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Good evening. and Emily Thornberry of Labour.


Police have increased patrols on buses in the West Midlands


in an attempt to reassure the public, after a man


was stabbed to death on a bus in Birmingham last night.


The victim, who was in his 30s, was attacked on the top deck


of the bus in the Handsworth area of the city


Searching for evidence in the Handsworth area


Police are trying to work out why a man was stabbed to death


while travelling on a bus in a seemingly random attack.


Police believe the two men didn't know each other. It was a chance


altercation. They say the victim was already on the bus and then the


other man got on and sort of us at him. At some point a verbal


altercation started which turned into a physical one, knife was


produced in the victim was stabbed. When emergency services got


to Rookery Road at around 10:45pm last night, they found the man,


a 35-year-old from Smethwick, slumped over one of the seats


on the top deck of the bus. We know there were five people sat


around with the two males on the top deck and we managed to speak to one


of the people. The other four people left the bus shortly after the


altercation. It might be they didn't realise how serious the matter was


and they just wanted to get out of the way which is understandable but


I would ask them to come forward and speak to the police.


Extra patrols were added to buses across the city today,


including the 11A, the route the man was travelling when he was stabbed.


The aim of officers from the West Midlands Safer Travel Partnership


In Handsworth, concern too from people living close by.


It does worry me a lot. What happens if I'm on the bus with my children


and somebody gets stabbed? It's very scary. Everybody in this road is


worried about it. It is absolutely terrible. If you can't be safe on


the bus way can you be safe? Police says they're looking


for a black man aged between 25 and 30 with short dreadlocks,


in connection with the murder. He was last seen wearing a puffa


jacket, had headphones over a baseball cap and was


carrying a duffel type bag. Worcestershire children's


services is inadequate. A report from OFSTED showed


vulnerable children are at risk It's the fourth local authority


in the West Midlands to have their children's services


department rated inadequate. Joan Cummins is in


Worcester for us now. As you say the findings were


inadequate but they said they also discovered widespread and serious


failures. Some of the reasons for that have been identified as a high


staff turnover and overreliance on agency staff and also a surge in


demand for the specialist services that are provided by children's


services. The NSPCC has said it is concerned the situation in


Worcestershire remains fragile. To get inadequate on child protection


on your work with care leavers, on your work with children in care and


your overall leadership is a damning indictment so lots more work for was


to share to do and our view is keep the focus on the child and outcomes


for the child and learn from other authorities where they have turned


things around successfully. What has been the response from the council?


The council are taking this report seriously. They say that Ofsted have


identified that some progress is being made. But the woman in charge


of children's services and the entire council in Worcestershire


says she simply wanted to apologise to children and their families for


not doing good enough. The thing I would like to say first and foremost


is sorry to those children and families who feel they have been let


down by the services. My commitment is to ensure that we pick up the


pace of that plan and we are confident the leadership we have put


in place is the right leadership. The council say that from April the


going to invest an extra ?3.5 million specifically in children's


services which they hope will improve the situation.


A cancer surgeon has pleaded not guilty to fraud after claiming


that he had performed 88 keyhole surgery operations.


Sudip Sarker was alleged to have made the false claim


during an interview for a consultant job at the Alexandra Hospital


Mr Sarker was suspended a year later and eventually


dismissed, following concerns about his surgical ability.


A young mother has received abuse online after posting video of giving


crucial physiotherapy to her new born baby.


Sam Carrier's daughter Daisy has cystic fibrosis and needs a type


of vigorous massaging called "percussion" every day.


She put video of the technique on social media to try to raise


But the pictures sparked hatred and abuse.


You do it with your hand to try and create a pocket of air. It doesn't


hurt at all. It's called percussion and experts


say it can be the difference between life and death for 15


week old Daisy. She has cystic fibrosis


and the physio her mum Sam gives her twice a day helps break up


mucus on her chest which could The first time we started doing this


she was three weeks old and they came to our house to show us and


they started doing it and I just cried. It was devastating to see but


this is what you have to do to try and keep your children alive. She is


happy all the time. She is a smiley baby.


Daisy was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis just a few weeks


It was Christmas Eve and Sam decided to post a physio session


on her Facebook page, in a bid to raise public awareness.


But by Boxing Day the trolling had begun.


It had loads of views and we started getting nasty messages and death


threats saying we should be killed. Lots of foul language which I can't


repeat. We got told we were child abusers and we were going to break


her ribs. She's never replied to the trollers


except to forward details of cystic fibrosis, which affects one in every


2,500 babies in the UK. Historically, half of all


children with the condition Sam's hopeful new research and fund


raising will change that. Landlocked Birmingham is the last


place you would expect to find But today a diver has been hard


at work under the city, making sure our canal network


is running smoothly. Here's our Environment


Correspondent, David Gregory-Kumar. This is the Grand Union Canal


on the east side of Birmingham. But the team won't be


diving the canal. They're going much, much deeper


under the canal into the hidden network of pipes and culverts that


keep our canals working. The canal and river trust employee


divers across the country to undertake specialised work. There is


a lot of infrastructure below the canals the general public don't know


about. Today's dive is about


checking on some vital But the diving will only start once


the diver gets down this 15 metre shaft to reach the water


inside the culvert. That black shape is that bundle that


going to block of the covert so they can Trinidad the pubs. The diver


himself is going to in the about five hours today. We have to get all


their out of it. It is buoyant under the water.


It's hard work but finally the bung goes in and the team up top


But why would anyone want to work underwater


I couldn't see myself doing anything else for a living. It is not


everyone's cup of tea though. So how is the Victorian


engineering doing? Surprisingly good because it has not


been exposed to the frost and whatever. They covered itself tends


to be in a good condition. The water and the silt in the bottom has


helped preserve the state of the brickwork.


And with care like this, this vital hidden network should


easily celebrate its double century.


I'll leave you with the weather forecast from Shefali.


Good evening. A beautiful selection of weather Watchers pictures to give


you a picture summary of what's been going on today. Dense freezing frog


patches which lifted to give us decent spells of sunshine across the


region. That led to a lovely sunset and from that sunset we saw the fog


reforming. We may do all of this all over again by tomorrow but we have


at the moment got warnings in place the fog and also for ice.


Temperatures will start the planet. In rural spots cabbages will fall


below freezing. Dense freezing fog in the south-east corner so


Warwickshire and around Coventry. Along the 42 and a 45 routes, that


is with you will see the fog tomorrow morning. Elsewhere


temperatures above freezing. A cloudy start to the day tomorrow.


Foggy in places. With that frost and ice on untreated stretches of road.


Cloud will dominate the eastern half of the region with the sunshine in


the West. For all of us, it'll get colder and


then milder again come the


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