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The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has highlighted


the Worcestershire Royal as the most troubled hospital in England.


His comments come after the deaths of two patients who were waiting


in corridors in A and another who was found on a ward.


Earlier in the day, he met the Redditch MP Karen Lumley


and gave her assurances about extra support for the county's hospitals.


So, Ben, today's statement was pretty bleak for Worcestershire?


The comments today have been pretty damning.


The Health Secretary's said the Worcestershire Royal


is the hospital he's most worried about anywhere in the country.


It's in special measures, without a current chief executive


and then there were these three deaths this week.


This afternoon, Jeremy Hunt told the House of Commons


that the problem of patients waiting on trollies was mainly down to just


The most recent statistics show that nearly three quarters of trolley


In Worcestershire in particular, there have been a number


of unacceptably long trolley waits, and in the media, two reported


We're also aware of ongoing problems in north Midlands,


with extremely high numbers of 12-hour trolley waits.


Responding to Mr Hunt, the Shadow Health Secretary,


Jonathan Ashworth, asked if the Government would take action


One of the most upsetting reports to come out of hospitals last week


was the death of two patients at Worcestershire Royal who had been


Can I ask the Secretary of State if he will commit to personally lead


Karen Lumley met with Jeremy Hunt today. What was her discussion


about? Problems at the Worcestershire Royal


haven't been helped by the transfer of a number of services


from the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, but the town's MP,


Karen Lumley, said she was given a number of assurances


from the Health Secretary. He gave us assurances


that they are putting They are also opening another ward


now to make sure that we alleviate But, as I said to you just earlier,


that is in the short-term and is what is needed,


but in the longer term, we need to make sure that this


does not happen again. A spokesperson from


the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust told me they're currently


holding internal reviews into all three deaths


and until they're completed They say they're working hard


at reducing the time people are waiting on trolleys,


but accept that patients are waiting longer than


they would like and apologised A group of Morris dancers


were forced to abandon a performance in the centre of Birmingham this


weekend after being Several of the troop


from Worcestershire had blackened their faces in line


with some Morris dancing traditions. But a number of onlookers took


exception and disrupted the dance. the practice dates back centuries


and is not linked to race. It was supposed to be


family-friendly fun, a traditional Morris dance


to entertain shoppers and celebrate But at the Birmingham Bullring,


a young, dark-skinned man Some of them had


blackened their faces. He angrily and repeatedly


called them racist. According to one account,


hats were not from heads, Do not think you will not


hurt someone's feelings! The dancers received


such abuse, they decided I have spoken to the treasurer of


the group, they are still deciding I'm told one of the members


was so upset by the experience that he considered


reporting it to the police. At the Bullring today,


it was not hard to find others Will it equate incorrect and they


should not have done it. I don't know the gave them license to feel


they can do that in a cosmopolitan city like Birmingham. It is our


tradition. People bothered to look into why they did it with their


faces, it has nothing to do with race, with a multicultural society,


we don't do that kind of thing you. Shropshire-based Mike Rust has been


a Morris dancer for nearly 30 years. He says the practice of backing up


data on the 17th century, when they dance was banned,


and the dancers sought It is one of our ancient tradition


that we enjoy doing. It comes from the rural parts of the Midlands.


Herefordshire, Shropshire and Abbot of Worcester.


Multicultural Birmingham seems to be in a little dome of itself,


and what happens there is separate what happens out here.


The police say they are aware of the incident and are reviewing


information received, but have not started


Well, you've been sending in your reaction to this story this evening.


On e-mail, Mike in Telford says this is not racist,


but has been part of a very old tradition.


Mrs Rowlands from Bewdley says, I'm annoyed at the ignorance


of those people who display a lack of knowledge of our English heritage


and think they can disrupt and change our culture.


But on Twitter, Pheobe says, blacking up is literally never OK,


And on Facebook, Suzanne Morris says, this is not racist,


Although a very old tradition, I think the "black face"


Thank you very much for getting in touch.


Two people died in a burning car after a crash that shut part


of the M6 in Warwickshire in the early hours of this morning.


Their vehicle hit a barrier on the motorway near Corley services.


A man and a woman were confirmed dead at the scene.


The road was closed for several hours, causing lengthy hold-ups


on many surrounding roads during the morning rush hour.


A large boulder which fell 40 feet down a cliff onto a railway line


in Gloucestershire is continuing to cause disruption to services.


Engineers have spent the day breaking it up into smaller pieces,


but Network Rail say the line may not reopen before the morning.


A boulder - six feet by four - which came tumbling down a steep


It was fortunate that a train on the other line spotted it first


Engineers have been on the track, near Kemble, all day.


They have been breaking the lump up bit by bit.


It had clearly broken through metal netting and cables drilled


into the tight cutting to minimise the impact of landslides.


We have had some minor falls from time to time,


which is why the netting is there, to help the cutting


Well, it is not designed to cope with anything of the size we saw


Trains from Gloucester to Swindon have been able to pass


through here at five miles per hour, but commuters wanting to get


from Swindon to Gloucester have tried to use the bus service.


That may continue while Network Rail's investigations


We need to check that all the signalling equipment


and the actual track itself is safe to run trains over.


It is pretty robust but it has had a serious knock today.


We're also taking some investigations into what is still up


there the cutting wall, to see there's anything else


that is likely to condone what need to do about that.


The tight, rocky ravines here are a known problem


It is close to the Sapperton Tunnel, which has undergone major


repairs in recent years because of instability


It could be that CCTV remote movement sensors could be


installed here in future, which would raise the alarm


If you live in Warwickshire, then you may have spotted some


They were apparently paid-for by a woman called "Linda" seeking


revenge against her cheating partner "Graham".


Well, mystery continues to surround the identity of the couple,


with some claiming it could be a publicity stunt.


I don't think Linda meant it to be shared in America be on the BBC,


but it is out there now and it is there for everyone to see.


It's not a love story, it is an anti-love story,


Like, who is she and why has she done this?


On to sport, and the draw's been made for the fourth


round of the FA Cup this evening, with both of our remaining


Wolves will play either Plymouth or Liverpool,


while Birmingham City will travel to Oxford United -


if they can beat Newcastle in the third round replay.


Good evening. Rumour has it that there could be some snow later this


week and indeed there could be across some parts of the country.


The north, west and east but less so here in the Midlands. This is how it


looked across our region this morning. A lot of rain, dull and


dreary, and this is how it ended up. This is how will shape up later this


week after the mild and cloudy conditions we have cold, windy


conditions from mid week onwards. At the moment, it is a case of wintry


showers, nothing too substantial. In contrast, tonight is quite mild.


Temperatures above freezing. We have a bit of rain to get through, some


spits and sports in places. We start tomorrow on a cloudy zero but with a


bit of brightness. Again, flickers of rain across the North and


travelling southwards as well. Going into tomorrow night, temperatures


drop slightly. Laws of around 5-7 C. A lot of cloud and much drier


conditions with the odd spot of rain here and there. This. To pep up as


we head into Wednesday's cell. Wednesday is largely dry. Cloudy


start to the day but temperatures will be on the mild side through


much the date, up to 10 Celsius. The cold north-westerly will bring


cleaner air and clearly cloud. It will bring as much lower


temperatures by Thursday. Looking further ahead, be strong


north-westerly wind introduces Arctic air and bring some of the


showers on Thursday. Wintry on high-risk game but temperatures


struggling to 34 Celsius. precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty


nights. The national weather forecast now.


Wet and windy weather across the western side of Scotland.


Blood-pressure is in charge of the weather, lots of isobars and it


remains windy overnight across northern and western parts of


Scotland. It will blow a gale here. That is the north-west quadrant of


the UK, that is where we expect most of the overnight rain. Within


north-westerly breeze it is chilly and by the end of the night it is


three or 4 degrees in major towns and cities, rural spots lower than


that, and a risk of icy patches in some places. Across the eastern side


of Scotland not much rain, more on the west, still breezy but not as