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Good evening. As police investigate three


suspicious deaths at this hospital, a 4th patient falls critically ill.


Riaz give security could have been better. Also tonight: they burst


pipe that has brought misery to hundreds of people in Huyton.


Two men escape after a prison van is hijacked by an armed gang.


We have the latest on whether Carlos Tevez will be swapping


Manchester for somewhere sunnier. I do not think you have the address


book... Giving them a grilling. The


Lancaster a businessman hired by Three patients have been the


victims of poisoned saline drips at Stockport Stepping Hill Hospital.


Tonight, the BBC can reveal that another patient is critically ill.


I inquest into the three suspicious deaths will begin tomorrow. Police


have been interviewing hospital staff about insulin being


deliberately injected into the saline containers.


Until now, as well as those three deaths, we have none of another 11


patients believed to have had their medication tampered with but we


understood they are recovering well. Tonight, we can reveal that one of


those 11 is in fact in intensive care. It is thought they were given


contaminated saline as part of their treatment and tonight they


are very ill. It has been a week since this investigation began. It


is complex. There are 60 dedicated detectives working on the case as


the police and the hospital tried to work out who has done this and


why. These are the three people whose


debts are being investigated. 44- year-old Tracey Arden, a mother-of-


two from Stockport who had multiple sclerosis. 71-year-old Arnold


Lancaster or from Romoli, and 84- year-olds George keep, a


grandfather from Cheadle. It is a place where you trust


people. We are just ordinary people and to us do not imagine something


like this happening. Tracey Arden was in Stepping Hill


Hospital with a chest infection. Her family say she was getting


better but she deteriorated quickly after a visit from her mum and dad.


She looks like she was recovering quickly. He relatively short time


afterwards, there was a call from the hospital saying she had taken a


turn for the worst. By the time my mother and father had a wide, she


had passed away. What the hospital and the police


know is that somebody has tampered with the saline. They injected 36


small containers with insulin, and some of which were given to


patients on two warts, the M1 and A three medical so has spent wards. -


- Subbuteo 1 and Athree medical 's a hospital has acted quickly to


try to assure -- assure patients and relatives.


They are searching visitors before they go on to the warts. But many


still feel were far from being reassured.


It is obviously worrying for anyone who has a relative or someone


inside he was receiving treatment. You expect a hospital to be secure


and safe. You take that for granted. Police have interviewed 30 members


of staff this weekend, and some they have spoken to twice. It has


become a very complicated investigation.


I gather that concerns about security have been raised. What can


you tell us about that? This morning we spoke to the


patients' council who told us they have been concerned about security


for a while. Specifically, Stepping Hill Hospital. They say they are


concerned about access and security surrounding medication. They have


told us that on a recent inspection at Stepping Hill Hospital they had


not think -- not concerns so there is a mixed texture. -- picture.


Because there is a police investigation going on, we expect


the inquests to be opened and adjourned until the police


investigation runs its course. The coroner has asked of that all


deaths at the hospital are referred to him as part of a belt and braces


approach to try to reassure the public.


What a shot more than 40 feet into the air today after a burst pipe


flooded a large area of Huyton. Houses were evacuated as


authorities struggled to stem the flow of water.


Children were sent home from a at local primary school and traffic


was diverted. Many of those affected will have to spend the


night with relatives or friends. I gather the pipe has been fixed?


That is right. This is that busy road through Huyton. It is a dual


carriageway but at the moment the traffic is down to a single lane


because of the water on the road. It is not as bad as it was a couple


of hours ago. On the other side, no traffic because these tankers have


been pumping what other way. As burst pipes go, this was a big leap.


It looks like a wonder of nature. It was in fact a burst of 40 two-


inch water main. Nearby houses were soon flooded and 100 homes


evacuated. This 79-year-old man came out in a fire service dinghy.


A former merchant service man, told me that it was a while since he had


had to evacuate people like this. The people that live here are


starting to get worried because the water level is rising by the minute.


This woman just managed to create the what about.


I just got in time to open the back door and let it train out and try


to get rid of it. Some families sought refuge at a


local community centre. She had to walk down the stairs to get down


the house. She is in a wheelchair so it was very stressful. Still,


the water rose. They burst started at 9:30am and it is still going. It


has not been turned off yet. Is that good enough? Certainly not.


The primary school was closed as a precaution. The leak was finally


capped after four o'clock, more than six hours after the pipe burst.


When the pipe burst, it must have gone what they heck of a force. Was


anyone heard? First, big apologies to our customers that were affected.


We are deeply sorry for the impact. Nobody was hurt. One of our major


strategic Mains has burst, a 42 inch main, one of the main


suppliers of water into Liverpool. Why did it take so long to effect?


There is a significant amount of water. It is difficult to get to


the valves to operate them and once they were operated, it takes a


significant amount of time to work them. This must be the fourth time


in four years there has been a major burst at Huyton. What is


going on? We are truly sorry. said that last year. We hold our


hands up and we have spent �700 million on investment to try to


stop this our current and there will be a full investigation to


understand what has happened and to ensure that does not happen again.


For those people who cannot get home, what is happening to them?


are working with the council and all of those who cannot get back


into their homes will be the highest. Thank you very much. The


search is on tonight for two men who were taken from a prison van


during this morning's rush-hour in Manchester. The ban was ambushed by


masked gunmen. Police said that the men should not be approached. This


caused problems for traffic this morning. There is no sign of bad


habit now. This is just the evening rush-hour.


It was a very decent -- different seen this morning. The road was


sealed off by police at about 830 this morning. The ban was coming


from Strangeways jail in Manchester. A black car stopped it in its


tracks, and three armoured men forced the driver about and release


the men from the back of the ban. That car has been found not far


away? Just in that direction is the


Islington area. The car was found on a straight there. There was no


sign of these men are the escaped prisoners. The police would like to


hear from anyone who saw that having the saviour at around 8:30am


to come forward. We have named the men. What more


can you say about them? Bosman, Kirk Bradley and Anthony


Downes, are from the Merseyside day they are on firearms charges. --


they are being charged on firearms charges.


The police hope that this will have been witnessed by many people and


are urging people to come forward. They say that if you see these two


men Out and About, do not approach them.


A mother and father are being questioned after the death of a


two-year-old boy. Police say it is being treated as unexplained. His


parents, both aged 24, were arrested on suspicion of murder and


child cruelty. A group of mothers visited Oldham


Civic Centre today to breast-feed in St -- in a public area. They


were responding to a story when a mother was told to breast-feed in a


public toilet. Oldham council say they have apologised to that mother


who was concerned with that incident.


I am happy with the out come, it is very positive. Feeling positive


about the fact that breast feeding is becoming normalised. It is the


normal way to feed a baby and you should be able to do that when you


need. I am very pleased that it is an improvement happening here.


Imagine you met us and the left on a ground floor. And we had to tell


Imagine you meet Ranvir and me in a lift, on the ground floor, and we


have to tell you all about this next story, before we hit the fifth


floor. We would say this is about a Nelson businessman who was watched


by nine million viewers of The Apprentice final last night. East


Lancashire born and bred, Matthew Riley was hand-picked by Lord Sugar


to grill the finalists as he decided who to go into business


with. Time's up! Confused? So were the candidates.


Just 37-years-old. 1,500 staff. A telecoms business worth over �300


million. Do not sit down. Let me hear you elevator pitch. I want you


to tell me why Lord Sugar should invest in your business. We are the


natural alternative to BT. When I started the business 10 years ago,


it was like David and Goliath. I got a phone call from Lord Sugar


and I did not think it was him at first. I see it growing. Mathew


Riley was one of four pros. Brought in to sniff out the blaggers.


would I pay for you to ring my dentist to make an appointment? It


is as hard work fawning you as one in my dentist. Some of the business


plans could have been done better on the back of a cigarette packet.


You are a very nice guy, orange you? Thank you. You were not


convinced that he was the right winner. My wife is one of the


nicest people you will ever meet. Would I go into business with her?


Absolutely not. I was worried that he did not have the ruthless streak.


So just how ruthless is the big boss at Daisy? I would not dare. I


need this job. Certainly canteen chat today was about nothing else.


I was watching on the sofa at home. Just as his office poster says,


cash is king. Business isn't a popularity contest. What is Lord


Sugar like? He is fantastic. Truthfully! Is he as scary as we


think that he might be? Very. Great programme last night.


Sport now, and earlier today Carlos Tevez appeared to be finally on his


way from Manchester City? It won't surprise you to hear that things


have become a little confused. City say they have agreed a fee with


Brazilian side Corinthians and that only personal terms need sorting


with wages rumoured to be around �200,000 a week. But Corinthians


said today no agreement has been reached and that City have changed


the value of the transfer. Confused? Let's see what the fans


think? It would be a shame to see him go.


He was a great player and did a great job for us last season. It is


hard is not here, there is no point in him staying. We will always find


someone else. But it is a shame. he wants to be closer to his family,


fair enough. I do not want to keep him here if he is not happy for.


If he does go, is it a surprise that he is heading for Brazil


rather than Argentina, bearing in mind he says he is homesick?? He


does want to be closer to his family and Brazil is closer than


Eastlands. Whichever way this is resolved, Carlos certainly has a


chequered history in the transfer market.


He guarantees goals, but with Carlos Tevez's quick feet comes


itchy feet. He started at Boca Juniors, then moved to Corinthians


in Brazil before signing for West Ham for just six months. Then it


was onto Old Trafford for two years before joining City. Now he could


be on his way back to Brazil. never easy to lose a player like


Carlos Tevez. He has been fantastic for this football club. But it is


not the first time that a big club loses a big player. I believe we


can still get our targets. Expensive transfers between Europe


and South America and are only only happen in one direction, towards


big-spending clubs like Manchester City. But Brazil could offer Carlos


Tevez better weather. TRANSLATION: There is nothing to do in


Manchester. There are only two restaurant. The weather is terrible


for. He wants to be close to his wife and daughters in Buenos Aires.


It is only a two hour flight. This is a landmark moment because


Corinthians have been able to offer a big transfer fee. Sergio Aguerro,


Diego Maradona's son in law, is the man they want to welcome to


Manchester. If that Tevez transfer does go


ahead, the money will come in handy as City prepare to build one of the


world's best training grounds. Sited on 80 acres near the City of


Manchester Stadium, the plans involve 16 pitches, four for the


first team and 12 for a new academy. There would also be a 7,000 seat


stadium for youth team matches. Local people will now be consulted


about the proposals. The Manx cyclist Mark Cavendish is


hot favourite to become sprint champion in this year's Tour De


France after winning his fourth stage victory. He praised his team-


mates for setting up a perfect sprint finish at the end of a tough


day in the Pyrenees yesterday. Cavendish hopes to achieve his


lifetime ambition of winning the sprinter's green jersey when the


race finishes in Paris on Sunday. The Greater Manchester swimmer


Keri-Anne Payne hopes to become the first British competitor to qualify


for next year's Olympic Games in London. Keri, who lives in Heywood,


won Silver in the 10K in Beijing, and aims to take Gold in London.


She needs to finish in the top ten in the World Open Water


Championships in China. That will guarantee her place in next year's


race in Hyde Park. It will be amazing. I would love to


have the pressure taken off. I have one year now to prepare myself. It


will be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.


Boxing now and heavyweight Tyson Fury faces the biggest fight of his


life this weekend when he meets Derek Chisora for the British and


Commonwealth title. A world title shot against Vladimir Klitchko


could await the winner. But Tyson from Wythenshawe has a lot on his


hands if he's to win. Earlier this year, his trainer dad was jailed


for 11 years for a violent assault and Tyson has been talking himself


into trouble. When you are named after Mike Tyson,


perhaps it is inevitable that it will not always be your fists that


do the talking. The trash talk got out of hand once and he has had to


apologise. There were excuses have not been -- not having enough money,


but now I cannot wait to get my hands into his big head. He is


unbeaten in 14 games with 10 knockouts. He says his motivation


at Wembley is more than settling an old score. It is a big test. I am


sure I can pull it out of the bag on the night. 823, he thinks that


his time has come. Mike Tyson was on the 22 when he won the world


title. Will he bring some respectability back to British


boxing? Dimbleby 10 times better than the previous fight. This will


Finally tonight, well done to Leigh Centurions who are celebrating


winning the Northern Rail Cup with a last minute try helping them beat


Halifax 20-16. I have been worrying about the


garden for the Flower Show. We will find out tomorrow how it is faring.


I hope that you have some better I hope that you have some better


news. It has been very cold and wet and


windy. Here is a statistic for you. 63 mm of rain since Saturday. That


is two and a half inches. Today, we have had a strong westerly wind.


With temperatures barely into the teens, it has been feeling


distinctly autumnal. The pressure to art will be easing its way


slowly northwards over the coming days. Fewer showers and hopefully


some more sunshine and lighter winds. They have been lacking the


sunshine today. It has been gloomy. It turned more showery this


afternoon, but we still have some showers out there at the moment.


There might well end more dry and we will be keeping some cloud.


Temperatures not fallen much lower than today. Tomorrow morning will


be cloudy and damp. The showers will not be anywhere near as


extensive, persistent or a heavy as today. By the afternoon, they will


be over the other side of the Pennines. Temperatures not very


good for July. For the latter half of the week, we will keep these


northerly wind back. That should shelter as slightly from the


showers. Nothing in the way of pure sunshine to come over the next few


days. There will possibly be some days. There will possibly be some


sunshine at the weekend. It must be bad as you're wearing


your staff indoors! There will be a pitch inspection


for the cricket game for Lancashire. It brought Candi Staton to Moss


Side, filled shipping containers with music on Salford Quays and


even created a vertical farm. But this weekend the curtain came down


on the Manchester International Festival. Organisers say the event


has been a huge success with ticket sales up 30% on two years ago. And


the city council says there is no doubt it will return in 2013. We


have been looking back at some of I think it is a brilliant Festival.


I am gobsmacked at what there is to offer. I do not know of another


festival that is like this. There is a romance to the place.


Creatively, that is what the north- west has proved. Over and over


again, we have shown that we can take this to the rest of the world.


It is really, really amazing festival. It is really important


for the City to attract more people. Local people feel that the city is


alive for. I think this could turn into a Fringe Festival. It has a


lot of potential. Full of life. The transformation of the city is a lot


of fun. The atmosphere during the festival, the fibre, it is so


energetic. You can feel the atmosphere when you walk down the


street. It really has changed the way that people see the city.


Particularly in attracting international artists to come and


work here. We want artists to see the north-west as a place that they


can come to do things they cannot do anywhere else. That is what this


festival is about. It feels like a festival city. London could not do


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