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The headlines tonight: news teams where you are.


Controversy after a man disrupts Morris dancers with painted faces,


Even in the 21st-century, can't we all dance together?


Can't we all get on together and respect everybody's traditions?


An ancient tradition that needs explaining,


An inquest finds a 10-year-old boy from Hereford hung


200 rare posters from the Golden Age of cinema -


up for auction right here in the Midlands.


So close, and yet so far - Non-league Stourbridge head out


of the FA-Cup after defeat to Wycombe Wanderers


Proud of the way the boys played, and, as you have seen,


And it's a week of two halves - mild to begin with but cold


and windy from midweek onwards, bringing the chance of some snow,


I'll have full details in the forecast later.


A group of Morris dancers were forced to abandon a performance


in the centre of Birmingham this weekend after being


Several of the troop from Worcestershire,


had blackened their faces, in line with some Morris dancing traditions.


But a number of onlookers took exception and disrupted the dance.


One posted a video on the internet, but the Morris dancers say


the practise dates back centuries, and is not linked to race.


It was supposed to be thoroughly Haydn Leiva and dust dose Tesche


traditional Morris dance to entertain shoppers and celebrate the


start of the agricultural year. Is this not racist?


No, it's not. That was the idea, anyway. But at


the Birmingham Bullring, a young, dark skinned man interrupted the


group. Some of them had blackened their faces. He angrily and


repeatedly called them racist. This is a form of racism.


According to one account, hats were not from heads, and abuse was


Harold. Do not think you will not hurt


someone's feelings! The dancers received such abuse,


they decided to abandon their performance. I have spoken to the


treasurer of the group, they are still deciding whether to comment


publicly. I'm told one of the members were so upset by the


experience coming he considered reporting it to the police. At the


Bullring today, it is not hard to find others who agreed with the


racism claim. Never seen a Morris dancers were


black face before. And why now? I would think, if ice other now, why


now? That is racist. It's nonsense. They're just having


fun. It's our tradition. If people


bothered to look into why they've got their faces blacked up, it's


nothing to do with race. We're model control society, we don't do that.


It's not something that should have have done, and I don't know who gave


them license to do that in a cosmopolitan city like Birmingham.


Shropshire-based Mike Rust has been a Morris dancer for nearly 30 years.


He says the practice of backing up data on the 17th century, when they


dance was banned, and the dancers sought to hide their identities.


It come from the rural parts of the Midlands, Herefordshire, Shropshire


and a bit of Worcester. Multicultural Birmingham seems to be


in a little dome of itself, and what happens there is separate what


happens out here. We have been unable to contact the


young man who confronted the dancers. The police say they are


aware of the incident and are reviewing information research, but


have not started a formal investigation.


The Health Secretary says he's more concerned


about the Worcestershire Royal, than any other hospital


Jeremy Hunt's comments come after the deaths of two patients,


who were waiting in corridors in A and another who was found dead


Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon,


the Health Secretary said the problem of patients waiting


on trolleys was mainly down to two West Midlands hospitals.


The most recent statistics show that nearly three quarters of trolley


In Worcestershire in particular, there have been a number


of unacceptably long trolley waits, and in the media, two reported


We're also aware of ongoing problems in north Midlands,


with extremely high numbers of 12-hour trolley waits.


In response, the Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth,


asked Mr Hunt if the Government would take action over the deaths.


One of the most upsetting reports to come out of hospitals last week


was the death of two patients at Worcestershire Royal who had


Can I ask the Secretary of State if he will commit to personally lead


Well, in our Westminster studio is the MP for Redditch,


Karen Lumley, who earlier this afternoon held an urgent meeting


with the Health Secretary to talk about the problems


at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.


First of all, where you happy with what Mr Hunt had to say?


We talked about the situation that has been ongoing in both the


Worcester royal and Alexandra Hospital over the last few weeks.


And what the Health Secretary could do to alleviate some of those


problems. More importantly, what he could do to make sure this doesn't


happen again. I'm very keen that we put a bit in the expanded capacity


at both hospitals. I want him to look at that bid very seriously. I


was in that debate this afternoon, and I specifically asked him about


that. He said he would lick sympathetically on that bid.


With the idea of expansion in mind at the moment is, the Alex in


Redditch is looking at having its A downgraded, is this not an


opportunity to say to the Health Secretary, we need that A


apartment? We have a department...


It's being downgraded? 85 % of people can go to that A I


was there talking to the staff, making sure they were OK. We owe


those staff a great deal of our gratitude. In that debate this


afternoon, there was over 100 members of Parliament, across the


country, who have stories to tell that -


not as bad as ours - but tale of difficult times ahead.


Staffer under very huge pressure, did he give you any assurances about


additional staff, support, more funding?


There were assurances that they are putting additional support in now.


They are also opening another ward to alleviate some of these problems.


As I said to you, in the short term, that is what is needed. In the


longer term, we need to make sure that this doesn't happen again next


year, and that we have these plans in place that make sure our


hospitals are equipped to deliver what we should be delivering for our


residents. I don't want to have to be looking at that again. My


condolences go out to those families today who have lost relatives.


Thank you very much. In a statement, the trust told us as they are


currently holding internal reviews into all three of those deaths, and


how they are completed, they cannot comment borough. They say they are


working hard to reduce the times that patients are waiting on


trolleys, but they accept that some are waiting longer than the like,


and they apologise for that. A coroner has recorded


a verdict of accidental death after a 10-year-old boy


from Hereford was found hanged It had been suggested that


Alfie Hyett had been taking part But the police told today's


inquest they could find no Alfie Hyett, described


by his teacher at today's inquest as a very


happy ten-year-old. Yet, last March his mother Louise


found him hanged by a school scarf on his


bedroom door handle. He could not be revived


and was pronounced dead at hospital. This is Alfie's room,


as you can tell, very, very tidy. In the summer, Alfie's mum


Louise told Midlands Today she was convinced her son had been


taking part in a web craze, a so-called choking game -


starving the brain of oxygen cause Detective Sergeant Mark


Jinks from West Mercia Police told the inquest that he had


investigated suggestions that Alfie might have been taking part in some


sort of choking game when he died. The youngster's Xbox and laptop


were examined but there was no evidence to suggest he had been


researching the game. Several classmates were


also interviewed but there was no suggestion


that the choking game had been a talking point before


Alfie's death. Alfie's family did not


want to talk to camera convinced her son


was playing a game. The coroner said he was satisfied


Alfie had tied the scarf around his neck but not satisfied


he intended to take his life. Recording of verdict of accidental


death, he said he believed this was an accident of childish


curiosity or experimentation. Two people died in a burning car


after a crash that shut part of the M6 in Warwickshire


in the early hours of this morning. Their vehicle hit a barrier


on the motorway near Corley Services A man and a woman were


confirmed dead at the scene. The road was closed for several


hours causing lengthy hold-ups on many surrounding roads


during the morning rush hour. Rail passengers in Gloucestershire


faced long delays today after a boulder fell onto a railway


line during a landslip. The mass of rock tumbled


onto the line near Chalford. Engineers have spent the day


breaking it up into smaller pieces, but Network Rail says the line may


not reopen before the morning. This is an area of known


disturbance, and we have had some minor falls from time to time,


which is why netting is there, to help the cutting


wall stay in place. It was not designed


to cope with anything of the size that we saw fall


onto the track today. So that's one of the questions


were going to have to ask ourselves about the geological knowledge


we have that particular cutting - do we urgently need to update that


and put some resilient The Reverend Georgina Byrne,


a Canon at Worcester Cathedral, has been appointed to serve


as a chaplain to the Queen. She'll become one of just 34 members


of the clergy to take up Chaplains to the Queen preach


occasionally in the Chapel Royal A planned trial using a former


London Underground train, to run between Nuneaton


and Coventry, has been scrapped. It follows a fire on board


the Vivarail two weeks ago. The train was to have


stopped at the Ricoh Arena Our transport correspondent


Peter Plisner is at Coventry Peter, how much of blow


is this decision? The biggest blow is for passengers,


because this train was due to relieve overcrowding on that line.


This is the trainer currently runs on it, pretty noisy as well. There


is a national shortage in the UK of diesel trains at the moment. It's a


blow to Vivarail, the Warwickshire-based company. Their


test train caught fire on December 30. They had been due to start a


trial in February. A partnership of councils, including the West


Midlands Combined Authority and London Midland have effectively


pulled the plug. With me from London Midland is Francis Thomas, why have


they made that decision? Vivarail tell as their programme


goes back three months, that means we do not have time to run the


programme before the change of franchise in the summer.


Regrettably, we have had to stop the programme now.


How much difference with the strains have made?


There is a national shortage of diesel trains. Nobody else is


building them. We are seeing demand growing all the time for trains in


the West Midlands. On this line, we only have one carriage per hour on a


route that has seen two new stations open in the last 18 months.


My kind you find any other diesel trains?


Every train company in the country is playing the same game, chasing


those diesel trains as they become available. We're already looking for


one to run from here to Leamington, there is big demand for diesel


trains, and affords a no-one is making them. So they class 230 could


be the solution in the future. Vivarail told us night they are


investigating the cause of the fire, but their London Underground trains


are still being converted. Thanks for joining us


on Midlands Today, this Controversy after a troop of Morris


dancers with painted faces Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly. Ashley Giles back at Edgbaston,


but this time it's not Don't get mad, get even -


The mystery woman from Warwick who paid for posters to get back


at her cheating partner. A rare collection of more


than 200 classic Hollywood film posters is being auctioned


in the the Midlands this week. The collection, which is expected


to raise thousands of pounds, was amassed by a man from Dudley


when he worked in RAF Cinema. The 1950s and 60s were


a golden age in cinema. Promotional posters


capturing the classics. Now, more than 200 collected


by Dudley man Brian O'Connor Brian was in the RAF,


and worked in their cinemas, saving each poster from the skip


and consolidating a shildhood Saturday morning


pictures, loved them. I have his pass from


when he was small. And his love continued


right until he died. The auction's being held


in Dudley on Friday, and they could fetch up to tens


of thousands with this War Of The World poster thought


to be the most valuable. We saw one sell in America, a film


poster for The War Of The Worlds, This particular film


poster, this British one, Not only are there posters


about the classics, but also some of the B-movies,


like here The Blob, this film was about a huge lump of slime


they kept growing and engulfing neighbourhoods


somewhere in the states. In fact, you could say


it was so bad it was good. And, to be honest, if I think


about it too much, I want to cry. Brian's family now live in Kent,


but they're keeping his four most favoured posters,


along with hundreds of photos It's time for the sport, and Dan is


here. It was a case of close but not quite. Rich?


Yes, if only Tom Tonks' late strike hadn't bounced off the crossbar,


then Stourbridge could have been looking forward to a replay,


and a place in tonight's fourth round draw.


Instead, they bowed out of the FA Cup with their heads held high.


More than 2000 fans made the trip from the Black Country,


and Ian Winter travelled with the Stourbridge team to Wycombe.


They've never made a journey like this since the club


They were determined to enjoy every minute.


Overnight stay in a four-star hotel, a luxury coach, and a moment


of quiet reflection on their way to the biggest game of their lives.


Clearly, this Stourbridge lads weren't suffering


We know it's going to be very tough, we know it'll be one of the shocks


But we have prepared as well as we can.


As I say, if we get beat by a better side on the day, so be it.


Just before we get there, I want to wish all the lads good luck!


It's 40 years now since a team from the Northern Premier League


last reached the fourth round of the FA Cup,


so now is the moment for Stourbridge to make FA Cup history.


And waiting for them outside the Wycombe ground,


Lucky hats, silly suits, and optimistic betting slips.


More than 2000 had made the trip from the Black Country.


# We are Stourbridge, we are Stourbridge!#


Stourbridge fell behind soon after the break,


Dan Scarr, man of the match, levelled the score at 1-1,


It might even had been a victory, if only Tom Tonks' effort had


But seven minutes from time, the unmistakable figure of Akinfenwa


popped in the winner to break Stourbridge hearts.


I am so disappointed that it's ended in the way it has.


But as I said, I'm proud of the way the boys played.


And as you have seen, the support today was breathtaking.


Very fine margins in football, and unfortunately, we've lost


Well done, Gary, you've done the Black Country proud.


It's certainly been an FA Cup journey the Glass Boys


Such a shame for a stammer rage. But not a great weekend for any of our


teams? A great result for will steam from the championship, they beat


Stoke City 2-0. The only other team from her area still involved in the


FA Cup is Birmingham city, they drew 1-1, Lukas Jutkiewicz with the


equaliser. We have another cup draw taking


place today? The women's FA Cup draw took place


at Perry Barr, two pupils did the draw, Sana Kazi and Leya Hussain.


Aston Villa, commentary are all at home in round three.


In rugby, Wasps at the top, but oh, Wester!


Almost 28,000 people at the Ricoh Arena, they are now three points


clear at the top of the Premiership. On Saturday, Gloucester beat


Worcester, they scored seven tries, there are now eight, Worcester are


bottom but one. Cricket and Ashley Giles


says his new role at Warwickshire means he's taking a step back


from frontline coaching. Giles has won the County


Championship as both But he says that Jim Troughton will


be in charge of the first team. Ashley Giles has spent almost all


of his working life at Edgbaston, but he stressed this time


he is in a new role, The Academy, sports


science, recruitment. It's a lot of areas that


I have really not had It keeps me more in a suit than


a tracksuit for most of the year. A very different role,


but one I'm looking forward to. The team were back in training today


for the first time since Christmas, and now the direct


responsibility of Jim Troughton, It's going to be an organic process


in the first couple of weeks, we need to figure out whose


responsibilities are where. But I'm focusing on the cricket,


making sure I get in that indoor school and get the guys as prepared


as possible for our For Giles, this


is a real homecoming. He spent 14 seasons as a first-class


cricketer at Warwickshire, He was lured away by England before


a two-year spell at Lancashire, and the 43-year-old says a big


plus about the new job will be living at home


with his family in Worcestershire. That was a crucial


part of the decision. I was spending too many


days in a hotel room. It's an important time


in my children's development, none of us are getting any younger,


and before I know it, But he's been hired


to bring success. The Bears last won the County


Championship in 2012, with Giles as coach


and Troughton as captain. The pair are now reunited,


and they'll be hoping for Feels a long way away from sunshine


and champagne today. Certainly does at the moment!


If you live in Warwickshire then you may have spotted some of these


They were apparently paid for by a woman


revenge against her cheating partner "Graham".


Well, mystery continues to surround the identity of the couple,


with some claiming it could be a publicity stunt.


It was a simple but powerful sign - is scorned woman trying to publicly


shame her ex-by advertising his alleged in fidelity on lamp posts.


Around 50 of the signs appeared in Warwick, and have the town talking.


I think she feels humiliated by Graham, so she has he related him. I


don't think it's revenge. It's very boldly.


Do you think it is my it mean? No.


Yes. She's properly hanging him out to


dry. If he has been paying away from


home, he has only himself to blame. I think Linda should come in and


have a chat and a copy about Graham! With the images going viral on


social media, the poster company are refusing to comments, but had told


friends that Linda is a genuine customer, and this is not a PR


stunt. But hasn't it gone too far? Just be very careful what you say, I


don't think Linda made for it to be shared in America and be on the BBC,


but it's out there now for everyone to see. It's and anti-love story,


but it is so intriguing, who is she, why has he done this? Can we help


out? I think it's great. Through this entries, Warwick Castle


has seen a few acts of revenge, and this is nothing new to this town. On


the 14th century, prisoners will be held in a cell where sewage would be


poured upon them, and they would be left to die. Today, there's no sign


of grain here. The identities of both Graham and Linda remain a


mystery, although this bar owner claims he knows Linda's true


identity, and has even offered her a bottle of champagne.


All I know is who Linda is, I am not quick to say any more. If she wants


to lay low, I'm not going to change that.


There could be a final twist in this sad love story, flyposting is


illegal, and guilty parties could be fined.


Oh, Graham! There are rumours of snow, search Farley is here to give


us the forecast. Our cameraman, Joe, over there has confirmed some big


fat flakes of snow at Edgbaston earlier today. There could be more


substantial snow later this week, but lets concentrate on the


miserable conditions today. But this picture looks quite nice. We should


title this, And Then The Heavens Opened. This was the reality of this


situation once the rain got going, it was miserable, very wet. Just


three hours ago, this was the situation across Staffordshire,


things drying up with some breaks in the cloud. This is how the rest of


the week is shaping up. At the moment, it has been wet and cloudy,


by the time we get to midweek, the colder hair and windier conditions


start to move in. Those will be with us right until the end of the week.


At this stage, for the Midlands, just wintry showers, nothing to


substantial. This is what is bringing in the colder air, and


northwesterly breeze from the Arctic, that is what's going to


cover the entire country. That is going to bring in some substantial


snow to parts of the north of the country, Wales as well, and also the


East Midlands. That's weather warnings are. For us, it looks like


we have no snow at all for most areas, certainly at lower levels.


Actor this evening, write out there as a result of the rain earlier.


That is clearing to the southeast, and we're left with a few showery at


pix of rain, some drizzle and rain towards the north and north west. A


lot of that give Mr averages above freezing, Aranda four Celsius.


Tomorrow will be cloudy to begin with. Miles of tomorrow.


Mild! That was the Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks? but it's not always


the right thing for one person. we've run at almost


completely 100% capacity. We've got lots of patients


now competing. There's no beds. I do the right thing


all the time in this job, but it's not always


the right thing for one person. I do the right thing


for the hospital. Sometimes I stop


things happening, yeah.