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Good evening. BBC


The biggest cold calling scam in Britain has come to an end.


John Rivers, from Coleshill in Warwickshire ran Wyvern media.


The company miss-sold advertising space, conning people out


Kiera Byrne, from Coventry, was the last of those involved


Today, she was given a 23 month suspended jail sentence.


The fraud was uncovered by BBC Inside Out six years ago.


For years Jonathan Rivers from Coleshill in Warwickshire


masqueraded as a legitimate businessman - employing 250 people


His company, Wyvern Media, cold-called customers offering them


advertising space in local newspapers.


What happened to my parents is just astonishing,


and seven years on, it still keeps me awake at night.


Franny Moyle's father Jon - one of hundreds conned by Rivers


who used his businesses to rip people off.


Back in 2010, Mr Moyles from Shropshire was


When Wyvern Media spotted he wanted to rent out an apartment,


they cold-called him relentlessly, pressuring him into


Over a two year period, they took nearly ?25,000.


I just wanted to get rid of it all because I had


In reality, the adverts Wyvern Media pressured customers into buying


Most were in free newspapers with tiny circulations.


This is the rest of the property that we seized from Derby.


The five year-long investigation by Trading Standards,


led by Steve Wyatt, became the biggest in their history -


unpicking the elaborate web of companies that Jonathan Rivers


Jonathan Rivers used to conceal his fraudulent activities.


We knew it was going to be complicated, but certainly,


we didn't have any idea of just how big this was going to get.


But justice came too late for victim Jon Moyle, who died in 2015.


The brutal, honest, awful truth is that this cost them their house.


They were in debt aged 80 on a pension.


and she put the house on the market with my dad.


But within about a month of the house going on the market,


In October, nine former Wyvern Media employees were convicted of fraud.


And Jonathan Rivers is currently serving a six year sentence.


The headteacher of a Birmingham school has written to parents,


warning them not to allow their children out in


It follows a series of attacks - one of them on a group of pupils


but describe the incidents as isolated.


A group of youths outside a store in Frankley -


the shopkeeper, tired of repeated robberies, confronts them.


But was struck with a hammer and taken to hospital.


It was the first in a series of violent incidents last Friday night.


Along this stretch, a cyclist was assaulted.


Further along, a number of pupils from the school were attacked,


Though fortunately, the injury was superficial.


The boy, a Year 10 pupil at this school,


But the headteacher's written to parents asking them


to prevent their children from being in a public place


during the hours of darkness. Advice some locals applaud.


Up to 13, yes, I'd say that's very good.


There's a lot of trouble, yeah, since that college


Because you get all the gangs and kids coming from the other side


If you come onto Morrisons car park at 10 o'clock at night,


you're just seeing nothing but gangs and cars,


so where's the safety for the public around here?


Lord Mayor, this is very concerning to me...


The incidents have been raised in the council chamber.


It's up to parents, says a local councillor.


I think they have to assess what activities their children


are going to be undertaking and have confidence in the community,


these are isolated incidents, it would seem.


And certainly, I've got confidence in the area that this


is not representative of the local community.


The headteacher at Colmers says he will liaise with other schools


Giles Latcham, BBC Midlands Today, Rednal.


An entire lorry load of old fridges and freezers have been dumped


The 21 appliances were pushed off the back of a truck


The lorry was caught on CCTV, but had no number plates.


The fridges have since been disposed of.


Walsall Council say it's the latest in a catalogue


of flytipping problems, which cost the taxpayers ?400,000 last year.


We want them to prosper, to look good.


Nobody, at the end of the day, wants to turn down a road


and see such a dangerous site of fly-tipping without a care


That's the plea from businesses near an abattoir in Birmingham,


who say the sight and stench of animal waste is unbearable.


Midlands Today has been shown images of what appears to be blood outside


It previously traded as 'Mr Meats', but lost its licence


following an investigation by the Food Standards Agency


The abattoir now has a new license to operate.


You may find some of the images in Ben Godfrey's report distressing.


These images appear to show animal blood in the yard


of AJ Meats in Digbeth, an abbatoir supplying halal meat.


We're told they were taken this morning.


When we arrived trade was continuing, from the roadside


there were no visible signs of waste.


But surrounding firms have had enough.


It is so bad, the smell is pungent and strong


All the businesses are generally suffering.


We to the problems last time they would sort it out


and there will be more stringent rules in place that would stop


2015, and piles of sheep carcasses and offal appeared in the same yard,


discarded and exposed to the elements.


At that time, it was run by different company,


known as Mr Meats, who were eventually


So what did the new owners have to say?


We have tried on several occasions to get an answer from the company,


but as you can see, no one's responding.


A short time later, we were approached by a worker.


He told us they were a clean operation but added that


occasionally there may be some spillage of waste


Tonight, the Food Standards Agency told us following complaints


they have stationed an official there this week


Local businessman Peter Hughes says the authorities must be tougher.


When the ambient temperature increases, what is the smell


They would say this is an abattoir, there will be


That is fine and we understand the kind of animal smells that


The real issues here are the poor controls.


The new owners have barely been operating two months.


Whether they like it or not, all eyes are on them.


A whistleblower has claimed that staff at the Alexandra Hospital


in Redditch, were pressured into admitting patients


to a "virtual ward", to avoid breaching the government's


But the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust says while it's


found cases of "poor recording" by staff,


there is no evidence staff were trying to defraud the system.


Police have released footage of a Walsall shopkeeper,


The man attempted to raid Kobani Stores on West Bromwich Street


using a hand gun just before midnight on 9th January.


Police have praised the owner of the shop who sprayed mace


in the face of the robber, who then ran off.


Officers are asking anyone who recognises


Archaeologists uncovered an intriguing animal mystery


Experts have discovered remains of farm animals


arranged near coffins, close to where building


They have also unearthed a wooden door post, which they believe


could be the key to proving that an Anglo Saxon church


We're absolutely amazed and thrilled, and think that perhaps


People will actually know we're here.


I grew up around here, so it's lovely to know that the site


is much richer than we ever thought when we were playing here.


Everybody has thought, here'S this is a tiny little church,


they've even referred to it as a shed.


You know, totally inconsequential on the edge of Shrewsbury, and yet,


once it was a much bigger church, much more important.


That's all from me, I'll be back with Midlands Today


Have a good night. I'll leave you with the forecast from Rebecca.


It has certainly been a cold day today.


Temperatures will continue to fall away as we head towards the weekend.


It was a cloudy grey day, tomorrow is more of the same, I'm afraid.


Temperatures pushing two or three today, but a touch


And the added complication of possible snow flurries.


We have seen a few of those heading through tonight.


Thick enough to squeeze out the odd spot of rain.


But as that falls, it is more likely to follow something a touch wintry


Lows of a possible -1, perhaps staying above


As for tomorrow, we still have the easterly breeze, continuing


It is going to be very chilly through the day tomorrow,


And we will continue to see the odd flurry of snow


For most places, a dry and cloudy day.


But a wintry mix just about anywhere.


Temperatures ranging between one and three, the easterly


As for Saturday, an organised area of showers pushing in,


More information on that in the National forecast.


I will leave you with an outlook for the next few days.


sleet and snow. The outlook, Sunday will turn a bit less cold again. All


the way up seven Celsius. At this time of year we can often


get the weather stories that reflect the battle between winter and


spring, and that's what's been happening in New York in the USA.


Yesterday, 17 Celsius, but today, it's been bitterly cold, just a


daytime maximum