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Good evening. throughout the night with the


Legal action's been taken to try and stop the identities of witnesses


in the Trojan Horse inquiry from being revealed.


Lawyers acting for five teachers accused of being part of a plot


to impose an Islamic agenda at non-faith schools in Birmingham want


the right to question the people who gave evidence against them.


But the City Council says they were given assurances


Here's our special correspondent Peter Wilson.


The so-called Trojan horse saga has never been out of the headlines


since it first emerged three years ago.


There have been death threats against a Birmingham headteacher,


resignations and allegations of aggressive Islamist influence


Now today, recriminations over the news that the personal details


of witnesses who gave evidence anonymously to the Trojan enquiry


The witnesses came forward under strict conditions of anonymity


and they were given guarantees back in 2014 about how their


Those people have now been betrayed and this has implications,


not just for the people in this case, but up and down the country


in whistle-blowing cases past, present and future.


Five teachers are facing a professional tribunal


and their lawyers were granted the right to have full disclosure.


The whistle-blowers have been sent letters informing them


that "the transcripts of your evidence as provided


in the Peter Clarke investigation will be disclosed


We've spoken to both one of the anonymous witnesses and one


of the teachers involved in this case.


The witness says they fear that if their identity


is widely published, both they and their family will be


The teacher told me that the whole Trojan horse saga was based


on an anonymous letter which was likely


And he claims, that the anonymous witnesses were able to say


whatever they wanted without anything being corroborated.


The association representing nine of the 50 anonymous witnesses


acted quickly yesterday, taking legal action to prevent


The Department for Education tonight said, that the tribunal hearings


into the five teachers' cases must be fair and correct.


Fears are growing for a Worcestershire man who's been


Stephen Woolley's car was found at a beauty spot but there's been no


Carol Woolley tries to keep busy, but it's hard.


Her husband Stephen disappeared 28 days ago and she's


It's just the uncertainty, just physically feeling


Not knowing what the day's going to bring.


Just hoping today's the day we get some news.


Stephen left the family home in Kidderminster


Half an hour later he was at Holt Fleet on the River Severn north


He's a keen walker and his family's organised search parties in the area


There is concern though about his state of mind.


Last year was a hard one for the family.


Stephen, who's suffered from depression in the past,


struggling to cope with the death of his sister.


No one knows Stephen better than you do,


in your heart of hearts, what do you think


My heart of hearts is I don't think he's coming back.


I hope he's out there somewhere alive, but as days go on,


Matt's on social media daily spreading the word


and the comedienne, Miranda Hart, one of several celebrities who've


From his wife though, the simplest and most


Steve, if you're out there, we love you.


There's nothing we can't cope with, just come back to us.


The family are here for you and we want you home.


Police have been out on the river in boats but say without a positive


sighting there's little more they can do.


Giles Latcham BBC Midlands Today, Kidderminster.


A jury has heard that a 20 year-old Warwickshire woman was the victim


of a sadistic killing by a former boyfriend and his partner.


Bethany Hill's body was found at a flat in Stratford-Upon-Avon


Jack Williams and Kayleigh Woods both deny her murder.


West Bromwich High Street was closed for several hours today after a fire


Flats above the Royale Garden were evacuated while firefighters


brought in an hydraulic platform to tackle the blaze.


It's not yet known how the fire started.


A trauma surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham


is one of the founders of CitizenAID, a new scheme designed


to offer advice and training for members of the public


in case they're caught up in a terror attack.


Professor Sir Keith Porter says learning first aid skills,


like how to deal with severe bleeding could save lives before


A warning, Laura-May McMullen's report begins with a reconstruction


and images which some of you may find distressing.


This isn't real, but security officials say the terror


The police will deal with the terrorists first so it


could be some time before paramedics are allowed in and so


The first responders to that incident, from a police perspective,


will inevitably be trying to deal with the people causing the threat.


They won't have time to help people who may have been injured.


And we know that that gap is vital for saving people's lives.


So we're really, really interested in the work of CitizenAID.


CitizenAID is an app and a pocketbook which gives step-by-step,


It's been designed by a Birmingham surgeon who has treated


hundreds of injured soldiers at the Royal Centre


for Defence Medicine at the QE in Birmingham.


The chance of it happening is fairly remote to you as an individual.


But that said, the Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner said


recently, that it's not if, but when.


So with that knowledge we hope this app will deliver reassurance


In the sense they can now be armed with a system they can put


in practice if they find themselves with injured casualties and no


Attempting first aid may not be for everyone,


but military medics say it's better to have a plan in case


this worst-case scenario turns into a reality.


Laura-May McMullen, BBC Midlands today.


It's 100 years since Kinver Edge in Staffordshire


The charity's now planning to mark the centenary with a new path


to make the famous rock houses and the surrounding area,


With never-ending views, Kinver Edge in South Staffordshire


has been a place to escape and enjoy for generations of families.


The National Trust has been looking after Kinver Edge for 100


years now and this year, a whole series of events are planned


From his home studio on the outskirts of Kinver,


famous songwriter, Chris Eaton, has written 'On Kinver Edge',


Better known for writing the Christmas number one


Saviour's Day and a host of hits for the likes of Cliff Richard,


Chris divides his time between America and Kinver,


I've got fantastic memories as a child, coming up


It's always meant a lot to me just to walk and have a sense of peace


and kind of find myself again, if you like.


I think so many people in the area do that.


Carved into the sandstone, the rock houses on Kinver Edge


ARCHIVE: It seems incredible but the cave has been


Today the rock houses are a museum attraction,


but in days gone by, the people living here would make


the most of tram loads of tourists that escaped the city smog


They were very entrepreneurial and they used to sell them tea,


cakes and sconce and even charge them a shilling


Sue Wright's ancestors donated 200 acres of land to The National Trust


The gift was from her wealthy grandfather, Oliver Lee


So they bought it and almost immediately handed it over


The National Trust, I don't think had got any properties


in this part of the world, so it was a very,


When it's released later in the year, the song On Kinver Edge


will raise money to help The National Trust front


will raise money to help The National Trust fund


So just what sort of temperatures do we need to prepare for tomorrow?


I'll leave you with the weather from Shefali.


After a fairly cloudy start to the day, the sky started to clear


quite nicely during the afternoon and this is what we were left


Clear skies right across the region and its these clear skies,


together with polar air that's been feeding in from the north


through the day that's going to lead to a drastic temperature drop.


However, this high pressure will pull away to the east


when we get to Friday and that will introduce these fronts


from off the Atlantic, bringing in rain and milder


conditions as we head into the weekend.


But back to tonight and with these clear skies right across us,


you can see those blue colours invading the entire region


and that is a sharp, hard frost which is going to develop


right across the region as we head into the morning tomorrow.


Temperatures will plummet, minus five Celsius in


Rurally, those values could fall as low as minus eight Celsius.


We could get the freezing fog patches into the morning tomorrow.


But it's a frosty and sunny start to the day tomorrow and it's


Just a bit of cloud starting to emerge from the South


during the course of the afternoon turning the sunshine


But fog could persist in most places as temperatures only struggle


But as I say, that cloud producing rain for Friday


The National forecast is next but I'll leave you with the outlook


Temperatures creeping up a notch or two and turning milder into the


weekend. A guarantee on your journey to work


tomorrow, if you are nipping out to the shop for a paper, somebody will


talk about how cold it is. Looking at today, the weather front pushing


Southwest, mild air stay in south-west, but behind it is colder


air from the Arctic. Behind it, windy conditions. Bleak across


northern Scotland, a cold day with temperatures struggling to get above


two. If you think that's cold, look at what's happening outside as we


speak. Temperatures falling below freezing quite widely across the


country and towards dawn they could be as low as -8 in rural parts of


Oxfordshire. I guarantee you will be scraping the ice of the car


windscreens first thing in the morning. Some cloud running down the


North Sea coast and