22/02/2014 North West Today


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Good afternoon. Lancashire Police have released an


EvoFIT picture to try to identify a man's body that was found washed up


on the beach at Fleetwood. A dog walker made the discovery on Monday


at Rossall and the coastguard helped recover it. Officers hope someone


will recognise him and they can find out how he came to be in the water.


Youngsters from across the North West were enjoying a rather unusual


lock`in last night at Blackburn s Anglican Catherdral. There were


bouncy castles and football kickabouts between the pews in one


of the biggest youth events ever held by the Church of England in


Lancashire. Inside this Anglican Cathedral,


there was a midnight mass of activity. Fun and face at this all


might use event. It is really exciting, because you


can meet new friends. It is really brilliant, because it is a chance to


get to know people that have the same beliefs as you and your able to


speak to them about it. These youngster were on a mission to


have fun. There was no time for sleep. But there was time for some


quite reflection This the purpose is to send out the


message that the church is for younger people to. It is a great


occasion to gather them here in the Cathedral and to do things that are


different than what people think happens in church. It is breaking


the mould. This is now an annual event, a new


way of building on the face of young people. `` the faith.


Sport now and in Rugby League Wigan Warriors lost 36 points to 14 to


Sydney Roosters in the World Cup Challenge in Australia this morning.


Wigan battled after half`time and reduced the deficit with a try from


Joe Burgess and two from Josh Charnley, but in the end it wasn't


enough. Staying with Super League, last


night saw Saints beat Hull FC in the match that also represented first


leg of the inaugural Steve Prescott Trophy. The England and Ireland


full`back, who died of cancer in November at the age of 39, played


for both clubs. The walkway linking the Langtree Park Stadium to the


town centre has just been named the player who's also remembered for his


tireless charity work. It has been very emotional, for his


family and for the supporters, but it is also celebrating his and his


contribution to the club. The club went for many years without winning


a trophy. In 1996, with his help, we turn that around with the Super


League title. Football, and Everton's match at


Chelsea kicks off within the hour. Manager Roberto Martinez says his


team needs to bounce back from the disappointment of their last Premier


League match at Spurs. The disappointment that we had I


think is something that we need to change, something that we need to


correct and use the experience that when you are the better side and you


play well, you need to win the football game. We are looking for


that challenge ahead. And here is the weather.


It has not been a bad start to the week. We have seen some sunshine.


There is some rain in some areas, but other places will stay mild


nine degrees. The rain continues to push in this evening and overnight


the winds will pick in, so it is cloudy and breezy. Not very cold,


with temperatures at 89 Celsius A wet and windy day tomorrow, but it


should be mild. I will be back just after 6pm.


Goodbye. Good afternoon. It has been a lovely


start with some very welcome winter sunshine. For the rest of the day,


the further east you are, you will hang onto that for much of the




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