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Welcome to North West Today. The headlines this Friday lunchtime.


Merseyside Police begin a murder investigation, after a man


Ten years after Sophie's murder, the charity in her name


receives government support, to raise awareness of hate crime.


And we catch up with Newton-le-Willows band Slydigs,


back home after jet-setting with The Who.


Police have launched a murder investigation,


after a man was shot and killed in Merseyside.


Officers were called to the Stanley Meat Market


in Old Swan this morning, where the man was given first aid


and then taken to hospital. He died a short time later.


Andy Gill is at the scene for us this lunchtime.


What more can you tell us about this incident? The police were called


here just after eight o'clock this morning. Officers gave first aid to


the victim, Thomas Baker, before he was taken to hospital, but he died


later. He was shot in the head and chest. He was 43 years old and from


the Everton area. The police describe it as a targeted shooting.


This is the Stanley Meat Market in Old Swan. We were told the shooting


itself happened in a premises called the Phoenix fitness centre. That is


part of the building but a separate business from the meat market. It


has been a gymnasium for a couple of years. Police say they are looking


at CCTV footage. They are also appealing for witnesses and carrying


out house-to-house enquiries. One neighbour told those that just after


815, she had a very distinctive bang. The officers are here at the


moment. You can see the seagulls behind me. Police are going to speak


to journalists at police headquarters this afternoon, giving


me be more detail about what happened and why it happened. Thank


you very much. Greater Manchester Police say


they are looking into the issues around the case of a violent


paedophile who made a secret room in his home to conceal


a girl he was abusing. Michael Dunn, from Redcar,


raped and abused four girls over several years,


including at a house in Mottram, where he created


a compartment behind his fridge. He will be sentenced


at a later date. There are more problems


for financially-troubled Morecambe Football Club,


with the players and staff not the second time that has


happened since October. A board meeting is taking place


at their home ground, the Globe Arena today,


where it is understood Italian-American businessman Joseph


Cala has provided a cash injection. A plan to turn Liverpool's Municipal


Buildings into a four-star hotel The city council's former


headquarters was put on the market, as the authority tries to find


?90 million of savings over The proposal will be discussed


by councillors next week. It is ten years since Sophie


Lancaster was murdered in Bacup, when she was targeted


by youths simply because Now, the foundation set up


in her name has received government funding, to support


its work in raising awareness about hate crime.


Sophie's mum, Sylvia Lancaster, is the driving force behind


the foundation and is here now. What will this funding


allow you to achieve? There was the background to this.


What happened with Sophie. She had gone out on a Friday evening


and we met another group. He went into the park with were attacked by


five boys. She died 13 days later. You have taken this horrendous


experience and Tom it into a very positive legacy. Know you have


funding. What is the clocks of the work the foundation is doing? We are


seen as an anti-bullying charity as well as working on heat claim. That


is about raising awareness about prejudice and intolerance.


What will this funding allow you to achieve?


We have been able to produce the film, which won me a couple of


awards. We wanted to develop an educational resource rooms. We


wanted develop drama and English, so we can take it into schools and use


it in that way. We are also looking at working with the local councils


and continue with the work we are already doing.


In the ten years since Sophie's death, how have


Obviously, there have been issues over since we voted to leave the


European Union. There seems to be a lot of hatred towards Eastern


Europeans, in particular, in certain parts of the country. Also,


homophobia is a big issue. Thank you very much for coming and good luck


in the future. An up-and-coming band from


Newton-le-Willows have been tipped for the top by none other


than the world's loudest Slydigs have returned


from an American and European tour with Pete Townsend


and Roger Daltrey. Mark Edwardson has been


catching up with them. Let me introduce the band. They are


just back from a huge tour in North America with none other than The


Who. How was it? Travelling around on the tour bus in America, it was


the sort of dream that you held when you start a band.


I am guessing there are a lot of stories you could tell was quite a


few that you probably cannot! There was a lot of fun. There are some


bits we not remember. It was this opportunity to go round America with


The Who, it is something that we could only dream about. Of course,


The Who had one of the most famous drummers in the world of rock music.


Did you feel his presence? Yes, it was very special. You have got a


very big year coming up. We want to take on the world. We have got some


big things coming up. It will all be announced soon. Look forward to


hearing about it. Good luck with gigs and there


will be more on the band Here is the weather forecast,


with Alex Hamilton. Good afternoon.


It is quite a grey afternoon ahead. Looking at the chart,


we can see this cold front So, we are expecting


wet weather tonight, As for the rest of this afternoon,


quite grey, lots of cloud around. A few hints of brightness,


here and there. Still feeling chilly, with highs


of just around 5-6 Celsius. As we go through the


course of tonight, we begin to see this


rain creeping in. Do take care, as there could be some


spray on the roads and, possibly, also some wintry elements to that


rain over higher ground. As we look towards tomorrow,


that rain will clear out of the way. We are expecting a mixture


of some brighter spells, variable amounts of cloud


and some showers. I will leave you with the outlook.


Milder temperatures on the way. We are back at 6.30pm.


Goodbye for now.


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