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Two elderly residents of a care home in Staffordshire are in a serious


condition in hospital after a fire severely damaged the property.


They were amongst 25 residents who had to be evacuated.


The alarm was raised at around 11.30 last night at the Standon House


It took 20 firefighters around three hours to bring it under control.


Staffordshire Fire Service say it was caused by a discarded


cigarette in an external smoking area which lead to the fire


spreading to the roof of the home. Seven of the residents had to be


One to the Queens Hospital in Burton upon Trent


In two of them here are said to be in a serious condition.


The remaining residents had to be rehoused in nearby flats, and two


Many of the residents' bedrooms were unfortunately quite seriously


The majority of the fire was in the roof space and then


we had quite a lot of smoke damage and obviously where we put water


on to the fire, that water ingresses into the residents' rooms as well.


That is why there was the need to re-home some of the residents.


Keith Hall's 91-year-old mother who has dementia,


She was absolutely fine about it, really.


Just totally unbelievable what has happened.


Police have thanked local residents for raising the alarm and helping


A 32-year-old man, from Burton-upon-Trent, is helping


police with their enquiries into a stabbing in the town


A 36-year-old man is in a stable condition in hospital after being


stabbed in Burton-upon-Trent police with their enquiries into a stabbing


A 32-year-old man, who was arrested for attempted murder,


has been released from custody and police are hunting


Easter Sunday services around the Region have expressed a common


Senior church figures have echoed the Archbishop of Canterbury's


sentiments that terror and despair should not be allowed to triumph.


In her Easter message the Bishop of Gloucester acknowledged


that many are anxious about our changing world.


People are feeling often quite fearful, they are aware of change


which is not in their control, they are aware of uncertainty.


What I want to be saying to people at least is that in many ways,


Easter is all about change, but it is change which is


It is change which is about hope and life.


Around 2,000 people turned out at the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple


in Walsall to celebrate one of the most important dates


Vaisakhi commemorates the year of 1699, when Sikhism was born.


Followers say the religion is characterised by


These five sword-bearing men are symbolic of those who in 1699


were baptised into the Khalsa, an order, a way of living


if you like, that was established by the Guru Gobind Singh Ji.


Today, a time for reflection and for Suki


and Jason Peters, a chance for their little girl,


Simaren to experience Vasakhi for the first time.


She is just one-year-old and this is the first time


we are her and obviously she is going to look


and then as she gets older, we want to explain to her.


Busy I want this to be a tradition because I went


as a little girl every year, as a family, and we


And it is very much a family occasion,


To the beat of the drums, the procession sets off,


a celebration of a faith that is rooted in equality.


No one is higher than anyone else apart from the Guru Granth Sahib.


We stand as a community, we don't judge anyone otherwise


and it is all about, you know, no prejudice either.


The streets of Walsall packed with colour and people


And you're hoping your kids will continue this tradition


Well, I'll carry on bringing them and hopefully


A tradition that clearly means so much to so many.


Amy Cole, BBC Midlands Today, Walsall.


West Bromwich Albion and Liverpool fans stood in silence


at the Hawthorns to remember Tracey and Pierce Wilkinson


who were stabbed to death at their home in Stourbridge just


The Club said Peter Wilkinson who was critically injured


in the attack, was determined to return to the ground today


And the result of that match, West Bromwich Albion


In the Premiership, Wasps beat Bristol 36-21.


Not the nicest weather if you've been out celebrating


Here's Lucy Martin with the forecast for the rest of the Bank Holiday.


A fairly chilly day across the west Midlands today.


You might be surprised to hear that it has been cooler


Our temperatures between ten and 13 Celsius.


As we move through this evening and overnight, we are looking


There will be one or two outbreaks of rain and temperatures falling


to an overnight low of around 6 degrees Celsius.


As we move into Easter Monday, we are looking at a largely cloudy day.


There will be some brighter intervals and the sunny spell.


One or two showers to look out for, as well.


Our temperatures at a maximum of 12 Celsius with a light wind.


As we move into Tuesday, it does look like it will be drier


Our next bulletin follows tonight's ten o'clock news.


Good evening if you spend Easter under cloudy skies with rain


hopefully I can promise you something brighter for tomorrow, not


much brightness earlier for our Weather Watch in Cumbria, there was


sunshine, sunny spells of the northern Scotland


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