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Good evening. late news at 10.30pm.


Emergency services took over the RSC Theatre in Stratford today in order


to test their response to an armed siege.


200 Police, Ambulance and Fire service personnel were involved


in the exercise which involved gunmen opening fire


It was a drama like none seen before at the RSC Theatre in Stratford -


fire crews rescuing fleeing hostages from the roof as part


The scenario, gunmen opening fire inside.


While this is not a counterterrorist exercise, a number of the resources


and the skill sets being used would be transferable in the highly


unlikely event that an incident like that should occur.


90 people were killed at the Bataclan in Paris 14 months ago.


Mercifully, there have been no such attacks on theatres since,


but Friday's shootings at Fort Lauderdale airport serve


as a reminder that public places are vulnerable.


This exercise has not only benefited the police fire


and ambulance services, it has allowed the RSC


Of course, you know everything is entirely made up and everything


It gets increasingly tense and you find yourself really getting


involved with it as though it is for real.


Extra security measures at this year's German Christmas market


in Birmingham show how seriously public safety is taken


It is hoped today's exercise, three months in the planning,


will leave the emergency services even better prepared


The MP for Cheltenham says he's delighted that his campaign


for tougher punishments for stalkers has led to an increase


in the maximum sentence from five to ten years.


Alex Chalk introduced a bill in Parliament after one


of his constituents, Dr Ellie Ashton, suffered


for seven years at the hands of a former patient.


It's a huge relief for me and it's going to make a big difference


to me and my family, because although at the end


of the day, five years, ten years, it's just a number and an end


will always come to that period of time,


but it gives us that longer respite, a chance to have a breather,


get back to normal life, be able to function normally,


not look over our shoulders all the time, which is what we do


West Midlands Police have discovered a cannabis farm in the


Tribute acts of the King of Rock and Roll have spent the last three


days battling it out for the coveted title.


Sian Grzeszczyk has been to watch them.


# Caught in a trap, I can't walk out...


They're all shook up for the European Elvis Championships,


which are held in Birmingham every year, and today is a special one -


it would have been the King's 82nd birthday.


So what would he have made of all of this?


I think he'd have found it quite amusing.


I think he'd just have enjoyed the fact that we're


This house today, Elvis is in the whole room.


My first cassette tape was Elvis, so his music captured me.


Nearly 100 people have performed at the contest and at 11:30 tonight,


A little less conversation, because it's time for


Norweigan Elvis to take to the stage.


# Yet when I face that chilling hand of death


The audience clearly can't help falling in love.


Football, and there was no FA Cup joy for Aston Villa fans at a rain


The Championship side fought to keep the tie 0-0 at half time,


but goals from Ben Davies and Son Heung-min put


Tottenham Hotspur through to the fourth round draw.


Rugby, and Wasps beat Leicester by 22 points to 16,


but their victory was overshadowed by an injury to England


Let's have a look at the weather forecast now.


Another relatively mild but grey day today and as we move through this


evening and overnight, we are continuing in a similar vein


plenty of cloud around, one or two patches of mist and fog


developing, getting thick enough to produce rain or drizzle.


Temperatures between five and seven Celsius.


Tomorrow, we're stuck with plenty of cloud before this arrival


It could be heavy, and the breeze will pick up, but behind it,


clearer skies and feeling noticeably cooler, temperatures


Quite a cool night into Tuesday, then we are looking at an unsettled


week, but I do think it will turn cooler and windier as we move


Coming up next on BBC One, Countryfile is in Shropshire,


with features on the Snailbeach lead mine and plans for a new nature


I'm back with the late bulletin, just after 22:50.


After a dull weekend for many of us, the weather gets shaken to life this


week. The real driver for the first wake-up call is low pressure pushing


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