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Good evening. Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Gordon Burns and


Ranvir Singh. Our top story - relatives pay their respects after


two women are found dead following a house fire. A member of the


family is arrested on suspicious of murder. Very hard. We cannot


understand why. Calls for a fire authority chairman to resign in a


row over his expenses. The volunteers putting a smile back on


the face of some very special children in Blackpool. To see all


of the smiling faces on the kids, that is what we love are doing.


Making them happy. Would you swap the beaches of Vanuatu for the


Police in Lancashire are tonight launching a double murder inquiry


following the deaths of an elderly woman and her daughter at their


home near Preston. One of the or relatives has spent the day being


questioned on suspicion of murder. -- one of their relatives. Dave


Guest is there. What is happening? As you can see, a relatively


peaceful scene tonight. It has been very busy throughout the day.


Police and forensic scientists trying to piece together why this


mother and daughter met their deaths. Family members were also


here today. A relative's make a sad pilgrimage to lay flowers at the


home where Maureen Allan lived. was a beautiful loving person. She


helped everybody. Mrs Allen and her daughter Geraldine died here in


mysterious circumstances early this morning. Emergency crews had been


responding to reports of a fire when they discovered the bodies.


Mother and daughter were inseparable. It is very hard. We


cannot understand why. It is a big question. Outwardly there was no


sign of the fire that happened within. Police confirmed that two


women had suffered a number of injuries. The post mortem of -- the


post mortems have not been carried out yet. They will be carried out


this afternoon and will hopefully give us the cause of death. It 21-


year-old man related to the women has been arrested and questioned on


suspicion of murder. Among many here there is a sense of disbelief.


Shocking. At cannot believe it. I cannot believe it. It is so quiet.


I was told there were two people dead. Shocked. It does not happen


around here. The fact is, something did happen here earlier today. The


police must piece together what happened. As they continue that


effort to piece together the events of this morning, they are appealing


for any members of the public in Longfield yesterday, last night a


or this morning, two come forward. They say information could prove


useful in the long run. He's supposed to be overseeing Greater


Manchester Fire Service. But today the Labour chairman of the


authority, Councillor Fred Walker, found himself dousing down the


flames around his own expenses record. Mr Walker is under pressure


to resign after charging �20,000 for travel. And council leaders


across Greater Manchester are privately asking him to go. Our


political editor Arif Ansari is here with the details. Councillor


Walker chairs the Greater Manchester Fire Authority, which is


basically a council overseeing the fire and rescue service. He's


claimed �20, 442 in travel expenses between April 2008 and October 2010.


Compare that with the former chairman, Liberal Democrat Paul


Shannon. He claimed �428 for the year 2010-2011. In fact, Councillor


Shannon reformed the expenses system while he was in charge.


have got to lead by example. Symbolism is everything in politics.


He fought very hard to keep first- class rail travel. Now we know why.


Standard class is cheaper to the tax payer. Thanks to his opposition


I had to use my casting vote and only just managed to get the policy


through. We haven't been able to speak to Fred Walker. But he has


explained himself to his local So he set a very different example.


The trips included 87 to London - many would have been First Class


open returns costing as much as �345. And as Councillor Walker told


his newspaper: Well, the Liberal Democrats have referred this to the


watchdog, the District Auditor. But more significantly, I've been told


that the eight Labour Council leaders in Greater Manchester are


signing a letter asking Fred Walker to go. If he doesn't do so, then


they're threatening to release it publicly. Councillor Walker is a


former travel agent. I don't know but I'm guessing he sold some


A 24-year-man has appeared in court after a teenager was murdered in


Lancashire. Declan Eastwood, 17, was found with stab wounds in


Haslingden yesterday morning. He died later at the Royal Blackburn


Hospital. Sean Fell of George Street has been remanded in custody


and will appear before Preston Crown Court later this week. Police


have named the people who died in a collision in Manchester at the


weekend. Seven-year-old Khin Thiri Myat Htin, Than Tutt, 86, and Naw


Naw Khin, 52, died when the car they were travelling in overturned


in Chadderton. When another worker died at Merseyside's Sonae factory


on Saturday, the company's safety record was once again called into


question. Not surprising, with two other deaths and scores of injuries


there in the past 10 years. But police still aren't sure just how


Dennis Kay died. Natural causes have not been ruled out. And if it


is a safety incident, it is unclear at this stage who might be to blame.


Here's Jayne Barrett. Sonae reopened today. It had been closed


yesterday, as a mark of respect to Dennis Kay. The 62-year-old died on


Saturday morning. His cause of death is not yet known. They claim


ambitious targets for safety here. In fact, there have been three


deaths and 44 injuries here since 2001. But if there are questions to


be answered about safety, and there might not be, those questions are


unlikely to fall here. Instead here at this family run a firm in


Accrington, Andrew Connolly's demolition. I have just spoken to


Andrew Connolly. He said that Mr Kay was a member of the family. He


had been here for 16 years. At the time of the accident he said that


Mr Kay was on a raised access platform. The site supervisor was


down below. He did not fall, he was not crossed. The death is a total


mystery, he said. Today Mr Kay's family asked the media not to


contact them. It's the latest in a long line of incidents at the plant


since 2001. They include the deaths of Thomas Elmer and James Bibby in


December. They were dragged into machinery. In June, firefighters


spent four days tackling a fire at the factory. That led to part of


the plant being demolished. One of the demolition workers, Dennis Kay.


Police will only know if this is a safety incident once the post


mortem returns. That could take some time. The headquarters


operations of the former Royal Liver Group are to move out of


Liverpool after 161 years in the city. It will mean the loss locally


of 220 jobs. It's thought half will be given the option to transfer to


Wilmslow, where Royal London Group, which took over the society in June,


has a base. The faces of some of Manchester's most wanted men are


being displayed on the side of police vans to try and track them


down. Officers are searching for the 12 men over a range of crimes


including assault, robbery and burglary. A similar operation in


March led to seven arrests. Fire crews in Lancashire have been


called to an unusual rescue after reports a snake was trapped in a


chair. Small tools and a crowbar were used to open it up, and the


snake, a python called Brian, was gently pulled out. Despite his


confinement, he appeared to be unharmed following his release.


Still to come in North West Tonight: The red kites making a


comeback in the Lake District. And what do you get when you combine


Junior Masterchef with a Holiday Club? Find out later. Apparently


Now, until recently, you'd be pretty lucky to see a Red Kite


circling the skies around the North West. In the 1970s, these


magnificent birds of prey were trapped and poisoned almost to


extinction. Since then, there's been a national breeding programme


for the birds. It began in the south of the country - now it's at


its final stage here. Gill Dummigan has been to Grizedale forest in the


Lake District to see the latest As a countryside retreat, it may


not be the prettiest, but it does have its compensations. The views


are great and there's absolutely no chance of being disturbed by the


neighbours. We are in the heart of the Forest? That is right. We have


to be careful given that the birds or open to persecution. We do not


want Mischief. Over the years Red Kites have had a pretty hard time


of it. At one point they were shot and poisoned almost to extinction.


Even now there are only around 1500 breeding pairs - none of them


around here. There was an empty area in the north-west of England


without red kite. So this three- year project is an attempt to do


something about that. These birds were brought up from Northampton


six weeks ago. Now they're off to join the first birds released last


year. And off they go, with a bit of help. They have finally flown


the nest. What next? Well, they're all tagged and they're being radio


tracked. Last year's release got as far as the south coast, although


it's hoped many of them will make their way back That's the big hope.


Another 30 will be released next year. By spring next year we hope


we should see the first breeding pair. That is the big hope. For now,


just getting these magnificent birds to settle in here will be


enough. We've heard a lot recently about the Big Society, the


Government's plan to give power to the people. But how are volunteers


already making a difference? In the first of two reports, Radio


Manchester breakfast presenter Allan Beswick met up with those


helping to run a rather special It is a chance to dream in what is


a desperate life. Three year-old Phoebe lives with an immune


disorder. It has claimed the life of her 17 month-old sister, Elena.


-- Delamar. Here his precious time in a Holiday home by the sea.


are restricted. To let them have this time is massive. Phoebe is one


of hundreds of children who come here. All of them have life-


threatening or terminal illnesses. Here at least there is a guarantee


of some happiness. He has had chemotherapy. We did not think he


would make it. He has been fantastic here. I think it is


amazing what so many people have done. Seeing the pictures of how it


used to look at how it has changed is amazing. Children need to go to


a specialised place. It is provided by these volunteers and a fantastic


family. It is thanks to an amazing legacy. My daughter died of cancer


when she was 20 years old. I opened a red box and she had left me three


wishes. One of them was to open a holiday home in Blackpool. This is


how the dream house came about. It gave me a reason. Fantasy transport


for a special children given the freedom of all that Blackpool can


offer. You cannot fail to be moved by what goes on here. None of it


would happen if it was not for the dream makers. The volunteers.


just putting a smile on the faces of the little kids. We had one this


morning. She went in the little carriage. Her eyes were cleaning.


Why do you volunteer to do what? is what I do. To see all the


smiling faces on their kids. That is what we love are doing. Making


them happy. The privilege of heading it all and being the


captain of the ship, without all of the other volunteers, this dream


house would not be here. They are the main source from all walks of


life. Everybody is doing their part to fulfil one woman's dream. They


do not get enough thanks, volunteers. And tomorrow night


Allan will find finding out how volunteers are making a difference


on an urban farm on the Wirral. We move on to sport. Richard is here.


Back from holidays! We are going to top Manchester City. They may be


the richest club in the country but they have some issues to sort out


before the start of the season? They definitely have, yes. You


would Ruth -- you would think the return of Carlos Tevez would be


good news. But in some ways it is another problem after yesterday's


defeat to Manchester United. Tevez returned to training today despite


saying he does not like living in Manchester and wants to leave. If


he is going, City want a big fee. They look like they need him. They


were very close yesterday. They were 2-0 ahead by the break.


Twitter was going crazy. A pretty lethargic 45 minutes and an


impressive one from United turned the game on its head. The


equalising goal was the highlight. Wayne Rooney and Tom Cleverley


heavily involved. Rooney claimed his team had given City a


footballing lesson. Stoking up nicely for the start of the Premier


League season. Mixed news for the teams today. City goalkeeper Joe


Hart has signed a new contract. United's allocation of tickets for


the away match at Liverpool in October has been reduced. While the


Premier League gets under way on Saturday, the Football League is


under way. All 11 of our teams Hoping to bounce back to the


Premier League. Blackpool got their season off to the perfect start.


The man who got the opening goal of their campaign last season, Garry


Taylor Fletcher, doing it again. A cracking finish late on at Hull,


enough to take the points. Burnley took just a point at home to


Watford, but it may well have felt like three for the Turf Moor


faithful. New signing Keith Treacy came off the bench at 2-0 down to


make the difference on his debut. Charlie Austin got the final touch


to his shot to pull a goal back for the home side, before Treacy


finished a flowing clarets move himself,.nodding in from a Ross


Wallace cross. It was a really good fight back. It was always going to


be difficult to come back. But Keith give us a real impetus.


only winners in League One were a side not renowned for opening day


victories. Tranmere Rovers have lost their first game in the last


four seasons. A good time for Robbie Wier to grab his first


senior goal. Promoted Bury will be delighted with their start as well


after a 1-1 draw at promotion favourites Huddersfield. Ryan Lowe,


27 league goals last season, already off the mark. No such early


impetus for Oldham, defeated 2-0 at home to Sheffield United, or


Rochdale, 2-0 at Sheffield Wednesday. Despite the return of


terrace icon Graeme Alexander for his second spell, and this


excellent Paul Coots goal, Preston North End lost 4-2 against


Colchester at Deepdale. It would have been easy to come in for


training and be really negative. We decided not to. League Two was a


washout for the north-west. Accrington Stanley drew at


Northampton. Macclesfield, Morecambe and Crewe all lost. It


was the first chance today for some Wigan Warriors season ticket


holders to get their hands on precious Challenge Cup Final


tickets. Getting to the final would have been the talk of Wigan


whatever the circumstances, but for many fans this one is extra special.


Not only did the Warriors get the better of old rivals St Helens in a


thrilling semi on Saturday, but it's their first Wembley final for


13 years. Being back at Wembley is really good. I am just made up.


Fantastic. I went to all the finals back to 1958. Brilliant. Second


home. Back again. It is everything being back at Wembley. It is what


rugby league is all about. region's sporting facilities will


be home to athletes from around the world in the build up to next


year's Olympics. But you'll struggle to find a more unusual


link up than this one. Beach volleyball players Miller and


Linlin from the South Pacific island of Vanuatu have swapped


their beautiful beaches for one in Cheshire to help them prepare for


the games. Stuart Pollitt explains. They come from a country blessed


with miles of beaches. Named as the happiest place on earth. But for or


Miller and Lin Lin happiness is found on a roundabout near Crewe.


We're happy here. You get good We are hoping to get the girls to


be the first female superstars in their country. To come from such a


small place with a very shy personality is a huge challenge for


the girls and myself personally. It is an amazing journey. Cheshire is


known for many things. Beaches are not one of them. They have to rely


on a friendly farmer or donating his dressage area. This year they


have built a proper beach volleyball chord, using 100 tonnes


of Cheshire sand. It is different. There are little bunnies hopping


around. It is not the ocean but I love it. We're on the main road.


People wonder what is going on. Tomorrow, Miller and Lin Lin FlyBe


flag for their country at the Olympic test event in London. --


Great story. Stuart chickened out of doing that peace in his trunks!


Finally, BBC Radio Lancashire will have coverage of Lancashire's big


Twenty20 quarter-final away to Sussex from 7pm. We wish them the


very best of luck. I know the Rhys not an ocean in a crew -- Crewe,


but I'm sure we can promise them We started the week on a N'Koulou


theme. The best day will be tomorrow. -- a cool thing. Today


has been a day of two halves. Wet through the morning. Fine weather


to end the day. Through the night tonight it is patchy cloud, long


and here spells. Over the weekend you probably noticed the nights


were cool. Same story tonight. 8- nine degrees in some parts. All the


places, 10-11. It feels chilly. Parts of Cheshire and Merseyside,


an area of cloud moving in. That would bring a few spots of drizzle.


That is how in this corner you will wake up. Everyone else is probably


try and find. You're looking at a patchy cloud and sunny spells


tomorrow. The sunshine comes and goes as the day goes on. All things


considered, it is not a bad picture considering what is waiting in the


wings. Enjoy that tomorrow. The sun at this time of the year is nice


and strong. Because the wind is not too strong, it is not a bad day.


After that, this is when the fun starts. Low pressure are moving in


slowly and bringing a slow read their system for Wednesday. That


will stick with us for the rest of the week. The rain could be heavy


on Wednesday, particularly in What do you get when you combine


Junior Masterchef with a school holiday club? Well if you're one of


a lucky few children in Liverpool, a chance to hone your cooking


skills and impress your mum and dad. You should have gone a long. Why?


Mrs Burns told me! Over the next two weeks, 200 children from across


Merseyside are taking part in a free cookery school. It's free


because it's been sponsored by local businesses. So what's the


catch? Well you have to feed those the sponsors at the end of the day!.


Kate Simms reports This really is fast food. These children have just


a few hours to learn and create three dishes from scratch. Welcome


to the Junior Chefs Academy. Have fun with food. Basically we like to


have fun with food. Drip-feed the healthy-eating message. We give


kids the practical skills to take home for their families. So on the


menu today, sundried tomato and basil bread with a pesto pasta


salad, and Fair Trade tiramisu for a dessert. We have learned much


more about vegetables. And more about a fair trade. We have also


learnt how to cook. Were you cook for your mum and dad? Yes. He is


going to cook for you later. There's theory though as well as


practicals. It is a lot to take in. And then you have to impress the


sponsors. Absolutely delicious. Really. Very well presented. Very


nice. It is absolutely fantastic. The food is unbelievable. The food


seems to be a success. But the proof they say is in the pudding.


So, needs must. I can confirm, very good. She was digging in there. Mrs


Burns has now been on the telephone to tell you that I am a really good


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