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stories on the BBC News Channel That's all from me, stay with us on


BBC Good afternoon. Two men havd been


Monday. Now the local outlook. Good afternoon. Two men havd been


arrested on suspicion of thd armed robbery of a betting shop in Denton


this morning. Police were c`lled to Betfred on Stockport Road jtst after


9am to find a man had fled hn a car to a property in Walker Strdet. The


armed man and the driver relain in police custody.


Business Secretary Vince Cable has told the Sunday Politics he wants


businesses to put forward their own proposals for the reform of business


rates. Mr Cable was in Burnley to open a new business park. A recent


report said postponing the revaluation of business ratds by two


years was costing businesses in Greater Manchester alone more than


?60 million a year in extra tax In areas where commercial rents have


not risen, there is a genuine grievance that companies ard not


getting the benefit of this in terms of their business rate. We need to


look at the system and reformat Bash back and reform it.


And you can see our politic`l editor Arif Ansari's full interview with


the Business Secretary on this week's Sunday Politics tomorrow at


11am on BBC One. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers


says he's not worried his tdam is conceding goals as long as they re


winning. The Reds, who play at Southampton later, have scored the


most goals in the Premier Ldague but also have the fourth worst defensive


record. When we attack and score the goals we have it is because of the


squad and the team. We conshdered disappointing goals last wedkend but


at this stage of the season it is about winning.


It promises to be a special weekend for four`year`old George Johnson


from Wallasey. George will be mascot at this weekend's Capital One


cup final for Sunderland, not Manchester City.


George has not had much luck in his short life but for Sunderland, he is


a lucky charm. He has had 74 operations as doctors tried to


uncover his mystery condition. He was at great Ormond in London for


the majority of his life. Hhs tea is either a bag of vitamins or a bag of


fats. George has to be fed through his heart every night. His family


are trying to raise thousands of pounds to go to America for


treatment. He could be in hospital for eight months. George is mascot


at the game between Sunderl`nd and Manchester. The team has kept faith


with them. When you are a m`scot, they seem to win. Yeah, but the


other teams want us to support them. The other teams want you to support


them so they win? And whoevdr wins tomorrow, no one deserves to walk


out at Wembley more than George Let's get a check on the we`ther.


Some places have had dry and bright conditions but others have showers


around and that stays the s`me this afternoon. Winds are fairly light,


still feeling quite fresh ott there but pleasant in any brightndss. This


evening we will see rain work its way in. It may turn wintry hn parts


of the Pennines. The breeze will strengthen with overnight lows


around for Celsius. A wet and windy at day to come tomorrow. Th`t it


from me for now. I would back just after 6pm.


Hello there. The first day of March, and quite a wintry chill to


the first thing, but conditions have improved a lot, a lot of sunshine


have there, so the daffodils you can see behind me, a good sunny Saint


David's day across


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