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Taking Wolverhampton to Cannes - the latest phase of the city's


multi million pound regeneration - looking for international


For a few years we've been moving into our economic recovery phase.


Now we're into that really confident phase.


We'll be looking at how and when this promised regeneration


Stalling on pension plans - the BMW workers protesting


against the car makers proposals to close final salary scheme


Too fragile to touch, the family of a five year


old raising awareness of a rare skin disease - which means


When you pick a baby up, you'd scoop them under their arms -


naturally, that's the way that you'd pick a baby up.


Not the historic house, but a small eco-dome made


And Hereford was basking in the best of the sun and the temperatures


today on the warmest day of the year so far.


But will we be so lucky this weekend?


The future of Wolverhampton has gone on show on the French Riviera.


It's hoped businesses attending an international property convention


in Cannes will help to regenerate the City - and create 2500


It's part of a multi million pound redevelopment of Wolverhampton.


As our Black Country reporter Ben Godfrey has been discovering,


the investment has been a long time coming.


You have to go back a long way to hear people talking up


Wolverhampton as a place of prosperity.


But after years of failed regeneration,


of missed opportunity, the economic clouds are parting.


a staggering ?3.7 billion is currently being invested into


Wolverhampton. It's the largest Invesco meant in years.


The Mander Centre is being rebuilt, grim old market buildings are making


way for a massive retail corridor on the Westside, and the decaying


railway station will be rebuilt as part of a


And this is i9 - a prestige office development,


occupying 50,000 square feet of land next to the historic


Today, the plans went on show in Cannes, where international


With 2000 and eight in the economic recession, Wolverhampton was hit the


same as other people. The last few years we've been moving into an


economic recovery phase. Now we're into the really confident phase


where we know we can do things. Around 2,500 jobs will be


created in the city centre, when the Wolverhampton interchange


is complete. There's some brilliant work being


done about how you rigid generator cities. If you can keep that 20 to


30-year-olds in the city, the city will regenerate.


But for many Wulfrunians, large scale regeneration


like this is decades overdue, so you can forgive some cynicism.


You've got places like Bentley Bridge, St John's retail centre, you


can actually do your shopping without coming into town centre. It


just ate a little bit more, a bit more shine to it. You have people


who live on the street and that is not good if you are doing with


generation. You want to take care of your people.


With a growing student population, the city is becoming one


Investment brings new challenges then, and here the demand


for affordable homes has never been higher.


Ben Godfrey, BBC Midlands Today, Wolverhampton.


Joining us now from Wolverhampton, is Ninder Johal from


the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership.


There are some big numbers here -


for the interchange area and this new office


It is all ready been secured and we are hoping if everything goes to


plan everything should be up and ready at the end of 2018. Apologies


for the interruption. We'll see if we can go back once we've gotten rid


of the interloper! How much does the regeneration


of the City depend on investors I think if you have great products


to sell you need to go where the action is. And the action is where


all the global players come together and if that is the place you need to


be that is the place you need to be. And if you are not there then you're


not serious about your products, your place. You will be missed and


people will know that. Well, there is certainly no shortage of


enthusiasm in Wolverhampton! The point was made in the report


about taking care of the people of the City -


not just office space, but affordable homes,


plans for that? Absolutely. If you look at Bilston,


there is ready and village being built there. We should be looking at


another 13 to 15,000 homes. Across the country we are looking at


40,000. For the region to work it needs housing, infrastructure and


with this kind of investment you are taking all the boxes. Thank you very


much. BMW workers at the Hams Hall engine


plant in Warwickshire could be going out on strike,


in protest at the car makers plans BMW wants to close the current


scheme for everyone at the end of May -


workers say they stand to lose Hands off our pensions!


Hands off our pensions! They've never protested


like this before - but then there's never been


so much at stake. ?150,000?


It's roughly about ?130,000. That's what they reckon they'll lose


if BMW push through with a plan to end the current final salary


pension scheme by May of this year. Last year BMW reported record


profits of ?6 billion. There's real anger here today -


in fact, industrial relations are said to be at their


most fraught since the They say they are proud


of what they call excellent pension


provision in the past but, crucially, they want


toensure and protect pension With an ageing population though,


some argue big companies like BMW can't afford final salary


pensions any more. Profitable companies,


it's part of the package they offer. Our members have actually


given up some of their pay in the past to make sure this


pension scheme operates properly. Many of the 600 staff


here transfered from BMW's The agreement was that when we came


over here they would keep our final And we feel let down


that they haven't done that and honoured that agreement


from when we did come over here. Because they needed


skills to come into this A ballot for industrial action


will close at the end of March - unions say a strike is imminent


unless BMW do a U-turn. Sarah Bishop, BBC Midlands


Today, near Coleshill. Unemployment in the region


has bucked the national trend and is on the rise,


according to new figures. The jobless total in


the West Midlands rose by nine thousand in the last quarter -


meaning 160 thousand people That's the equivalent of 5.6%


of the working population - 261 motorists have been


given new heavier fines for using mobile phones


while driving in the West Midlands. In a week-long clamp-down,


offenders included 30 lorry drivers, a driving instructor,


and a driver accessing mobile All those caught have


been fined ?200 - A former governor allegedly involved


in the Trojan Horse scandal in Birmingham schools,


is appealing against a ban imposed on him


by the Department for Education. Tahir Alam, who was chair


of governors at Park View in Alum Rock, is barred


from being involved He was accused of trying to instil


hardline Islamic values. Mr Alam is challenging the decision


at a tribunal in London. Fundraisers trying to keep


a rare piece of Wedgwood pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, have been


given until July to find the money. Yesterday's deadline


was extended after a ?90,000 But a total of ?482,500 is needed


to stop the vase from going abroad, rather than being returned


to the Potteries Museum. As a parent, hugging your child


is one of the things But for Kim and Paul Lovatt


from Stoke-on-trent, cuddles have been few


and far betwen. Their five-year-old daughter, Poppy,


was born with a rare skin condition It means her skin is so fragile


that it can blister and peel Her family have been fundraising


and want to help others Laura May McMullan's report


contains images some Poppy loves flowers


and playing outdoors. But the slightest of knocks


and even a cuddle can We have to dress the


affected areas every day. The worst areas of her left leg,


round her feet, round her You just have to be there for her,


more than anything else. Five-year-old Poppy was born


with EB, epidermolysis bullosa - a rare condition affecting


around one in every 17,000 Picking a baby up, you'd scoop them


up under their arms, - naturally that's the way


you'd pick a baby up and we had to tell people not


to because she blistered and the skin came away


from her armpits. There were three main types of EB


and the severity, there is a wide spectrum


from mild to very severe. And Poppy as the type of EB


where as she gets older, hopefully, it will be


easier to manage. Mummy does my dressings


and I help her. On her back, there were scabs on her


back and you had to avoid them, But it doesn't stop


her living her life. She's thriving at school,


where they've made special We had to look at the indoor


environment, and change the tables We had to add a medical room


to the school so there's a safe, sterile environment to deal


with Poppy's needs. There's no cure for the condition,


and that's why her parents Debra, the EB charity,


term it as "the worse disease That's their slogan


for their charity, because so many Nothing at all holds her back -


she's very, very strong willed. She won't do anything


she doesn't want to do. And we're all really,


really proud of her. I like cuddles with


Mummy, Daddy and Jacob. Poppy tries to lead as normal a life


as possible and, on her say so, the family never say no


to her precious cuddles. Thanks for joining us


on Midlands Today, this is our top story tonight: Taking Wolverhampton


to Cannes - the latest phase of the city's multi million


pound regeneration - looking for international


investors. Your detailed weather


forecast to come shortly - also in tonight's programme,


Keeping the Wolves from the relegation trap door


-with a late comeback and three rare Telling the story of One Love -


the life and work of Bob Marley told Bob Marley told on stage,


being premiered in Birmingham. How quickly would you be


prepared to turn your back on your home comforts,


to live in an Eco-dome ? Well hundreds of so called


"caretakers" have volunteered to live without modern comforts


and technology in a dome made of recycled rubbish,


in the grounds of the magnificent In a forest clearing


in the Warwickshire countryside stands The Clearing - a creation


of environmental art facing the I know they seem quite different,


if you look over the river, yes, they are very, very different,


but actually they really balance of the landscape and the mansion


house with something that actually is very 21st-century - for me it's


really, really important. Built with temporary


planning permission, scrap metal and recycled industrial


plywood, the ?60,000 Heritage Lottery-funded dome will be


in place for three years. But can the experiment


with other people's What we're trying


to do is we're trying to do a project


about climate change. It's the idea that, this world


without traffic jams and central heating and Kim Kardashian


and big supermarkets - is that actually a nightmare or is it


actually an opportunity to live in a Capability Brown


carefully designed this Now it is hoped the people


of the 21st-century will get a You don't have to like it -


art's always like that, isn't it? If you make art that pleases


everyone, it's really rubbish art! So, yeah, when not even trying


to please everyone, you know? We're confident that we've


made a good thing here. From next week series of volunteer


caretakers will live in the dome for a week at a time,


turning their back on the comforts of home for a once-in-a-lifetime


experience. Well, I think there's plenty


of people that put their names down to be caretakers,


so we're one of the lucky ones, There's everything


here you need, so... To survive, anyway -


let's put it that way. When you live in a space


like this you make with what you have and you appreciate


everything you have, so it's an exercise of, is almost a social


experiment in itself, you know? If you fancy a peek


at an artistic life of the grid, the dome opens


to the public this weekend. Time for sport - Ian Winter has


joined me, not a vintage night if for our football clubs -


but one exception. But a couple of well-timed


substitutions inspired Wolves to a well-deserved win,


away to Brentford. It was quite refreshing


to hear both managers agree And Wolves are now four points


clear of the Championship It must be infuriating to be


a Wolves fan this season. They were booed off on Saturday,


and last night, they fell But their battling


performance deserved better. And their patience paid off with two


goals in the the last four minutes. Matt Doherty made it 1-1,


before Heider Costa sealed And both managers agreed,


Wolves were the better side Not quite such a rosy


picture in League One. Walsall missed the chance to move


closer to the play-offs, And just look at the basement battle


to avoid relegation. Shrewsbury, who didn't play last


night, have that five point cushion above Port Vale,


who lost 2-1 defeat at Northampton. but a late, late goal made it


a disappointing night It was the same old story


for Coventry as Southend scored twice in the first


half to win the game, Well, let's just say today's racing


at the Festival was more exciting than last night's football, as


the Robins lost 3-0 away to Exeter. I'm not too sure about Cheltenham's


purple and yellow kit... A glorious day for


the Festival today - Stand by for arguably


the most exciting finish Racing towards the last


in the Neptune Novices Hurdle, keep an eye on Willoughby Court


in the yellow and black - ridden by David Bass and trained


just 15 miles from Cheltenham The horse delivered a storming


finish to beat the 2-1 Delight for the trainer


Ben Pauling - And I'm sure there'll be quite a few


happy punters in that corner Birmingham's first World boxing


champion says he believes the city will produce more big stars


in the future. Kal Yafai will make his first


title defence against And he'll be joined on the bill


at the Barclaycard Arena just a warning, this report contains


some flash photography. Ladies and gentlemen -


the reason we're here, the homecoming of the newly-crowned


WBA world champion - Kal Yafai. This was the man they'd


all come to see. After winning the world title


in Manchester in December, Kal Yafai will make his first defence


in Birmingham in May. And just keep building


World Championship boxing here, in Birmingham,


and then bring one of the other champions over


to Just having a world title


fought here in Birmingham is massive but to be able


to bring a unification fight That success has been built


on relentless hours in the gym under the guidance of Max McCracken,


whose brother Rob came close to being the first


Brummie world champion. And while Yafai is the star turn,


the full bill showcases the current With Sam Eggington's European title


shot and of course that first world title defence for Kal Yafai,


this really is an amazing time for boxing


in the second city. There's always been a very strong


boxing community in Now it's time to reach out


to the casual audience, the people that like good


sport, good entertainment, and we


want them to come along, enjoy


the fact that Birmingham has got some


great fighters, now world champions as well, and come


and follow their journey. Kal's brother Gamal is also tipped


to be a future world champion and then there's Sam Eggington who's


rapidly climbing The car really compare his story to


mind because he's an Olympian. It's hard to beat that. But having a


Birmingham world champion definitely pushes Birmingham boxing forward in


general. Like I say, it's a big thing and hopefully I can mimic what


he has done. Kal Yafai may well be


the centre of attention at the Barclaycard Arena in May


but he hasn't let it go to his head. This afternoon he retweeted


a picture of his unusual Nick Clitheroe, BBC


Midlands Today, Birmingham. But whatever he was eating


at that little table, Kal Yafai certainly packs a big


punch, Mary The music and words of Bob Marley


have echoed across the world, long after his untimely


death in 1981. Now, his story is being told


on stage in a new musical, which is being premiered


here in Birmingham. Our arts reporter Satnam Rana


looks at why it's so # Serious


# Little darling # Serious #.


Bob Marley and the whalers on their 1973 appearance on the old Grey


Whistle test. This sound has crossed continents and cultures, people and


politics. And he left this 17-year-old boy and unforgettable


teenage experience back in the 70s. 1975, Bob Marley was forming at the


Odeon. He is now a musician and artist, and recalls the moment he


met the man in Birmingham city centre. The coach pulled up and he


came off. We asked him, Bob, can we have a ticket. He said, turned round


to his quote crew and said, give the young lads a ticket. He didn't say


it like that, did he? No. And that's how we manage to go in and get


concert to see this great man. So here it is, Bob Marley on that day,


walking the streets of the city centre.


# Stand up for your rights #. Now his music is back, but this time


on stage. This is One Love the musical. It looks at two years of


Bob Marley pop's life. He put his life on the line for his country.


They shot at him. Then he did it again, he returned to Jamaica again


to say he stood for peace. It has been written and directed by a


former Casualty actor. He chose to bring it to Birmingham. The producer


said where should we do this, I automatically said Birmingham,


because of the diversity of the city, the audience, the weight-loss


reggae. And that love will be shared from now until the 15th of April, in


One Love the musical. Now to the weather. There was


beautiful son today. And it certainly inspired some of our


weather watchers. A very good evening to you. A slow


start for some this morning with missed and cloud around but after


that, wherever you looked, whether it be North, South, east or west,


there was plenty of sunshine to set the temperature is racing. And in


the end Hereford had the highest temperatures with 17 Celsius. The


warmest place of all in the country was Kew Gardens in London at 18.8


Celsius. The warmest day of the year so far. There will be a change to


the right night. Cloud is spreading up from the south-west and that.


Temperatures falling below seven or eight Celsius. We could get some


missed through the valleys and high points of hills. That Mr will


disperse through the morning tomorrow but there is a change on


the way in the form of this cold front moving south-eastwards. Head


of that, the cloud will thicken through tomorrow, in fact it will


already be across many parts during the morning. Much duller day than


today. A bit of rain on the north-western fringes towards the


south-eastern corner. On the whole it will be dry but cloudier and the


temperatures will be around 11 to 12 Celsius, with a light to moderate


south-westerly breeze. As the cold print sinks further eastwards, there


is much colder air and temperatures of around three or four Celsius


overnight. It will be a dry night but then we start to see further


changes, all as a result of storm Stella. That is heading closer to


the UK. It was lengthened the jet stream and that is why these systems


are pushing in from the Atlantic. It was drink from the wins as well.


Friday has a much weeks a picture, breezy and colder. Temperatures down


to about nine Celsius. Although the weekend is unsettled it will be


slightly warmer than Friday. On tomorrow's Midlands Today,


we'll be catching up with Herefordshire's Champion Jockey


Richard Johnson. He's riding the joint favourite


Native River in Friday's Gold Cup. That's all from me for now,


I'll be back at 10.30 We'll leave you this evening


with some of the images of Ladies Day at the Cheltenham