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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight. Our top story: A miracle


escape after a light aircraft crashes into houses near Barton


airfield and burst into flames. We were here from eyewitnesses and


have the latest live from the scene. Also: Over the points limit. How


hundreds of the region's motorists have dodged a driving ban.


Police think they have found the Lammy paintings stolen in a violent


robbery in Stockport. -- the LS Lowry paintings.


And how it Burnley's sound wizards have cast a magical spell over


Harry Potter and the Hollywood found -- film industry.


Also tonight, Tony is here with a reaction to Manchester City's


latest signing. Yes, they have spent �38 million


and finally landed Sergio Aguero. He looks like he is fitting in. He


hates hot weather and has Manchester United in his sights.


First, a light aircraft crashed into two houses in Salford today,


seriously injuring the pilot and his passenger. The plane exploded


in flames as it hit the houses shortly after take-off from Barton


Airport. Amazingly, those living in the homes escaped unharmed. Our


chief reporter is there. Yes, the scene here tonight is


fairly calm. There are fire crews but that does not pay in the


picture of what happened earlier. If you look around the other side


of this block of houses, you get some idea of the devastation caused


when that single-engine aircraft plummeted to the earth just after


lunch time today. It injured two people on board and caused panic


and mayhem here on the ground. The aircraft is owned by a flying


school which said today they are shocked and dismayed by what has


happened. That probably sums up the feeling in this community tonight.


Comfort and relief for those whose homes were hit by the plane. This


woman was in house when it happened. She was too upset to talk about it


but others did describe the moments that led up to mayhem. You could


see the plane was in flames. There was a big explosion.


REPORTER: You saw it on fire? What went through your mind? Oh, my


God. The wings wobbled and then it feared. As soon as the wings


bobbles and the height of the plane, as it came down so quickly, we


realised there was a problem. was a lot of smoke. Really bear


rink. -- bellowing. The plane came down between two houses, causing


extensive damage. I understand there was a man inside one of the


houses, who heard it and came out fairly quickly when the plane


impacted. He had the presence of mind to see two people trapped


inside the aircraft which was badly damaged and started to set on fire,


said he actually, assisted by two drivers... So two men in the plane


were injured but miraculously, no one up on the ground was. The fact


these houses are so close to the Barton airfield has caused some to


raise concerns about safety over the years. Inevitably, those


concerns have surfaced again today. The residents around here... Why do


they fly over at the property is so low? Questions are for another day.


Today there was just relief that it was not a whole lot worse.


I am joined now by an aviation expert. Some people concerned about


safety because the houses are so close to the airfield. This is an


airfield that existed much longer than many of the houses around here.


I do not think they should be concerned. Yes, there is an


increase in flying from the airfield but there is -- it is


pretty safe. This will be the subject of an investigation by the


Civil Aviation Authority. What will they look for? A bunch of things.


Including maintenance of the aircraft, the aircraft


investigators will want to go through the maintenance schedule to


make sure the aircraft was in tip- top shape before being taken out. A


whole manner of other things as well. Air traffic conversations.


And the tower at Barton aerodrome, and a whole bunch of other things


as well, including who happened to be at the controls as the aircraft


was taking off. Do these aircraft at a black-box recorder? No, these


are light aircraft. Black boxes do not exist on these sorts of


aircraft, so therefore it does mean pay very detailed examination of


the wreckage. Thank you. That is the situation here tonight. Those


two men injured and in hospital. But as we said before, it could


have been a whole lot worse. Motorists in the North West are


driving with up to 30 point on their licences, according to


figures obtained by the BBC. That is nearly 2000 people in the region


that have 12 or more points but still have not been banned. ANA --


1 road safety charity says that is shocking.


Yes, you might have been under the impression that getting 12 points


on your licence led to an automatic six-month ban, but not necessarily.


We requested these figures from the DVLA under the Freedom of


Information Act and they showed that over 1,700 people in the North


West had 12 points or more on their licence but have not been banned.


One motorist in the Blackburn area is still driving on 30 points. And


it is all within the law because courts have the discretion not to


ban drivers if it would cause someone exceptional hardship, for


example if they would lose their job and not be able to charge --


take care of their family, or take care of a disabled relative. Every


case is different and it is important for the courts to have


discretion. If you take that away we would not lead lawyers or


magistrates, we would need robots. A road safety charity has called on


the courts to take a tougher stance. David from Wirral decided to become


a driving instructor after his son Nathan was run over and killed by a


car. He now represents the charity RoadPeace. If we had 12 points and


you lose a licence and that was stuck to for everybody, including


to the point where they would ludes -- learned their lesson. When you


can go beyond that, for whatever reason, it makes a mockery of the


whole point. Joining me now from Liverpool is the chairman of the


Magistrates Association. Art magistrates to soft? Many people


will be a standard-bearer over 1,700 people driving around here


with more than 12 points, one with 30 points. We have to be very


careful how we use these figures. Those figures relate to the last 18


months and one of the things we have discovered as magistrates, and


raised with the Ministry and the DVLA, was that there is inaccuracy


in recording points award by the court on the computer licence held


at the DVLA. In some cases, we know that fixed penalty officers who


were writing the points on the paper licence were not informed --


informing the DVLA. We know that there have been problems with


transmission of data from courts to the DVLA. So in that 1,700, there


may be a number where... They have reached the 12 points but it is not


on the licence that is put before the court when the court makes the


decision. But there are still a lot of people with more than 12 points


driving and this is because, presumably, it is all down to the


magistrates' interpretation of what is exceptional high it -- hardship.


One magistrate will interpreted differently from another. There are


guidelines. Exceptional, the first important word. And hardship in


relation to the driver, but also, it could be the impact on those of


ran the driver. Members of the family. Or, if they owned a small


firm, the impact on the workers. They have not committed the offence.


Thank you very much. More news from the North West. A


former councillor from Cumbria has been jailed for ten years for sex


offences against three boys. 65- year-old Tony Brunskill admitted he


had abused a boy in Lancashire in the 1970s and groomed and abused a


Cumbrian boy in the last three years. He also pleaded guilty to


indecently assaulting a third boy. The judge at Carlisle Crown Court


said his behaviour was disgusting. 72-year-old Cecil Coley, arrested


on suspicion of murder after a stabbing at his shop in Old


Trafford on Tuesday, has been released. He has been bailed until


September said police can carry out further inquiries. 30-year-old Gary


Mullins died from stab wounds. It is thought he was one of a number


of men who tried to rob the florist. The chief executive of Arrowe Park


Hospital, Len Richards, is leading -- leaving his post. His management


skills have been criticised by MPs and a hospital staff. At a public


meeting last night, industrial action was threatened unless


changes were made. Mr Richards will be taking up another post in the


NHS. He is four years since valuable


paintings and drawings by LS Lowry were stolen on a raid in a house in


Stockport. A man was jailed but the art could not be found. But it


looks like the mystery has finally been solved. Police think paintings


seized from a house in Merseyside is the missing collection.


Be paintings and drawings believed to be the missing collection were


found at a house in this street in Halewood. The Lowrys are worth �1.7


million. The artworks, 14 in total, were found by detectives


investigating organised crime. They have arrested two men and charged


them with handling stolen goods. One of them, who lives in Halewood,


is 41-year-old Malcolm Shields. The second, a 31-year-old man, Kevin


Mullah, of no fixed address. They have appeared before magistrates in


Liverpool and remanded in custody until next Thursday. The stolen art


works belong to an 11 -- a dealer, Mr Aird. They include The Viaduct


and Tanker Entering The Tyne. Larry had been a friend of Mr Ed's family.


Four years ago, a man pretending to be a postman threatened Mr Ed's


wife, Louise, with a knife as the art works were stolen from their


home in Jill Hulme. I was asleep at the time and I heard her screaming.


He held a knife to my throat. man with the knife was Casey Miller.


He was caught and jailed indefinitely in 2009. But the


whereabouts of the paintings remained a mystery. It could take


another three weeks, according to Merseyside Police, to confirm that


the our words found here are the missing Lyris.


Jim Swift was on a holiday in Venice when he knew something was


wrong with his wife. After a day out, she could not recall a thing


they had done. She was only 58. It was early onset dementia. Within


the space of a few years, she has become completely dependent, on Jim


and the their Admiral Nurse But North West Tonight has learned that


Bolton is to scrap the pioneering nursing service, meaning Jim will


have to cope alone. Jayne Barrett has been to meet the couple.


John Swift was once a head teacher. A few years on, she cannot talk,


she cannot use a knife and fork, she is in Continent. One of think


kept the family going, there Admiral Nurse. She has given me


strength. But here in Bolton, Admiral Nurses are being axed.


think it is probably about saving money but I do not think the public


realise this is a terminal disease. These people cannot speak up for


themselves. There are only four places in the North East that have


Admiral Nurses. Now Bolton is going, it might be the first but the fear


is will they be the last? Day-by- day, literally, I am slowly losing


the army. John Suchet has been one of the highest profile advocates of


the service. He got an Admiral Nurse when his wife was diagnosed.


I have a wonderful man who is an Admiral nurse who is available to


meet purely because of the borough of London that a living. It is a


postcode lottery. Bolton is only the second area window of to scrap


the service. I met a man from Dementia UK. They train Admiral


Nurses. Shocked and disappointed, on behalf of the carers, because


this is the only specialist nursing service for the carers of people


with dementia. In a statement, the Mental Health NHS Trust says like


many they have had to make financially difficult decisions.


They will now switch to a generic carers network. They do not realise


that they are irreplaceable. It is a system that Jim says will not


come close to the specialist care he has come to rely on.


Still to come in North West Tonight: How one Burnley business


cast a spell over Harry Potter. And join me at a sand martin hotel


in Lancashire. Hands up if you have seen the final Harry Potter film.


The Deathly Hallows Part Two has smashed box office records, taking


more than �26 million in its first week. And some of that movie magic


was made by a business in Burnley. In fact, AMS Neve has cast a spell


over four of five of this year's Oscar-winning films. Nina Warhurst


has been to see why Hollywood came calling.


You would not believe some of the sounds that have come out of this


quiet room in Burnley. They start setting the standard here in the


1970s, when Mr Crabtree designed a small bump for his own band which


he drove to Liverpool and Paul McCartney. James Cameron refused to


begin making avatar until the work was done here. Do you still find it


exciting when you watch a Hollywood blockbuster and think, that is a


little bit of Burnley in there? My wife goes bonkers because we


watched the ten-minute end credits just to look for the people we know.


These two desks were made specifically for George Lucas


around 12 years ago and every time they need and have great, they are


sent back over from the Skywalker ranch in California to burn it.


These desks have been used on Black Swan and other famous films.


Sometimes it just grabs you and gets the hairs on the back of your


neck standing up. So if you are one of the millions


planning to see Harry Potter this weekend, remember, those magical


sounds were helped along by some wizards not far from you.


All the best things come from Bern! A hotbed of talent! -- from


Burnley! Tony is here with the sport. The


richest club in the world, Manchester City, now has the most


expensive player, Sergio Aguero. What can they expect? A 38 million


pound bill. What they will not want is what they got from their last


most expensive pair, Robinho, who was a great flop. Eger it has a


great goalscoring record from Independiente in Argentina and


Atletico Madrid. City fans will get their first look at him this


weekend. He already seems to be a fitting in quite well. Fans are


snapping up his shirt. He says he The fans are happy to have him and


at last city have an Argentinian who is happy to be in Manchester.


And one with his eyes already fixed For the last two summers, Sergio


Aguero has been linked with Manchester United but it is their


neighbours who have landed him. So what do we know about Sergio? He's


23 years old, scored 74 goals in 175 games for Atletico Madrid, he


is nicknamed Kun because of his resemblance to the Japanese cartoon


character. And most famously, his father in-law is Diego Maradona.


What does the first on of Tinnion to make an impact in English


football make of the latest arrival? -- the first Argentinian?


He is an ambitious young man. He wants to be in a top club, a top


team. So yes, he will be Arif Habib. He has been waiting in there for an


hour to get that done. It is well worth it. In an era of big-money


signings here, this is the biggest here yet. Sergio Aguero is the


biggest yet. With the transfer fee and wages, he could end up costing


city �90 million. If he helps them topple United then everyone here


will consider that money well spent. More men on the move now and Bolton


have completed the signing of Burnley duo Chris Eagles and Tyrone


Mears. Blackpool look set to lose one of last season's Premier League


Stars. They have agreed a deal with QPR up for a DJ Campbell. Southpaws


were met Fran Halsall missed out on a medal by just 6,100s of a second


at the World Swimming Championships in Shanghai. She finished fourth in


Salford City Reds may be fourth from bottom in Super League but


when they play Leeds at home tonight, fans and players can only


see great things ahead. The club had their Super League status


confirmed for another three years this week. They will start next


season in their brand new Barton Stadium and a new coach, Australian


Matt Parish, is already getting to grips with the side. I am pleased


to say Matt joins us now live from the Willows.


It is your first home game. How are you finding it? It is great. You


have had your Super League status confirmed again but you got A-grade


see, which is kind of they must do better. What do plan over the


coming weeks -- you got a C grade. More consistent performances and to


try to win some games. Off the field, we need to get more involved


in the community. We have a pretty good marketing team and it is


pretty well driven, so I am sure if we all work together we can lift


that grading. The football director at the club says you speak your


mind and everything I have read about new says the same. How would


you describe your management tactics? I would like to be


described as a good bloke. I am pretty direct and honest.


finally, where are you looking for players? Celtic crusaders are


withdrawing from Super League. Is that way you were hoping you will


get some new recruits? necessarily. We are looking at a


couple peer. I hope all the Crusaders boys find jobs. We have


e-mailed one. I am redeemed at the guys in our squad and trying to


improve them. -- I am looking at the guys in our squad. Maybe I will


bring some over from Australia. home debut on BBC Radio Manchester


tonight. There will be regular updates from the Willows during


full commentary off the leaders Wigan's trip to Hull FC. Both games


Blackburn Rosa's -- Blackburn Rovers are starring in an Indian


television commercial for their owners.


They look like they are generally acting!


I think they are a genuinely Good evening. A lot of cloud around


today, courtesy of this weather front, dragging clouds down from


the north. Over the weekend, from tomorrow, high pressure is in


charge, hopefully bringing some sunshine. By Sunday, we have a


frontal system making its way from the Atlantic. That will bring cloud


on Sunday and may be spots of rain. Saturday will be the best day of


the weekend. If you fancy a day at the seaside, tomorrow is the day.


Temperatures maybe a touch cooler across the Isle of Man. Tonight,


clearer skies. The cloud will melt away and because we have Pierrette


skies in rural areas, we will see temperatures dropping to single


figures. For the start of your weekend, it will be a warm day


coming your way. Some bright spells to be had. It looks as if we will


start off any bright note, may be a sunny note through the morning.


Through the afternoon we will see the cloud bubbling up with very


light wind around through tomorrow. You are in for a pleasant day.


Right across the board, temperatures over 20 Celsius. For


Sunday, you can see it will be a fairly cloudy picture. Spots of


rain from time to time. A warm day. A new wildlife reserve in


Lancashire is welcoming its first overseas visitors, with the help of


some man-made intervention. They are not American or Japanese. They


are tiny sand martins. They are flocking to Brockholes near Preston


to check-in to their new purpose- built hotel.


It is hard to believe we are just a few hundred miles away from the M6.


-- a few hundred yards. The visitors' centre here is built on


the lake. It is already attracting thousands of visitors but to get


the sand martins here, Lancashire Wildlife Trust had to get inside


the brain of the bird. Sand martins are tiny. Their nests are a work of


art, designed to keep them safe from predators. This nesting wall


has been made especially for them. Every hole has a nesting chamber.


The bird is very safe. It is sealed. There is dry sand in there so they


can carry out their nesting activities. The birds can often be


found in quarries and will return to the same nest each year. After


flying 3000 miles from the south Sahara, they only live for a couple


of years and for their size, the journey is a marathon. They arrived


here and they are quite tired so the first thing they do is start


eating. Their traditional breeding sites are in those holes you see in


riverbanks. As the winter goes on, they often clubs and they have to


excavate new ones. Brockholes opened earlier this year and covers


about 180 acres with the River Ribble meandering through. There


are about what 60 sand martins here, 20 nesting in the specially-made


wall. The reserve only opened at Easter and the wall was opened


after that. The aim is to attract other new species here, too.


Do you think they get played the house martins back catalogue?


E-mails about people driving with over 12 points. One viewer says,


take their licence away. Another says, they should not do it. Simple.


Several more there but we have run out of time. I do want to say to


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