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Good evening. Welcome to NorthWest Tonight with Tony Livesey and Kate


Simms. Our top story. Fighting fit. 100-year-old Dorothy thanks her


doctors as she becomes the world's oldest breast surgery patient.


think this story is inspiring. delighted doctors say they were


right to operate and say she could become an inspiration to woman of


every age. Also tonight.


Tributes to the drowned teenage girl and her boyfriend missing off


the Wirral coast. The police search for him continues.


Back home for Eid. 7-year-old Qasim who lost his parents and siblings


in a car crash in Pakistan. I was his brother, now I am his father.


And a whole new ball game. The self-promo video that may help Owen


Also tonight. Happier times at the now derelict Lido in Grange-over


Sands. It's received listed building status, but some want it


redeveloped. Well, if you've ever been there or


have fond memories of another outdoor pool in the region, we'd


like to hear from you. Get in touch via email, twitter or Facebook and


we'll read out some of your stories at the end of the programme.


$WHITE When great-great-grandmother Dorothy Affleck, from Hyde, was


told she had breast cancer, she thought she would be too old to be


offered surgery. Dorothy was 99 when she was diagnosed last summer.


But doctors at Tameside Hospital said her age was not a factor in


having an operation. They believe Dorothy, who is now 100, is the


oldest person to have breast cancer surgery. Today, she went back to


find out if it was successful and Abbie Jones went with her.


It is now a year since Dorothy Affleck had her operation at


Tameside Hospital. But the memory of being told she had cancer is


still raw. I thought it would just be months of suffering. I was


frightened. Then I met the surgeon, he was so confident he could do the


operation. People said not to have But Dorothy's consultant didn't


agree. Her cancer was aggressive. Surgery, the only option. Last


August, she had a lump removed from her breast. Because she was 99, she


had a local rather than a general anaesthetic. But apart from that,


her doctor says her age wasn't a factor. It was never on my mind. In


fact, when I presented the case in are up team meeting, I just said


that physiological issues were as good as anyone in their late


Seventies. So now, time for the moment of


truth. You do not have any sign of disease. Thank you very, very much.


You are welcome. Dorothy is in remission. She cannot


technically get the all clear for another four years. But her


consultant says she's a success story. I think the case is


inspiring. It will encourage other people to come to the hospital.


Dorothy has now become a bit of a celebrity. She says the fuss is


worth it if it encourages other patients, and doctors. Just love


life and enjoy it. Abbie Jones, BBC North West Tonight, Tameside


Hospital. Police are still searching for a


young man from Merseyside whose teenage girlfriend drowned off the


Wirral coast. Hayley Holmes's body was found at New Brighton on Monday.


Shoes belonging to the couple were found near the beach. A friend of


Hayley's says she should have been away at the weekend but someone


stole a ticket she had for a festival. Our Merseyside Reporter,


Andy Gill, is at New Brighton now. You can see behind me the floral


tributes to Hayley. It is a lovely evening here. The tides and the


current here at New Brighton can be very dangerous. That is why the


police are very concerned for the safety of Hayley's boyfriend. Ahmed


of the holidaymakers and laughing children, forensic keep a grim a


vigil for one my right honourable friend is dead and another is


missing. Hayley's body was found on the beach on Monday, she had


drowned. Shoes belonging to her and her boyfriend were found near by.


John is a close my right honourable friend and spent it hours on the


beach waiting for news. I have never felt so bad. I have never


felt so low. The couple had not been going out very long postop


they had been at a music festival on Sunday before going to the beach


of that night. A my right honourable friend of the Hayley's


had said she should have been a way at home at a music festival, but


somebody had stolen her ticket. It is horrible. She should not even


had been you. Somebody stole her ticket. I police say that the


search for Robbie is carrying on. We have a number of searches going


on. We are linking him with other agencies to assist us. Relations of


Robbie work at the scene at this afternoon but were too upset to


talk. Police say they were keeping an open mind as to whether he went


into the water as well. One line of enquiry that the police are


pursuing concerns at this hotel behind me. This was full on Monday


night, the night that the couple came down to the beach. Police are


they there might have been witnesses who saw them on the beach.


If anyone was staying in this hotel, Merseyside police are urging them


to get in touch. For the moment, the search goes on.


Merseyside Police have launched a murder investigation after a man


was shot in Liverpool last night. The 25-year-old was found dying in


the street with a single gunshot wound to the head on Brayfield Road


in Norris Green. Police believe it was a targeted attack. They are


also investigating whether his death is connected to an earlier


incident in the area. We are keeping an open mind, but the


incidents were very close by in a short space time, so I think they


are certainly related. A motorcyclist has died at the Manx


Grand Prix festival on the Isle of Man. Adam Easton, who was 71 and


from Scotland, was killed in a crash while racing today. He is the


third motorcyclist to die during the festival, which started just


over a week ago. People in Ellesmere Port have been


given the chance to look around the town's new multi-million pound


college today. The Sutton Way campus is part of West Cheshire


College and cost �65 million. It opens to students on Monday and


offers vocational courses in creative and service industries.


have a building a matches our ambition, which is that students


get a job. Students must get a job, not just any old job but the job


they want. This building will help them get those jobs. We used to


teach in classrooms but you cannot teach vocational subjects as


successfully in a classroom as in buildings like this.


A collection of Viking coins and other artefacts unearthed in


Cumbria last month has been formally declared as treasure. A


metal detectorist found the items, known as the Furness Hoard, at a


secret location on the Peninsular. Since then, the hoard has been


under the scrutiny of experts at the British Museum.


When Sabina Akhtar's husband beat her and threatened to kill her, she


reported him to the police. But he was never charged. A few months


later, he returned to her Manchester home and killed her.


Today, a coroner has decided to reopen an inquest into Sabina's


death following a legal challenge by her family. We'll hear more from


their solicitor in a few moments. But first, Rachel Foley has this


report. Sabina Akhtar lived in fear of her


husband. Two months before her death, she told police he had


assaulted her and threatened to kill her. Malik Mannan was arrested


twice but never charged, even when he breached bail conditions that


said he couldn't contact her. Then in September 2008, he forced his


way into her home in Levenshulme and stabbed her through the heart.


He's now serving a life sentence for her murder. Ms Akhtar's family


received a formal apology from the Crown Prosecution Service who say


they were wrong not to charge Malik Mannan earlier. Today, the


Manchester coroner announced an inquest into Ms Akhtar's death will


reopen. It will examine whether decisions made by the police and


the CPS in the months before her death could have breached her human


right to life. Rachel Foley, BBC North West Tonight.


Well, earlier I spoke to the Akhtar family solicitor Matthew Gold and


asked how they had reacted to the news her inquest was to be reopened.


They are really pleased because for the first time, there will be a


full investigation by the coroner into the circumstances around


Sabina's death. The Crown Prosecution Service has already


apologised to the family and, in light of that, the Independent


Police Complaints Commission has said it will not pursue an


investigation. What do you hope reopening the inquest will do?


family want to establish what happened after Sabina, in July 2008,


went to the police, a very big step for her to take, and made a full


detailed statement of the threats to kill, the violence against her


and her son by her very dangerous husband. She went to the police for


protection, the police did not provide her with the level of


protection she was entitled to. this just about blaming someone?


is not about blaming anyone really. In place at the time, the police


had a domestic violence policy. That was designed for various steps


to be put in place, for risk assessments to take place in order


that the police and other agencies could have better protected her.


gather it is quite unusual for an inquest to be reopened. It is. I


they get is unusual but a bigot has taken place before. I believe legal


action has already been taken against the police? Yes, a civil


case is being issued in London. It includes an allegation that her


right to life was breached because the police did not protect her when


they should have done from a known violent individual, her husband.


Thank you. Eight months ago, Qasim was enough


horrific accident in Pakistan. Like thousands of Muslims across the


North West, 7-year-old Qasim Akbar is celebrating Eid today. But his


relatives in Blackburn didn't think he'd make it after a bitter custody


battle. Qasim's parents died in a car crash in Pakistan and he spent


eight months there before his elder brother could bring him home. Nazia


Mogra has the story. The Eid feast marks the end of a


month of fasting. The meal is a time for families to come together.


This year, Qasim is spending it with the only close family he's got


left - his half-brother. Now I am his father. I will try my best to


be a father and a brother. We will make sure that we can give him lots


of lovely. He always talks about the good times with his family.


Qasim's parents and two sisters died on New Year's Day in a car


crash in Pakistan. Qasim was in the back of the car and the only person


to survive. He was bruised, but otherwise unhurt. His half-brother


flew out straight away to bring him home to Lancashire, but family


friends in Pakistan wanted to keep him. What followed was a bitter


custody battle. It has taken me nearly nine months. But this is


they will be person I have left as a brother or sister so I was not


going to leave him. I am happy that he is here with me. He we are all


happy. All his friends and family. He has settled down well. He is


playing. Everything is new for him. But it is really good.


In a few weeks, he will be starting school again. With his family


behind him, Qasim hopes one day he can become a cricketer.


Still to come in North West Tonight. A whole new ball game - the self-


promo video that may help Owen Hargreaves move across the City.


the end we all hope that he can get back to his best. Add open-water,


winning medals and a wedding. It is a big make your next you for Kerry


Depending on your view, the now derelict Lido at Grange over Sands


in Cumbria is either a faded art deco gem, or a blot on the


landscape. Many will have happy childhood memories of swimming


there in the open air. Well, English Heritage has decided


it should be listed as historically important. Great news for some, but


not for developers who fear the move will scupper development plans.


Peter Marshall reports. The location is wonderful, but many


people now say that this place has fallen down. It has seen better


days. Nowadays, it's a lido that's not


much to look at. Derelict since 1992, what a difference a few


decades can make. This was it in the '30s when it attracted


thousands. Even in the '70s, it was the place to be. Memories of this


place is going swimming with our brother, serving in freezing cold


to see water but loving it. There was always busy. Should it be


listed? I do not think it needs listed, it is not a thing of beauty.


And that's the big issue according to Jonathan Denby, a prominent


hotelier who featured in the recent Channel 4 documentary The Hotel.


He's part of a development partnership which wants to fill the


lido in and turn it into a garden and cafe complex. He claims any


thought of re-opening it as an open air pool are pie in the sky.


The developers fear listing the lido and its buildings will make


their plans impossible. Can you imagine that they would have the


funds to keep this enormous structure going? A you do not think


it would happen? There is no chance of that happening. This listing is


wrong. It is hard to mention it ever returning to the height of the


past, but it still encourages strong passions. It is heritage. It


is part of the cultural heritage of this area. We have always had a


swimming pool here, it will always be used. Developers say they will


challenge the listing. I know I have lots of happy


memories of soaring pools. And lots of you have been sending us your


memories of lidos. We'll be reading some of them out at the end of the


programme. Sport now and Graham Liver's here. And a long night


ahead for you. It's transfer deadline day. No fan or manager can


relax till 11 o'clock tonight. A day of rumours and gossip but at


least it looks like Manchester City are going to get Owen Hargreaves.


Still waiting for confirmation from City about the signing. The 30-


year-old was released by Manchester United this summer. He came to Old


Trafford after being England's star performer in the World Cup in


Germany, signing from Bayern Munich for �18 million. He played in


United's 2008 Champions League victory. After that, the injuries


struck. He made just four appearences in the last three


seasons, playing just 11 minutes in the last two years.


What else has been happening? I gather Joe Cole's on his way to


France. And it looks like Everton are going to completely change


their strikeforce? Liverpool never really worked for


Joe Cole. He's off to Lille on a season-long loan. At Everton, they


might be bringing a striker in. They have accepted a �4 million bid


from Leicester for striker Jermaine Beckford. And it looks like Yacubu


is leaving Goodison to join Blackburn Rovers.


Rounding up today's transfer news, here's Liam O'Donoghue.


Arguably England's best player in the 2006 World Cup, Owen Hargreaves


is so desperate to play again, he's put up a film on YouTube to prove


his fitness. After surgery on both knees and two years out injured,


Hargreaves lasted only five minutes when he finally returned to the


Manchester United line-up last November. United let him go. City


might resurrect his career. When he is fully fit, he is a great player.


We all hope he can get back to his best. There may be a little bit of


sour grapes, but all the best to them. If he does well, he deserves


it. If he is on pay as you play, you cannot lose.


How has Joe Cole gone from scoring fantastic goals like this to


becoming an Anfield reject? A Roy Hodgson signing, he too has


suffered from injuries. Kenny Dalglish is loaning him to French


side Lille for the season. Cole out, Coates in. The huge young Uruguayan


defender joins compatriot Luis Suarez at Liverpool. Only 15 months


after signing Jermaine Beckford from Leeds, Everton have sold him


to Sven's Leicester for around �4 million. Yakubu could be on his way


to Blackburn. Replacing him could be 6 foot 7 tall Denis Stracqualani


from Argentinian side Tigre. Arsenal are reported it to her bed


for Miguel Arteta. Back at Manchester City, a fee's been


agreed to seal Shaun Wright- Phillips to Queens Park Rangers


player, and Craig Bellamy could be heading there too.


Wigan have played busy today as well they have Broughton a couple


of winners including Shaun Maloney from Celtic.


One player also on the move is Bury's Ryan Lowe who has joined


Sheffield Wednesday for an undisclosed fee. Lowe scored 28


goals for the Shakers last season, nine of which came in consecutive


games, setting a club record. Boss Richie Barker hopes to bring in a


replacement before the window closes tonight.


Cricket, and Lancashire are fighting back in their crucial


county championship game against Worcestershire at New Road. They


were bowled out for 161 in their first innings. In reply, the home


Swimming now, and the first British athlete to qualify for the Olympics


was Keri Anne Payne from Heywood. She is the best open water swimmer


in the world and one of our strongest medal hopes at London


2012. But the Olympics are not the only big event in Keri Anne's life


next year, as Stuart Pollitt found out when he went to meet her.


Open-water swimming is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be very


fit, fearless and keep an eye out for the hazard. Jellyfish. Dead


animals. All that kind of stuff up. But if I did not do that, somebody


else would follow instead. You just have to grit your teeth and get on


with it. It is not glamourous are pretty, but I loved doing it. I


love it, but it was something I was steered into doing. At first I was


not so keen on it and it all like it. She has concurred that, winning


a silver in the Olympics. Your racing of the same people you have


raised against for years and years. It is huge. The whole nation as


always lifted by the crowd. It will be brilliant everyone cheering for


us. As well as planning an assault on Olympic goal next year, she is


also planning her own wing -- her own wedding. I have to make sure we


are organised. A lot of it has been organised. I have not found a do


the go so far. If you are able to some attempt, to as dodging


jellyfish, organising a table Prime it should not be so hard.


A multi-medal winning Paralympian was in the region today to meet


aspiring competitors for next year's games in London. Chris


Holmes, who is blind, represented Great Britain at the Paralympic


Games between 1988 and 2000, winning nine gold medals. He is now


the director of Paralympic Integration for London 2012. This


morning he was at Guinea Gap swimming Pool in Wirral. It is


great to see programmes like this which demonstrate how to balance


high end Paralympians performing next summer and also the next


generation coming in from 2020 and beyond. Yesterday we brought you a


preview of Steve Parry's charity relay swim across the Irish Sea.


Well, Boyzone singer Ronan Keating led the team out last night and the


latest is, they're nearly at the halfway mark despite confronting a


shoal of giant jellyfish along the way.


He should have got a wet suit to fit him!


Stephen good swim the Irish Ceri -- Irish Sea.


Now here's Di with the weather. I am still puzzling over that


I am still puzzling over that It is not going to get warmer as we


head through the next couple of days. It might go up by a degree of


soul -- a degree or so. Temperatures of 15 or 16 degrees.


We could expected to be a little warm rat than that. But is the


driver most of us today. -- but it stayed dry. There has been a


glimpse of brightness sometimes. We might get a little bit more as we


head towards the end of the night. It is getting dark very early


nowadays. Tonight, it will be predominantly cloudy but dry. Just


the chance of a tiny shower it now and again. The cloud could break


from time to time in rural areas, which means that temperatures could


go as low as eight Celsius. But most of us will be in double


figures. 11 or 12 of. For tomorrow, it might not be too bad at all,


again. Cloudy. In the morning, there might be a light shower first


thing. But hopefully, this cloud cover will start to thin and break.


Sunshine could work its way through. The wind will be light which is


favourable for us. Temperatures should be better than today. 19 or


20 degrees. If you are stuck under the cloud cover, 17 or 18 degrees.


For the next couple of days, high pressure it moves away. Weather


front after the front moving in. Friday. The weekend it looks very


Well, earlier, we talked about the future for Grange Over Sands


historic open air pool and asked for your memories of lidos across


the North West. Lots of you have taken the plunge.


Tom Gray on Facebook says, "My family and I used to swim at Grange


Over Sands. The views across Morecambe Bay were amazing. It's a


shame to see it standing derelict and if I had the money I would


rebuild and re-open it!" Peter from Prestwich where do this for them to


Bob the bomber who used to bomb into the pool. Lee Lloyd Green on


Facebook says, "I used to go to the open air lido at New Brighton. I


even remember the ladybird swarm that came and covered the pool."


Jean it says she used to have that some lessons every week.


Judith Simpson on Facebook, "I used to go regularly to the Grange pool.


Everybody used to rush to the top railings when the horn went to warn


of the tidal bore coming up the bay, and we would watch it roaring up


past the pool. Spectacular!" Paul says here is a picture of myself


and other winners take him at a swimming gala. I think it is 1972.


Also, in case you were wondering, we've had a lot of debate in the


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