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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight.


Our top story: Counting the cost of the rioting as the bill for


policing looks set to hit �10 million.


With forces already facing cuts, there is a call for Government help


to meet the extra costs. Also tonight: Heavy rain causes


flooding in parts of Cumbria and North Lancashire.


Home sweet home as the country's best-known Street moves up the road


to a new location by the Manchester ship canal.


You can arrive in your own yacht. We could do that. Can I ride in


yours? Yes. Join me in Arne side to find out


how Morecambe's footballers get on with the ancient art of flatty-


The final cost of policing the riots in Manchester and Salford


could be as high as �10 million according to the Greater Manchester


Police Authority. The unprecedented events of last month and the damage


the rioters caused will potentially cost the equivalent of 2% of the


overall police budget. The footage of rioters looting stores will


remain in our memory for years to come. Who will foot the bill? What


is the latest on how the courts are dealing with the guilty? Nina


Warhurst has been looking into the figures. Extraordinary scenes,


partly where you were. Remind us of the scale of the disruption?


don't think many of us will forget what we saw that night, not just


here but beyond. That rioting started 155 fires, more than 100


premises were damaged and more than 300 arrests were made. Greater


Manchester Police are only just in a position now to understand the


full-scale of the costs of that damage.


The current known cost is �5 million. They are saying it could


double to �10 million. How are they coming to that figure? It seems


like a lot of money, doesn't it? Perhaps it is not when you consider


that 900 officers were out on duty that night, not just from Greater


Manchester Police, but from ten other forces. There is also the


damage to police equipment, the claims from 20 police officers who


were on duty, the cost of tracking down offenders as well as claims


made under the Riot Act. This dates back to the 1880s. It means when


damage is done during riots, the police can be liable to foot the


bill. We spoke to the Greater Manchester Police Authority. They


said this expense could run-up to �10 million and it couldn't come at


a worst time. It is a big setback. We have made �134 million worth of


cuts, �49 million this year. It is difficult to move from back office


to front office. We have a tight budget. Something like this shows


how fragile budgets can be. These claims can still be made until 20th


September, Debenhams haven't made their claims yet? Let's go back


down to the individuals who were at the root of the problems that day.


You have been at a case of a judo player in front of a judge? That's


right. Today, in court, we saw a 17-year-old who lived in Audenshaw.


He has a 9% attendance record at college and he is a promising judo


players with aspirations of reaching Team GB. That night he was


found with his pockets bulging. He had picked up �50 worth of


jewellery that he found on the floor, he looted a shop for �66


worth of cigarettes. As a result, he was sentenced today to eight


months in a youth offenders institute. The judge said he


understood that he was not part of the group that instigated the riots


and that he had an excellent future ahead of him. He said the public


must be aware that those who choose to take part in rioting, looting


and public disorder must know they will be punished and must know that


punishment will be severe. Heavy overnight rain caused


widespread flooding in Cumbria and North Lancashire today. High winds


brought down cables and trees. One of the worst-hit areas has been


Galgate where a river threatened to overflow into a village.


The River Conder at Galgate near Lancaster. Local families and


businesses were preparing for the worst after two inches fell in nine


hours. It stopped short of flooding the village but there were some


victims. This bungalow's owner was too busy clearing up to talk to us.


A garage was inundated when the Conder broke its banks. We have a


car stuck on the ramp. We had to move all the panels up to higher


ground. We had work booked in for today as well. It is a bit gutting.


You don't think it is going to happen. Then it's - the next minute


it is upon you. On the M6 near Lancaster, two lanes were closed


because of flooding. In Clitheroe, 1,800 electricity customers lost


power. There were severe delays on the


West Coast Main Line after flooding at Garstang. Some smaller stations


were hit. I have come to get on the train. There is a lot of flooding


because of the weather. British Rail are putting on some buses to


Lancaster and then we will see what the situation is and then possibly


a bus to Preston. What can you do if it rains hard? It floods. If a


tree falls down, it happens. Drivers faced difficulties getting


to work. Bolton Road at abbey village. The A6 at Broughton near


Preston just two of dozens that saw their drains overwhelmed.


Forecasters say there is more to come. We are going to use sandbags


or more stone to stop water coming. It's still in the fields next to us.


If we get more tonight, that's it. It will be more on floor.


Dianne is here. Are we in for more of this? We are in for a night of


heavy showers. Yes, it continues to come as we go through the night,


which is not good news for those rivers and for the people who live


alongside them. We have one flood warning in place and ten


floodwatches. The showers will continue through the night and


tomorrow afternoon we have a longer spell of rain. The wet weather will


keep on coming. A full forecast at the end of the programme.


Rebecca Leighton, the nurse freed last week after she was accused of


causing the deaths of patients at Stepping Hill Hospital, has signed


up with the publicist Max Clifford. Mr Clifford said she was anxious to


tell her side of the story and was currently considering offers from


the media. She was arrested after saline drips


were tampered with. Three patients died. She was released on Friday


when the Crown Prosecution Service said there was not enough evidence


to secure a conviction. A three month consultation period


is beginning on plans to cut an extra 160 jobs at Stockport Council.


An online petition calling for the release of Cabinet papers relating


to the Hillsborough disaster won't be debated before the party


conferences later this month. Even though it's secured the 100,000


signatures necessary. The backbench Business Committee says it would


only be given a timeslot if it was requested by MPs at their weekly


meeting this afternoon. But none did.


The head of Darwen Vale High School where teachers went on strike this


year has quit her job. Hilary Topey was suspended from her job while


the council carried out an investigation. She has told the


authority she won't be returning. The teachers walked out in April


claiming they weren't being supported in dealing with the


misbehaviour of some pupils. Campaigners fighting plans to


privatise two hospitals on Merseyside have handed in a


petition to Downing Street. More than 33,000 people have signed the


petition, protesting about the idea of a private company taking over


Whiston and St Helens Hospitals. They have obviously been very real


worries that people have had about the prospect of privatisation, that


is a very real fear that people have and it is absolutely essential


that the Government understand that the people of the North West want a


National Health Service free at the point of delivery and do not want a


privatised Health Service. Next, Manchester City say they are


investigating claims that their Chief Executive Garry Cook sent an


offensive e-mail to the mother of defender Nedum Onuoha. Dr Antonia


Onuoha, who is suffering from cancer, says the e-mail mocked her


illness. Mr Cook has denied the claims, but it has led to media


speculation over his position at the world's richest club.


Garry Cook has had negative headlines before, this time if you


believe the back pages, the future of his job is under scrutiny. It


centres around an e-mail which this woman says she received from Cooks


account. She is Dr Antonia Onuoha, the mother of City defender Nedum


Onuoha and who negotiates with the club over his contract. She was


filmed at the North West Sports Awards six years ago when her son


got the accolade for Best Newcomer. She now has cancer and she says the


e-mail she received was supposed to have been sent to Brian M a, rwood.


It is understood Cook denied sending the e-mail and thinks his


account was hacked -- Brian Marwood. Nobody from City was prepared to


comment. The club have issued a statement. It reads, "Follows


allegations made by Dr Antonia Onuoha, subsequently reported in


today's media, the club can confirm a board level review has been


launched into the matter. It is also believed Dr Antonia Onuoha has


written to both the FA and the Premier League asking them to


investigate." Garry Cook has been an important figure at City since


he joined the club three years ago and played a key role in bringing


in Roberto Mancini as manager. has been a great success. He's


enabled Manchester City to join the top table of European football. Had


a cracking season at the end of last season and this season they


have kicked on. Now, they have started work on a


new residential development right beside the Manchester ship canal.


The houses, a pub and corner shop will be brand-new. Yet, they will


look very familiar. That gives it away. It's the new set of one of


our oldest and favourite TV series, Coronation Street. This morning two


of the Street's best-known residents were there to break the


ground at their future home. It's a mistake.


They have fought in it, loved in it, they've been born and died in it.


They even had a train land on it! There is only one star, the Street.


The Street is on the move. But not for the first time. The initial set


was a flat put in the studio and then they built one that was a


front and in 1982 the current one was built when the Queen and Prince


Philip walked down on the first day that we used it. The new one will


be next to the Imperial War Museum North on the Manchester ship canal.


The man who created the soap saw the plans for the first time today.


It is going to be wonderful. It is still exactly the same Street that


Dennis Parkin designed. ceremonial ground-breaking before


work starts. There is a man over there looking very bored waiting to


get started. We have done the first holes. He will probably fill that


in! You can arrive in your own yacht? We could do that. Can I ride


in yours? Yes. Thanks. Of course you can. Across the water from the


yacht and the set, a complex described by some architects last


week as a blot on the horizon. Building design magazine has named


it carbuncle of the year 2011. It is the BBC's new home in the north.


Like it or not, programmes are already being made here. 900 BBC


staff who used to work in Manchester or London have moved in.


Many more including some very familiar faces are on the way. What


do you think of it? It works for us. You get different views. The staff


who are here are really excited. We have got lots of visitors. Do they?


Do ordinary members of the public? Lots of people walk through the


site because Coronation Street are coming as well. Remember what a


calling card the Street is. We are expecting it to be good neighbours


to us. The neighbours at Coronation Street move in in two years' time.


I don't love you. Love never crossed my mind.


Ooh! I love it. It is so good even now!


Nice big picture of you over there. It is the only time I have ever


been tall! Still to come: A class of their own - why the parents of


these autistic children believe they need their own school.


Bulldozers move in to create a bright new future for Bernhard


Langer. -- for Lancashire County Cricket


Club. As the first of those stories -


parents of autistic children are trying to set up their own special


school. They say the council isn't providing for their educational


needs. They say their children who have difficulty communicating


either have to travel or struggle in mainstream school. For the


second of our reports, this from Kate Simms.


Who is it? A few precious moments with their son, but for most of the


time this is as close as Hilary and Alan get to Edward. A six-hour


journey. The Hodgsons live in Macclesfield. Their son spends most


of his time 250 miles away at a residential school in Dorset.


very hard indeed. We never imagined that we would not have our children


living with us. To have to make that decision at 11 was terrible.


The worst decision we have had to make. That decision came because


Edward's severe autism meant he couldn't cope with school routine.


He needed a 365-day routine but the Hodgsons say there was no such


facility near them. Cheshire East are providing for Edward in that


they are paying for him to be at school in Dorset. But what we need


is local provision. The Hodgsons' case is extreme but it is not


isolated. The organisers of this group say the lack of education


provision is the biggest problem for parents of autistic children,


so much so they are trying to open their own autism-specific free


school. We have no provision of a high school for a child with autism


within East Cheshire. These children have got to travel for an


hour-and-a-half to get to a school, or they go into mainstream which


for some of them mainstream is not the right environment. He has


started out in the reception year, at a point where he was expected to


achieve a high level. That level of attainment has slipped. Concerns


are not just confined to East Cheshire. Nationally, 30% of


parents of autistic children feel their child's educational placement


is not adequate. A quarter of autistic children aren't happy at


school. East kerb Cheshire Council says it is -- east Cheshire Council


says it is listening to parents. have always acknowledged we haven't


got enough special school provision in Cheshire East. Within that


context, we recognise there is increased demand and need around


autism in particular. We are building up the business case to


bring forward proposals to our elected members in the next couple


of months seeking permission from them to develop a special school


specifically around autism. parents here say they will continue


to try and open their own school however until they see more


concrete plans in place. Bye-bye.


Back in Dorset, saying goodbye is difficult but they know he is in


the right place. For the first time he's properly accessing education


because he is in the right environment for him.


Tomorrow, Kate will be looking at the issue of employment for adults


with autism. We should say thanks to everybody who has e-mailed in


with thundershower comments on the issue of autism. It has touched a


nerve. Have you ever heard of the age-old


tradition of flatty-treading? Well, the footballers at Morecambe FC had


We can probably bet they are not going to forget it! It involves a


dip in the chilly waters off Arnside. Finding flat fish with


your bare feet - yes. They may be nicknamed the Shrimps


but they looked out of place in the estuary. The idea was a post-


training team bonding session, flatty-treading, where you feel for


flat fish with your bare feet and then grab them - simple! Have any


of these footballers got a future as a flatty treader? A couple of


them have. They are screaming like girls! The bravest of the brave can


do it straightaway. But conditions for flatty-treading were tough. The


estuary was full of floodwater. No catch, no dinner. A few of the lads


are not getting out till they have caught one. We are going back to


the pub over the road. Do you think you will catch anything? I hope so.


I want chippy! Or Nandos! They gave it 110% and eventually it paid off.


CHEERING How difficult was it? is hard finding them. You know when


you have stood on them. I ain't picking it up! Did you get a prize


for the first one? You get to eat first! That is about it. We have


another one. If I can keep on it. Yes! You got something to eat now?


Yeah. After much floundering about, they netted a couple and it was


over the road to the local pub to enjoy the fruits of their labours.


CHEERING Do you think two was enough for an


entire team? Catching fish like that is SOLE


destroying! Oh dear.


Right, demolition work started at Lancashire's cricket ground today.


It is something that fans were looking forward to. It is hoped


redevelopment will mean the return of Test Cricket to the region.


Out with the old, in with the new. It is hoped the facilities that


will start taking shape here will be a fitting venue for England Test


Matches. Our goal has always been the Ashes Test match in 2013. We


were disappointed to lose that in 2009. We have got to wait until the


ECB board meeting on 22nd September. The redevelopment of the ground is


partly funded by a new Tesco superstore being built there. That


plan hung in the balance when challenged by the billionaire


Albert Gubay. At the moment, they are starting construction work for


the new media centre. We start refurbishment work on the Pavilion.


New stands down either side. It will be a different ground. It is


hoped the new ground will be ready for the start of the 2013 season.


Preparations are taking place on the Isle of Man for the


Commonwealth youth games. The event is being hosted by the island for


the first time. 60 athletes from Canada landed yesterday. It is so


beautiful. It is like an island in the middle of the Irish Sea. It is


really nice. It is a new experience for all of us.


Shall we go back to Dianne and get the full weather forecast? It


wasn't looking great. Doesn't look wasn't looking great. Doesn't look


any better now. Good evening. We started this week by saying it


would feel like autumn. Today felt like November! It was such an


unsettled day. As the showers kept on coming through the morning, it's


added to the problems. We have one flood warning in place with rivers


in Cumbria and Lancashire. The Environment Agency number is 0845


988 1188. Once we got past lunch time, many places saw these showers


dying away. Over the last couple of hours, one or two more have started


to appear here and there. If we pick up with what we have got over


the next couple of hours, it is not looking good. Our skyline is


looking so grey. The camera is wobbling as well which lets you


know the wind will continue to be strong through this evening.


It will be most active in parts of Cumbria and parts of Lancashire.


Parts of Merseyside may miss the worst of it. Cheshire is probably


the best place to be. Wherever you are, the picture will start to look


better. Look what happens as we head towards the early hours of the


morning - the next line of showers will start to work its way in.


Temperatures up in double figures. You will get up first thing and


that line of showers will be around. Once again, they will be heaviest


in the northern parts. Once again, Merseyside might miss them. If you


watch the timeline, we have another line of rain starting to work its


of us. Some of the showers will be fairly heavy. It is a wet spell


through tomorrow afternoon. Hardly anything in the way of brightness.


Temperature also be 14 at best. Thank you very much. Now, picture


the scene - a pleasant day out, a relaxing male or a drink by the sea


at Peel. But the seagulls have other ideas. They have been dive-


bombing holiday-makers in a wave of gull aggression. Some cafe owners


gull aggression. Some cafe owners are calling for a drastic solution.


Something is keeping people away from the beach. Seagulls have


become a huge nuisance here with many people being attacked and now


they want rid of them. They take strawberry scones off the tables.


It is a nuisance. I have had my lunch - I get ten minutes and a


seagull comes down. It is scary. Joanne owns a tearoom in the heart


of the town and because of problems she's had, she's been granted a


licence to cull. They are not feared or nothing. The brolly


doesn't deter them. Flags and stuff don't deter them. As soon as you


put food on the table, they come from out of nowhere - gone! The


food has gone. They are a nightmare. They are frightening. It is not


nice. More often than not, in this town, there are more seagulls than


people on the beach. I'm sat here with gorgeous views, a cuppa - it


should be relaxing. These seagulls don't make it easy. I have had


people complaining that when ever anybody goes down the street, past


a particular nest, they get attacked. You get elderly people


getting flocked flat on their face. It is a real issue. Well over 100


people have already complained to Peel Town Commissioners who tonight


will be discussing if a gull cull is the solution.


It is very odd that. They are not trustworthy.


All birds have to do that! Not on your head!


I don't suppose they aimed it, did they?


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