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New figures have revealed the extent of the pressures on the region's


hospitals in the first two weeks of the new year.


Six of our NHS Trusts spent at least one day last week on level 3


and level 4 alerts, meaning they were


The son of a pensioner who waited overnight in a corridor says


Another emergency, another patient heading


In this pressurised winter, the tightest of pinch points.


That's the problem, you can't get away from that fact.


Graeme's dad, Derek, went to A there on Monday.


He spent 15 hours in a corridor, it was 48 hours before he got


It wasn't that they were abandoned, in any sense of the word.


There were staff there, paramedics and nurses,


and everyone was being looked after, but it was clearly a system


that was overloaded and was getting close to not being able to cope.


In a statement, the hospital said pressures here are continuing


but they have robust plans for dealing with them.


It also confirmed that in the two weeks up to January the 4th,


109 patients waited 12 hours or more for treatment in A


Figures out today show in the first week of the year


one hospital, the Royal Stoke, spent a day at level four,


formerly black alert, where comprehensive patient care


It spent the next three days on level three,


what used to be red alert, denoting major pressures, along


Shrewsbury and Telford spent two days at level three.


Russells Hall in Dudley and Coventry's University


An expert on the NHS says there's no quick fix...


There is a need for more beds but the sort of beds that


are probably needed, or the sort of support


that is often needed, is probably out there in social care


or in community hospitals and other community services,


so that people can move on to those services after they've


had their initial assessment and treatment in hospital.


None of our A shut their doors to patients but the demands they're


facing were never greater, the fault lines


Meanwhile, an NHS review has decided maternity services will not


return to Stafford County Hospital on safety as well


Consultant-led obstetrics were moved from the site


to the Royal Stoke Hospital last January.


In other news, the Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central has


Tristram Hunt, who's a historian, is leaving politics to take over


as director of the Victoria and Albert Museum.


There's already speculation about who his party will choose


Our reporter Rob Mayor is in Stoke for us now.


I think to some of his constituents but not really people following


Westminster politics. He was an open critic of Labour


leader Jeremy Corbyn and decided not Before being an MP he had


a successful career as a historian, writing books and


presenting TV programmes. But he says that isn't why


he is leaving parliament, it's just that becoming


the director of the V Museum Earlier I asked voters


here in Stoke what they thought. He has a presence in the city,


I think it's fair to say. He's not local but I think he's


tried his best to represent Stoke. The Labour Party have got


no chance of getting in with Jeremy Corbyn in charge


anyway, so he might He's going to a better job


than the one he's got, probably! The thoughts of some people in Stoke


today. One possible replacement will be


Mohammed Purvis, the leader of the Labour group on Stoke-on-Trent City


Council. Around a hundred jobs


will be created in Telford, after a car-parts manufacturer


announced plans for a new factory. Austrian firm Polytec is moving


to the T54 Technology Park. Its UK base is currently


at Bromyard in Herefordshire. The company says that site won't be


affected by the new development. A special summit's been arranged


to discuss how to tackle the growing problem of illegal Traveller camps


across the West Midlands. The Police and Crime Commissioner


says they're costing the taxpayer and private landlords hundreds


of thousands of pounds. Steve Dale has now paid


for new security measures, including concrete blocks


at the entrance to his industrial site in Tipton, after illegal


Travellers set up there last week. An estimated 300 illegal camps


are moved on each year. We need to work more closely,


the police with local councils, and also to see if the law needs


to be changed, to balance those rights between the Travellers' right


to travel and people their right to use their park


the way they want to. Ludlow Museum's waiting to see


if anyone will come forward to claim a substantial amount of gold found


hidden in a piano in Shropshire. It was found in the


110-year-old instrument If nobody can prove it belongs


to them, it could be declared More than a hundred schools


were closed across Stoke and Staffordshire today


after heavier than expected snow fell overnight, giving hundreds


of children like these Driving conditions were


difficult in some areas. And a baby was born in the back


of a police car on its way to the Royal Stoke Hospital,


after her parents' car And of course you can stay in touch


with the latest weather and travel problems in your area


via your BBC local radio station. I'll leave you with


the weather from Rebecca. Well, there's been plenty


of talk of snow today. We did get some across


the North Midlands in particular, and to quite low levels further


south across the region, but not everywhere, and we had


plenty of blue skies as well. As we head through the weekend we're


going to start with an ice warning. It is covering much


of the region as we head To low levels we could have some


quite tricky driving conditions. We still have some wintry flurries


possible across the North Midlands, blowing down through the Cheshire


gap, so they could By the early hours of tomorrow


turning more to sleet, but it's still a cold night,


temperatures dipping down We start the day tomorrow with those


northerly winds continuing. We still have a few showers


working their way southwards. Those winds are going to make


things feel quite chilly. We'll see those showers


clearing away to the south. There might be a wintry mix


in there, but then we'll be left Still a few showers rippling along


the west coast as well. There's more information on that


in the national forecast. I'll leave you with the outlook


for the next few days. 5-6 is the best we will have. It


stays cold into the beginning of next week as well


stop Good evening, a cold, icy night, but some others have other


concerns. This was the scene earlier today, huge waves crashing on to the


shoreline at Whitley Bay. We still have the peak of the high tide to


come in other parts. This is the flood line number. It's if you have


any concerns. The worst of the wind slowly comes -- subsiding. Wintry


showers across the North of Scotland and some filtering well inland


across the Midlands, giving a light dusting in some places. An icy


night, temperatures widely close to or below freezing, particularly


where you have snow cover. Tomorrow starts cold. A large chunk of the UK


will have a fine, crisp,


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