22/10/2016 Midlands Today


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Hundreds of Coventry City f`ns marched through the city thhs


afternoon in protest against the club's owners, Sisu


Supporters say it's one of the most uncertain times in the history


of the club, and they're "angry and "frustrated" at the way


Laura May McMullan has been to meet supporters.


Yes, I'm here at the Jimmy hill statue, where thousands


of supporters have come out in force today - but this is nothing new


this is a long-running saga, with fans worried about the future


Now, the Sky Blues are just tenants at the stadium,


and that agreement runs out next season.


Well, with me this afternoon are campaigners.


Steve, is all this really going to hit home?


Well, we're not sure whether it s going to hit home or not,


but what we're not going to do is stand back and do nothing at all.


You know, you talk about, we're only tenants here.


Sisu are supposed to be looking after us and looking after our club.


We need people that can look after the club.


We're not just going to walk away, because these people


These people are people that have got a future.


There's old fellas here, there's young fellas here -


together we are going to work and get them people


I want Sisu to leave, put the club up for sale.


They could walk away with their hands high,


and just give us the club c`use they're never going to make any


We don't own a stadium, we have no academy coming up,


they're going to sell the training ground.


All they've got is the players out there.


And without an academy, we don't even have a future to sell.


Some of us will lie down on this floor and wait to be dragged


away, because I'm one of them that'll do it.


Well, thousands of people h`ve signed a petition calling


for the owners to sell up, and the Sports Minister,


they've actually said there needs to be a mediator,


and Greg Clarke, the chairm`n of the Football Association,


Police are investigating after a man died following a citizen's


Detectives say the 29-year-old was held by two passers-by last


Sunday, after a woman's bag was stolen on the


He became unwell shortly after he was arrested,


and despite attempts to resuscitate him, he died


An inquest has heard how a walker from the Black Country fell


to his death after abandoning a bid to reach the summit


35-year-old Kenneth Hands from Oldbury fell while descending


He and two friends had been forced down by heavy snow.


The deputy coroner in Caern`rfon recorded a conclusion


Hundreds of people are without gas in Cheltenham, after a mains pipe


was damaged during work by another company.


It's affected homes in the Hesters Way Road area of the town.


Wales West Utilities say dngineers will work through the weekend to fix


the damage, after water entered the gas network.


The company's providing altdrnative heating and cooking facilithes


On to this afternoon's football results, and in the Premier League,


West Bromwich Albion have jtst kicked off against Liverpool.


In the Championship it finished Aston Villa 1, Fulham 0.


Meanwhile, Wolves lost 1-0 to Leeds at Molineux.


In League One Coventry earndd a valuable three points,


Port Vale drew 2-0 with Oxford United.


Shrewsbury remain bottom after losing 4-2 at


In League Two, Cheltenham beat Grimsby 1-0.


And in the National League, Solihull Moors were well


And in rugby's European Challenge Cup, Gloucester


And Worcester were narrowly beaten by Brive, by 25 points to 24.


Here's Lucy Martin with the forecast.


Well, we did have some mist and fog hanging around for quite


a while this morning, but then it brightened up whth some


blue skies and showers as wdll; this photo sent in from Birmingh`m.


But as we move through the rest of this evening and overnight it


Got some patchy cloud around, and temperatures falling


to a minimum of around 3 to 6 Celsius in towns and cities.


It'll be slightly cooler if you're in the countrysidd.


So we start tomorrow with plenty in the way of low cloud.


There is the chance of seeing some mist and fog patches first thing,


quite similarly to today, but as we move into the aftdrnoon


we should see that clearing and then some brighter spells of sunshine.


Temperatures tomorrow a maximum of 13 Celsius,


Midlands Today is back with your next update


at five past six tomorrow evening.


From all of us here, enjoy the rest of your weekdnd.


Not a bad start but we will see some mist and fog overnight. Southern


England, we will have some extensive low cloud and patchy fog. Further


west huddle in the countryside, with clearer skies, it will be quite


chilly night. Not very promising in the morning across these central


areas. Fog slowly lifting as the breeze freshens. For western


Scotland, it should be a decent day after a chilly start. There will be


some sunshine, and largely dry. Eastern Scotland, showers have been


more widely. On the whole, for northern parts of the UK,


temperatures will be lower than today.


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