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Plans to restrict knee and hip replacements in Worcestershire


The hospital says they have to put a line somewhere.


But Mike I am very frustrated and I am worried. I worried that they are


good and leave me like this for a lot longer. TRANSLATION:


The Royal College of TRANSLATION: surgeons describe


And following the pleas at the clamp-down on people using their


mobile phones whilst driving. The Liverpool player whose first


appearance at Anfield Getting up close with the new


generation of Northern Soul fans. And after a few very chilly days,


finally a change is on the way, but although we'll see the back


of the frosty scenes, Just some of the reaction


to plans to restrict hip and knee replacements


to those in severe pain. The proposal by three clinical


commissioning groups in Worcestershire is aimed at saving


around ?2 million a year. But critics say that remaining


mobile is fundamental for people's Here's our health


correspondent Michele Paduano. Severe arthritis makes a normal


walking and agonising punishment 72-year-old Susan Morris believes


the current waiting list is She had been trying for


a new replacement for a year, and has been on the waiting


list since September. Now she worries her wait


will count against her. They just don't seem to understand


exactly what the patients I would go anywhere, I said


I would go anywhere to have this operation done, I don't


even mind going up to Russell Hall or somewhere


like that. In future, most hip


and knee replacements in Worcestershire will be carried out


at the Alexandra Hospital. There is a scoring


system to qualify. Those paying for the


operations have made The Royal College of


surgeons say the arbitrary decision to restrict NHS care


on the basis of pain The commission hopes to save money


but says that ignores the potential impact of delayed


treatment, prolonged pain and But with the ?9 million deficit,


and more and more elderly needing more treatment,


commissioners here say they are This sits in a very difficult place


with the clinical I have responsibilities


to my individual patients, but we've also got responsibilities in terms


of the amount of money we have, and we are being told that we have to


bring down the deficit that we have We asked people in Worcester


their thoughts on rationing care. If people need hip operations,


they should be given hip operations. And I think they could


make savings in It is not really what we grew up


to understand what the But I don't see that there


is a lot that we can do There should be more money


in the health service, but there is a fundamental


question about whether it is going to the right places


and is being allocated fairly. If the British public wants


to spend more on the NHS, and it looks like they do,


then we will continue to do that. We are doing that at the moment,


but maybe the message For Mrs Morris, restricting her


movement feels like restricting her And Michele joins us now from


the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. Is Worcestershire alone


in taking this action? No, not at all. Shropshire took this


action sometime last year, and their situation was even more draconian.


It was five points more serious before you have a hip operation. We


will be seeing more of this. If you look at the NHS five-year plan, they


look at cutting operations. Sometimes up to 20%. Many hospitals


have said it. It is not just hips and knees, back operations are also


going to be reduced. Henne has agreed to be reduced as well. We're


going to see less IDF being available, and the big issue is we


have an ageing population which require more care and we need


funding to provide. Could some people be waiting longer just


because of where they'll? This is one of the fundamental questions


about the NHS, because the idea is where ever you are, wherever you


are, you get the same treatment. This is not necessarily going to be


the case now. Wheels the issue of funding. Some areas do receive more


funding than others. We have elderly people who are deciding to leave


their houses in the city, liquidate their money, getting the countryside


and that is putting pressure on those rural areas like


Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.


Despite several national campaigns, some motorists continue to break


the law by using their mobile phones while driving,


Between 2014 and 2015, West Midlands Police issued over


2,000 penalty notices, while in the West Mercia force


The lowest figure in our region was recorded by Gloucestershire Police,


Elizabeth Glinka has spent the day on patrol with police


in Staffordshire where 1,800 notices were issued


There can't be many people who don't realise that holding or talking on


your mobile phone while driving is illegal. And yet people still do it.


She is talking to somebody. Her phone is in her hand. We are on


patrol with Staffordshire police. They have just stopped a woman who


was talking on her phone using the loudspeaker. Any use of a phone


other than hands-free constitutes an offence. Is that a popular


misconception that the loudspeaker is OK? A little bit of that and a


little bit of our just habit on and people won't notice. Amongst the


people we stopped, there seems to be a mix of confusion and those who


admit to a momentary lapse. It is against the law. You see as a fair


cop. Yeah, I understand. The typical penalty for this offence is three


points on your license and a fine of about ?100. These forces also have


discretion with some operating safety courses as an alternative.


All of that look set to change. The Government is introducing a new


system which would mean an automatic six points on your license and fines


of ?200. The aim is to create a deterrent in a world where we had a


big key to our phones. This young driver was paying a bill. Mobile


phone in hand. When we talk to him, it is clear that sometimes the


temptation is too much. It makes you want to pick the phone up and look


at it. Leave your phone alone concentrate on driving. That is what


is important. Because prices are serious. Including four other


members of the public. The battle for hearts and minds continues.


A 25-year-old man from Birmingham has appeared in court charged


with murdering a man on a bus on Monday night.


36-year-old Leon Barrett-Hazle from Smethwick was stabbed


and killed as he rode on the top deck of the 11A in Handsworth .


Kieran Gillespie who lives in Handsworth denies the charge.


Staffordshire Police are investigating a cannabis factory


discovered in a series of basements in Burton on Trent.


Around 800 cannabis plants have so far been recovered,


with a possible street value estimated at ?400,000.


The police say it's one of the largest cannabis factories


It is a massive basement area underneath a large premises where


several rooms, all large, have been utilised to grow the cannabis,


including water supply and electricity.


It is so large that a tractor and trailer was utilised in


order to remove the goods from here, and that was obviously noted by


members of the public who called it into us.


Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, and there have been events


across the Midlands to remember the atrocities.


Originally created as a remembrance day for the mass murder of Jews


at the hands of Nazi Germany, the day also commemorates more


recent genocides such as Rwanda, Darfur and Cambodia.


You may find some of the pictures in Kevin Reide's report, disturbing.


In wolverhampton today, many gathered to remember those


who perished for no other reason than for who they were.


A service was held and wreath layed at the Cenotaph


in St Peter's Square, then a statement of


But about Holocaust Memorial Day is a chance for us to stop and remember


the horrors of the Second World War, and the Nazi regime, as well as all


those other places since then where other genocides have taken place.


The day was created to remember the six million Jews


who were exterminated in death camps across Nazi Germany and Poland.


Susi Bechofer who lives in Rugby survived when she and her twin


were amongst 10,000 Jewish children rescued from Germany


She's written a book about her Mum, Rosa, who had to stay in Germany


before being taken to Auschwitz's gas chambers, all


This is a tribute to browser, and all the parents who relinquished


their children to be safe. The majority of parents perished in gas


chambers. Today National Holocaust Day


is also about remembering all genocides such as Rwanda,


Cambodia and Darfur. At the Hive in Worcester, Jewish,


Muslim and Christian communities As well as children from five


schools. I think it is important for young people to be educated about


what happened, so we can pay our respects. What happened to people's


grandparents, parents and great-grandparents, it shouldn't be


forgotten. And for Susi, it's about


turning horror to hope. I think valuing other people for who


they are, whatever their race or creed, is paramount.


Kevin Reide, BBC Midlands Today, Warwickshire.


Thanks for joining us on Midlands Today, this is our top


story tonight: Plans to restrict knee and hip operations


in Worcestershire to those in severe pain.


You've been getting in touch with us on this story.


Rosalie Daubney says "If they don't agree to do my husband's knee soon,


it's going to cost them more in the end, because it's


While Timothy Evans wrote, "There is a line.


Your detailed weather forecast to come shortly.


Recording our robins and other garden birds.


Why the RSPB needs you to keep your eyes peeled this weekend.


New figures released show that Coventry University is the highest


in student intake. More than 8000 students were accepted places across


the university group. The future of farming and the Brexit is still


uncertain. As with the referendum itself,


some in agriculture are optimistic, while others fear


for their livelihood. Joanne Gallacher has been to meet


two farmers who have a very different take on the future


of farming after we leave Newborn lambs - a sign of fresh


starts and new beginnings, but for this Oswestry farmer,


the future's a worry. Malcolm Roberts exports his produce


to France, Italy Spain and Germany. In fact, 40% of UK


lamb goes to Europe. He voted to remain in


the European Union and is concerned Brexit could make things


difficult down on the farm. Our business needs sound economic


growth, and my time of life I hate to say it, but if we are messing


around with our business for the next 15 or 20 years, that is


probably going my career done. The message from the Government


is everything will be fine, Can see the concern. And join it


will still be subsidies but the devil is in the detail. Every


individual farmer gets a different subsidy depending on the size and


efficiency of the farm. Farming accounts for about ?1


billion worth of business a year On farms like these, farmers receive


around ?70 an acre in EE subsidies, but with Brexit that money is likely


to go. Leave campaigner Owen Paterson


is the MP for this area. He says farmers like Malcolm have


nothing to fear from Brexit. They have a wonderful opportunity to


help design a completely new rural policy tailored around their


industry and our environment. Just 50 miles away in Staffordshire,


the atmosphere on this 500-acre beef and arable farm


is one of excitement. He wants to take back


control and he has no We're still in Europe, we still farm


in Europe, we still trade with Europe. I still think in the future


we will be trading in Europe. They need us, we need them.


There may be a stand-off for now, but it's inevitable there'll be


a locking of horns as ministers try to get right the terms of Brexit


And you can see more on that story on Sunday politics


The RSPB's big garden birdwatch starts this weekend.


The charity's asking us to record the birds that visit our gardens


over the course of an hour, so they can work out


which species are doing well, and which ones are struggling.


So for some top garden bird-watching tips we sent environment


correspondent David Gregory-Kumar to meet Springwatch star


Kate MacRae, who took these amazing pictures


Last year in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch,


So let's get some tips for this weekend.


What are your top tips for how to feed birds,


how to get more birds into your garden?


Well, I think you have to think of it a bit like a


The more different kinds of food you can put out


and different kinds of ways you can feed them, then the more


different species you're going to attract because not all birds like


the same food and not all like feeding in the same way.


Kate has spotted over 50 different bird species


But about a lot of the cheap stuff is bowled out with wheat, and the


only species that are going to like the plea by the pigeons. It isn't


worth saving up spending a little bit more and having a bit more of a


gourmet mix, you will get a better selection of species. Cake has


bodied many different species. The Midlands gardenwatch top five:


sparrow, blue tip, starling, blackbird and wood pigeon have


all been caught by her cameras. But she records less


common visitors, too, Well, one that is always


really exciting to get is the woodpecker, and Great Spotted


Woodpeckers were another species that have taken advantage


of our changing in the way we feed. And this year the whole


event has been extended by a day


to cover the Monday as well as the weekend,


and that means you don't


have to do a whole hour in your garden,


you could Garden Birdwatch is our largest


citizen science experiment, providing vital information on how


all our garden birds are doing. David Gregory-Kumar,


BBC Midlands Today, Lichfield. And for more details on how


to take part in the garden FA Cup fourth round weekend -


always a treat, if your It's only a two-horse race,


but Wolves are the 10-1 outsiders to pull off a shock


victory against Liverpool. Anyone who saw them cruise past


Stoke City in round three might But one former Liverpool player


knows exactly how tough He was born in the red half


of Merseyside, joined Liverpool's Academy aged six,


spent 15 years with the club, played twice for the first team,


But never at Anfield ... How are you? 24 hours before the big


game. But Mac I can't wait. It is good to be a great occasion.


Everyone is looking forward to it. No wonder Conor Coady was chuffed


to bits when Liverpool Because he'd already set his heart


on playing for Wolves at the home If only Wolves can repeat the sort


of form they showed three weeks A little bird tells EU went bananas


when the draw was made. Yak, to draw them was fantastic. It is massive


for everybody. Everybody was to be on the best team.


If only Wolves can repeat the sort of form they showed three weeks


ago to beat Stoke City, they must have a chance.


Ok, so the bookies disagree and make Liverpool


But few people know the Reds manager Jurgen Klopp better


They go back a long way, and share a strong connection


Very nice guy, but even when he is nice, I would like to send him home


with empty hands. Tomorrow lunchtime,


Klopp's got the Kop, but Lambert's got lots of very loud


Wolves fans, more Labour's support has been fantastic


since I have been here. We're going to have two weather a storm at


Anfield, but the supporters will help us. If the sport is the winning


normally do it will be a great atmosphere. Will you touch the


Anfield sign? ' no, I play for Wills. It is the other way around,


maybe. Not this weekend. Good luck. But today an apology


from Saido Berahino to Albion fans. Yes we heard from Berahino


today for the first time since making his ?12 million move


from Albion to Stoke City. Now Berahino has been


agitating for a move away from the Hawthorns


for the past two seasons. But today the 23-year-old


said that the Albion I have got regrets, I could have


handled it better. I was still a young lad, I was in a situation


where most footballers ever BN. You live and learn. We are here now, and


I'm just glad to be here. The Birmingham Bears were given


a civic reception this afternoon. That's to recognise their victory


in the One Day Cup They were at Lords on the 29th


of August last year. But for cricket-lovers the good news


is that it's only 70 days Nick will be delighted it is only 70


days away. Northern Soul, the dance and music


movement which emerged in the '60s and '70s still has


many dedicated fans. But now, a new generation


of followers is on the scene, and their story is being highlighted


in a new exhibition. We sent out Arts Reporter Satnam


Rana to see them in action. The next generation


of Northern Soul Lovers. The Northern Soul first


emerged over 50 years ago, orginating from the Tamala


and Mowton Studios But it was unkown singers that


defined the music of the movement. it is all about as young people,


which highlight, because it comes from an older generation and it is


nice that we are taking over. 18 years old and they're going out on


knees all night is and are still dancing. It is fantastic. It is


never going to die. Good looking round, people bouncing, music


playing, nothing like it. Also on the dance floor,


Sarah Raine, a researcher from the Birmigham Centre for Media


and Cultral Research, When I dance, and lose myself, and


it is our freedom in that which I think is important.


and potographer Bethany Kane they've decided to document


I found the Northern Soul scene to my friends at work and I was


involved in the reggae scene, I was a reggae DJ, as it came naturally.


There's a surprise in a matter of young people. There are more the


time. Today Sarah adn Bethany are exposing


the young soulies as their work goes public in a free exhibition


at Birmingham City university's A lot of the books and films and


adverts are about the older generation, and the young generation


are as passionate. I think it is important to look at that side and


how it affects their lives. Northern Soul is still dominated


by its orginal fans but new followers are determined


to keep the faith, too. After a cold week, how's the weather


looking for the weekend? Rebecca is here with the forecast -


and you've been in search Yes, Mary, tomorrow marks the start


of Chinese New Year, and with that There will be celebrations taking


place throughout the region. Today they began in Birmingham


City Centre, and I went Bringing a splash of colour


to a cold January day in the centre of Birmingham -


celebrations to mark the start For Chinese people, it is about


having a new start to do away with bad things. We see things like... It


means to which prepares it -- prosperity, always smiling and


cheerful. Each year the event brings


in thousands of people to the city, and organisers are hoping this year


will be bigger than ever. Brown has a lot of culture and good


things happening, so I want to try and embrace that. A lot going on


across the city, in including dancing, and it is good luck to


touch one of these. But it's not just Birmingham


celebrating, across the West Midlands there are events taking


place, for these children in Stoke-on-Trent, there


was the chance to sample Festivities will take place


for the next 15 days, so all that's left for me to say


is...kung hei fat choy. I should be full of some luck. The


year of the Rooster, but is more suited to ducks and the weather this


weekend. It was a co-star today from any of us, but there has been a


battle taking place out there above us, and is between high-pressure and


this look pressure which is good is weeping and steady start to change


our weather. That'll happen this weekend. Today we started to see it.


Breaking through the clouds during the day for some of us, we got some


glorious blue skies, our weather Watchers helped to tell that story.


Cloud started to thicken this afternoon, and it is bearing some


rain as we head to this weekend, that is what we have got to come. We


will still get brightest bells, the sun coming through tomorrow


afternoon, and it is going to be less cold, I hesitate to say mild,


but as the Gulf through tonight the warm front will bring rain, and that


full P Withers overnight, and any second one sleeps in from the left.


Damages between three and six Celsius, yesterday many places


didn't get above freezing, are overnight averages will be much


better. We see that killed five turning into a westerly wind. That


is bringing something more pleasant and then as next weather system


comes in for Sunday. Tomorrow it is good to be a damp start for the day,


the rain cleared away and we will see some brightness. Showers never


too far away. I tempered as I started to climb, about whether we


should be for this time of year. Skies were clear and averages will


fall away for a time, plenty of moisture around, Subic gets hill


fog. Damages will be around freezing and four Celsius. It is the start of


Chinese new year celebrations in Birmingham, so take your brolly for


that. This is that weather system, still some discrepancy about how --


how far north it will go. It will be a rather soggy Sunday, but


temperatures an increased during the week.


From all of us on Midlands Today, have a great weekend.


We know you understand the risks associated with your pregnancy.


Because I'm smaller, people think my hopes are not so great.


You know what it's like when help is needed. You just jump in.


Are you saying that he's stalking you now?


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