15/03/2017 Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


Good evening. getting married these


The future of Wolverhampton has gone on show on the French Riviera.


It's hoped businesses attending an international property convention


in Cannes will help to regenerate the city and create 2,500 jobs.


It's part of a multi-million-pound redevelopment of Wolverhampton.


As our Black Country reporter Ben Godfrey has been discovering,


the investment has been a long time coming.


Wolverhampton, busy, sharing in the prosperity of the Midlands, this old


market town is now a flourishing centre.


You have to go back a long way to hear people


talking up Wolverhampton as a place of prosperity.


But after years of failed regeneration, of missed opportunity,


A staggering ?3.7 billion is currently being invested


It's the largest investment in over 50 years.


Proving Wolverhampton is coming out of the economic doldrums.


Grim old market buildings are making way for a massive retail


corridor on the Westside, and the decaying railway station


will be rebuilt as part of a ?130 million transport interchange.


And this is i9 - a prestige office development, occupying 50,000 square


feet of land near the historic Chubb buildings.


Today, the plans went on show in Cannes, where international


recession, Wolverhampton was hit the same as other people.


We had a big retail development ground to a halt.


The last few years, we've been moving into


Now we're into the really confident phase where


Around 2,500 jobs will be created in the city centre


when the Wolverhampton interchange is complete.


There's some brilliant work being done about how


Those that can retain the 20, 35-year-olds, if you keep the


publicity the city will naturally regenerate and businesses will move


here. But for many Wulfrunians,


large scale regeneration like this is decades overdue,


so you can forgive some cynicism. You've got places like


Bentley Bridge, St John's retail centre, you can actually


do your shopping without You have people who live


on the street and that is not good You have to take


care of your people. With a growing student population,


the city is becoming one Investment brings new challenges


then, and here the demand for affordable homes has


never been higher. Ben Godfrey, BBC Midlands


Today, Wolverhampton. Staffordshire Police have become


the 12th force to have sent files to the Crown Prosecution Service


as part of investigations into allegations of overspending


during the general election in 2015. They're looking into whether strict


spending limits in target seats were breached


during the Conservatives' The CPS will now decide


if charges should be brought. Unemployment in the region


has bucked the national trend and is on the rise,


according to new figures. The jobless total in


the West Midlands rose by 9,000 in the last quarter -


meaning 160,000 people That's the equivalent of 5.6%


of the working population - BMW workers at the Hams Hall engine


plant in Warwickshire could be going out on strike


in protest at the car maker's plans BMW wants the current scheme


to close at the end of May. Workers say they stand to lose


thousands of pounds. Hands off our pensions!


Hands off our pensions! They've never protested like this


before, but then there's never That's what they reckon they'll lose


if BMW push through with a plan to end the current final salary


pension scheme by May of this year. Last year, BMW recorded record


profits of ?6 billion. In fact, industrial relations


are said to be at their most fraught They say they are proud


of what they call excellent pension provision in the past,


but, crucially, they want to ensure and protect pension


provision in the future. With an ageing population, though,


some argue that big companies like BMW can't afford final salary


pensions any more. Profitable companies,


it's part of the package they offer. Our members have actually given up


some of their pay in the past to make sure this pension


scheme operates properly. Many of the 600 staff


here transferred from BMW's Steven McWilliams was one of them.


The agreement was that when we came over here


they would keep our And we feel let down


that they haven't done that and honoured that agreement


for when we did come over here. Because they needed skills to come


into this factory from day one. A ballot for industrial action


will close at the end of March. Unions say a strike is imminent


unless BMW do a U-turn. Sarah Bishop, BBC Midlands


Today, near Coleshill. 261 motorists have been


given new, heavier fines for using mobile phones


while driving in the West Midlands. In a week-long clampdown,


offenders included 30 lorry drivers, a driving instructor,


and a driver accessing mobile All those caught have


been fined ?200 Fundraisers trying to keep a rare


piece of Wedgwood pottery in Stoke-on-Trent have been given


until July to find the money. Yesterday's deadline


was extended after a ?90,000 But a total of ?482,500 is needed


to stop the First Day's vase from going abroad,


rather than being returned An eco-dome has been built up


in the grounds of a stately home in Warwickshire as part


of a thought-provoking Hundreds of so-called caretakers


have volunteered to live without modern comforts


and technology in the structure It's set across the lake


from the mansion of Compton Verney. In a forest clearing


in the Warwickshire countryside stands the Clearing - a creation


of environmental art facing the I know they seem quite different,


if you look over the river, yes, they are very, very different,


but actually they really balance of the landscape and the mansion


house with something that actually is very 21st century -


for me is really, really important. Built with temporary


planning permission, scrap metal and recycled industrial


plywood, the ?60,000 Heritage Lottery-funded dome will be


in place for three years. But can the experiment


with other people's What we're trying


to do is we're trying to do a project


about climate change. It's the idea that if this world


without traffic jams and central heating and Kim Kardashian


and big supermarkets - is that actually a nightmare or is it


actually an opportunity to live in a Capability Brown


carefully designed this Now it is hoped the people


of the 21st century will get a You don't have to like it -


art's always like that, isn't it? If you make art that pleases


everyone, it's really rubbish art. So, yeah, we're not even


trying to please everyone. We're confident that we've


made a good thing here. From next week, a series


of volunteer caretakers will live in the dome for a week at a time,


turning their back on the comforts of home for a once-in-a-lifetime


experience. I think there's plenty


of people that put their names down to be caretakers,


so we're one of the lucky ones, There's everything


here you need, so... To survive, anyway,


let's put it that way. When you live in a space


like this you make with what you have and you appreciate


everything you have, so it's an exercise of...it's


almost a social experiment If you fancy a peek


at an artistic life off the grid, the dome opens


to the public this weekend. Finally, on Midlands Today tomorrow


at 6:30, we'll meet Herefordshire's


champion jockey Richard Johnson as he prepares for


Friday's Gold Cup. Johnson will be on the joint


favourite Native River He last won the Gold


Cup 17 years ago. That horse, Looks Like Trouble,


lives at Johnson's home For me the Gold Cup


is the race of the year. The Grand National is a fantastic


race, but for me, the Gold Cup, if I could win any race in the UK,


any season, that would be the best Obviously, the Championship


is what I set out every year to try and do, but the Gold Cup


is the blue riband. It is called the Gold Cup and it is


the biggest race of the year. It has been a glorious start to the


festival. We should see lows of around five


Celsius and that cloud continues to picking up continually from the


West. Cold front draped across the north and west of the country


driving in that cloud and it will give us a little bit of drizzle as


we enter the day tomorrow. It will be a cloudy start to the day. A


touch better for a time but very limited sunshine and by the end of


the day, we start to get that drizzle pushing its way down across


the North and west of the region. Temperatures are starting to


struggle a little bit for that. Sunshine certainly not getting back


up to 17 Celsius. We will still be into double figures. Rain is


arriving on Friday, wet and windy. More information on


been. The outlook, rain around, if it stays dry I will be surprised.


Here is Nick with the national headlines.


For large parts of Wales and England there was blue sky and warmth.


Warmest day of the year, a clumsy way of saying the UK had the highest