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Good afternoon. Police are appealing for information


after a lawfully`held shotgtn was stolen from a home in Manchdster


last night. Four men armed with knives broke into a 79`year`old


woman's home in Didsbury and demanded cash before searchhng the


house and making off with the weapon and ammunition belonging to a family


member. Officers are keen to hear from anyone who can help iddntify


the thieves and recover the shotgun. Manchester Central Library has


reopened to the public after a 50 million refurbishment. The hconic


building on St Peter's Square closed in 2010 and over a million books


were sent into storage in the Cheshire salt mines. Nishma Hindocha


reports. Manchester's reborn Central library.


It has been closed for four years and has cost ?48 million to rebuild.


Today, hundreds of people c`me to have a look at the new building We


have come to look inside. It is lovely. I have been waiting for


three years for this. It is fantastic. I loved that it hs open


again. I used to use it when I was a student, and it has been a long time


it was opened. The great two listed building has


opened new rooms like a reading room. Previously, only 30% of the


building was opened to the public, but now they can enjoy 70% of it.


We will have to million people visiting Manchester, so which will


be brilliant for the economx, but also for the Manchester reshdents to


enjoy the library. Fotball and all four of our Premier


League teams are in action this afternoon. Both Manchester City who


are home to Fulham, and Livdrpool, who travel to Cardiff, are `iming to


close the gap on leaders Chdlsea. After their dramatic midweek win in


the Champions League, can M`nchester United continue their recovdry at


West Ham? Everton are home to Swansea. The Blues are still in the


chase for European football. The most important thing th`t we


have is in front of us with these tend games, which will show was how


strong we are as a team. It will be very important, the next eight


weeks. Sale Sharks will look to boost their


chances of a top four finish against league leaders Northampton `t the AJ


Bell Stadium this afternoon. Sam Tuitupou and Danny Cipriani return


to Sale's starting line`up `fter coming off the bench in the last


game at Wasps. Here's the weather with Kayd


Forster. We have had a taste of wintdr today.


It has been a cold start with some snow showers across the Lakd


District and Peak District. That will continue this afternoon, a


mixture of sunshine and showers But it is feeling cold this aftdrnoon,


temperatures around seven or eight Celsius. Some of the showers will


continue into the CV, wintrx over higher ground. `` this evenhng. But


for most of us it will try out later tonight. If you get clear skies the


temperatures will be down to two or three Celsius. Tomorrow will be


brighter and drier. There whll be some showers around in the


afternoon, but far fewer th`n today. A lot more sunshine. It will still


feel cold, with temperatures about seven or eight Celsius.


I will be back at 5:20pm. Goodbye. Hello. The weekend started with


snowcapped hills and blue sky. Since then, more clout has built and the


showers have broken out widely. Some heavy downpours and hell stones --


he'll stones. This is all part and parcel of the colder weather


weekend. There is a wintry flavour to the showers. It is snow we and


there are frosty and icy nights Over recent hours, you can see the


cloud has built up as the showers have developed. There are organised


showers moving east across England over the next two hours, and


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