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Good evening. Welcome to North West Tonight with Gordon Burns and


Ranvir Singh. - Annabel Tiffin. Our top story: Blown out - the region's


hit by the tail end of a tropical storm, with warnings of more to


come. A Cumbrian maternity being


investigated over the deaths of babies is told, "Improve quickly or


you could be closed down." I expected to going to that hospital


and bring my son home. I trusted them.


Another hospital in trouble - Stepping Hill in Stockport. Police


investigating deaths there find milk contaminated by bleach.


And we go in search of the lost tribe of Lancashire in the brand


new village no-one can find. can forget postcodes. It would be


easier to find some of the lost Also, if you're a pub quiz fan,


we've got a challenge for you. We're going to take a look at


what's thought to be one of the world's toughest general knowledge


quizzes. Just to give you a taste of what's to come, see if you can


work this one out. Here goes. What tale begins "A week has passed


since the funeral of my poor boy Harry"? We'll give you the answer


later, unless you get it first, of course.


First, though, we got a bit of a battering earlier today, and we


might be in for another one tonight. High winds, the remnants of a


tropical storm. We will have the latest forecast


shortly. First, let us join Dave in Blackpool.


It is still quite blustery but, because the tide is now Loat, the


scene is not quite as dramatic as it was earlier on. It was so bad


here today that they had to cancel a major sporting event. More about


that in a moment, but first let's take a look at how the winds


affected the region today. This car in Liverpool was among the


casualties. A tree came crashing down on to it this morning. Luckily


no-one was hurt. Throughout the day, the region's coastline has been


battered by the remnants of Hurricane Katia. Ferry sailings to


and from the Isle of Man were cancelled throughout the day. On


the roads, drivers were urged to exercise caution and speed


restrictions were imposed on many motorways. More problems are


expected tonight. It will be exposed roots that will be most


badly affect -- affected. Two-flailed travellers experienced


problems of the run. The second stage of the tour of Britain was


cancelled. Competitors had to satisfy themselves with a lap of


honour around Kendal when the organisers decided it was not safe


enough for them to travel to the planned route in Blackpool. It is a


shame but it is better to be safe than sorry. It is really bad


conditions here. He run Blackpool it is easy to see why they had to


postpone that race. It is difficult to keep up right on two legs, never


mind two wheels. The peer has been closed for obvious reasons. Would


you fancier ride on the big wheel today?


Airport remained for open for business. It is when you have


crosswind so that there is a problem. Luckily, we do not have


those today. Country parks have been closed with


fears of fallen trees posing a danger to walkers.


Of course, many people will be nervously watching the weather to


see whether Hurricane Katia has done her worst. The hope is that


the winds will subside over night. Let's find out how it is going to


The winds actually reached their peak of the last couple of hours.


There were gusts of over 60 mph in Cumbria. We have by yellow all out


for strong winds issued by the Met Office, but the wellies down


overnight. -- they will ease down over light. A Cumbrian maternity


unit at the centre of a major investigation into the deaths of


babies has been ordered to improve The NHS watchdog, the Care Quality


Commission has issued a rare warning notice to the unit at the


Furness General Hospital. The news came on the day that a mother whose


baby died after she received treatment at the hospital welcomed


the police investigation. Lisa Brady's son, Alex, is one of the


cases that are being re-examined. Peter Marshall reports. Lisa Brady


has treasured memories of her son, Alex. She will never forget him and


will never forget the pain of losing him. I have lived a


nightmare. I expected to going to that hospital and bring my son warm.


I trusted them, I thought I was in a safe place. It ripped my heart


out. Alex was stillborn at Furness General Hospital in September 2008.


The hospital has admitted failings in the way he was monitored. It


happened just a few weeks before another child died. His death


sparked an investigation which is now believed to be looking into how


four babies and two mothers died. It is suggested... It follows


claims that a high percentage of serious untoward cases at the unit


involved mothers from ethnic minorities. Cumbria police do say


that, at this early stage, it is impossible to rule anything out of


the inquiry. The investigation has been welcomed by this man, whose


wife and baby son died at the hospital in 2,000 abate. I had been


saying that there were serious issues there for over three years.


I feel vindicated that I was right. The barrel when p met today with


hospital staff. -- the Barrow MP. was very clear with managers that


their needs to be proper investment to sort out what are still in some


respects serious shortcomings. The Care Quality Commission tonight


issued a rare warning met it -- not his, setting a deadline for


improvements. The hospital says it is co-operating fully with the


police inquiry. Police say a body found in the


River Mersey near Birkenhead is that of 21-year-old Robbie Crofts.


He had been missing since the body of his teenage girlfriend, Hayley


Holmes, was found at New Brighton two weeks ago. Post mortems have


shown that the couple both drowned. An inquest into the deaths will be


opened later this week. A man who was hit by a bus as he


chased a robber in Manchester city centre has died. Police say 21


year-old David Mark Schofield had his mobile phone stolen and was


chasing a cyclist down Oxford Road in Manchester. Officers are


appealing for two women who saw the collision happen to come forward.


They are also asking for the man who stole the phone to give himself


up. That man can bring resolution to David's family. I ask him to


surrender himself for the theft - and not murder or manslaughter. He


has the key to bringing comfort to a family in difficult circumstances.


Police investigating deaths at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport


say there has been another incident of tampering after a bottle of milk


was contaminated with bleach. Earlier today officers looking into


the deliberate poisoning of saline drips ruled out the deaths of six


patients from that investigation. Stuart Pollitt reports.


A new reason for security to stay tight at Stepping Hill hospital. On


Saturday evening staff told police they had found a bottle of milk


apparently contaminated with bleach. A small amount had been drunk by a


patient. Thankfully, no-one has been harmed in this latest incident


but police have stressed that, at this stage, there is nothing to


link what happened over the weekend with the ongoing inquiry. That


inquiry, into the deliberate poising of saline drips with


insulin, was launched on 15th July. At its height, 60 officers were


working on the case. A week later police discharged nurse Rebecca


Leighton, but on September 2nd the case against her was discontinued


because of a lack of evidence. Rebecca Leighton said her life had


been made a living hell. Today police ruled out six deaths from


their inquiry. They said three people - Tracey Arden, Alfred


Weaver and Arnold Lancaster - did receive the contaminated Saleem,


but it will take several weeks to establish exactly what caused their


deaths, all of which has shaken some people's faith in the hospital


and the police. I would not particularly like to go to this


hospital at the moment. I know they have security but you do not know


what is going to happen. I do not think they are going to catch them.


My aunt is 94 and has broken her neck. She recently came out of


Stepping Hill and said she would be very worried about going in in the


future. Two months after the original investigation was launched,


there are lots of questions but precious few answers surrounding


this hospital. Stuart Pollitt, BBC North West Tonight, Stockport.


The former Chief Constable of Merseyside Police has been given


the top job in British policing. Bernard Hogan Howe is now the


Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. He was tipped as the


Government's preferred choice for the job when the Home Office


brought him to Scotland Yard in the wake of the phone hacking scandal.


The parents of a young woman who disappeared from a cruise ship she


was working on met a Government minister earlier to ask for a


change in the law. Rebecca Coriam from Chester disappeared six months


ago while working on the Disney Wonder. Her parents want British


authorities to be allowed to investigate. We have just got to


carry on, haven't we? We want to find out answers. That is what we


need because we do not know what has happened to Rebecca. We just


get by day to day, and hopefully we will hear something.


The Chief Minister on the Isle of Man has told the BBC that the UK


Government almost ended a historic deal in which it shares VAT with


the island. A general election will be held there in just over a


fortnight. Many voters are angry that the Isle of Man's share of the


total has been reduced by more than a third. But the outgoing Chief


Minister says it could have been worse. The United Kingdom could


have pushed even further, they could have taken the view that, in


fact, having such an agreement was not in the best interests of the


United Kingdom. The Isle of Man believes that having a customs


agreement is in the best interests of us bought. -- both of us.


There is a special programme on the Isle of Man general election which


is available on the BBC iPlayer. In fact, it was on last night. I


watched it. You won't find it in the history


books, you might not find it on a map. I wouldn't chance a sat nav.


But Buckshaw Village is out there - for residents, a kind of Bermuda


Triangle of the North West. Many moved to the new build new town for


the promised fabulous amenities. But a few years in and they are


still waiting. Some say they feel disconnected from the real world.


Here is Jayne Barrett. Domesday Book? Forget it. Maps? Not unless


they are brand new. Look for the Wicker Man, I'm told. He will guide


you. After that, you're on your own. We're lost. Can you tell us the way


to the community centre? Yes, right. You need to... I was last here


eight years ago when Buckshaw Village was a dream on the edge of


reality. I am back to hear how reality isn't quite all it should


be. You can forget postcodes. They do not apply. It would be easier to


find that some of the lost tribes of the Amazon. It is a little bit


like you are in limbo. Some people get text messages - we do not get


any in Buckshaw Village. The new school isn't big enough. Quality


might live here but not the promised doctor's surgery or the


train station. There are councils, Councillor, development companies


and one local residents' Association. Thank goodness for it.


You have two borough councils to approach because they are not sure


of what side of the boundary it falls on. Our town is going to be a


good place to work in. New Town experiments never seemed to get it


right. It's a bit like driving round a film set, so new it's not


real. But does that make its soulless? Absolute poppycock. There


are lots of village that have been around here for centuries and they


do not half -- they do not have half of the community spirit that


we have. If we will keep pushing it forward. They may have their


problems, but a community spirit that will overturn them, eventually.


Jayne Barrett, BBC North West Tonight, Buckshaw Village. It's


been, as we've been saying, a wild and windy day.


But you won't hear any complaints from Peel Energy. They run the


region's biggest wind farm on the Lancashire moors near Edenfield.


It's been so successful, according to Peel Energy, that they now want


to double the number of turbines on the site. But, as Stuart Flinders


reports, there's some opposition. Strangely beautiful, or downright


ugly - the Scoutmoor wind farm has divided those who live nearby since


2008. Longer, in fact. Here is David Bellamy protesting against


the development before it was built. In three off-form ideas' time this


site could more than double and size. -- double in size. Now it is


one of 13 wind farms in the North West. Nine more are planned. Peel


Energy want to fill the gap on the hillside near the existing turbines


with at least another 26. If we expand as we intend we could be


supplying all of the electricity for Rochdale. Nearby Edenfield


remains divided. I like them because they're good for the


environment. It would be good if you could make something prettier.


A decision on whether the site can be expanded will be made by


planning professionals in Bristol, The Infrastructure Planning


Committee, not the local council. It is far easier if we can make


those decisions locally. We are closer to the community and their


concerns. Decisions are made elsewhere, unfortunately. The new


turbines could be operating in three years' time. Stuart Flinders,


BBC North West Tnight, Lancashire. It's time for sport now, and the


football's in full swing, but it's a different title race we start


with tonight, Tony. Yes, Gordon, after 77 years of hurt


Lancashire's cricketers have these next four days to put that right.


They need to beat Somerset at Taunton to have a chance of winning


their first outright County Championship since 1934. They made


a great start this morning, but it's tailed off a little bit. They


had their hosts struggling on 20 for 2 early on but Somerset have


rallied. They've ended day one on 314 for 5 in their first innings,


James Hildreth's hundred holding up Lancs. Main title rivals


Warwickshire have had a much better day against Hampshire. They'll


resume at Edgbaston tomorrow on 296 for 3 in their first innings. They


started this last round of games three points ahead of Lancs in the


table. Football now and Bolton Wanderers


captain Kevin Davies says he's been in contact with Manchester United's


Tom Cleverley after this challenge caused ankle ligament damage that


will keep the England midfielder out for a month. Sir Alex Ferguson


critcised Davies after the match, but the Wanderers skipper says he


certainly didn't intend any harm. The whole atmosphere of the law


kiss Daddy. That was not yet, as you could see from my frantic


signals! -- that was not it. Well, United ran out 5-0 winners in that


game, of course, but Morecambe went one better at the weekend. With the


rest of the best of the Football league action and a kick in the


teeth - literally - for Blackburn Rovers, here's The Score.


A point for Blackburn Rovers avoided the worst ever start to a


season. One player needed four stitches to a head wound after this


Bobby Zamora equalised. Football League performance was at Morecambe.


A hat-trick from Danny Carlton was the highlight. I feel a little


tired but I will be all right when I get a few mates around and get to


the bar. It is important to keep our feet on the ground. It is early


days. The Rochdale boss got his first win


of the season. David Ball made it four. They lost Adams to a second


yellow. Blackburn -- Blackpool beat Ipswich


2-0. Barry Ferguson made his first goal for the Seasiders.


The Super League dream team was named today, with more than half


the players coming from sides in the North West. No surprise that


Wigan Warriors star Sam Tomkins was selected along with his Warriors


team mates George Carmont and Sean O'Loughlin. The Warrington Wolves,


who kick off the play-offs on Friday against Huddersfield, also


have a trio of players in the thirteen - Gareth Carvell, Ben


Westwood and Joel Monaghan. And there are a couple of Saints. James


Roby and James Graham. Two of the top men were speaking today ahead


of that mouth-watering clash between Saints and Wigan at the DW


on Sunday. A specially with it being at PW, it has all the makings


of a special game. They probably feel like the hour as one but we're


not going to let that happen. The Commonwealth Youth Games drew


to a close last night after the biggest weekend of competition the


Isle of Man has seen. The host nation claimed two silvers and a


bronze, and also featured in their first international rugby


tournament. Sarah Mulkerrins was there to take in the action.


It was pedal-powered, not petrol power, on the TT course this


weekend. The riders faced some wet and windy conditions. The best


rider from the Isle of Man finished in 13th. It was a big headwind it


The host nation did well to finish six than the rugby. It is great for


the Isle of Man to be competing at international level in any event.


These guys are full internationals. You did not have to look further


than the track for the future stars. One runner taking part is already


set on taking part in the Olympics next year. We shall do better at


the Olympics. Undoubtedly the local start of


these games has been one of the swimmers. In a year when he has


suffered a broken arm, glandular fever and a broken hand, so when


two silvers and a bronze is unbelievable. Up it has been great


to get in and get back to what it is all about - a racing and


qualifying. I am looking forward to getting the winter Rover and going


to the London trials in March. -- You would like to think it is over


but I am afraid it is not. We still have a yellow on alert for a strong


winds. They could gust up to 70 mph. They will gradually start he's darn


through the night. -- start to ease down. The winds are very strong and


potentially damaging but the weather looks OK. It will be mostly


dry tonight. There may be one or two showers on the Cumbrian coast.


Most places are dry and actually fairly clear. Overnight


temperatures may be around 12 Celsius. The wind increases


tomorrow through the afternoon. There will still be a yellow alert


for winds through the day tomorrow. Mainly that is for parts of


Lancashire and Cumbria. There will be patchy cloud and occasional


showers. The showers come quickly with the strength of the wind


behind them. Away from that there are reasonable spells of sunshine.


The wind is not coming from a cold direction. Temperatures should be


around 17 Celsius. The wind will not be a feature later in the week.


The wind will be light. It will be fairly cloudy. It will be a quiet


spell heading towards Friday. It looks very unsettled through


Saturday and Sunday. You just spoiled it at the end


How are you with general knowledge questions and quizzes? A general


knowledge test taken at an Isle of Man school has become the subject


of a new book called The World's Most Difficult Quiz. School


students have been sitting the tests since the early 20th century


and it has been a popular Christmas It includes some of the toughest


questions ever seen. Kelly Foran has been finding out more. Which


European language is of origin unknown, even to the experts?


call it the world's most difficult quiz, and when we tried it out with


the regular pub quiz goers, they agreed.


It is a lot harder than the quiz I do. Impossible. It all started at


King William's College in 1905, taken every year as an unseen paper,


leaving most students stumped. One of them was Pat Cullen. He now


writes the questions. It was done in exam conditions. The papers were


handed round and you just had to look at it and do as many answers


as you could. Over 5,000 of the most cryptic ones have been


published. The quiz may have been going for over 100 years and these


general knowledge eggheads agree that it's not getting any easier. A


score of 20% in this exam was considered excellent. I do not


think anybody would find it easy. If you did not know the answer to


did question at the beginning, it is Busk. They call it the world's


most difficult quiz. The answer to the question we asked


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