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It's been a fast-moving day with protests here and in America


against president Donald Trump's new immigration policy.


One of the leading critics has been MP for Stratford-on-Avon,


Nadhim Zahawi, who was born in Bhagdad in Iraq.


Earlier, he expressed concerns on the Andrew Marr Show


that he could be banned from visiting his children,


My two sons who are twins are at Princeton University,


Your sons are at university in America.


How does it make you feel that Donald Trump doesn't


Gosh, I don't think I've felt this discriminated against probably


since little school, the kids were very cruel as a young


But in the last hour the Foreign Office has managed


to secure an exemption for anyone travelling from this country


or with a dual nationality of one of the seven named countries.


If you are travelling to the US from anywhere other


than one of those countries, for instance the UK,


In Nadhim Zahawi's case, he is a dual citizen of one of those


countries but travelling to the US from the UK, so the


Nine men have been arrested after hundreds of fans invaded


the pitch during Coventry City's game against Northampton.


The League One fixture was disrupted several times by fans


Police say six arrests were made when Sky Blues fans invaded


the pitch and a further three when flares were let-off.


The police watchdog says it's investigating an officer who pulled


over a Birmingham DJ in his Bentley and told him it was a fact that


black men in gangster clothes commit crimes.


27-year-old DMO Deejay was stopped near Leicester Square


The whole incident was captured on a camera set up in the DJ's car.


A swan that was shot with a crossbow in Cheltenham has "miraculously" not


The bird, known as George, was found with a bolt


embedded in its head in Pittville Park on Tuesday.


Despite fears it had lost its eye, staff at Vale Wildlife Hospital


were amazed to see it was still there after the swelling went down.


More than 30,000 people descended on Birmingham today to celebrate


The event was funded entirely by money raised


And despite the wet weather, organisers say the celebrations


The year of the Rooster starts off with a bang,


Thousands gathered in Birmingham to mark the beginning


The Chinese community encompasses a lot of different cultures as well.


Although it's called Chinese New Year, it's not actually


We count ourselves as one big happy family, coming altogether,


I think it's the perfect thing for a pick me up.


People born under the sign of the Rooster are said to be


hard-working but there are also said to be dreamers and flashy dressers.


Well, they're's plenty of that on offer here today.


More than 12,000 Chinese people live in the city and that's


to see Birmingham as a place that is so multicultural


and having a day that you can come out and celebrate.


Everyone coming along together, that's what humanity is.


It's important, isn't it, because we live in a big city


and different cultures and we need to learn from each other.


A tiger, a snake, an oxen and a rat, so it was good


Packed with colour and atmosphere, it seemed the damp weather was no


match for the high spirits of this truly diverse city.


Audrey Dias, BBC Midlands Today, Birmingham.


It's been a wet and miserable day across the region.


Here's Alex Hamilton with the forecast.


Well, we started on a bit of a frosty note this morning


but it is turning noticeably milder over the next few days and as this


low pressure system starts to move out of the way,


we are getting rid of some of the wet weather.


As for this evening, though, there are still some


We will continue to see some mist and fog patches


Lows tonight of around six Celsius, so we will be staying frost free.


As for tomorrow morning, we will have a little bit


of brightness once that mist and fog starts to clear but then later


in the day, we will start to see this band of showery rain working


across the region with highs of around nine Celsius.


Some milder weather on the way as well.


Midlands Today will be back tomorrow just after 6am.


Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Good evening. Very soggy down south today. A wash-out of the day for


some of us. Scotland, northern parts of England, had sunshine. It's going


to be cold. Already is. This is what is heading our way for the week


ahead. We need our brollies out and it'll turn Wendy later in the week.


The rain is clearing. I wouldn't say necessarily particularly drying out


after this rain band boost towards the east, it'll stay damp but cloudy


and murky in the north. Maybe freezing fog in places. It will be


cold in the glands of Scotland. It could be down to -10 degrees, it's


already about -5 or 6 degrees right now. Monday we've got another band


of rain heading our way. Most of the West Country, Wales, spots into


Northern Ireland. Most of southern England overcast with some rain.


Looks like


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