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arrested: That's all from the BBC news.


The headlines this Tuesday lunchtime.


Tributes are paid to the cousins killed in an apparent


Disruption for Merseyrail passengers - as track


And how these rare breed cattle are helping preserve Ainsdale's dunes.


Police have been given more time to question four men arrested


following the deaths of two young girls on a road in Oldham.


Cousins Helena Kotlarova and Zeneta Krokova were hit by a car


as they crossed the road hand in hand on New Year's Eve.


Detectives are keen to trace the driver of a van who may have


witnessed the tragedy as our chief reporter,


In the shape of flowers and tokens of the sympathy continue to grow


today in memory of two young cousins who lost their lives and such tragic


circumstances. River only 11 and 12 years old. That could be make ends


and I really felt bad. I felt it was a tragedy for the community. Two


young ladies lost their lives. 12-year-old Helena Kotlarova and her


cousin Zeneta Krokova Red Hat by a car as they crossed the right hand


in hand. It happened around 715 on Saturday on New Year's Eve. Helena


died here. Shortly afterwards her sister described the harrowing


scene. She was on the floor with blood all over her face and I hoped


she was going to believe that she could not. She died in hospital


yesterday. Police say this usual -- car was involved in the vehicle and


Argentina went to get in touch. They are also cleaner to trace the driver


of this white van. The police are keen to stress the van wasn't


involved in the collision but it was in this area at the time and they


believe in the driver may have important information that could


help with their enquiries. Meantime detectives have been given extra


time to continue questioning for men arrested on suspicion of causing


death by dangerous driving. An investigation's under way


after a Middleton soldier from the second Battalion Duke


of Lancaster's Regiment The Battalion is based


at Weeton Barracks near Blackpool. The Ministry of Defence say


Scott Hetherington's death was not Plans for a major expansion


of the Bentley Motors site in Crewe go out


for public consultation today. The company - which employs 4,000


people in the town - wants to create a campus-style


facility with manufacturing, design, and research


and development on one site. It would involve the permanent


closure of two public roads. A final decision will be


made in the spring. The Government says work will begin


on stats of homes later this year and greater Manchester. They will be


built in brown field sites and all be this all young first-time buyers


at a discount of 20% below the market value.


The Liverpool singer Rebecca Ferguson says she's


been asked to perform at Donald Trump's


She tweeted she would "graciously accept" if she can


perform Strange Fruit - a song protesting


Merseytravel set out on a charm offensive during the first day


of Wirral Line closures - by handing out free bacon


Travel chaos was predicted, but thankfully for these rush hour


commuters this morning - the disruption failed to materialise


Travel chaos was predicted, but thankfully for these rush hour


commuters this morning - the disruption failed to materialise


And a free breakfast helped soften any minor delays.


Not too bad today thank you. I was expecting about a 15 minute. That


Wii fit is a bacon sandwich helps. Siren warning. I can't fault them on


this. to replace the old track bed means


there's no rail service across the Mersey for six weeks


and further disruption on the line right through


until June So what's on the line right


through until June. We're encouraging people to stay


with public transport and perhaps consider staggering the journeys and


travel outside the peak time to help alleviate congestion and to allow


buses to run smoothly. 30 buses are on a continuous loop


throughout the day to ferry the 40-thousand passengers every day


who travel under the Mersey in between Liverpool and Birkenhead


and then there's also the more All in all - around 15


minutes is being added By next week when everyone is


working it will get busier. We make sure we will use this week 's


experiences to find tuned and other unaffected sellers next Monday as


this morning. Meanwhile, protesters gathered


at Manchester Piccadilly - and other railway stations around


the country this morning - to show their anger


at the latest rise in fares. The organisers - Action For Rail -


say whilst fares are increasing These commuters in Manchester don't


believe their tickets It is expensive and goes up every


time and is not really worth it. I travel to Manchester twice a week.


It would be very expensive if it was a very day. It's the service isn't


bad but the stock is very bad. Some trains are very old and her naked


about investment I find it really hard to believe it is happening


around here. A herd of rare breed cattle


is grazing on Ainsdale dunes in Merseyside,


as part of a conservation project. The Red Pol cows are being used


Sefton council to manage the vegetation in the area


of special scientific interest. They may be more used to Cheshire


fields, but these cattle have happily made their home


on the Sefton sand dunes. They have been chosen


as they will eat tough shrubs which fit into a room


in the dunes as a home for wildlife. What we are really


after them to eat is the course of the shrubs


and scrub that grow on here. One of the reasons is


that the sand dunes are supposed to be open and have


plenty of sand in them. The special animals and plants


that live on the coast Hugh Rowlands has


come to see how his He has lent them to Sefton Council


who are working with a number of conservation charities


to naturally preserve the They like a varied diet of as many


different plants as they can They are bovine land


managers for us. The rangers here have home now got


to know the herd and their Some of them are quite boisterous


and friendly and others are a little more skittish and


keep their distance. The cows will be moved to graze


to another nature reserve in the spring and Huw believes they are


thriving at their coastal home. They have good feet,


they are active and bright and they are very contented


looking cattle which is a really Now the weather forecast


with Sara Blizzard. After quite a cold start we have had


the closure gradually increase, captured quite nicely by one of our


weather watchers this morning. It is a very weak weather front but it is


increasing the cloud enough to produce a small amount of rain. It


is quite a breezy day today with him brisk north-westerly wind becoming


very cloudy and a little damp into the afternoon. Through the evening


and overnight at Weatherford continues its journey south and we


starts to find cleaner skies commended by the early hours of the


lowest temperatures are likely to be. So tomorrow at Weatherford


finally clears south with brighter skies and shall be each other with


slightly lighter ones with highs of seven Celsius.


That's all for now. Goodbye.


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