08/02/2014 North West Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the North West of England.

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Hello, good afternoon. A former greater Manchester police officer


who use the little car to try and buy heroin is beginning a 14 month


jail sentence. Robert Carroll pleaded guilty to misconduct in


public office and theft. He gave a police issue back on to a dealer in


exchange for drugs and claimed it was through carrying out test


purchases for police that he became addicted to heroin. It has been


revealed that the Independent police complaints commission was asked 18


months ago to examine how greater Manchester police dealt with an


investigation into allegations of rape involving a woman who fell to


her death earlier this week. 41`year`old Tracey Shelby fell from


the Wheatsheaf shopping centre after learning that the man she had


accused of rape had been cleared. A protest march is taking place


today after plans have been opposed to 400 new homes on the edge of the


Peak District. The council consultation on building new homes


in the area is due end on Monday. Police have issued a warning about


illegal drugs that they believe are being sold in Blackburn. The people


buying these pills believe they are buying bends with the eyes gleam,


which is a prescription drug used to treat a variety of medical


conditions. A new exhibition on the Isle of Man


is highlighting stories from the Max community as part of the events to


mark the entry of World War I. This terrible ordeal opens today at the


magnesium in Douglas and has been the commendation of years of


research. It is fair to say that the impact on the Isle of Man has been


greater than other parts of the UK, the Irish Sea around the island was


a horde of German U`boat, ships were being sunk and the island was used


as a centre for internment and 25,000 Germans, Austrians and Turks


were interned in the camp Yearwood had a huge impact on island life. In


football and Liverpool have just kicked off in the Premier league


against Arsenal but it is all going to plan an ex`Anfield. Liverpool are


4`0 up. Manchester City are at Norwich this afternoon and their


manager is looking for a response after their midweek defeat to


Chelsea. It was a very difficult game. It is very important to react


after the defeat. At home we played against a good team, a team that


tried to play so we hope that we can win again. Super league return


classmate, not a great start for Wigan. Were beaten by the


Huddersfield Giants by 24 points to eight points. FIFA the weather.


The wind is a key feature of the weather along with showers. We have


been trying to work your way in from the West this morning, clouds


thickening ahead of it. It the afternoon plenty of showers around,


some of merging together to form longer spells of rain and it could


turn went today in the Pennines Gusts potentially up to 60 mils per


hour, temperatures are relevant with the wind and rain, looking at house


of M seven degrees. More showers to come, but they will blow through


quickly on the blustery wind. Something went to the over the


higher ground once again. Overnight lows of around 45 degrees.


Tomorrow, still plenty of showers around, the wind will ease a little


bit but it will remain breezy. Drying up a little better as we head


into the afternoon with the top temperature of seven degrees.


That set from me for evening. -- the winds will ease


Good afternoon. It is yet another stormy day to day with heavy rain


around and very strong winds. The Met office has issued an amber


warning for the strong winds. They could be


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