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The headlines tonight: Six, so it's goodbye from me -


"Our world has been torn apart" - the words


of the parents of 11-year-old Evha Jannath, who died


after falling from a water ride at Drayton Manor theme park.


She was a lovely sweet natured girl, she was loved by everyone at the


school. As a school and community, we are trying to make sense of this


terrible tragedy. We will have the latest from Drayton Manor and the


latest on the investigation. Also tonight, social


media sites being used to glorify gang violence -


and share tips on stealing cars. The dad who delivered -


parents forced to have a home birth, because Ludlow maternity unit


was closed . We got lucky this time because a lot


of new mothers out there might not make it and have a happy ending.


Saved from crumbling into history, the remains of a Herefordshire


castle which has stood for nearly a thousand years.


And the mercury shot up to 19 Celsius at Gloucester today.


There's more to come this week but say goodbye this.


Finally, we have some rain on the way.


The words of the family of Evha Jannath - the 11-year-old


girl who died after falling from a water ride, at Drayton Manor


Evha was on a school trip yesterday, when she fell out of a boat


Our reporter Sarah Bishop is at Drayton Manor.


Sarah, the park remained closed today.


Yes, such a perfect day today, you can imagine it would have been


hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren eager to come here to


Drayton Manor to sample the rights. Everything is at a standstill, it is


like the plug has been pulled, it has been closed today as a mark of


respect. Full of love and always smiling,


the words of Evha's parents. The theme park she had come


to on a school trip closed today Quite how the 11-year-old came to be


thrown into the water on the splash Canyon is now under investigation


by the Health and Safety Executive witnesses have described how


they think they saw her momentarily stand-up to switch seats


when she was jettisoned overboard. At the school in Leicester,


a private Muslim school for girls, She was a lovely sweet natured


girl and she was loved As a school and community,


we are trying to make sense Our thoughts and prayers


are with Evha's family at this 13-year-old Patrick from Rugby fell


into the water on the same Thankfully a member of the public


pulled him to safety. I was waiting for Patrick to come


round and I saw other boats with children aged four


or five and each time they were knocked off their seats


onto the floor of the boat and the parents were grabbing them


to get them back their seats again and a simple lap belt would tell


a child I'm not Staff at Drayton Manor have been


offered counselling and invited to sign a book of condolence


in the parish church. As a parent you will naturally think


that could have been my child so there is a degree of empathy


with the family but to a certain extent we cannot begin


to imagine what her family We can stand in


solidarity with them. Evha's parents said


in a statement... Sarah, what's the latest


with the investigation into finding We have had no more statements or


information from Drayton Park management today but the


investigation is being led by Staffordshire Police in conjunction


with the Health and Safety Executive was of the police is to look to see


if there is any degree of criminality or culpability.


Presumably they will be looking for whether or not Evha was standing on


the craft at the time of the accident. There will also be looking


at supervision. When will the park reopened? We have been waiting all


day for word from the management here but still we have no idea but


what we are hearing from Alton Towers up the roads to the north


Staffordshire is they are shutting their water right, the Congo River


rapids ride is shut from tomorrow as a precautionary measure and it will


be closed until such time they say as more details of the incident here


at Drayton Manor become available. Detectives say that social media


sites are being used to glorify gang violence and even share tips on how


to steal people's cars. The warnings come after a recent


upsurge of crimes in the south of Birmingham, including


shootings and burglaries. One parent told our special


correspondent, Peter Wilson, that she feared speaking out


because her teenagers would be The videos posted online


are professional with high production values but the baselines


are dark and threatening - lyrics allegedly inciting violence


and threats to rival gangs. The police have been


watching closely - five teenagers this week arrested


as part of an ongoing investigation But it's not just online -


a mini crimewave has Across South Birmingham,


a spate of shootings involving shotguns and handguns and random


acts of violence. Less than two weeks ago,


a 29-year-old man was walking along this road when two cars


pulled up men jumped out In Bartley Green one young mum


told me she feared speaking out in case the gangs would kick


down her front door. They are fighting for starters. They


bring knives out, actually. It does frighten you. There is nothing going


on here, the pubs on Fridays is for the over 18 is, for the under 18 is


they are lost so they're trying to get a name for themselves.


The police say they understand the fears


Over the past week we have arrested ten individuals,


three of whom have been charged recently working with my team


investigating from CID but also we stepped up patrols in the local


area, we have engaged with the local policing colleagues to try and get


Last week six teenagers were jailed for car jacking offences -


many used social media sites to boast of their crimes.


One city councillor says the community has had enough.


Residents want action, there has been enough meetings about this. We


have to look on social media about posts being made by local gangs


challenging each other, there is enough of the police to take action.


Two years ago, a knife fight left one teenager dead


Northfield was enjoying the sunshine today, one church is using social


media to spread a positive message about young people who're helping


This isn't the area we know and actually at the time there


was a hashtag which we developed which did the rounds on social


media, we are Northfield which was to reaffirm


and re-establish the positive stuff that goes on in the area.


What concerns the police is the age range of those they're


investigating 14 to 17-year-olds risking their own and other


Six pupils have been treated in hospital after being exposed


to a chemical leak, at a school in Birmingham.


It happened this morning at Four Dwellings Academy in Quniton.


The teenagers, along with their teacher, developed


breathing difficulties - after a bottle of Bromine


Their condition is not believed to be serious.


A man's been charged with ten counts of arson,


after a spate of fires on grassland in Rugeley in Staffordshire.


51-year-old Gary Ball, from Burntwood, will appear before


More than 100 fires have been reported in the area since March.


An Afghan interpreter, who fought alongside British troops


against the Taliban, has been granted


Javed Hotak told Midlands Today in February that he'd been forced


to live illegally in the city, after his initial request failed.


The Home Office refused to accept it was dangerous for him to go home


Yesterday he learnt a fresh application had been successful.


A father from Shropshire has spoken of his shock at having


to deliver his baby daughter at home - because their local maternity unit


in Ludlow was closed - due to staff shortages.


Amelie made her dramatic arrival at the weekend.


A very fast labour meant there was no time to get


to the nearest open midwifery unit, 20 mild away in Bridgnorth.


So Dad had no choice, but to turn midwife himself.


Oblivious to her dramatic entry into the world,


Amelie was born at home on Sunday just before


If we go, we're not going to get there so we are going to have


Mum Alison and dad Mark had plans to give birth


at Ludlow midwifery led unit, a facility Alison has been


campaigning to keep in the Shropshire market town.


The unit was temporary closed this weekend and the next place


Half an hour in a car, contractions every three minutes,


we were not going to make it so it was a case of call that off


We just had to go with it, we are going to have to do it.


The unit based at Ludlow community hospital is one of several rural


midwifery services under review across Shropshire.


In a statement, the NHS trust says...


The head of midwifery at the trust has said sorry to Mr and Mrs Hiles


that they could not give birth to their daughter


She also says she will meeting to discuss their concerns.


Mark and Alison are grateful that Amelie arrived safely


but they are concerned it might not be the same for others.


A lot of new mothers out there might not make it


With just a month to go until the General Election,


the West Midlands is emerging as one of the most hotly-contested


Its clusters of marginal seats, often swing back


and forth between Labour and the Conservatives.


A succession of senior politicians have already beaten a path


Here's our Political Editor Patrick Burns.


Where once they built the firefighters in Erdington,


they now make Jaguar cars, one reason why the Midlands


is the only UK region running a trade surplus with China.


But if having a prize business asset like that on its doorstep really


does much for Erdington itself, there was precious little evidence


of it in and around the high street, one of the most deprived


constituencies in Britain, 63% of the electorate voted


And to many voters here, there is no doubt about


Now we know it is going to go ahead and we have a date.


I think we should have more say in government.


And you think that a bigger issue than the other issues?


Election last week of the Conservative Midlands Metro Mayor


sent out the clearest signal yet that some old political


Walsall has two marginal Labour constituencies


Those of us with long memories recalled Margaret Thatcher


telling her supporters 30 years ago they still had to win


All but one of Birmingham's ten constituencies are


This time though Erdington is one of at least four seats in the city


where the Conservatives reckon they are in with a chance.


It is also where Theresa May's Joint Chiefs of Staff Mick Timothy grew up


so Erdington is also code of those ordinary working people


More jobs, more living accommodation.


And more apprenticeships for training young people.


There are to many people being wasted.


The way the NHS is going, that is another big problem.


So it is not mainly about Brexit for you?


You can see Birmingham's changing skyline from out here,


one of Britain's business hotspots but which party has the best plan


to drive all that economic energy towards the places barely three


Forget Middle England, it is in the city you will find


And Patrick joins us now overlooking Birmingham.


We're not used to Erdington being at the centre of an election


From the roof of Fort Dunlop that looks like one of those places


people drive by without registering hundreds of thousands of them every


day on the behind me but the politicians will be stopping off


here over the next few weeks, Labour have 5000 majority to defend. There


has not been a Conservative MP here since before the Second World War


that now they need a swing of just over 7%. The news Ukip have named


this among three North Birmingham constituencies where they will not


be standing this time, raises hopes for conservatives they will pick up


at least a decent share of the 6000 or so people who voted for Ukip last


time around at Labour stress in those metro mayoral elections last


week their share of the vote in Birmingham did go up overall


compared with their performance in the general election last time.


What are the other seats to look out for?


If the electoral front line is shifting into the inner cities then


Coventry South, Wolverhampton South West, Stoke South will be places to


look at, if the Ukip vote is collapsing, big question is where


exactly does that go but Labour will have their sights on Telford, a


swing of under 2% in a town which is at the sharp end of the great


tug-of-war over hospitals and drop shot.


And what about a Liberal Democrat bounceback -


Cheltenham is the Liberal Democrats key target seat here but if you look


at last weeks county council elections in Gloucestershire they


went in with 14 councillors and they came out of the elections with 14.


That is not exactly a bounce. Patrick, thank you.


And for all the information about the general election


where you live, take a look at the bbc election 2017 website.


Thanks for joining us on Midlands Today,


after a glorious day - will there be more of the same


or rain on the way - Shefali can give us a hint.


Yes, there's rain on the way sadly, you'll have to wave goodbye


A stunning selection of the photos from our weather watchers capturing


It was a beauty and in the south of region temperatures hit the giddy


More on that rain though later - dribs, drabs or downpours.


If you're a regular train user, how would you fancy sharing


That could become a reality, if a new train carriage


being launched in the Midlands, gets the go-ahead.


The concept involves collapsible seats and tables -


which can make space for small items of freight.


It's claimed the idea could help reduce the number


Here's our Transport Correspondent, Peter Plisner.


The new adapable carriage concept being previewed at a major rail


event at the national exhibition centre today.


This speeded up film shows how part of a passenger carriage can be


converted to create space for freight in just three minutes.


So at the terminus station, the guard would walk


through the carriage, make sure there is nothing left


on the seat and then leave the carriage, locked the doors


and outside there will be a key system to enable


With our roads full of lorries often carrying small parcels the idea


is to create a network of routes across the country where once again


But hang on - isn't our rail network overcrowded with passengers already?


That's certainly the case at PEAK TIMES - but this new concept


is design to utilise space when the rail network isn't as busy


But industry observers getting their first glimpse


of the new system today remain pretty sceptical.


The lorries go from hub to hub, this would involve setting up


new hubs mainline stations, you would also have the trains


You have to reconfigure it, someone has to move the seats along,


the seats will not be as good as custom seats.


Inventors do say though that carrying freight this will bring


new money into the railways - which could be used to minimise


That would allow the train operating companies to run a more efficient


service and to invest some of that income back and either keep


passenger rises to a minimum or to invest in the infrastructure


It's not the first time first time small packages have been carried


Remember the days when red star parcel operated


It's more a case of history repeating itself.


The BBC understands a deal could be close for Harry Redknapp to carry


Redknapp took charge of the final three games of this season,


winning two of them - and saving the Blues


Negotiations are continuing with the club's owners


and an announcement is possible before the end of the week.


A student from Staffordshire, who was paralysed in a cycling


accident, has achieved a personal goal by learning to scuba dive.


Samuel Asbury, from Norton Canes, broke his spine when he was 14.


He's now working on his Ocean Diver pool training - with the aim


Learning to scuba dive - a new lease of life for Samuel Asbury.


Eight years ago he lost the use of his legs


On one of the hills we went down, there was a sharp right-hand turn


and I pulled the brakes but the cord snapped so I actually ended up


going into the ditch and flipping over and hitting a tree.


I don't think I'll ever get used to it really.


I still get times when I'm just, like, why, why me?


For such an active teenager, it was a huge blow.


I used to free run, jump off buildings and do backflips


But scuba diving is helping Samuel come to terms with being paralysed.


He started training at Burntwood Recreation Centre this year -


when he's qualified he plans to travel the world with his dad


I like being underwater, there's a sense of calm about it,


everything is quiet and all you focus on down there


I like that, the peace of it but I'm also a pretty big fan of history


so I like the fact I can dive with shipwreck.


Samuel has previously attempted to get in the Para


But is now content to dedicate himself to his


It's stood over Herefordshire's glorious Golden Valley


But after decades of neglect, Snodhill Castle looked as though it


would disappear from the landscape, as it slowly crumbled to the ground.


Now, thanks to a determined group of villagers, the castle -


built just after the Norman Conquest - is to be saved.


Snodhill - one of the largest Norman castles ever built.


It survived ancient battles but 20th century neglect nearly made this


historic building vanish forever - until villager Vegetation


In 1997 a huge chunk of all fell down and you would find bits of


stone that had come off so he could see it was deteriorating before your


eyes. Vegetation had taken hold. The 11th century castle became


totally obscured much to the upset of local residents who even held


parties here 30 years ago. They've now formed


a preservation trust. I feel we are honouring the people


who built this place by looking In 30 years' time, it


would be its thousandth anniversary we do not know much about who built


it but I think we owe it to them to preserve it


and maintain it for the future. Historic England has donated nearly


half ?1 million to repair Experts believe it will help unlock


secrets from the past. Every time we open up the trench,


something new and exciting is always being discovered here and the locals


are so on-board and so excited to get something done with this


place and to get it safe. The marchers between England


and Wales one of the most heavily defended border areas in Europe


and Snodhill castle is a key castle in a key area on a key route


in that system of defence. In the autumn when the renovation


work has been completed, and the site has been made safe,


the public will be able to visit the castle, a monument that


could easily have been lost to the nation had it not been


for the determination A glorious day, Shefali is making


the most of the evening It is on the way but not yet for


which I'm grateful. It will become the next not so distant future.


Today marks the end of the current dry spell and tonight is the last of


the frosty nights for a while. What a sensational day it was today from


one end of the region to the other are bursting with sunshine, you just


had to soak it all in. Temperatures reached a glorious 19 Celsius at


Gloucester and elsewhere are nice crop of 17s. For the next few days


come although we gain the rain we will not lose the war, we may gain


some humidity as well or though it will be breezy. If we look at the


pressure chart, the jet stream will be pushing up low pressure from the


South bringing in more unsettled conditions. It will be breezy and


humid. After that it starts to freshen up and some sunshine at the


weekend in between the showers. Back to tonight and a cool one, pleasant


spells of sunshine around off the day and cooling down and clearer


skies once it turns dark and temp just dropping to a of five Celsius.


The towns and cities but near freezing in the countryside so here


we could see a touch of grass frost into the morning before the cloud


thickens up. Elsewhere, temperatures holding up to six or seven Celsius.


Tomorrow morning, a fairly dry start across northern and central parts


and in the south some sunny spells and decent spells of sunshine to


begin the day but then cloud thickens up all substantially from


the South Rooney and a clutch of showers mostly light but there could


be the odd thundery and heavy one as well but localised because it is


showering. Tomorrow night, the showers do not make much progress


further north so really the south of the region that will be affected but


tomorrow's temperatures up to 19 Celsius is still quite warm and more


humid as well. The outlook, Friday will be more widespread substantial


downpours, fairly localised with showers into the weekend. Looking


good for the start of the Mull Vernor show. See you then. Goodbye.


RADIO: 'The UK has voted to leave the European Union by 52% to 48.


'UKIP leader Nigel Farage celebrated the result,