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Good afternoon. Former Preston and England winger Sir Tom Finney died


yesterday at the age of 91. Finney made more than 400 league


appearances for Preston North End and won 76 caps for England. Yunus


Mulla reports. If you speak to anybody at the club


today or anybody who came to lay tributes, they will say Tom Finney


was the greatest player to play for us to North end. He spent his career


here and his life in Preston. A stream of people today have been


coming to Deepdale to lay tributes and remember him with affection


How can a man I never met or never had the privilege to see the half


such a profound effect? It is very sad for everyone in


Preston. Wherever we go on holiday, you mention Preston North End and


right away, Tom Finney. I knew people who played with him and grew


up with him and they said he was a fantastic figure on and off the


pitch. The match against Leyton Orient was always going to be


important but added significance, as to North end players will be wearing


shirts with the name Finney on their back.


The body of a teenager was found this morning in Oldham after police


were called at 8am to Ripponden Road. The young man has not yet been


identified and an investigation has been launched.


This week has been Congenital Heart Defect week and one 11`year`old boy


from Blackburn. Who has the condition, has rounded up his school


friends to join him in raising money. Emma Blackburn reports.


The shoelaces are tied. The new school tracksuits are revealed.


These year six pupils are ready for their sponsored walk. To help a


friend. Walking four times around the pitch at Blackburn Rovers, these


children know what this challenge means. This boy 's mile long walk is


the furthest distance he has completed, he was born with


congenital heart disease and had his first major operation 18 months


ago. He is now stronger than ever and raising money for older hey


Hospital who have helped him. It is a great achievement because what he


has got is very rare. He looks normal but he suffers inside. When I


used to walk, I used to get breathless easily but now I have


done a mile, so it is a good achievement. How does it feel to


have walked a mile? Great! And his friends think so too.


After a very stormy night, we will see better weather conditions


returning. It will be a gradual process. The strong winds will ease


into the afternoon but we have showers around and they will produce


heavy rain and snow over higher ground. For a period of time, they


will ease at tea`time on the daytime temperature will reach a maximum of


eight Celsius. As the winds ease, we will see showers across Lancashire


into the early hours. And the chance of a frost developing across


Cheshire. A bit of ice on untreated roads and pavements. Sunday is a


much better day, dry and bright with light winds, but further rain by


Monday. I will be back later at good afternoon.


Good afternoon. It looks as though we could be heading towards a sunny


Sunday, something I assure we will all be


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