20/04/2017 Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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That's it from us. They will be continuing coverage throughout the


night on Firefighters will be working


throughout the night, At its height,


100 firefighters were needed on the


Blackpole East Trading estate. Around 150 people were at work,


when the alarm was raised - Sarah Bishop's been speaking


to some of those affected. The smoke was unreal,


thick, black smoke. Never seen that much


smoke in my whole life. A warehouse the size of four


football pitches up in smoke. When a fire crews arrived


at 8:30am, they knew they had The first challenge was getting


close to the building. We have had to rotate crews


working in these arduous conditions. A member of staff initially spotted


the beginnings of the fire and tried to put it out


with a fire extinguisher. 150 staff work here sorting


and delivering bulky furniture. The only thing that


matters is that there has Stock can be replaced.


Operations can resume. With the estate evacuated,


the fire was the talk of Worcester. Shortly after, I saw a gas bottle


explode and shoot into the sky. I wondered if we were going to get


close down temporarily There are no immediate clues


as to what caused the fire, A series of raids were carried out


across Staffordshire and Herefordshire today,


targeting people who've In the past twelve months,


there's been a steep increase in illegal dumping


across the West Midlands, leading to big clean up costs


and health hazards for locals. On an industrial estate


in Staffordshire months of investigation lead to a swoop


on a haulage yard. Police looking at the site,


it seems as though there We are forcing entry to get


in and seize evidence. This one of two raids


on the Moorlands, there was a third in Stoke-on-Trent and a fourth


in Ledbury in Herefordshire Today's raids are connected


to illegal dumping of waste at 20 sites, waste amounting to in excess


of 25,000 tonnes. Part of an operation


intended to protect people and the places where they live


from an increasingly common crime. We are working closely with other


agencies to limit it and manage ongoing sites to make sure any


risks are mitigated. I can understand how


the public feel, it is not We are working with the Environment


Agency to get on top of it Industrial waste on an industrial


scale. Bales of rubbish wrapped


in plastic lifted into place by unscrupulous gangs,


paid by individuals or businesses, simply to get rid -


no questions asked. Criminals can fill a warehouse just


like this in a matter of days, It's one of the biggest challenges


facing the environment agency, they've described waste crime


as the new narcotics and one they're urging all of us


to play a part in tackling. Any business that produces waste,


you need to know where it's going. Any landowner that is being


approached to rent land, if it seems too good to be true,


it almost certainly is. Take your responsibilities


seriously. Culprits face a jail


term of five years. Rewards can be lucrative


but investigators say they will follow the money


and where they can recover it. A jury's been sent out to consider


verdicts in the trial of a breast surgeon,


accused of carrying out "completely unnecessary" operations,


at hospitals in the West Midlands. Ian Paterson denies 20 counts


of wounding with intent - against nine women and one man -


between 1997 and 2011. The trial heard his alleged motive


might have been to make extra money. Gerard Coyne, who's challenging


Len McCluskey to lead Unite, has been suspended from his post


as the union's West Midlands It's understood an email was sent


to Unite members and staff in the region this afternoon,


informing them The move comes as counting


is about to get under way, Twelve awards have been given out


tonight, to members of the public who have shown courage,


care, compassion Among those taking


a Pride of Birmingham award home, is Moin Younis, who was born


with a rare skin condition - as an young ambassador


for Acorns Hospice. Our reporter Ben Godfrey has been


at the awards, and joins me now. So some incredible


stories being rewarded. The great Hall here is fizzing with


emotion here tonight. Amazing stories of courage and celebrities


in attendance, the likes of noddy Holder, Ross Kemp, the presenter


Katie Piper. This young lad has captured people's imaginations. He's


the only person in the world with this skin condition. He has been an


ambassador for the hospice and he got a round of applause.


I just hope to inspire other people out there by winning this award


and I feel great in myself and I just everyone else who wins


awards tonight to also feel good and enjoy the night.


I'm delighted to introduce the fundraiser of the year. A man you


might recognise Ben it's David Healy. This is the pride of


Birmingham, you've been nominated, I went, thank you very much. I'm told


you've raised ?3 million. You've done the equivalent of two laps


around the planet. What planet are you from? I keep asking myself the


same question. I'm on this planet and I hope I'm staying on this


planet. It's been an incredible few years. Really incredible. What have


you done next? We've just did our latest challenge which is to attempt


all the great runs. We kicked off in Edinburgh in January and the hope is


we will compete in 27 runs throughout the year finishing in


Ethiopia in November. I could talk to you all night. But we've got to


finish the news! Wonderful stuff. The largest hoard


of gold coins ever found, has now been declared treasure -


after it was discovered hidden The sovereigns could be worth up


to a quarter of a million pounds, with any reward being divided


between the man who found the coins, and the college


which owns the piano. A piano which was donated


to a college in Shropshire but just before Christmas this man discovered


hundreds of coins in dusty, hand-stitched packages


underneath its keyboard. I'd been called in


to tune and repair this piano, so I took out


a couple of the keys and opened the top


here and, hey presto! There were some


interesting packages. So, I quickly got my


penknife and bonded one of the ends and I thought,


"Oh, that's gold!" Experts say it's the largest


gold sovereign horde It consists of more than 900 coins,


most of which were made Out of all these coins,


this one is the This one, however,


was made in 1915 and that suggests the coins


were hidden around that time. We know that there is no


hundred and 13 gold coins there and that's more than six


kilos worth of gold. Back in the day when it was hidden,


in 1915, you could have bought a four bed town house


with that which is the equivalent of An inquest ruled it was unclear


who the treasure Now, any reward will go


to the college and the tuner. I was actually dancing up and down


so I do have emotions In a fortnight, two million


people living across parts of the West Midlands will have had


the chance to vote for the first All six candidates have been taking


part in a special TV debate. The new mayor will have extensive


powers over transport, housing and job creation


in the newly formed You can see the debate


straight after the weather. I'll leave you with


the forecast from Rebecca. There's plenty of cloud


around tonight and that cloud is going to stick with us


until tomorrow morning. Not a sunny day but plenty


of dry weather to come. At times, that cloud might be thick


enough to give the odd spot of rain and that will be as we head


through tonight as well. It is associated with a cold front


which will see tomorrow. For tonight, a cloudy


night and milder night Temperatures holding up


between eight and 10 Celsius. Into tomorrow, we have that cold


front working its way High pressure still in charge,


keeping it largely at bay but the cloud will thicken up


as we had through the overnight Tomorrow, a cloudy start to the day


and then we will at times seemed that cloud thick enough to give


the odd spot of rain but also some holes in that cloud which will make


things attach brighter in that brightness


we could push up to 16 Celsius. So, it will be a cloudy end


to the day that it is going to be a largely dry end to the day and dry


start to our weekend with temperatures, again,


overnight holding up between eight and 10 Celsius but,


as we head into Saturday we're going to keep that cloud,


keep that high-pressure, Helen Willetts will have


more information on that I'll leave you with an outlook


for the next few days. week for much of the UK and for more


about that and the UK outlook, Helen Willetts.


The sunshine make such a difference this time of year, only 12 or so


degrees under the cloud today but 19 in eastern Scotland not far away


from St Andrews. Also in north-east England, where we had the majority


of the decent sunshine. Even under cloud it was dry for the most part.


We have this week whether forgiving showers in the south. This weather