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Tributes are paid to Graham Taylor - the former Aston Villa,


Wolves and England manager dies suddenly at the age of 72.


Without Graham I simply would not have had the career I had. He was


just such a great man. We will be live at Villa Park to


assess the huge impact that Graham Taylor had on the club.


Snow hits parts of the region, but the white-out fails to materialise.


Really nice. So pretty. It is the first time she has seen snow so I


brought her up to have Halep. -- have a look.


As the snow showers start to ease, ice becomes the next hazard


Getting back to basics - hopes to set up a new primary school


with nature at the heart of its curriculum.


And, looking sharp for a life in the ring -


one man's quest to become a WWE superstar.


An outstanding manager, lover of football


Just one of the hundreds of tributes paid to Graham Taylor,


the former Aston Villa, Wolves and England


The 72-year-old was well respected in the game,


Many have described him as honest and a true gentleman.


His death from a suspected heart attack has come as a shock.


Villa and Wolves are planning special tributes to their former


manager when the two sides meet at Molineux on Saturday.


The report contains flash photography. It is a shambles and


what is the point of saying anything else?


Graham Taylor always told it straight but he got results too.


Within nine months of his arrival at newly relegated Aston Villa


in 1987 he led them to promotion back to the top flight.


With a combination of outstanding signings and brilliant coaching


he then took Villa agonisingly close to winning the league title, before


I should never have let him go, really, but they wanted him and I


did a deal. He was one of the few that I got on very well with. He was


a well-educated man, articulate, and always says what is on his mind. He


involved everybody at the club, the tea lady, the man on the door, she


treated them the same way he would treat his multi-million-pound


signing. Aston Villa released a statement


saying, Graham will always have a place of honour in our history


books. He will always be remembered by staff who had the pleasure of


working with him. In 1994 Taylor returned to club


football with Wolves. There were only a handful of clubs


who I would have come back into football four and Wolverhampton


Wanderers were one of them. In his one full season


at Molineux they made it to the promotion playoffs


but that was as good as it got. Behind the scenes, though,


Taylor's role was critical in sowing Graham was very instrumental in how


our Academy and youth structure looks today and the plans were


implemented at that time have meant that we have gone on to have a


strong Academy structure, that is largely due to the work Graham did


in the 1990s. Wolves have already lowered the flag


over Molineux to half mast and are preparing a special programme for


Saturday's Championship match, which appropriately is against Aston


Villa. Both sets of fans will get


the chance to say goodbye to one of the region's best-loved and most


influential football managers. Dan Pallett is at Villa Park for us


tonight. This has come as a tremendous shot and the affection


has been obvious from the tributes paid throughout the day. It


certainly has. You can possibly see behind me a beautiful photo of


Graham here at Villa Park, because he was such a cherished gentleman.


There have been tributes on radio, TV and online. There are so many to


choose from but we can give you a few.


What was his impact as manager at Aston Villa? It was enormous. He


managed to avoid sacking from Doug Ellis, not many did. He joined when


they were in the second division, he got them promoted, they survived and


they were so close to winning the league championship, runners-up to


Liverpool. Then England came calling. I was speaking to Steve


Froggatt earlier today and he said Graham had a real eye for players.


Dwight Yorke was bought the ?10,000, he was sold for Manchester United


for ?13 million. A true gentleman, a proper footballing man.


And we will have some of your tributes to Graham Taylor


"An absolute disgrace" - that's how the sister of one


of the Hillsborough victims has described the announcement that 23


people are to be investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service.


Louise Brookes, who's from Bromsgrove, says she's worried


that today's news about the numbers of criminal suspects


Sarah Bishop has more details for us.


Where has this number of 23 criminal suspects come from?


Go back four years and two separate criminal investigations were


launched. One of them, Operation Resolve,


focused on planning for the 1989 FA Cup match between Liverpool


and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough and causes


of the disaster, in which 96 The other was an Independent Police


Complaints Commission investigation looking at the aftermath,


the alleged cover-up That examined not only


the South Yorkshire force but West Midlands too,


as it was the force which investigated the police


handling of Hillsborough. So, of those 23 suspects,


15 are related to the cause of the disaster, and eight suspects


are related to the alleged cover-up. At this stage the CPS


won't give names. The CPS now have to decide whether


to bring charges against the 23 - What's been the reaction of families


who lost loved ones at Hillsborough? I spoke earlier to Louise Brookes,


who lost her brother She was incandescent


about today's developments. She said it was absolutely


disgraceful that after five years this was the best the authorities


could do, 23 people. That they can scrape together eight


for the alleged cover-up is an insult to the


families, she said - she thinks the real figure


should be four times that. And she ended by saying she'd


like to know what they've been doing Now, the chairman of Hillsborough


Family Support Group, Trevor Hicks, lived in Kingswinford when he got


the news that his two I take the view that if someone has


committed a particular crime, offence, call it what


you like, and the... you know, what do they call it,


the tariff is the word they use, the tariff for that offence should


be what is applied. It may not suit people and I am sure


there will be a lot of people today As you said earlier,


West Midlands Police were the major investigating


force into the disaster. Yes, the West Midlands force not


only provided the evidence that led to the decision


there was "insufficient evidence" to prosecute the South Yorkshire


force but it also acted as Officers to the Coroner when the original


verdicts of "accidental Those was quashed in 2012


and at the fresh inquests they This afternoon the force


released this statement. "Our thoughts remain with the family


and friends of loved ones who died West Midlands Police


continues to co-operate fully There have been flurries of snow


across the Midlands today, with the Staffordshire


moorlands most affected. It's not exactly been


a complete white-out, but there are warnings of more snow


and ice to come. The first significant snowfall


of winter and it was the A53 on the Staffordshire Moorlands that


felt it worst. By mid-afternoon it was spreading


further south, this is the scene on the eastern slopes of the Malvern


Hills. A fine dusting settled


on the Lickey Hills No dramas but still quite


exciting for some. Well, there's only a bit of it


but it's really nice. It's the first time she's seen snow,


so we brought her up to have a look. No rest for the gritters,


as attention switches to what tonight will bring -


the concern now is ice on untreated roads during tomorrow


morning's rush hour. We need to get out and about and get


some salt down. Watching all this with more than


a passing interest is a self-styled In the back garden of his home


in Kenzie, near Worcester, he designed and built


a sledge-cum-skiboard It was intended as a one-off


for his daughters but he's gone into commercial production and sold


27,000 over the past five years, It only needs a little bit of snow


and it looks like he's got his wish. We have waited six years for this


moment and now finally the Axiski is going to see some action


in the UK and I'm so excited and I know an awful lot of customers


of mine are also excited. But in the end, for the rest of us,


this much-anticipated weather event Less antarctic, more quite


literally damp squib. Giles is near Broadway tonight,


on Snowhill - but no snow. You can guarantee that if there is


not much of an accumulation here then I and large this weather event


has passed the Midlands by. A little dusting sets off the stone quite


nicely. You saw the greater is preparing to do battle with the


elements. -- gritters. Black ice is a real threat, temperatures


plummeting and up high where we are you can take my word for that.


And Rebecca is out on the balcony this evening,


enjoying the cold - so overnight and into tomorrow


could bring some interesting travel conditions?


Yes, Mary, we still have a handful of weather warnings in place


from the Met Office as our wintry conditions continue.


Plenty of heavy rain around today, not much in the way of snow.


But it is bitterly cold, already temperatures have fallen


to below freezing in parts of the region.


With wet surfaces following today's rain and sleet, attention turns


to treacherous driving conditions, particularly during tomorrow's


morning rush hour, as another band of potentially wintry showers moves


I'll be back with a full forecast later in the programme.


A pilot scheme to help ease tensions between students


at Coventry University and local residents is being rolled


Student wardens have been carrying out patrols since January last year


It follows complaints about litter and noise nuisance in some


Tidying up their neighbourhood, keen to improve their reputation


It is a charm offensive set to continue, as the university expands.


Students are great for the area, they bring money - the economy.


They bring youth and talent to the area.


What is important, and what we do, is we help bring students


Ten years ago Coventry's student population was around 15,000 but it


is heading towards 30000 and that has led to a huge boom in the


construction of student accommodation blocks like this one.


New ill beings can be found all over the city centre and many older


buildings have been or are being converted. At the university itself


work is coming to an end on the new teaching sciences block.


This new ?60 million teaching block will emulate a hospital.


The university are keen to outline the benefits.


The students are contributing ?100 million to the local


economy in spend on top of their tutition fees.


The economic impact of the university is one


Back on the streets surrounding the city centre, the charm offensive


continues. Why is the chewing gum


on the floor all the time? I have the opportunity to talking to


a resident and I can do whatever I can to help them.


This pilot scheme has now become permanent.


So Coventry residents may soon be receiving a knock at the door


44 people have been made redundant and more than 100 other


jobs are still at risk, after the Redditch firm AMS went


AMS, which installs shop interiors, was founded in 1919


Administrators KPMG say the company has faced significant


challenges in recent times, through increasing competition


A speech by the Home Secretary at the Conservative Party conference


in Birmingham has been logged as a "hate incident" by police.


Amber Rudd set out a number of possible measures to reduce


immigration in the speech, prompting a complaint


to police by Joshua Silver, a physics professor


West Midlands Police said there was no evidence of a hate


A man who builds replica off-road vehicles for children


has been describing his sadness after all eight of his


Steve Gardner says the vehicles represent his life's work,


This is just after I finished the Jeep Rebel 1.


James, as you can see, is in the photograph.


Steve Gardner made these replica off-road cars for his


own sons nearly 30 years ago and now builds them commercially for private


But on Tuesday night his eight original


They can't be replaced, especially Rebel 1,


It was originally going to be given to


I made it for her father when he was three.


Next year she will be three and it was going


CCTV captured burglars entering the yard at Steve's home in Malvern.


They returned later in a vehicle and then they towed away his


27 years worth of my work has gone into


building those vehicles and someone seems to think that they can just


The trailer without the prototypes was later found in a field ten miles


away. Steve has this message for the burglars. You might want to bring


them back. You can't sell them. By the way, you forgot to take the


battery chargers so you only have about three hours of use before you


can't use them anyway. West Mercia Police are appealing for witnesses.


Thanks for joining us on Midlands Today, this


Tributes are paid to Graham Taylor, the former Aston Villa,


Wolves and England manager who's died suddenly at the age of 72.


And hundreds of you have been paying tribute to Graham


on our Facebook page, and the affection for him


Paul Whittaker told us "I was fortunate to meet him a couple


of times while he was manager at Wolves.


I was only 11 or 12, but I always remember how


he listened to my opinions on team matters and took the time


A true gentleman and honest football man."


Lisa McLellan posted "RIP Legend, one of the greatest managers ever."


And Dawn Milman-Hurst said "Wonderful man,


who gave up lots of his time for charity.


Supported us with a number of events with appearances


and coaching for youngsters - very sad news."


Thanks very much for your tributes, and you can add your own comments


It's called Surviving Winter, and in the six years it's been


running in our region it's helped 80,000 people.


Not just homeless people and rough sleepers, but families affected


In Leamington Spa, the campaign is helping a project


Its grand architecture speaks of an affluent past -


but Kenny Crawford knows the truth behind the Regency facade.


This was my place where I used to reside on a Monday, Tuesday and


Thursday evening when shelters were unavailable.


For months he lived on the streets, after becoming homeless


Now, though, he has a job as a chef, and volunteers with the charity


Helping Hands, which helped him get back on his feet.


I have had a lot of offers and things have definitely changed for


me. Helping Hands run a shop


and a drop-in centre in the town. We call the our friends, not the


homeless, and we see them day in, day out and we are giving them back


their self-esteem and helping them get back into work.


Helping Hands is one of a number of charities to benefit


from the Surviving Winter campaign which is run by the Heart


of England Community Foundation, which is asking people to donate


their Winter Fuel Allowance if they are able to do without it.


We are so conscious of the crisis of homelessness across the West


Midlands and also people in and out of work who are dependent on food


banks to feed their families, and older people in isolation, so those


are the three main causes we are through this campaign. -- we are


supporting through. For Kenny, Helping Hands has


proved to be the help For children with a love


of the great outdoors, this could make going to school


a lot more appealing. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust


is hoping to set up four new primary schools with nature at the heart


of the curriculum. They say much of the learning


at the new "nature schools" Our environment correspondent,


David Gregory-Kumar, has Brandon Marsh nature


reserve near Coventry, home to some excited woodland


creatures, getting Brandon Marsh is also headquarters


for Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. And it's the trust that is


leading plans for nature Some of these children could be


amongst the very first pupils. Children at our schools will still


have to learn their times tables, learn to read and write, but we are


preparing an educational philosophy that will allow teachers to achieve


that learning outside, using the lateral setting as much as the


classroom. So they will be outside a bit more? They will be. They will


probably be coming home a bit dirtier than they might otherwise.


Initially four nature-based primary schools are planned,


with two in the Midlands - one in Smethwick...


and the other, Warwickshire, the Camp Hill School.


And it's the Camp Hill School that might be the very first


nature school in the UK, in a location that might


It was identified as the area with greatest need for a new school and


we are going to create out door spaces for learning, wildlife areas,


possibly beehives, very exciting. Perhaps not surprisingly parents


visiting the trust's Some have already looked


into applying to the new school. She loves being outdoors and we


would like that for her for education really. The outside is an


amazing place to learn and I think you can have so many experiences


that are not traditional education that still give you the same


knowledge that you would have in a classroom, so I think it is


brilliant. If all goes very well the UK's first


nature school could open A charity is on the lookout


for volunteer "otter spotters" Otter numbers had been


in decline since the 1950s because of habitat loss


and pesticide use. But improvements in water quality


mean they have made a comeback. Now the Canal and River Trust wants


local people to build a better picture of where otters


are most active. If you are of a certain vintage, the


names giant haystacks and Big Daddy will be familiar.


36-year-old wrestler Trent Seven, from Wolverhampton,


will compete in Blackpool this weekend in the first


It will be watched by millions worldwide.


Looking for one of the meanest wrestlers in Britain?


What can I do for you today? Quick moustache trim.


Meet Trent Seven, owner of one of the finest moustaches


in the Midlands and a man on a mission.


I am going to roll down moustache mountain to the Emperor bowl in


Blackpool. The first ever winner of the UK Championship tournament. Come


Sunday evening I will be walking away crowned the first-ever WWE


United Kingdom champion. And that is something else.


It's the biggest brand in world wrestling and this weekend WWE


will stage their first British title.


I think Trent has a great opportunity to make it through this


tournament. He is one of my favourites to wind this thing. Trent


has everything. -- to win this thing.


It's less than a year since sales manager Ben Webb gave up his job


It is not so bad when he does the more entertainment side of it but


the moves and the head slams and the body drops, I shut my eyes and grit


my teeth really! Training alongside Trent


is 19-year-old Tyler Bate. Now I am getting a chance to


actually showcase how good I am at wrestling to the WWE and hopefully


it leads on to something even bigger than just this tournament.


Trent is also preparing for a world title under


the Insane Championship Wrestling banner next month.


Now he's dreaming of becoming a household name around the world.


We will of course let you know how he gets on!


Let's get some more detail on the snow, Rebecca is braving


the chilly temperatures outside our offices.


It is bitterly cold, due to northerly winds.


Very chilly out and about tonight, the temperature has plummeted


and despite gritters being sent out across the region


conditions this evening are likely to be icy


and we have a Met Office yellow weather warning


in place for ice overnight tonight into tomorrow.


We still have a yellow weather warning for snow through to tonight


across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.


But we also have another yellow weather warning for snow tomorrow


in the Welsh borders of Shropshire, where further snow


The low pressure system that brought rain and some sleet and snow


changed to a northerly, bringing much colder


So for tonight temperatures are plummeting, there


is still the possibility of a few wintry showers blowing


down from the north, particularly over higher ground.


And under clearing skies we can expect a widespread frost


with lows of minus two, a very cold night to come.


Surfaces tomorrow are likely to be icy so do take care on the roads


Stay tuned to your BBC local radio station throughout the morning.


As well as the risk of ice we also have some showers sinking


southwards during the morning, which again could lead to some


Once those clear we'll be left with a fine and dry day,


bitterly cold in northerly winds, but cold and crisp with


plenty of brightness - but in that wind chill temperatures


will feel more like sub-zero, so even though they might


get up to five Celsius, it will feel more like minus one or two.


Another fine, dry but chilly day on the way on Saturday,


staying bright and the winds still fairly strong, so again


temperatures are likely to feel much colder in the winds.


It is not until Sunday when a weather system comes through that we


start to get less cold. But we are not done yet because it is going to


get much colder by the end of next week.


I'll be back at 10.30 with your next news,


when we'll have more tributes to Graham Taylor, who has


..and keep telling yourself over and over, "This will end."


Ladies and gentlemen, the bride and groom.


So what if I forgot our poxy anniversary?


Er, I think this year was copper. 14th is poxy.


Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint.


Like a marathon, you have to keep on going...


..drink as much as you can... Please tell me you can see them, too.


..and keep telling yourself over and over, "This will end."


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