wdre


serious shortcomings at Stafford Hospital in the care given to


a 20`year`old man who was sdnt home despite having a ruptured spleen.


John Moore Robinson died in 2006 after he fell off


He was taken to A where vhtal observations were not carridd out.


The coroner said had he been properly treated,


West Midlands Police have bdgun an investigation at the


Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, after staff raised


Officers were contacted by the hospital last month,


It follows reports of a possible link between high


levels of chlorine in water and the deaths of two patients.


The hospital says higher th`n normal levels of chlorine were found


on three occasions in August, but there have been no more since then.


Counter`terror police arrested two men on the M6 near Rugby


in Warwickshire today as part of an investigation


It follows the arrests of nine men yesterday who'rd still


being held in London, including the radical preacher, Anjem Chotdary.


Searches continued today at a house in Stoke`on`Trent


I think it's been a shock that somewhere


in the city of Stoke`on`Trent has been searched, relating to


And the local police continte work together very well at all thmes


as they do, day in, day out and reassuring our lembers


MPs from across the region have been voting


about whether the UK should take part in air strikes in Iraq, against


Parliament voted 524 in favour, 43 against.


A protest against interventhon in Iraq took place in Birmingham


the solution to Isis is not the United States and the United Kingdom


going in yet again and bombhng Iraq. It was a small protest but ` defiant


one. Their message was that the previous wars in Iraq and


Afghanistan cost too many lhves and fostered too much bitterness.


Britain is part of a problel and we are not part of the solution. The


best way is for Britain to not get involved to allow the Iraqis and the


Syrians and the people of the Arab regions to solve some probldms. At


Westminster, Midlands MPs, but Tory and Labour lined up to support air


strikes in Iraq against forces which happen to be known as.


I call it ` and Brummies predominantly tend to


It has no place in the religion of Islam that I am part of, it has


She said Britain had given time moderate Muslims the world over we


need to educate the younger and more hot`headed members of that faith who


are a minority. This path is not the path that is true Islam and is not


the path they should follow. The Commons majority was a big one but


along the road to what could become another war, some, at least, remain


divided. A coroner confirms failures


in the treatment of three hdart He could have been prevented


from operating on any of thdm. Your detailed weather forec`st


to come shortly from Rebecc`. a quick peek at the most gl`morous


event in Birmingham tonight. The great, the good and the glitterati


that the glitterati gathered for the Pride of Birmingham Awards.


And we delve into the archives as we approach


a significant milestone herd at Midlands Today ` our 50th bhrthday!


This week, we've been following three new students


as they start their degree courses at Birmingham City University.


While for many teenagers it's a chance of


independence and fun, others find the move from home a real shock


Ben Sidwell's been finding out how the students have been coping.


Unpacked, settled in, it's time for the new arriv`ls to


I'm just for induction my fhrst day. I'm excited to meet the people I'll


be studying weather and the lecturers. I just want to gdt


started now. Freshers' Week gives students,


like Hannah Mead from Bristol, the chance to meet their lecturers


and discover more about thehr courses, but not everyone is sure


they've made the right decision I am at a bit of a loss, because,


lately, I have been thinking is university right for me? And I don't


know. I really don't. In a video diary kept for us,


it became obviously that Connor Doran from Accrington was


finding university tough. I know by Thursday either I'll be


here, or I would be back in my home town going, look, I'm done.


While Connor pondered his ftture, Hannah and Bethany Simpson


from Kent joined thousands at the Freshers' Fair as thdy tried


I don't feel grown up yet. H think, throughout the year, that is when I


will grow more and be more responsible and feel more of an


adult. I'll be more independence. I have had a great week. I have met


some really nice people. I be meeting many new people and I'm


super excited to start my course and the duction has been very good. I


really want to get into it. `` induction.


As for Connor, after just fourdays, he dropped out of universitx


They've rolled out of the rdd carpet in Victoria Square tonight


Celebrities from the worlds of sport, music and TV will recognise


the work of remarkable people who've shown courage, care and compassion.


Our reporter Sarah Falkland is there for us.


we have footballers, comedi`ns, rock stars. We


Rock legends Roy Wood and Tony Iommi.


But tonight is not about st`rs ` it's about ordinary who're laking


One of the nominees for Fundraiser of the Year is Georgina Mosdley


who's been continuing the good work of her young son Harry.


You'll remember Harry Moseldy, the little boy dubbed


Britain's Kindest Kid, who sold bracelets to raise money


Earlier this week I caught tp with Georgie at the charity's HQ.


spotted Harry had the biggest smile and the biggest hearts. It hs nearly


three years since Harry Mosdly died from a brain tumour. for me, he was


like a small version of a comedian. He was like Peter Kay. He w`s


hilarious. Life is dark without him. Harry single`handedly made


and sold so many bracelets he raised more than half a million potnds


for Cancer Research UK. The charity he founded conthnues `


thanks largely to the efforts I had no intention to carry on with


Harry's work. This was his baby His creation. It just sort of h`ppened


and evolved. For me, it felt the right thing to do. I was so angry


that we couldn't be helped `nd more needed to be done, especially for


services that provide such good care.


raised well over a million pounds. And now a nomination for thd Pride


We have been able to raise loney for a centre that will help famhlies in


the final stages of their journey. We have helped the Murray Khri


Cancer Centre build a treatlent room and that is being worked on as we


speak. `` Murray Kiri. It is nice that people appreciate what we are


doing. Unlovely legacy therd. With me now is Gaby Roslin who is


co`hosting tonight. Thank you for the welcome here in Birmingham. What


a fabulous place! It has bedn incredible. The stories tonhght ..


They scrub up well, the Brulmies? They do. But it is all about the


people tonight. My table is the mayor, and my friend. My frhend


Angela, from Birmingham. Shd used to be my producer. Were going to town


hall after, and it will be, I think, quite an emotional evening? yes Do


you have your waterproof mascara on? If not, quickly, put it on!


Incredible, inspiring peopld and amazing stories. Here's your


co`host. The red carpet has never looked so smart. I had a Henry


Hoover. You are never alone with a Henry Hoover! Will you work well


together? we have known each other 20 years. I was an Anna Somdrs wrap


and you came out Melbourne H didn't you? she, doing things I thought I'd


never do. They will have a laugh with you tonight, won't thex? Is not


about us. It's quite extraordinary. Will you sweep the stage ovdr there?


yes. I've done it. Best of luck to nights. It is going to be an amazing


awards ceremony. It is the second time it has been held in Birmingham


and we will have full cover`ge at 1025 this evening.


If you've been following our journey along the Road to Wembley in the


FA Cup, you'll know it's bedn a pretty bumpy ride so far.


First, Bromsgrove Sporting, then Coleshill Town were knocked out


But tomorrow, we're confident it'll be thhrd time


Ian Winter has been to meet a very special family who c`n hardly


Bill Jackman is living proof you're never too old to enjoy the lagic


Bill is almost 91, and no wonder he's excited.


Because tomorrow, his grandson Danny is playing


I am proud. I'm proud of hil. The one thing I had, and he has it as


well, is pace. He has so much more. Will you watching tomorrow? If I'm


invited. I have to do as I'l told, these days! If they think it is too


cold for me, they say you stop at home.


Bill finished his teaching career as the head at Northwick Manor.


But 70 years ago, his footb`ll took him from Wolves to Worcester City


where he scored more than 40 goals before becoming their managdr.


Is your role model, grandad Bill? Looe`macro yes. He's been there and


done it. He has been there `nd done it and give me the little pointers


and advice I needed. Eighteen months ago, Worcester


City's future looked bleak. They played their last match at


St George's Lane. And ever since, they've been playing


their home games at Kiddermhnster, So could this site in Peridswell


become their permanent home? Club officials are waiting for


planning permission to build a new stadium to serve the whole football


community in Worcester Back in 959, Worcester City pulled off a massive


Cup shock, beating Liverpool 2` . Is quite exciting. You look at the


plans and what they are tryhng to do for the local community. It's for


everyone. They are hoping to build an Olympics in pool and rev`mp the


sports centre. It will be w`ltzed on the map and turn it into a


first`class sporting facility. `` Olympic pool.


And Bill was part of the backroom team.


Who would expect a non`leagte club to beat a team at Liverpool? `` team


like Liverpool. Tomorrow, four generations


of the Jackman family are hoping to keep that Cup tradition alive,


with victory over Rugby. You can follow all the action on


your BBC local radio station. September 28th 1964,


a very significant date for us Next week, we'll be marking


our 50th anniversary with a look back at the biggest news


stories, funniest features To get you into the mood,


our Transport Correspondent Peter Plisner has been taking a look


at how Midlanders have been getting Birmingham believes it has found


a partial solution to the parking problem in the form


of a multiple car park. It might have looked pretty quirky


in 1964, but this revolutionary multi`storey car park was


the first of its type in thd UK With car ownership growing fast


the city desperately needed more you arrive at the barrier,


instead of taking a ticket, And almost 50 years later,


the city was still leading the way. This was me four years ago,


test`driving the car park where Talking of cars, the 1969 fhlm The


Italian Job boosted sales and helped the Birmingham`built Mini g`in


iconic status around the world. Some will be remembered


for the wrong reasons ` launched in 1973, the Austin Allegro quickly


became the butt of many jokds. And what about cars that


didn't even have four wheels? I found out they actually m`ke


Reliant Robin three`wheelers ` They certainly did and were built


in Tamworth. But the fibreglass three`whdel had


a chequered history and despite a starring role on one


Britain's most popular sitcoms, On the railways, as Midlands Today


was starting its journey, thanks to the infamous Doctor


Beeching, many of the region's Some lines refused to die though,


and thanks to volunteers, have reopened,


such as the Severn Valley R`ilway. From old`fashioned steam tr`ins


to high`tech magnetic levit`tion. In 1984,


passengers were floating above the track at Birmingham Airport on the


world's first commercial monorail. Something else that floated


into Birmingham was Concordd, the supersonic jet landed


at the airport as part of It?s so crisp and precise


on the controls. And here is another way


of avoiding the jams. Last year, with Birmingham's tunnels


closed, this commuter took to But it is innovation on


the roads that punctuate thd last 50 years, and to finish, let us visit


the Birmingham Motor Show in 19 4. They don't sell cars like this


anymore, do they? We'll have


a special programme to mark our half I think we're all


a little nervous about what might be This is lifted from the sea off the


Kent coast 50 months ago. It is housed in a purpose`built hxdration


tunnel and experts say they are ready to begin work on the fuselage.


Considering we are at the end of September, things are looking OK.


Something slightly more auttmnal sunlight and it is going to be


rather chilly. But as a go, not looking too bad at all. It will be


largely dry picture, there will be some cloud, but we'll get some good


spells of as well. We can expect some fog through the morning, so


mist and fog patches which will be quite slow to clear at times. Today,


we had two bands of cloud going south. In between, we got a brief


lull of sunshine and at the second band cleared away, we got clear


skies tonight. It gives somd sunshine to end the day, but as the


sun goes down so be temperatures. It will be a chilly evening tonight.


Particularly across the North Midlands where we could get some


frost which is going to be ` bit of a shock to the system. Further


south, we're also getting so mist and fog patches developing where we


keep the cloud. So that mist and fog with us through the morning


tomorrow. It will be stubborn to shift. Further north, we have


sunshine until cloud piles hn. It will be thick enough at timds to


give us a few spots of rain I'm afraid, but they will be few and far


between. Temperatures may even get up to 20 Celsius, so it is certainly


feeling lovely in the sunshhne tomorrow. Tomorrow night, lhttle


more cloud and I will help keep the temperature is up ever so slightly.


It will be milder than it is going to be tonight, temperatures between


11 and 13 Celsius, a few spots of rain and mist patches developing


here and there. Sunday, simhlar to Saturday. Not a bad day. Thdre will


be some good spells of sunshine and cloud. Temperatures getting up to 20


Celsius so, as it goes, it hs not that bad. We are still in the grip


of high pressure into next week so, staying settled, and temper`tures


still above average for the time of year. Neil Baldwin from


Stoke`on`Trent was the subjdct of the film Marvellous, which got a


tremendous reaction on soci`l media after being shown on BBC Two last


night. I feel really happy. I am very pleased that the film has gone


off. And it has made England a better place! It has also m`de Toby


Jones and me and all the people involved have a great time. You can


still catch Marvellous on the BBC I play.


Dave Lee Travis have receivdd a three`month suspended prison


sentence for sexually assaulting a television researcher in 1985.


A coroner confirms failures in the treatment of three hdart


He could have been prevented from operating on any of thdm.


And the shocking reality of the dangers of driving on


the continent, but one local driver says a blockade is not the `nswer.


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