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Good evening. with us on BBC One -


Coventry has been praised as an example of Britain


at its best by the Archbishop of Canterbury.


In his New Year message, recorded in Coventry,


the Most Reverend Justin Welby said the city's response to its


devastation in the Second World War set an example of reconciliation.


Surrendering to the demands of television lighting,


the Archbishop of Canterbury prepares to deliver his New Year's


Justin Welby returned to Coventry, the city where he started out


as a clergyman, a city whose wartime suffering and forgiveness, he says,


The story of this city says so much that is true


about Britain at its best, about our courage, our standing up


to tyranny, how we stand alongside the suffering and defeated,


how we stand for human dignity and hope.


The Archbishop visited a drop-in centre for refugees,


people he called "a blessing to our way of life".


And he drew his message to a close by focusing on an issue that has


divided so many parts of the country.


The EU referendum was a tough campaign and it has left divisions.


But I know that if we look at our roots, our history,


and our culture in the Christian tradition, if we reach back


into what is best in this country, we will find a path


towards reconciling the differences that have divided us.


From Coventry to Canterbury, the Archbishop believes that looking


back can only help us prepare for the future.


75 years ago today 57 miners were killed in the Sneyd Pit


The men and their families have today been remembered at a special


At Holy Trinity Church in Burslem, the names of the lost


57 men and boys were killed in the Sneyd pit.


The youngest was just 15 years of age.


The explosion happened at eight o'clock


on the morning of January 1st, 1942, in pit number four.


Almost all the miners there were killed immediately.


He was the 39th miner they got out and he had


an electric light on, which I suppose was


but some of them hadn't even got that.


What makes this such a tragedy is these men would never have


normally worked on New Year's Day, but they'd been called


in on this particular occasion to support the war effort.


I did work and made friends with some of the survivors,


and the stories they gave me were just incredible.


Those brave men that went in, the rescue teams that


This afternoon, the hymns and prayers here were dedicated


to the victims of the disaster and their families.


People from my own congregation said they just whispered the name


of somebody who was close to them because it was a very major


industry in the Potteries for many, many decades.


The Sneyd pit, a workhorse of the Staffordshire coalfields,


But today, the scars and scale of human suffering in a small


Now, two rugby results from the Premiership from today.


Gloucester went down 13-12 to Northampton,


but there was a great win for Worcester, who beat


Let's take a look at the weather now, with Alex Hamilton.


Well, happy New Year to you, and the good news is we have got


some bright weather on the way, thanks to this area of high pressure


Now, the rain that we saw earlier on is clearing away to the south,


But dropping very cool, particularly in rural spots,


Then, as we head towards tomorrow morning, we are expecting


Not quite wall-to-wall sunshine, but plenty of sunny


spells throughout the day and amounts of variable cloud.


Cold again, though - highs of only four Celsius.


More bright weather on the way for the next couple of days.


That's it for now. We're back tomorrow at 1:15pm.


From the late team, good night and happy New Year.


We will be back tomorrow. Happy New Year.


For many, New Year's Day was a shocker with all of that rain


around. Tomorrow will be sunny, but it is getting colder. This is rain


clearing from the south-east. These specks of white as snow mixed in


with showers across parts of northern England, particularly


across Scotland, low levels here. I say that they hazard in northern and


eastern areas. I would not rule out slippery areas almost anywhere by


the morning, by which time temperatures will be close to or


below freezing in many places. A bright and sunny start, but still


wintry showers, sliding down the North Sea coast. Some snow down at


quite low levels to the north of Scotland. Here, the snow will turn


to rain. Something milder creeping in off the Atlantic as it clouds


over. Further south, despite that sunshine, it will feel cold. 3-5 is


the best I can offer you, briefly, through the afternoon. Then


temperatures fall away like a


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