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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Gordon Burns and


Ranvir Singh. Our top story: Save the city's heritage - Unesco warns


Liverpool against a multi-billion- pound Docklands development. They


want to build Shanghai on the Mersey. So how would losing its


World Heritage status damage the city? Also in the programme: 26 new


services from Manchester as Ryanair patches up its relationship here.


Consultants at one of our biggest hospitals pass a vote of no


confidence in the Chief Executive and other management. Tonight we


ask if Liverpool Football Club is ripping off its fans?


And joining the Tatton tea party - how you are helping to set the


scene for our garden at next week's Liverpool's status as a World


Heritage Site ranks it alongside the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of


China. But that status could be at risk if it approves controversial


plans to redevelop its waterfront. That's the warning from Unesco -


the United Nations body that awards the status. Its unhappy with plans


submitted by Peel Holdings to invest billions in revamping


derelict stretches of land alongside the Mersey. Our chief


reporter, David Guest, is there now. Dave. Yes, and that truly is one of


the world's iconic sights. It was designated a World Heritage Site in


2004, but what has that meant in practical terms? Well, the status


is said to have brought great pride to the city, helping build its


confidence. It has enhanced Liverpool's image around the globe.


And it has brought extra funding for heritage and regeneration


projects. But plans to invest billions regenerating the area


further along the waterfront could cost Liverpool that status if the


council approves the proposals as they currently stand. It hardly the


most attractive stretch of waterfront at present, but this is


how it could look, according to Peel Holdings. They want to spend


�5.5 billion creating Liverpool Waters - a huge development of


homes, shops, commercial space and visitor attractions. It would


radically alter the waterfront appearance, but it's a little too


radical for some. They want to build Shanghai on the Mersey.


UNESCO had said this is a bit alien to Liverpool and its historic World


Heritage Site. After all, we are Mercantile and maritime city.


key will be to balance the city fit for the 21st century, creating jobs


and investment, with the need to preserve Liverpool's rich cultural


heritage. UNESCO fear that the Liverpool Water's plan as it stands


may well come preside -- compromise the city's World Heritage status.


The environmental impact assessment did not take into account the


values for which it was recognised. Some people we spoke to agreed that


the plan has too many high rise buildings. Everything is getting


cut off, all the views are going. would like to keep it the way it is


rather than going for the skyscrapers. And you are from


America? I am. UNESCO will send a delegation over in the autumn to


take a closer look at what is planned.


Are you worried about this? Every development of that has been


proposed has been controversial. When the live a building was


proposed it was deeply controversial. When the Liverpool


Museum was proposed the UNESCO Commission were interested and


wanted to come over and see it. They satisfied themselves that it


was appropriate and our World Heritage status remained. We are


confident that these proposals will not only bring much-needed jobs and


investment to the city, but will be sympathetic to the World Heritage


Site status. Are you going to propose -- support the proposals as


they stand? There has been a dialogue with Peel Holdings. There


is a dialogue between the planning officers and the developers. As a


result of that, the planning application will go through the


planning process and then we will wait and see whether there is any


further intervention after that. it comes to a straight choice


between World Heritage status or the development, which is it to be?


We are firmly of the view that there is no incompatibility between


the two back. No doubt UNESCO no longer want to see the docks being


unused. What would it mean if you lost the World Heritage status?


Were we would be very disappointed but we are quite confident that we


can do both. That he is coming over in the


autumn to look at the proposals. That is not the last we have heard


The World Heritage Centre will be sending a delegation over to


Liverpool in the autumn to take a closer look at what's planned.


The budget airline Ryanair is setting up a new base at Manchester


Airport. They say they will invest more than


�170 million, fly to 26 destinations and provide hundreds


of jobs. The move is a dramatic U- turn from the airline which pulled


out of Manchester just 18 months ago in a row over landing charges.


Our transport correspondent, Colin Sykes, reports.


His own flight from Dublin was late, but Michael O'Leary, complete in


Manchester City shirt, hit the ground running. We are here this


morning with great news. Ryanair flew out of Manchester 18 months


ago when a bitter row over fees. Its comeback will see four planes


based at the airport by next year, servicing 26 routes and 260 flights


a week. That, it claims, will ultimately safeguard 2,000 jobs.


think the market has changed here. The tour operators have continued


to decline. Manchester themselves have reached a compromise. They are


more keen to get us back and we have learned from our mistakes the


last time. Falling passenger numbers and increased competition


are changing the way we fly. It is the passengers who are calling the


shots. People are always looking for the best deal, aren't they?


only thing I would say with Ryanair is the amount you have to pay for


your cases the stock that is the only complaint I have. We always go


on a package tour rather than looking for cheap flights because


you have Critics of more flights say the move will increase aviation


pollution. Air transport comes at a terrible cost to the environment.


And to the quality of life to the people who live in the vicinity of


the airport. Meanwhile, as airlines battle for business, Manchester


Airport is clear about its own way forward. We have seen the decline


in passenger numbers at Manchester over the last few years and we have


also seen some attrition with Ryanair passengers to Liverpool and


Leeds. We want passengers to fly from Manchester.


Well, I'm joined live now by Simon Calder, travel writer for the


Independent. What do you think this move says about Manchester?


means it is being pragmatic. It is the biggest airport in the UK


outside of London. It has a huge number of really important long-


haul routes. Its main overseas destination is now Dubai. It has


always had a problem with low-cost airlines. I remember in the 90s,


shortly after the Easyjet started, and Liverpool airport suddenly came


back from the dead. Ryanair, as you have been reporting, fell out and


left 18 months ago. They have now come back, no doubt tempted by some


very good terms from Manchester Airport. Frankly, for the main


there -- the main airport in the north-west not a of Europe's


biggest airline would be a little embarrassing. As some people say in


aviation, the Olly thing worse than having Ryanair flying from your


local airport is not having them. - - the only thing. Some of their


flights and as cheap as �8. Is that sustainable in the long term?


but let's be realistic. The average price of a Ryanair flight from


Manchester will be something like �100 to �120 return. Will it dried


up passenger numbers? Manchester, like any airport, depends on having


more and more passengers going through it. They hope that this


will start to turn things around. Certainly, the effect that Ryanair


has had on many other reports suggested is the only strategy in


town. Thank you for joining us. Consultants at one of Merseyside's


biggest hospitals have overwhelmingly passed a vote of no


confidence in the hospital's Chief Executive and management. 200


senior doctors took part in the vote at Arrowe Park Hospital in


Wirral. Consultants are concerned over a number of management


decisions, including plans to move vascular surgery from Wirral to


Chester. Our Merseyside reporter, Andy Gill, has this exclusive


report. Consultants at Arrowe Park met this


afternoon to be told that they'd voted by a significant majority in


favour of a motion which asked them if they had lost confidence in the


chief executive, Len Richards, and if their relationship with him had


irretrievably broken down. They voted on management's understanding


of clinical needs at the hospital. A third vote, critical of plans to


move vascular surgery from here to Chester, was also passed. More than


82% of the consultants eligible to vote did so. Although the actual


figures have not been made public, there is no doubt that this is a


serious rebuff to the hospital management. One senior source here


at Arrowe Park Hospital described the result as dynamite. The doctors


think moving vascular surgery would be bad for patients. Wirral MPs


have urged the managers to think again. The MPs are concerned about


how part of that change is being managed, particularly from the


point of view of the staff. They are raising issues which are


crucial for a constituents in that our patients in the future going to


The Isle of Man is to lose up to �75 million a year from its


revenue-sharing agreement with the UK Government. The cut comes after


10 months of negotiation. It means a total of �30 million will be cut


next year, followed by �50 million the year after an increasing to �75


million in three years' time. Jobs could be lost it Liverpool's


Tate Gallery. Managers say they are looking at ways to make it run more


efficiently and are currently reviewing their staffing levels.


The review will continue until 2013. It's not yet known how many posts


will go. Thieves have stripped lead from the roofs of a model village


in Lancashire. It happened at Stanley Park in Blackpool. Hundreds


of pounds of lead was taken from the miniature buildings. Thousands


of students around the North west have been putting on mortar boards


and gowns for graduation ceremonies this week. But universities are


going through a difficult period as budgets are cut and fees are


increased. Today, half of our 12 universities have been granted


permission to charge the maximum �9,000 tuition fees. Our political


editor, Arif Ansari, is here with the breakdown.


There are 12 universities in the North West. Of those, nine have


been given permission to charge the maximum �9,000 a year for some


courses. And seven have permission to charge the maximum for all their


courses: Chester, Edge Hill, Lancaster, Liverpool, Liverpool


John Moores, and Manchester UCLAN. So would that put potential


students off? For me, probably not. But for lower income groups,


possibly. You think about it in the here and now. I did it because of


my interest in the subject, not because of a career Pat. If I had


to pay �9,000 a year I probably would not have done it. As far as


volume for a -- value for money is concerned, I think about �3,000 is


the limit. The increases will affect courses starting next year -


that is September 2012. But the maximum fee was only supposed to be


charged in "exceptional circumstances". And this policy has


caused big problems for the Liberal Democrats, who campaigned against


an increase in fees and then voted for the policy in government.


fact clearly show that most of them have gone above the kind of limits


that the Government wanted to see. The important point is that people,


from whatever background, will still be able to go to university


are. Universities have been obliged to


have their plans approved by OFFA, the Office for Fair Access. OFFA


accepted every proposal, but in return universities must widen


access - in other words, attract more poorer students through things


like bursaries and grants. I hope that it will not put


students off. They have to understand what the packages are


that are available to them. We also need them to understand what the


repayment system is, that they will not repay any loans until they are


earning over �21,000. universities say that, once


bursaries and scholarships are taken into account, the real cost


of a degree will be lower. But will more students be attracted by the


scholarships or be put off by the higher fees?


Discuss, as they used to say. Still to come in North West


Tonight: Join Kate as she inspects the latest donations to our garden


at Tatton. And can money really make you happy? Where better to


find out than a party full of lottery millionaires? I went


through a big phase of spending on cars when I was younger but I have


settled down a bit now. Booking fees - retailers say it's a


way to cover expenses. Consumers say it's a way to bump up profits.


Today the Office of Fair Trading waded into the row, saying fees for


debit card payments should be scrapped. So what about when you


pay in person, in cash, something Liverpool football club is doing on


some of its ticket sales? Fans are not happy. Here's Jayne Barrett.


Phil McKeown is a loyal fan, but these tickets had him seeing red.


He didn't mind the ticket price, he did mind and 90p booking fee.


time did I are paid to -- attempt to pay with credit cards. They


shrugged their shoulders. I do not like having a go at them but, at


the end of the day, we are the 12th man and we're getting ripped off by


the club. Almost all north-west clubs charge a booking fee if you


pay by card. But pay in cash and the fee is dropped. Today, the


Office of Fair Trading said it wanted fees for debit cards band.


In its opinion, they were the online version of cash. So what


about when it really is just cash? Which? Magazine led the campaign.


Do they see red with the Reds? is difficult to understand from


companies why they are actually charging us to turn up at their


office and hand over cash. When we got to the supermarket we do not


have to hand over cash for the pleasure of paying for our shopping.


Liverpool Football Club decided not to put anyone up for interview, but


they said the removed some booking fees at the start of the season for


fans who booked in advance. But there are still plenty of instances


when they are charged. We would have liked to ask them, in person,


of what the fee was for. Instead, they dodged the question by e-mail.


"The club is working to standardise fees and provide more consistency


and transparency." They are ripping off the loyal Liverpool fans to


turn up in their droves because they want to watch them. Will you


stop buying tickets? unfortunately not. Chatting to


these fans, I realised there is a common term in the language of


finance. It is of not -- it is not even not British, it is not


Colombian. And it has provoked lots of


reaction from you on e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. And do carry


on letting us know what you feel. But here are a few we've had


already. This was posted on the LFC fans' forum after someone saw our


lunchtime report, saying, "It's not fair, it's greedy and disgraceful


that the club are charging loyal fans for paying cash to buy


tickets." Michael Day e-mailed that he drove from North Yorkshire to


Manchester to pay in cash for a group of tickets for Manchester


Pride only to find he was charged a booking fee for each individual


ticket. He says, "When I protested I was told it was to cover costs


such as electricity." Happily, Joe Mulvaney from Colne says he's a


Blackburn Rovers season ticket holder and he's never had to pay a


booking fee. Do get in touch now if you have a comment and we'll try to


get more of them at the end of the programme.


Salford City Reds' new head coach has arrived at the club to take up


his new role. The Australian, Matt Parish, was introduced to the media


earlier today. The club's moving to a new purpose-built stadium for the


start of next season. Parish says he's expecting the players to give


the Willows a great send-off. like to think that the players here,


particularly for the guy sitting next to me, will do their best to


make sure this place is left with the performances it deserves.


years to the day since they reached an agreement to sign Carlos Tevez,


Manchester City are likely to reject a bid to sign him by one of


his former clubs. Brazilian side Corinthians have offered �35


million for the City captain, which would be his dream, according to


his adviser, Kia Jorabchin. It is understood City won't consider


anything less than �30 million. In cricket, Lancashire won the toss


and decided to bat. A few moments ago, they had reached 99 for seven.


We've been asking you to get involved with helping to create the


North West Tonight garden at the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park. With


just a week to go until the garden has to be ready, we asked you to


help us accessorised our grown from seed show feature. The brief - a


pretty vintage finish to the garden. And your response had Kate Simms


racing round the region. The team have been growing the


plants for our garden for weeks. The designer needs help with the


finishing touches. And here is what we need - a small cafe table and


chairs, pretty china tea sets, Vintage cushions and pretty


tablecloths and napkins. I have posted an appeal on Facebook and


tweeted about it. Would you be able to include this appeal about what


we need for the Tatton garden in the breakfast bulletin? The garden


is ready but we need your help with accessories for it. By mid-morning


I have a lead. Time to hit the road. I am off to Liverpool to see Jan's


china collection. Is this the sort of thing you are looking for?


have a lot. My mother gave me this little set. On my 20th anniversary


my mother gave me a tea set. you happy for us to borrow it?


more than happy. Thank you. Goodbye. So we can take China of the list.


But then the trail goes cold. Until...


The Office calls with news about cushions so why Hector the road and


go to see Judy. We have some vintage cushions. They look great.


Or they will do once we find a table and chairs. I have some


things in the back garden. They look perfect. We didn't get them?


Bingo, and we are on a roll. Colin Sykes is in the area to pick up


tablecloths. Cushions, tablecloth and napkins and China. That is it,


mission complete. You will be able to see what are designer does with


your offerings when we reveal the garden in a week's time. You have


been very helpful. Thank you very much.


Good evening to you at home. It has been a real mixture of sunshine and


cloud today. We have managed to hold the rain off in many places.


In the next couple of days, but temperatures are not great for the


time of year. Heading to the weekend, it looks like there will


be some rain in the forecast. That is because the saviour of low


pressure moves in. There is a frontal system coming in from the


Atlantic and, behind it, a band of rain. Tonight will be dry. It will


be chilly in some rural areas, despite the temperatures sticking


in double figures. Tomorrow we are likely to see some isolated showers


in the afternoon but we start off dry and bright in the morning. Some


cloud may move in in the afternoon bringing isolated showers. It will


generally be a fine day tomorrow. By Friday we may see some rain or


showers. Thank you.


It was launched in 1994 and is one of the country's most exclusive


clubs. So exclusive, not even Ranvir's a member. Neither is


Gordon, come to that. It's the North West Lottery Winners' Club


and it now includes 254 millionaires. Today they had a get-


together at a hotel in Cheshire. Stuart Flinders went along. Deborah,


more than �5 million. At Nigel and Sharon - more than �12.5 million.


Some of them are worth more than a small republic. Do you want the


exact figure? I cannot remember. Some of them are worth more than


they realise. �24,951,259.40. I have spent the 40p. They got


together to compare notes - �50 notes, prisoner by. By won in


February 2004. Have you spent all of it yet? Not all that. I went


through a big phase of spending on cars when I was younger but I have


settled down a bit now. The region's newest winners, Jeff


and Hillary, are still finding their feet. We won �3 million.


much have you spent so far? Zeal. Nothing? When did you win? Three


weeks ago. We have been quite busy It was crisps, not caviar. It may


be a time of austerity but there is Work commitments?! I cannot believe


that. Three weeks after you have won the lottery?


We have some time for more of your comments on booking fees on tickets.


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