15/03/2014 North West Today


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England, who step onto the pitch in about half hour's time, could


overtake them with a large Good afternoon.


Investigations are continuing today after a helicopter being flown by


two men from the north west crashed in Norfolk this week. Four people


died in the incident on Thursday, including pilot Carl Dickerson from


Thorton`Cleveleys in Lancashire and co`pilot Lee Hoyle from Manchester.


It's also emerged that safety concerns about the aircraft were


raised with the manufacturer last September.


A man died this morning aftdr being hit by a car in Manchester city


centre. The collision took place on Essex Street just after 4:30 this


morning and the man was takdn to hospital with a serious head injury


and later died. A 23`year`old man was breathalysed and has bedn


arrested on suspicion of drhnk driving and dangerous driving. He


remains in police custody for questioning.


Merseyside Police has arrested a man after the armed robbery of two banks


this week. The 51`year`old lan from Toxteth was arrested on suspicion of


the robbery of the Barclays bank on Mill Lane in West Derby on Thursday


and the robbery of Lloyds TSB on West Derby Road in Tuebrook


yesterday. The man will now be questioned at a police stathon in


Merseyside. It's been an epic trek to r`ise


money for charity, with somd unexpected results for ex`sdrviceman


Christian Nock. This lunchthme Christian finishes an 8000 lile


coastal walk around Britain, sleeping rough every night of the 18


month journey. The former infantryman set out from his local


pub in Blackpool in 2012 hoping to raise ?10,000 for Help for Heroes


and increase awareness of homelessness amongst former military


servicemen and women. And as he heads back, he's raised almost


?200,000. He met his girlfrhend Kelly along the route. She brought a


flask of coffee out to him hn Folkestone. Our reporter Suzanne


Hailey will have more on his journey on the evening news after 7pm.


Sport now and Manchester City kick off at Hull in the next half hour


after a week which has seen the Blues crash out of the FA Ctp and


Champions League. Manager M`nuel Pellegrini says his team must now


have the character and ment`lity to recover and focus on the Prdmier


League title chase. We have no less than 72 hours to recover. Wd are in


a very difficult week... After we were eliminated from the


competition. But it is a molent to recover and it is a moment to see


our mentality and I hope th`t we are going to do everything to h`ve a


good game against Hull and `dd a few more points.


Everton take on relegation strugglers Cardiff at Goodison Park


with Roberto Martinez's men looking to kick start their European hopes


after four defeats in their last eight games.


Now time for the weather with Sara Blizzard.


Good afternoon. Well, it is certainly a very breezy day today.


There is a brisk north`westdrly wind out there. And there is a lot of


cloud as well, which has bedn with us throughout the morning. Ht is


thick enough at times to produce a small amount of drizzle and is doing


that first thing this morning. There is the chance, across part of


Cheshire and Merseyside, of seeing the skies brightening in thd late


afternoon. The wind continuds overnight. We will also see the


skies clearing for a time btt it will keep the temperatures `bove


freezing. There is a lot of cloud starting to come back in. It is


starting to produce a small amount of rain across Lancashire into the


early hours. Sunday is going to be another cloudy day. It will also be


quite breezy. There will be further outbreaks of patchy rain around on


Sunday. The best of any brightness is further south, if you ard


planning on travelling. We sadly start to lose the high pressure for


the early part of next week and it will be more unsettled.


We're back with another bulletin just before 7pm.


Following on from what has been largely dry and settled week with


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