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Good evening and welcome to north- west tonight. Our top story: Top


the press - could workers at the News of the World's Merseyside


prince works be next to lose their jobs. We're live at the print site


with the latest. Also tonight: Set ablaze by a Beko fridge A family


ask why it has taken four years for the company to warn of a fault.


were lucky. He always played with his cars in the kitchen. But that


day we decided to take him for a walk. And what the biggest


commercial deal of its kind could mean for Manchester City. Now let


us take a sneak preview. 25 years ago we previewed this theatre. But


why does this tale have an unhappy ending? Print workers on Merseyside


are still waiting to hear whether their jobs are under threat after


it was announced the News of the World will print its final edition


on Sunday. 400 people work at the Newsprinters site in Knowsley which


produces and distributes the paper across the north. Nina Warhurst is


there for us now. How much reason do they have to be anxious there


tonight? Well the answer is in all honesty is that we don't know. What


we know is some workers only found out the news about the paper last


night. And they were set to work on headlines like this - world's end


and hacked to death. The and other publications are printed here.


Perhaps the headline will be that Jack Straw was approached by police


over allegations that his phone was hacked. Workers have begun arriving


or the fopbt and we can guess what -- tonight and we can guess what


they will be talking about. Workers on this site produce and distribute


all of News International big names, as well as other publications. They


have not yet been told thousand closure of the News of the World


will affect -- how the closure of News of the World will affect them,


they feel job losses will be inevitable. It has been well


reported that the staff who were involved at the time and present


when these incidents took place are no longer there. The view of the


union is if Rebekah Brooks had resigned, and if the employers had


co-operated with the police ngss, these jobs could have been saved.


Rebekah Brooks' career saw her rise to editor of News of the World and


then of the Sun before become Chief Executive at News International.


Her role at a school governor in presston has prompted unions and


parents to call for her removal. But the chair of the board is


standing by her. She has done a great job. I don't know anything


about what is going on at News International, but she has done a


good job for us. Rebekah Brooks is expected to visit the school next


week. By then the workers here hope to have a clearer idea of what the


future holds. It is important to stress that the other publications


printed here won't be affected. What we know is on Monday


negotiations will re-open in London between unions and with


representatives from the News of the World. But an anxious weekend


ahead. Thank you. A Cheshire family wants to know why it's taken years


for a fridge maker to go public about a fault that could cause a


fire in hundreds of thousands of its appliances. Eileen Segrott's


home near Crewe was wrecked after a Beko fridge freezer exploded four


years ago. Her great-grandson had been playing in front of it just


minutes previously. It's taken until this week for Beko to


publicly admit up to half a million of its fridge-freezers are a


potential risk. Mark Edwardson reports. There was flames every


where and smoke, fire coming out of the chimney and loads of smoke


coming out. That was July 2007, when this boy was only three.


was lucky. He always played with his cars out there in the kitchen.


Up and down, up and down. But that day we decided to take him for a


walk. Last month a fire in London was traced to a faulty Beko defrost


timer. The Fire Brigade said 20 fires had been caused by the fault.


The LFB warned Beko of the link last year. Frplgt that life could


have been stair spared -- That life could have been spared if they had


admitted there was a problem with the fridge freezers and you know


have warned people straightaway and then more could have been done.


Cheshire fire service says it didn't alert the authority after


the fire at Eileen's home. No trends have been identified in


Cheshire. It is not a trend. If we had 20 all from the same make, of


course we would have taken some action. London Fire Brigade is a


large Fire Brigade and can more easily respond this data. So you


know at the least alerting other fire services, but there is no


doubt that a central system for collecting this type of data would


be useful. A statement Beko said they have developed and tested a


modification and contacted retailers in February to obtain


seams records. The firm's sending letters to customers about the risk.


As a responsible manufacturer we have decided to contact the owners


of these fridge freezers. Eileen's arrived last week, four years after


her fridge freezer went up in flames. The actor who played Terry


Sullivan in Brookside has denied murdering a nightclub doorman.


Brian Regan pleaded not guilty after he was charged in connection


with the death of Bahman Faraji. The dad of one was shot in the head


as he left the Belgrave pub in Aigburth in February. Santander


Bank has transferred all of its Indian call centres to the UK,


including one to Liverpool. The move will create 250 jobs in Bootle.


The bank says the decision was made because of complaints from


customers. A nurse who went on a shopping spree with a dying


patient's bank card has been freed five weeks into her six month jail


term. Maxine Marshall who worked at Wythenshaw Hospital in Manchester


came across the patient's bank card and pin number while looking after


her. She was freed after an appeal court decided the sentence handed


down by a previous judge was too harsh. The University of Cumbria's


campus in Ambleside looks like it could reopen. Last year 500


students from the campus left when it was mothballed to save �8


million. But the University says finances have improved and degree


courses such as forestry and outdoor studies could move there


within three years. We've been receiving reports of a tornado


hitting Westhoughton in Bolton this afternoon. It happened just after 3.


Police and residents say several houses have been damaged. Lee


Johnson from Leigh filmed this footage as the tornado approached.


Just that is not a tornado, but it is a funnel cloud apartly. An


explanation later. The wind of change continues at Manchester


City! In one of football's biggest ever commercial deals, Manchester


City's ground will now be called The Etihad Stadium. It's thought to


be worth in excess of �100 million to the club. As well as the


ground's naming rights, City have also extended their shirt


sponsorship deal with the Abu Dhabi airline. Manchester City Council,


which still owns the stadium, insists it's also a good deal for


them. Richard Askam reports. Signing on the line in a deal that


is a sign of the times, at Manchester City. What could be one


of most important arrangements in the history of world football.


City's ground will be called the Etihad Stadium. With the company's


shirt sponsorship expected. A deal worth above the �100 million the


Emirates airline will pay to Arsenal over 15 years. Behind are


the rule that say clubs can't spend more than they earn. So deal like


this will help City fit into that. It means we comply with the UEFA


rules and I think it is probably a good thing. Should always been


called Main Road. Is there sadness that it is now got a commercial


name? No, not really. This is what comes with having the money from


that part of the world. The city of Manchester City h Stadium was


handed over to City when they left their old ground. The club still


pays rent to the council. Payments that after the sale of naming


rights will rise to �20 million over five years. An increase income


stream over the length of the rental agreement, all goes back


into sport and other community facilities within this area.


area that will hope to see concrete improvements after another


illustration of Manchester City's financial scope. Staying with


stadia and Liverpool owner John Henry has hinted that the club's


future may lie away from Anfield. After reports suggested the club


would definitely seek to build a new stadium in Stanley Park, the


American said on Twitter that while redeveloping Anfield into a 60,000


seat ground is the priority, it may not be possible because of what he


describes as many obstacles. Still to come in North West Tonight: From


promising kids to Olympic hopefuls, but will the families who watched


them grow up, get in to see them? And remembering some of United's


Greats - the school campaign for blue plaques for the Reds. Without


question the best player I ever saw or played against was Duncan


Edwards. If someone told you they were from Moss Side in Manchester,


what snap judgements might you make about them? 30 years ago many


living in the area felt they were stigmatised or even discriminated


against because of where they came from. The area's been through a lot


of changes since the riots of 1981, experiencing both regeneration and


an unwelcome reputation for guns and gangs. The actor Chris Bisson


grew up in Moss Side. In the second of his reports, he's been looking


at how his birthplace has changed over the decades. This is Britain,


this is Manchester. In 1981. After three days of clashes, I remember


parts of Moss Side looking like a war zone. Once the rubble was


cleared and the roads opened, the real transformation began. The


disturbances of 1981 hadn't been race riots, but they had


highlighted a need for police to better reflect the people they were


serving. You war black officer at the time. There were six when I


joined. There weren't huge recruiting campaigns that. Came


later on. I was instrumental in introducing the independent


advisory group. That is where the member of community can have a say.


We did thing like got them to stop the stop and search procedures and


they started to work with the community and it has made a


difference. In the 90s �4 hundred poured into the area for


regeneration. Moss Side needed to improve its public image. I know,


because when I tell people from Moss Side they think of gangs and


guns and say oh its rough there. The geography and the landscape has


changed. But have the people changed? Giving people pretty front


gardens, they're still the same people with the same mind set. The


sameer, for us the gun crime was still there. The same non-dialogue


between stake holders and local people. So things had to thing


change. This woman set up the peace charity Charisma after seeing her


friend gunned down. The community began to work more with the police


and gun crime has fallen by 89% over the last eight years. But


unemployment is on the rise again. Just as it was at the time of the


riots. How has it benefit tted young people of the area? The


employment system is still dire and generally there is still a sense of


hopelessness. Some are more optimistic. You have never seen


anything like that. Can you imagine how bad thing would get for this


school to set fire to things. Pretty bad. Pretty bad? I think it


is weird to think they would do that. I can't imagine it. It was


only 30 years ago. Only 30? school in ploss side was duty.


we took it over, it was described as being one of the worst schools


in the country. Attitudes have changed? Yes, without a doubt. We


have got a school, well it was judged by Ofsted outstanding. But


it is the value, young people have ambition and aspiration. The area


is not perfect, but the Moss Side I know doesn't deserve its reputation.


It is a vibrant and energetic community and it is definitely on


the up. It has been great having him do that. Now it's time for all


the sport with Tony and more success across the Channel today.


Yes, and it's that man Mark Cavendish who has done it again


this afternoon! After his first on Wednesday, The Isle of Man cyclist


has won his second stage of this year's Tour de France - his 17th


overall. He sprinted to success right at the death of the seventh


stage from Le Mons to Chatearoux. He's now up to eighth on the list


of all-time stage wins. Well as a road cyclist, Mark's family won't


need tickets to see him at the Olympics next year, they can just


turn up, but that's not the case for a lot of other north west


families. Imagine watching a young athlete grow and blossom into an


Olympic hopeful but then not be able to see their magic moment in


2012. Many of those who've helped support local stars for years say


they are going to miss out on tickets. No medals for guessing how


that's gone down. Are lot of people are complaining they have supported


local stars and they will miss out on tickets. No medals for guessing


how that has gone down. The Olympic dream. The determine determination


to get your hands on prize. I don't mean a medal, I mean a ticket.


is devastating. The key word is a farce. Millions of us applied to


watch 2012, millions missed out. But some are hurting more than


others. Sophie Cox is a Judo hope and according to her dad,


supporters like her coach may not gate seat. It is a kick in the


teeth. Because particularly for a coach, who has devoted their life,


if you want to be good, you have got to fight abroad and that costs


money and time. He booked the flights, got her on the jad squad.


This gymnast faces a similar let down. We see her, her brothers


won't, her grandparents won't. People who have supported her


through the years. And that surprises us. The British Olympic


association say each family will get two tickets, but for two young


girls with promise, many other spent money, gave time and acted as


cheerleaders. Fast forward to 2012 and the only promise they have is a


date in front of the television. You will do anything. You would


remortgage your house to gate ticket. -- to get a ticket. Well a


whole group of Olympic gymnastics hopefuls will be in Liverpool this


weekend. The city's Echo Arena will host the British Artistic


Championships and local lass and world champ Beth Tweddle says the


competition will be top class. Everyone wants to be British


champion. Tomorrow will be the all round title opportunity and


everyone will be fight. My own team mate is the reining senior champion


and will be up there ready to take it back. A full house is expected


at the cricket Old Trafford tomorrow for the deciding match in


England's one day series with Sri Lanka. Burnley Express Jimmy


Anderson will lead the England attack on home territory with the


five-match series all square at 2- 2! Jimmy's form over the last


twelve months has got many pundits asking whether he's currently the


best fast bowler in the world. James had a moment as England No 1


bowler. He is the main bowler and he has progressed a lot. When the


ball is with him, he is one of best swing bowlers. In the last one day


international he came back well. At his best, he can bring confidence


and give the England boys the maximum amount of confidence.


not sure if he is the best fast bowler in Burnley. He has never


seen me. I will be at that match. So I will be looking forward to the


weather forecast. They were among Manchester United's greatest


footballing legends. Duncan Edwards and Tommy Taylor - two of the eight


Busby Babes who died following the 1958 Munich air disaster. Heroes of


yesteryear, but still remembered by the children of today. Two blue


plaques were erected this lunchtime on their former homes in Stretford


and it's all down to a campaign by children from the nearby High


School. And they managed to get one or two famous faces involved too.


Taylor moves in but the keeper dives at his feet. Wonderful happy


memories. Especially our school days together. He was a wonderful


footballer, great header of the boy and two-footed. He had pace. He was


so quick. COMMENTATOR: Edwards takes it. Without question the best


player I ever saw or played again was Duncan Edwards. He was a great


leader and he was a man you couldn't help but do the best you


could. He used to frighten you to death otherwise. Me and my husband


have been reading up on Duncan Edwards and how massive he was. So


this is an honour. COMMENTATOR: Whelan makes sure. Most of the


school have worked hard to get this achievement. So everyone could


actually remember these great players. They would be really proud.


Saw those players play and they were terrific. Duncan Edwards was


out of this world. Now the weather. We need to explaip about that


We need to explaip about that funnel cloud. You have plenty to do.


Yes we saw some lively photographs from Bolton of what looked like a


tornado. But actually, because we couldn't see how far down the


column of air went, we can't say if it is a tornado or not. To be a


tornado it should be a column of air from the thunder storm in the


air to the ground. But it is a cloud. If the spiral doesn't touch


the ground and we can't see, because of the roofs. But it was


quite exciting to see. It is because of this low pressure we


have had all day. It has not been nice. Burr for your weekend it is a


better picture. Fewer showers tomorrow and sunny spells on


Saturday and Sunday, hopefully dry and bright. Today we had a lively


set of showers and a near tornado, because of this low pressure. That


will slip away. You can see we have high pressure just making its way


in from the west. Hence drier conditions. For the next few hours


though we still have a yellow Met Office warning. We could see up to


40 millimetres of rain fall. Because we have had a lot of lively


showers this afternoon. Where we have the green flashes, that was


the heaviest rain. And still continuing with the showers tonight.


They could be heavy and persistent. By dawn they should ease away. A


mild night on the way. Tomorrow we keep the showers going. But as we


head into the afternoon a lot of the showers should ease away 5


hopefully ending with sunny spells and highs of 20 Celsius. Looks like


most of the day might be all right. Just the morning for the cricket


might be a problem. They were pioneers of an al fresco approach


to theatre. Back in 1987 Lancaster's Dukes Playhouse began


staging promenade productions in a local park. But now, after 36


different shows watched by hundreds of thousands of people, the Dukes


are putting on their last one. It's all because of budget cuts.


Northwest Tonight was in Lancaster for the very first production all


those years ago. So it seemed only right to be there to see the last


one. We sent Dave Guest along to one. We sent Dave Guest along to


take a look. As stage sets go, this one takes some beating. Eesm summer


Williamsons Park is transformed into a giant theatre. The team were


pioneers of walk about theatre and we were there to see the first


performance in 1987. Now let us take a sneak preview. I take this


charm from off her sight. remember thinking, that is a barmy


idea. I came to the first night that it was on and thought oh my


God, it was an amazing experience. What are you doing here Just me job.


It is bad luck to kill a woman. When it is sunny, speem spread out


and enjoy the -- people spread out and enjoy the sunshine. But I have


had strangers sharing umbrellas with me. The audience can use the


whole of the park as a giant stage. When a theatre has so much space


and an selection of backgrounds, there is plenty for creative mind


to play with. I need the last spark of life. This year's produ, is a


rework of the story of Merlin. who draws the sword will be king.


It is a story of magic and it is of the earth. It has ancient history.


We're trying to make a production that almost feels like it has grown


out of ground. Followers of walk about theatre will have to make the


best of this production. It is to be the last. With this ring I thee


wed. We have had funding cuts. It is not decision we wanted to take,


but one we felt we had to take. it seems lank isster's walk about


theatre is about to reach its final destination. -- Lancaster. It is


great outdoor theatre. I saw calve leers against the round heads there.


I saw mid summer night's dream. is only now that people know people


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