30/10/2016 Midlands Today


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An elderly war veteran has lade an emotional appeal to whoever


stole his medals to return them in time for Remembrance Day.


91-year-old John Roberts, known to friends as Jack,


had six medals taken from hhs home in Worcestershire on Wednesday.


He joined the navy at 18 and was part of the patrol


service that blew up mines during the D Day landings.


We were running very small boats, wooden. It was because of the mines.


It didn't affect us. When wd went past the mines we blew it up. Then


we went back for the feis! ,- fish. The retired school caretaker


is a bit of joker at heart, but the theft of his six war medals,


including the French Croix de What proof have you got of what you


did and who you were. Word of what's happened to Jack has


spread after being posted on a neighbourhood watch


social media site. Some people have even


offered money to anyone One guy started off with ?100 and


then we have had other people say they would give ?20 and ?50 and ?20


and it seems to be going up and up which is so kind of people to do


that. Jack's now hoping his medals will be


returned in time for him Police in Shropshire


are investigating a report that two teenage girls were forced into a car


in Wellington early this morning. The girls - aged about 17 -


were seen being pulled Officers say they're not certain


an offence took place, but want to speak to anybodx


with information as a A man believed to be the father


of two children who died after a house fire in Birmingham


is in an induced coma in hospital. He was rescued from a car fhre


in Staffordshire less than three hours after a fire at an address


in Great Barr on Friday. An eight-year-old boy


and a six-year-old girl who were in the house were confirmed


dead in hospital. Police are still awaiting


the results of post mortems. A man has been charged


with murdering a postman whose body was found in a village


lane in Warwickshire. 50-year-old David Lamont


was discovered by a member of the public in Corley, last


Sunday. 53-year-old Kamaljit Singh


Dhaliwal, from Coventry Two years after a devastating


explosion at a fireworks warehouse in Stafford the families of the men


who died say they are frustrated Simon Hillier and Stewart Staples


died when the industrial unht on the Baswich estate


was destroyed by fire. No inquest into their


deaths has taken place. Two years ago the skies


above Stafford were lit up with fireworks, as the contdnts


of this warehouse exploded. The fire burned for hours


and claimed the lives of two men, 57-year-old Stewart Staples


and 41-year-old Simon Hillidr. Their families are


still seeking answers. The relatives of Mr Hillier,


a pyrotechnic enthusiast volunteering in the shop,


decided to make the difficult it's bringing memories back,


naturally. What it is, he's not only been a son, he was a friend as well


as a Hugo. Staffordshire police says it


recognises the families' concerns but it's a challenging


and lengthy inquiry. They hope a decision will bd reached


in the near future as to whdther Until that decision is made,


the coroner says an It does make me angry. Therd are


that many things I hear as well as things that I think might h`ve


happened, and that the end of the day my son should have got out.


Two years on it's not clear how much longer the families will be left


waiting for the answers they so desperately need.


Football and Birmingham Citx and Aston Villa drew


1-1 in the Championship at St Andrews this afternoon.


Villa took the lead after half an hour.


Gary Gardner heading home from a free-kick.


But the Blues responded well in the second half and scordd


The game was also notable for a minute's applause in lemory


of the victims of the Birmingham pub Bombings.


What a fantastic way to show a great city like ours coming out at a derby


game to show solidarity for their own. I could not be more proud. I


couldn't be more proud. One rugby result


from this afternoon. In the Premiership Wasps be`t


Newcastle 31-6. Finally - Happy Diwali -


the Hindu festival of lights begins So let's see how the cloud cover's


looking for any fireworks If you wrote trick-or-treathng it is


not too bad but we will see things turning noticeably cooler. Some


quite spooky mist starting to come into the picture, but quite a cloudy


night at well. Laws of seven Celsius. We stick with the list the


note tomorrow morning but some mist and fog around and that may require


an extra few minutes to get to work. Highs of 14 Celsius with cloudy


weather on the way for Mond`y. That's it for now,


enjoy your evening. Good evening. It has been a mild and


a bit of a murky day. A lot of mist and low cloud, but also some warm


sunshine. Here was the scene captured in Perth and Kinross by one


of the weather watchers earlier in the day. A change in weather type


during the week, feeling colder still some mist and fog round over


the next few days. Quite a lot of dry weather still on the cards.


Mainly dry out there at the moment. Down to this big area of high


pressure. The weather front pushing into the far north-west of Scotland.


Bringing some rain here. Elsewhere, a little bit of drizzle out of that


cloud. Some mist and fog patches forming overnight. Reduced


visibility first thing on Monday morning. Take care if you're heading


out on the roads for Monday morning rush mist and fog, and low cloud. A


murky start for Monday, but an improving


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